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By Dennis DeMartins
What a week in Australia. With the National Firearms Agremment review pending, public submissions for the NFA closed last Friday. Not that you’d be expected to know that –  a lot of firearm owners were unaware until a couple of weeks ago, as the Attorney General’s department did not actually advertise the fact that the public had a chance to voice their opinion. Once again, this has all the hallmarks of an appeasement campaign, rather than any great interest in firearm rights. Meanwhile, the first shipment of the 5+1 version of the Adler A110 arrived in Australia last week, while the “terrorist attack enabling” 7+1 shot version still sits idle in Australian Customs facilities . . .

As expected, the streets ran red with the blood of mass shooting victims. Or not. As the antis may discover, the Adler’s performance may make that difficult.

Just as we were shining the spotlight on David Shoebridge last week, the de facto Chief Aussie Hoplophobe introduced a bill to the NSW state parliament which aims to reclassify all of the state’s lever action shotguns and rifles as category C firearms, rendering them illegal for thousands of shooters. More of the same underhanded scumbaggery that Shoebridge has become synonymous for.

As usual, there is absolutely no basis for this other than Shoebridge and the Greens’ own fear campaign which has been in full swing since losing the Senate Inquiry earlier this year. Realising that they can’t get it done at the federal level, the Greens’ have tried to have a go at it at the state level. Say it ain’t so.

NSW Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak took to radio this week to blast both Shoebridge, ex-Prime Minister John Howard and also held NSW Police Minister Troy Grant to account in parliament this week. TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day David Leyonhjelm did exactly the same and dropped some science on 2UE’s Justin Smith who seemed to already have his anti-gun mind made up before even interviewing him. Smith’s “I come from a shooting family” claim, which is usually a cover “someone I know shoots, therefore I’m an expert”, did him no favours as Leyohjelm promptly schooled him on the stupidity of the Adler ban and the state of play in the US.

Fairfax’s intellectual bantamweight Peter Fitzsimons, a man who likes to remind everyone he’s right about everything regardless of if he’s knows what he’s talking about or not, took the opportunity to call for an “Anti-Shooters Party”. Because nothing screams qualified opinion than an ex-football player waxing lyrical about “gun control?” Particularly as he previously wrote a book glorifying Australia’s WW2 effort in North Africa against the Nazis. That hypocritical gun control fascism train is never late.

As reported on last week, Gun Control Australia hosted an event with ex-Prime Minister John Howard. In hilarious fashion, the event was so poorly attended that the initial attendance price dropped from $400 all the way down to $250. No attendance figures or pictures from the event of the audience were seen. Nashville earlier this year rings a bell.

Howard took the opportunity to call against “watering down” Australia’s current laws after the pushback over the Adler, citing the same tired old disproven lines and arguments. Howard and his lap dog Andrew Denton, as expected, avoided any detailed discussion over the Port Arthur Massacre (aside from the usual emotive exploitation of the victims) and why he continues to impose the 30 year embargo on the inquiry. He also did not discuss the failures of his own laws, surprise surprise. A leopard never changes his spots, and Howard being the egomaniac he is, again tried to make this event all about him and his “legacy”, rather than focusing on the facts about Port Arthur and that his buyback and NFA is and still is a total disaster.

Adding further embarrassment to the plight of the poor old anti’s this week down under was a spate of violent crime against women, which again highlighted the failure of Howard’s laws and Australia’s victimhood enforcing self-defense laws. In just three days, a woman was run off the road and beaten to death on the Gold Coast, another woman was attacked with a machete, a man tried to run down a bridal party in his car and a grandmother and her grandchild were brutally stabbed to death by a man. To top that off, a woman was shot and killed by her ex-partner in a McDonald’s on the Gold Coast. Not surprisingly, the man had acquired his handgun illegally and he was already the subject of a domestic violence order which legally disqualifies you from owning a firearm in Australia.

The Queensland Premier thought the best course of action was to, of course, bring in more laws on top of the already plethora of laws which aren’t protecting women, instead of any discussion  the legalisation of any kind of self defense item which may have saved their lives. But this is Australia, where carrying pepper spray, mace, batons, tazers on any self defense item will land you in jail. Because it’s better to be a hashtag and the subject of self-righteous progressive social media posts, than to defend yourself right?

However, it was this stunt that took the cake. NewsCorp, in all their emotionally reflexive glory, decided to wheel out Port Arthur gunman Martin Bryant for the first time in 19 years.

Immediately the reaction is: Why?

The Australian media since 1996 has gone out of their way to hide Bryant from public view, while at the same time continually chanting “gun control because Port Arthur and Martin Bryant” into the Australian public’s psyche. Bryant’s mother was interviewed once a few years ago, however, Bryant himself has never been interviewed and his prison life has seldom been discussed. Considering that many of Australia’s most notorious criminals including such names as Mark “Chopper” Read, David Hicks, Roger Rogerson, etc have all had their fair share of media attention including tv, movies and book deals, Bryant has been completely kept away from the public sphere, only for his often digitally altered image to be dangled in front of the public sporadically as the gun control bogeyman.

You gotta ask yourself one question: Why after all these years of complete censorship is Bryant being paraded in front of the Australian public?

I don’t really think I need to explain that while we are in the midst of a second attempted gun grab.

This move is the reeks of utter desperation from Gun Control Australia as they go all in to try and tug at the heartstrings of the Australian public, over the impending NFA Review and the intense opposition to it this time around from firearm owners all over the country.

And it seems things test runs are kicking off in rural Australia, as the first physical amnesty was announced in Victoria this week. We’ll be sure Victoria Police will continue their “outstanding” tradition when it comes to managing surrendered firearms, and we’re sure they won’t find their ways into the hands of mass killers in Tasmania, like they did in 1996. Be a shame for them to suddenly explain to taxpayers where that $2 billion blackhole in the Victorian budget from shooters has gone after their guns are banned?

The antis dog is well and truly cornered.


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  1. Australia is a very large country with lots of space to store things without keeping them at home. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the smarter folk didn’t store unregistered items where it could be accessed in time of emergency. The other item of note is those 3rd printers are such handy tools….

        • Can’t give you a source with numbers, but I work closely with a couple of shops that openly admit it – however that all depends on whether or not you believe a guy on the internet!

          Hopefully someone who was in the buy back reads this and can confirm this with me.

  2. I have family that lives in Northern Vic on a 3000 acre ranch (they call it a farm). They may or may not have legal or illegal firearms on their property that I didn’t shoot the last time I was down there.

    Boating accidents and barn fires are bad for firearms I hear.

    • No man, its the ‘roos. Those darned blasted kangaroos are forever grabbing handguns with their feeble front feet/hands, stuffing them in their pouches, running away into the outback, and then tossing those handguns into the bush/desert.

    • Giving criminals rights over citizens exposes the moral bankruptcy of the progressive ideology.

      Under communism, criminals were considered “ideologically close” and citizens were considered “ideologically apart”. Criminals were given preferential treatment in the gulags and were used to control the ordinary zeks.

  3. “…Realising that they can’t get it done at the federal level, the Greens’ have tried to have a go at it at the state level.”


    I wonder where the Australian gun-grabbers learned that trick?

    Washington State, perhaps?

    (scratching un-shaved chin mindlessly)…

  4. I totally believe all of the buried firearms lore about Australia.

    Aside from the huff from their liberal douche leaders, most Australians are a lot like Americans and don’t like being told what to do.

    I have a lot of respect for Australians and when I was a young kid I always very much saw Australia as being a lot like America – very free and independent minded. Their pols won’t win this one, though they may have been given the appearance of victory for now.

  5. All White Australians that want to own guns should be given political asylum in the US and a free AR-15 when they get here,the goal of the gun grabbers in any White country is to disarm White law abiding citizens so they will be at the mercy of non White criminals.

    • Buzz off. I’m concerned about who is fighting with me and who is fighting against me, no matter their color. My family wasn’t white when we came here. Our status got “upgraded”, as it did for many ethnic groups. It’s all a bunch of bullshit to take with a grain of salt, the only way to judge a man is by his character.

  6. It’s not much different here, defending yourself is being slowly but surely outlawed. The state wants a monopoly on physical force.


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