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A Florida state senator has recently introduced a bill that seeks to end the “plague” of “gun violence” by requiring anyone who wants to buy ammunition to first take an anger management course. There’s an interview with Florida State Sen. Audrey Gibson above [about two minutes in]. Meanwhile, Fox News has the details . . .

The bill filed Saturday by state Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, would require a three-day waiting period for the sale of any firearm and the sale of ammunition to anyone who has not completed anger management courses. The proposal would require ammo buyers to take the anger management courses every 10 years.

“This is not about guns,” Gibson said. “This is about ammunition and not only for the safety of the general community, but also for the safety of law enforcement.”

As a member of the millions of gun owners who have never fired a shot in anger or committed a crime, I find this highly offensive. The requirement for anger management classes makes the assumption that all gun owners are angry, and that the only reason people buy guns is to settle grudges.

I’d think that someone with her background would be overly sensitive to laws that assume someone’s behavior based on one of their traits, like the assumption that all black people are too dumb to vote. What she has said by introducing this law is that all gun owners are too angry to own ammunition.

“It’s about getting people to think, really, about how much ammunition they need,” Gibson said. “It’s a step, I think, in a safer direction. It’s about getting people to think before they buy.”

I need as much ammunition as I want, buddy. What does it matter how much ammunition I have on hand? Do I go around asking how many baseball bats you have in your house? Or questioning how many death machines (I mean cars) are in your garage? Do you also want to limit the number of newspapers someone can read?

Gun and ammunition ownership has already been established as an individual, basic human right. A right that is protected by the Constitution and upheld by the Supreme Court. And this Florida legislator wants to introduce an onerous and pointless requirement to keep people from practicing with their legally owned firearm. It fails the “strict scrutiny” test by any account, and would be laughed out of court if introduced.

Gibson insisted the bill is not “accusatory” toward gun and ammunition owners, but rather an effort to improve the safety of her community.

I’m going to call bullshit on that statement. A bill (such as this one) can be BOTH accusatory towards gun owners AND intended to improve security, the two are not mutually exclusive. And the inability for Audrey Gibson to realize exactly how offensive her bill is to gun owners shows exactly how little she thinks of those who own guns. Untermensch, perhaps.

This is another indication of the ongoing vilification of gun owners by gun control advocates. They’re constantly and repeatedly trying to paint gun owners as rednecks and yokels who are too dumb and too irrational to be trusted with firearms, without actually looking at any evidence on the matter. They’re legislating based on personal biases and stereotypes.

Gun owners are becoming the new favored and politically correct “minority” to vilify, now that racial issues have more or less died out in the United States. Its just sad that legislators like Audrey Gibson have such a short memory, since it wasn’t too long ago that her parents were being persecuted in the exact same way.

Rather than requiring gun owners to take anger management courses, I think we should require our legislators to take a course on history and the constitution before they propose legislation.

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  1. We have a plethora of her ilk in the FL legislature which, unfortunately, began its 2013 session yesterday. Thankfully, currently it’s controlled by those who actually have brains.

    • This only proves my statement that, “…People are to stupid to think…” This ignorant, arrogant, moron honestly believes she has the mental capacity to utilize the thought process. HOW WRONG SHE IS !!!!!!!!!!!!! How soon will she be running for the Congress on that stupid, embecilic, statement?

  2. how about mandatory firearms training and 1 year of firearms ownership w/ proof of range time, before anyone is allowed to write gun control legislation… k thx buh bye now

  3. How about a mandatory intelligence test before one is

    (1) allowed to vote

    (2) be elected to office?

  4. I dont understand the point of waiting periods. If a background check takes ten minutes, what is the point days to follow? Im not saying it is supposed to make sense, though I guess before computers and the internet it did.

    • Cooling off period. Supposedly. Allegedly. Like marriage licenses…3 day wait unless you have counselling in a lot of states (FL included). Stupid.

  5. OK, I’ll take an anger management course – God knows I need one after all the nonsense going on – as long as all politicians take an IQ test before taking office.

    • If politicians had to take an IQ test, our government would end up very, very small, thus efficient and inexpensive. In other words – it will never happen. It’s nice to have a dream though.

      • Unfortunately no… Most politicians are very smart. And that makes it worse.

        I could take nonsense from a stupid person and just chalk it up to their lack of inteligence. Its the smart person who won’t listen to logic, who won’t listen to experts in the field of criminology, who won’t listen to FBI statistic, who ignore one set of facts that contradict their predisposed opinion, who don’t know which end of a gun is the dangerous one (hint– don’t look directly into the flash)….. Its the person who keeps saying the same thing over and over who ignores every expert, fact, statistic in favor of a pathetic looking victim to push their agenda…

  6. Those of us in Florida need to contact her and let her and those like her here in office in this free state that we will not stand for that.

    Her e-mail address – [email protected]

    • I don’t mean this with the sarcasm that it may come across with but please encourage those who do decide to contact her to do so in a calm and professional demeanor. The last thing residents of FL need is for her to bring a stack of rage fueled and expletive filled emails and telephone transcripts to the committee hearings and floor debates as “proof” that gun owners are indeed as dangerously unbalanced as she suspects and thus the anger classes have point and purpose.

        • However, the ammo in question requires that they take an anger management class before using said ammo.

      • So the senator is going to tell me how to buy ammo and you are going to tell me how to e-mail? What’s the difference exactly? You both have control issues.

        • Replying to Pyretamine. The Senator needs a good “Fvck off” e-mail, not a polite “please Ma’am, may I have another”. Polite got us into this mess.

        • JD:

          There are many ways to tell someone to FOAD in a polite manner. It just takes intelligence to do so.

      • Tdiinva: These types don’t listen to the rest of us. They are about social justice in the inner city. An Obama clone. My point is: fvck off on your suggestions of my style of email to this Obamabot.

      • Pretty damn far away from Florida, but I sent her an email anyway. As polite as this meathead can manage, anyway.

    • Kinda makes me jelous and hate my job. I wish I could get paid to be an @&&hole. But no, I gatta get paid minimum wage to be compassionate instead

  7. in point of fact, over 66% of guns recovered in crime in Baltimore were purchased by african americans. purchases by african americans were 5x more likely to be involved in a crime. would she support racial profiling for gun purchases? just saying.

  8. People like her really don’t give a shit either way. To show accountability they need to look like they’re doing something–something about anything. Gun control just happens to be the easiest train to ride right now.

    • Legislators make laws, or at least that’s how we think. Actually, a person could probably do more good on average by voting “no” on every bill presented, even without reading them. Perhaps we should not ask candidates what laws they will push, but what laws they will push to repeal?

    • Gun control does not work & has been proven up here in Canada. After close to 3 billion dollars spent on this puke of a bill, it has been abolished. These morons have to spend nearly 3 billion of our tax dollars to figure this out! Words cannot describe the idiocy involved.

  9. Let’s require a standardized test every 10 years before voting. Not accusing people of being idiots, it’s more to make people think before they do.

  10. I think it is a good first step that everyone who aspires to run as a candidate for a political office or other elected position be required to undergo a complete psychological evaluation. Afterwards, the results must be made public knowledge. The same office seekers must undergo a complete physical and with the results of all their illnesses, diseases, prescription drug use etc made public.

  11. I had to give up teaching anger management courses 7 years ago. Every time some politician opened their mouth, it usually pissed me off.

  12. Sounds like a backdoor to adjudicating ammo buyers as being mentally ill. State mandated anger management would, of course, be added to a database which would then be referenced during background checks. As this is remediation for a genuine psychological issue, you would essentially be voluntarily committing yourself if you buy ammo, as far as the graders are concerned.

    Yes, the legislation is offensive and discriminatory. All that is beside the point. This is a creative new approach to achieve the antis’ agenda without directly being about firearms.

    I doubt this thing could pass, but I won’t hold my breath.

  13. Senator Gibson just signaled her intention to retire to the entire State of Florida.

  14. “Gibson insisted the bill is not “accusatory” ”

    Sure it’s not, honey, but as we all know a politician lies when (s)he opens his/her mouth, picks up a pen, types on a keyboard, swipes on a tablet or just thinks.

    “This bill underlines my respect for the 2nd Amendment, this is why it’s called ‘Constitutional Amendment to Repeal the 2nd Amendment’.”

    Or something along those lines….

  15. It will never see a comittee vote, much less a full vote. It can’t even be sent to comittee unless a member of the other house sponsors it (just learned that today). It’s DOA, meant to give her something to run on next cycle, and to act as a distraction. Sure, call her office, but don’t spend too much energy on this, save it for the legislation that will be heard and might actually pass. As a lifelong FL resident, looking at the R controlled house, senate, and govenor, gun rights are safe this time around in FL. If you want to help us, call our govenor and tell him to reverse his flip-flop on Obamacare.

  16. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    I will not go quietly into the night.

  17. The only thing that makes me angry ammo-wise is not being able to find any. But I manage my anger by calling out h0es like her.

    Wow, I feel better already.

    • Seriously. Want to better manage my anger? Stop cock-blocking my ammo purchases, America!

  18. I think fascist idiots like her need a class on US history and the US constitution before she can even run for office.

    • You’re suggesting she might actually LEARN something? A questionable proposition, at best.

  19. Maybe she should concentrate on a civility and consideration class for her constituents. She is championing this anger stuff because a black youth was shot by a white man at a gas station because they refused to lower the volume on their car sound system while getting gas; with other customers around who may not appreciate what was being played. The man felt threatened by a car full of angry ‘youths’ and perceived an imminent attack when he asked them to lower the “music”. If they had said, OK, sorry man, we’ll turn it down, this stupid proposal would have never seen the light of day.

  20. The thing about trying to limit or restrict ammo purchases is that responsible, hobbyist gun owners tend to go through way more ammunition on a way more regular basis than someone who:
    – Buys a gun to commit a crime, or
    – Works in law enforcement (but is not a hobbyist gun owner)

  21. JFC, is there like something in the food supply the last 30 years that is making these people dumber than a pile of shit? Hey, little miss jax down yonder in your hole, Im pissed, but it’s because of morons like you coming up absolute crap, if this the crap that DC is telling you to sell? And, I’am also ticked that I cant find any 9mm this week, at least locally…

    • In the water. It’s called fluoride. And Nazi scientists, with the help of eager death camp volunteers, found it very good at lowering IQ. The Jews there, being very bright on the average, needed, and got, a LOT.

  22. Sounds like a good law. Just add to the bill that you have to take the course before you get a car license. You know, all those road rage problems.

    And did you notice you can do it on-line? So I could get the kid down the block to do it. Or maybe start a business, I will take you anger management course for a small fee.

    Just how stupid can you get?

  23. This law would make it literally impossible for a thug to use the ammo he already has to commit a crime. Oh, wait…

  24. “It’s about getting people to think, really, about how much ammunition they need,” Gibson said. “It’s a step, I think, in a safer direction. It’s about getting people to think before they buy.”

    Talk about thinking…Ms. Gibson. THINK before you speak. By your logic, everyone should have Driver’s Ed before buying ten gallons of gas or wait three days; or go to AA before having a cold beer. Or, taking a personal finance class before someone withdraws money from the ATM. I mean how much money does one really need?!? It’s Wednesday, I guess I should make those appointments now before the weekend.

    “Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.”

  25. She can FOAD.

    I typed those words with a smile on my face.

    Oh, I also breathed in and out slowly whilst counting to 10.

    Do I have to watch the movie “Anger Management” before I go to the store to buy ammo?

  26. Others have wondered if they just said F’it & let out the asylum inmates, now you know. It would be nice if we could work together instead of playing these games. They don’t want blacks shot, I don’t want to shoot one. We have out of control black crime in the USA & I think we can deal with it without the bullshit. Open up the inner city boxing gyms, give these kids another “gang” to join. Milwaukee closed them up. 10’s of thousands of dollars were too expensive, now we spend millions. Rant over, Randy

  27. we should have laws before you get into a car (road rage) before you go into the bar for a drink ( possible drinking problem) befor you cut your stake (krazed slasher) ps. no butter knives either. On and On we go

  28. These self-superior, condescending liberals all talk like this. Down to you.
    And they harbor a deep resentment towards anyone who does not agree
    with their point of view. It’s the same self-superior mentality that crafted
    the Final Solution. No, I’m not waxing hyperbolic! Statist’s are big fans of
    cultivating the power of myth, with inspiring talk of great and heroic deeds.
    In their mythical world, disarming us would be that great and heroic deed.

  29. TRUST THE FED’S, Was it not the Federal Government who killed off the majority of
    the Indians, disarmed them, stole their land, sent them packing west, knowing they would freeze before they got there & Still being discriminated against.

  30. how much ammo do i need?
    1,000 rounds per weapon, in reserve storage because of nutcases like this who want to mind my business.

    And then whatever i get to the range to use up!

  31. “The requirement for anger management classes makes the assumption that all gun owners are angry, and that the only reason people buy guns is to settle grudges.”

    I think that pretty well sums up how many people who do NOT own firearms view people who DO own firearms. It’s rather pathetic.

  32. Then why don’t we mandate a writing course, before you are allowed to buy a pen and paper, or a speech course, before you are allowed to publicly speak, Mr. Senator? I mean, if we’re going to mandate requirements before you are allowed to exercise a right, let’s not mess around.

  33. Sarcasm alert…

    Well this Bill just ticks me off so bad I want to go out and shoot somebody.

  34. That is ludicrous. Everytime I want to buy ammo I’d have to take an anger management course. LMAO. Does anyone know if she escaped a mental institution?

  35. “I think we should require our legislators to take a course on history and the constitution before they propose legislation.”

    No. It should be a requirement to stand for election.

  36. Personally I think all the recthoric over civilian gun ownership is about disarming the Greatest Nation on Earth and we better do everything possible to stop it.

  37. When will these legislators learn it is not law abiding citizens that are hurting people but criminals and the insane. Over 2 million have been stopped from buying guns that were not fit to own them. The laws work and government needs to get the insane off the streets. It is almost impossible to lock someone up until they hurt someone. Our laws in every state say that if someone doesn’t want to be committed their family can’t get them committed to a mental hospital until they threaten or harm someone. Most often it is to late to lock the insane person away before they hurt someone. Gun control of law abiding citizens is about a Communist agenda not violence

  38. Our 2nd Amendment states: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. This amendment was to keep a tyrannical government from forcing their will on us. Obama is training the US Army to kill US citizens or imprison them in one of the 800+ FEMA internment (defined concentration or gulag) camp if they protest or riot about what our government is now doing or will do in the future. This is tyrannical government in my opinion for protesters. Rioters are one thing and protesters is something different. Google US Army handbook for rioters and protesters. Frightening!

  39. The government can murder us, imprison us, force us at gunpoint into FEMA internment camps (defined concentration or gulag camp), force us into a slave work camp and confiscate any and all of our property or wealth. I think this is tyrannical and dangerous and all citizens need to vote anyone that want gun control out of office ASAP. God bless all in the coming day.

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