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This one was impossible to pass by: some guy working at a Family Dollar store in Atlanta, Georgia apparently felt it was a good idea to use his firearm as a bludgeon when a customer came into the store without a mask. Do I even have to spell out what a terrible idea this is, regardless of the alleged offense?

Fox5Atlanta reported:

Kourtland Perry said he’s lucky to be alive after a store employee attacked him for not wearing a mask.

Perry told FOX 5 he stopped at the store on his way to work and forgot to put on his mask before entering the business. A male employee confronted Perry for not wearing the face covering.

Perry said, “He referred to the policy at the front. He said, ‘You have to have a mask,’ and I was trying to explain to him, I said ‘Yeah, I’m sorry I kind of forgot it in the midst of me rushing to work. I apologize.'”

Apparently the employee then followed Perry to the checkout, berating him for not wearing a mask. Perry said the store manager got involved in an attempt to de-escalate things but the irate employee refused to back down. Big time.

“In the midst of me leaving, this gentleman reaches into his waistband, grabbed a gun, and hit me in the back of my head with it,” said Perry.

Perry said the man pushed him out of the store after striking him, got in his car, and drove off.

I’m not sure I’d call him a gentleman, but nice of you to try to be polite, Mr. Perry.

Here we get to the point of this post: behavior like this gives every gun owner out there a bad name and only serves to further the gun control industry’s agenda:

“I’m very concerned that this is going on because no one knew he had a weapon but him. He could’ve killed me, he could’ve killed an employee, he could’ve killed a child. This is alarming to me that this could happen,” Perry said.

Perry isn’t wrong, either, not technically. Someone concealing a firearm – legally or illegally, who knows – felt using said firearm as a bludgeon to literally hammer their point home was an acceptable behavior.

We do know Family Dollar doesn’t want employees carrying guns. In the Family Dollar Store Code of Business Conduct which is given to employees it states:

As set forth in the Company’s policy on “Weapons on Company Property,” no
weapons of any type are permitted on Company property. Further, as set forth in the
Company’s policy on “Workplace Violence Policy and Prevention,” Family Dollar has a
zero tolerance policy on violence in the workplace.

Guns aren’t meant to be used as tools of persuasion, ways to punctuate an opinion, or as a means of getting your way. Carrying a gun should not empower you to be a bully, either. In fact, quite the opposite: if you’re going to carry a gun for self-defense you must be more aware of your actions and behavior and far more invested in acting in a calm, clear-headed manner.

Carrying a gun is a major responsibility and not something that should ever be taken lightly. Guns aren’t tools for bravado or swagger, they’re for defending your life against a legitimate threat to taking your next breath.

I’ll be interested to see what Family Dollar does about their employee’s actions. They’ve apparently refused to comment so far. If he’d used the gun to defend himself during a robbery, he’d probably already be out of a job.

So here’s the question on this one: has the way people have been blatantly empowered to shame and badger those who don’t wear masks contributed to incidents such as these or is this simply an isolated case of a guy with a gun behaving badly?

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  1. Isolated case. There are nutjobs everywhere and in every line of work. If he hadn’t had the gun, he probably would have found something else nearby to beat home his point.
    Since they like to tell us guns kill, maybe we can say that an unconstitutional mask mandate caused this incident.

  2. Virtue signalling versus carrying a gun. Gonna be a tough call for Family Dollar, unless wokeness is not tolerated.

    • I quit shopping at my local FD because they’re one of maybe three stores in my entire town that harass me for not wearing a mask… they seem to take this mask policy pretty seriously. 🤨

      As far as this situation goes, I really hope no one EVER draws a gun on me ever again, but as a pocket carrier, I would have already had my hand on my pistola long before this guy ever reached for his waist band. Dang, I’m really glad this wasn’t me…..would have almost certainly been a different headline….

      • This “covid pandemic” is the biggest FRAUD put forth upon the American people since BHO. IT IS THE FLU, and has been weaponized as a political weapon to thwart an election.

        • You are absolutely correct, it is just the ordinary flu like Rush Limbaugh told us back in January.

          Do not let them use the mask to muzzle your free speech in the most basic manner possible, it is a communist plot to end free speech!

          Let freedom breathe!

      • NO, we aren’t. Gullible people who give up their rights out of fear are the greater threat. The BIGGEST threat is the subset of that group who insists that others should also give up their rights because of their fear. Stop being gullible. COVID 19 is a hoax and you are a useful idiot.

      • One year later and we are still here. What’s it going to take for you? Two years? Five years? Fauchi himself says this will never end vaccinations be darned. Nope, I’m done with it.

      • It’s not denial. It’s mathematics. Covid exists, but not in the threatening manor for humanity you wish it was. Do the math. Look at the age ranges and total numbers worldwide. It doesn’t make sense to freak out over a cough that targets already at risk, mostly seniors. The real threat to any community is people like you, enforcing virtue signalling through a pandemic. Never let a good tragedy go to waisted, amiright? Your billionaire elitist and monopoly companies thank you for your participation.

        • “It doesn’t make sense to freak out over a cough that targets already at risk, mostly seniors.“

          Right, it targets mostly seniors who are Trump voters and we can sure use a lot less of those!

          Goodbye, grandma!

          So when can we move into the house and get access to the bank accounts now that she’s gone?

        • Typical miner fashion, avoid the point and make it about trump. Grow the fuck up.

          The point.
          Your head.

        • Really, you should wash your hands after you defecate and perhaps your dysentery bouts would decrease.

        • “I caught dysentery from too much interaction with filthy, disease ridden leftists“

          You really should wear a condom in the future.

    • I’ve observed cult behavior on both sides of this issue. Wearing or not wearing a mask doesn’t make someone superior to others.

      • Wearing a mask is a sign of submission. Recognizing it and wearing it makes one a sheeple with self-awareness. Recognizing it and not wearing makes one a different animal altogether.

        • there are people who war masks out of kindness to the folks the work with who just can’t get over their fear. I’d say that’s a third group with a valid intent. They largely do not force it on others. I am not one of those kind people, but I know plenty who are.

        • @Wiregrass: Don’t give us that sh1t. There are more people who have lost family members to virutally every other preventable disease in the modern discourse and virtually everyone still does whatever could have been done to prevent the death. If you’ve lost someone to covid your suffering is real and I’m sincerely sorry.However, I doubt seriously they were under the age of 70 and otherwise in generally good health,
          With that having been said, anyone falling outside of the aforementioned group of people who actually even suffered a symptom from COVID beyond the mere cold/flu that it is are so rare as to be considered statistically insignificant. Let’s not forget that the plain old flu kills 60000 americans a year across all ages. During flu season, I wash my hands before I hug my mom, but I don’t make life impossible for everyone who comes near her.

        • I wear a mask in public to make other people safe because I respect other peoples feelings and also I know some people who have had this crap and they say it was no fun and the after-effects were real bad one couple sad one of the worst things to them was after it was over the nerves in their skin was so bad it felt like a super sunburn and anything that touched their skin caused a lot of pain so I also wear a mask because it helps prevent me from getting that or even just the flu its worth it to me everybody else can do what they want its there lives just don’t condemn me because I wear one and I am not a sheeple as some of you on here calls people I am just a man that has had enough suffering and pain in my life and don’t want anymore and also respect others peoples rights to do as they want and also will defend my rights and life and my wives with deadly force

        • They make these things to breakup run on sentences… Geez man…

          But no, “caring” is an excuse. The immunity will never build if we don’t breathe normally. Sad but true. Given the nature or it “sucking” vs. it killing…. I’ll risk it. You are a victim of virtue signalling sir.

        • I wear a mask because the County Judge issued an order requiring that masks be worn inside public places.
          The lady that used to cut my hair died from the virus. She was 40 married and had 4 kids.
          Tomorrow morn I am scheduled to receive my 2nd virus vaccine injection.

        • Have you read the order? Not the one the media reports, the actual order? Has anyone read their local municipality orders? Or “mandates”? It’s a joke. They all contradict themselves. They say things like “where social distancing is not practical” – It can always be “practical”, stay the fuck back. There. Practical. Every single one of these mandates SHOULD never hold up in a court of law. And how many injections will it take? Will you wear a mask forever, even if the vaccinations make you asymptomatic? Where is the proof the vaccines work? Put a group of COVID positive people in a room with people who have been vaccinated and let’s find out. Science? amiright?

    • I’m still trying to figure out how nobody (but me) seems to remember a few months ago when the same ‘experts’ were telling us not to bother because masks are useless. Now they’re saying we should wear 2 or 3 over the top of each other.

      Personally I ignore the signs and if they insist I wear one I shop elsewhere. And if some douche mask-Karen whacks me in the head with his gat he’s going to get a hard lesson in .357 magnum.

        • I suggested wearing a mask with the two cheek canisters containing filters and activated charcoal. I wore one most days when I was painting houses. But the naysayers said they wouldn’t work for coronavirus. Really? They filter toxic fumes from the air, but won’t touch the virus? The paper/cloth masks everyone is wearing won’t touch toxic fumes, so what are they going to do for viruses? C’mon, man!

      • I’m not sure if your post was meant to be trolling or if you honestly are stupid enough to believe the nonsense you posted.

        At no time during the COVID-19 pandemic have any qualified “experts” said that the mask was useless. There was a brief period early in the spread of the virus when medical professionals did ask the general public not to wear masks SO THAT THOSE MASKS WOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. Some medical administrators asking the public not to wear masks implied that the general public did not need to wear masks, but the more honest ones were quite clear that the only reason they were asking the general public not to wear masks was because they wanted to keep the masks for themselves and their staff and they were concerned about the same kind of stupid panic-buying that had stripped the stores of toilet paper and cleaning products (and which has stripped our stores of guns and ammunition).

        In point of fact, the reason for the general public to wear a mask is totally different from the reason for medical professionals wearing masks.

        The proper mask, when worn properly, and combined with other precautions is PART of the protective measures used by medical professionals to reduce (not eliminate) their chances of becoming infected by the virus while working in a high risk environment. The primary purpose of their mask is to reduce the chance of breathing in microdroplets which are likely to contain the virus. This is only significant when they are around patients who are infected.

        The “masks” or “face coverings” commonly worn by the general public are almost completely ineffective at protecting the wearer — and even less so because such masks or face coverings are almost never worn properly, never handled properly, and rarely if ever accompanied by other proper precautions. The entire purpose of the general public wearing masks is to reduce the spread of the virus FROM wearers who are already infected.

        Bottom line: Wearing a mask does almost nothing to protect you — you are wearing the mask to protect everyone else from what you have. The whole point of mask mandates is that if everyone wears a mask or face covering they will be less likely to spread the virus to others.

        • Too many words, I only read the first couple of sentences. But you do have a point, Dr. Fauci isn’t much of an expert.

        • Alright, I read the last sentence too. So I had it back in August, so I’m imune. I can’t get it and I can’t give it, so they’re doubly useless.

        • Two or more layers of tight-fitting fabric won’t keep you from enjoying my fart. One layer of ill-fitting random fabric over your face isn’t going to do anything but make the wearer feel special.

        • Another product of the American education system, an adult who does not understand the difference between an aerosol vapor and a gas.

        • Miner, you are correct, aerosols are heavier and fall faster, so… less risk?

          Did that go the way you planned? nope.

        • Yes, I too read the first sentences and the last; that was enough. You are totally contradicting yourself. Considering the fact that the openings in standard surgical mask are hundreds of times larger than the size of the virus, it is clear that the mask will not protect the wearer. The manufacturer of the mask clearly states so on the box. But, do not despair – in the headlong rush into socialism, the altruist angle has been sharpened and is pocking its ugly head – we are to wear the mask to protect others! This altruist illogic works on the arithmetic-challenged public school graduates, where a+b does not equal b+a. No wonder the sheeple feel that Biden has won the elections and that voting is the answer. Low IQ, lack of education, and school programming – goodbye America…

  3. Well don’t just sit there with a bump on your head go get an attorney and sue the socks off of them.

    • “sue the socks off of them”..?

      In most areas it would constitute Felony Battery / With a Deadly Weapon.

      It’s like 10 to 20 years in PMITA prison.

      The ‘offended employee’ should be provided the opportunity to experience it as such.

    • Sounds like he’s more worried about the gun than the person who had it or why they used it. He’s a candidate for anti 2a stuff.

  4. The employee can claim Family Dollar Store is to blame: he suffered from oxygen deprivation due to constant masking while at work. Everyone knows that a lack of oxygen can cause confused thinking.

    Yes…above is /sarc.

    These mask mandates are irresponsible, divisive, and unconstitutional.

    • LifeSavor,

      You have probably seen enough of my comments on this website to know that I probably advocate, as enthusiastically as anyone, for personal rights and liberty.

      I believe there is a legitimate argument that we cannot circulate in public in such a manner that seriously endangers the health and well-being of other people. The really hard part of that argument is determining what constitutes a serious danger to others.

      With respect to arguments in favor of mask mandates right now, there are two huge considerations:
      1) Is a general person circulating in public without a mask seriously endangering the health and well being of others?
      2) If yes, does a general person wearing a mask in public seriously reduce that danger?

      If the answer to the second question is, “no,” then I do not support a mask mandate. If the answer is, “yes,” then I support a mask mandate. The trouble in this case is that I do not believe we have a clear answer to any of those questions.

      I imagine this line of thinking may make more sense if there was an Ebola outbreak occurring all across the United States. Note that Ebola is fairly contagious and the fatality rate is something like 80% or higher. If that were happening, would you support a mask mandate in public assuming that masks would significantly reduce the number of cases? I imagine you would because Ebola would likely wipe out something like 75% of our population. Assuming that you would support a mask mandate in that scenario, that means you support a mask mandate at some fatality/mortality rate. Of course that begs the question: what is the fatality/mortality threshold which justifies a mask mandate? Good luck figuring that out and achieving widespread consensus.

        • Worldwide deaths would have to be well above 1% and they are currently less than .003%, and that’s for all age ranges. The most at risk are already at risk or literally anything from a cold to the flu. Lastly, the ratio has stayed the same since the beginning. It has not increased – more important – and it has not decreased through these “preventative measures and lockdowns. In order for it to be a pandemic threat and all this to be justifiable, the kill ratio would need to increase and infect everyone equally. Haven’t these covid panic idiots ever seen contagion? Geez. It’s surprisingly true. And nothing like what covid is. Covid is and always will be a political tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Ebola spreads mainly via contact with bodily fluids and can spread to others via sweat left on surfaces. A mask mandate would be pretty meaningless. It also has a way lower R0.

        We went through this with Obama. They actually used quarantine instead of lockdowns.

        What’s being done now is unscientific, borderline insane, deadly to civil rights, ruinous to the economy, damaging both psychologically and socially as well as being wholly ineffective.

        All because Americans are pansies who can’t handle actual truth and don’t understand fuck-all about biology (or much of anything else) that requires anything past a 6th grade education.

        • “What’s being done now is unscientific, borderline insane, deadly to civil rights, ruinous to the economy, damaging both psychologically and socially as well as being wholly ineffective.”

          It’s a surgical mask, you baby. Jesus, the amount of people that talk about wearing body armor, guns, and everything else tacticool but can’t wear a little mask to help reduce contagion with an airborne virus that has killed more people than world war 2 is amazing.

          It’s one thing to believe one conspiracy theory (like that there was a massive voter fraud scheme). But you guys believe everything. You are not living in reality.

        • My fellow citizens, the poster who calls himself Hannibal is a thinly disguised agent of the Dark Forces.

          Of course he suggests that you should wear a mask to prevent infection, as if COVID-19 were real and not a hoax, don’t be fooled!

          His self chosen moniker, Hannibal means ‘Grace of Baal, Devourer of children”!

          Remember, Hannibal was the great general of the Phoenicians, the Canaanites of the Bible whose great city Carthage was the scene of dark debauchery and evil ritual, now shrouded by the dust of centuries and hidden by the main stream media.

        • @Hannibal

          Believing in actual biological science is a conspiracy theory? When did that happen?

          When the news started spouting shit from hacks out to cover their own asses and specifically hide the truth from the public?

          Because that’s what’s going on here. They fucked up and are playing for time to bring out a deus ex machina to avoid taking any blame for their mistakes.

        • Strych, the left no longer follows actual science. They now follow a pseudoscience dogma that involves worship, obedience and groupthink to the narrative rather then the truth.

        • Hannibal:

          How many people were alive on the Earth during world war II?

          How many people are alive now, during covered?

          Do the math. It’s all relative. And has it really? Has it really killed “that many” people? .03% is not a number to compare to a world war from the past. Of a world war happened today, do you think more or less people would die than previous wars? The answer will always be more, because more people are alive.

          .03% buddy.

        • strych9,

          I wasn’t claiming that Ebola transmits the same way as COVID-19. I was simply constructing a parallel hypothetical situation and used a significantly higher mortality rate to emphasize the point: almost everyone would agree that a mask mandate was wise and righteous at some heinous mortality rate if wearing masks significantly reduced that heinous mortality rate.

          I also did not claim that mask mandates are wise and righteous public policy because I do not have reliable information to form an opinion.

        • @Ron:

          Really, somewhere back in the late Spring of last year we got a muddled set of issues here that we should strive, as much as possible, to separate. There’s the political, the quasi-political and the bureaucratic.

          The bureaucratic (read; upper “management”) of the scientific community (which is to say the “advisors” to governments) fucked up and started fucking this up long ago. They required an immediate CYA. In creating that they scared a bunch of pols who took things way, way, way too far and now they also need a CYA.

          The political and bureaucratic CYAs happen to dovetail in a few key places in a manner that means they both want the deus ex machina of a va cc ine that “causes” a drop in the positivity rate. This nicely covers both the pols and the bureaucrats.

          This whole thing is an absolute mess and it’s being made worse by the media not asking questions because they don’t know what questions to ask.

          I don’t really want to write a long-ass post on this but the nutshell version is this (it’s still longer than I like):

          Some of these people are just hacks. For example; Fauci doesn’t know the difference, at least so far as I can tell, between a chain terminator and a classic enzyme inhibitor. He apparently hasn’t known the difference since the 1980’s when he was involved in spats with Kary Mullis and refused to debate Mullis because Mullis knew what he was talking about (hence why he won a Nobel) and Fauci very clearly didn’t.

          The guy making more than the POTUS on a government salary doesn’t actually understand what is today considered basic biochem. Or, if he does, he’s very good at covering up his understanding of it. He is, so far as I can tell, the quintessential scientific “manager” who’s been out of the field and out of the lab for so long that be basically knows how to play politics and talk big but doesn’t really understand the modern state of science.

          Or maybe he does. I mean, he’s admitted that they screwed up the usage of RT-PCR, and to how they did it, but fails to explain why or suggest a fix. I think the answer is obvious when you look at what the WHO and CDC have said about this but again with that CYA for the bureaucrat because that’s what Fauci is. If you look at his behavior as similar to a fairly incompetent department head at a University you see almost identical behavior.


          As per usual I wasn’t attacking you, I get what you’re saying I’m simply fleshing things out a bit more. In this case was pointing out an error in an argument that you were discussing rather than advancing yourself.

      • Why do gun owners always have to wait until the moment right before we become room temperature to be allowed to utilize a firearm.
        I don’t advocate it being used as a club for the heck of it but sometimes if that’s the tool needed.

        I am always hearing about how if you carry a firearm you can’t be an aggressor or fight back, you hold the line until right before you have to die or you’ll go to jail for brandishing.

        Second breath is about how many lives are saved by the mere presence of a firearm and how they were saved without taking a shot.
        Brandishing to DE-escalate a situation should be a very useful tool, and in fact is in every form of professional service except private citizen.

        The national guard walking around DC with AR’s and no mags were just trying to intimidate us, better have them arrested for brandishing firearms in DC.

        It’s a crap fest what went down but if that employee chose to crack skull over making it into a canoe, well, maybe it wasn’t all dumb. Dangerous, but so is getting into a bull match with strangers to begin with.

        Yes it makes CC’rs look bad but so would killing a man over not wearing a mask. He could of easily just hit him with anything hard at hand and had he still had a CC weapon on him it would look just as bad.

      • U_C,

        Sensible questions, as usual.

        Do masks work? This is what I have read:
        –To the extent that they stop water vapor upon which a virus may ride, yes, they can prevent a small amount of virus from becoming airborne on water vapor.
        –However, the types of masks most commonly used stop only the largest particles of water vapor. Most go right through.
        –Masks provides a false sense of security.
        –Prolonged mask wearing actually does cause oxygen deprivation and can cause brain damage.
        –Places with mask mandates continue to have escalating case rates (masks have not been effective).

        I am not providing citations because the supporting information is readily available and I am too lazy. 🙂

        I know a sufficient number of people who do not believe any of the above, so, clearly, the science around masks is insufficient. Since the science is insufficient, mandates seem more like guess work and social control rather than disease control.

        And I do not like being controlled.

        • “Prolonged mask wearing actually does cause oxygen deprivation and can cause brain damage.“

          So when surgeons and anesthesiologists are engaged in an operation that can take 8 to 10 hours, while wearing a mask, do they suffer brain damage?

          Why, that’s just amazing!

          Did you learn that at trump university medical school?

        • Minor, are there studies saying that they don’t?

          Your attempts to constantly make it political are not only predictable, but laughable.

        • Monty, our friend LifeSever makes the claim that face masks can cause brain damage so it is up to him to provide evidence to support his assertion.

          Otherwise, it’s just empty speech.

          I am fascinated with the idea that after five or 10 years of full-time hospital work, surgeons and anesthesiologists may suffer brain damage from wearing masks 4 to 10 hours per day.

          I am definitely interested in seeing that research!

        • There was no assertion that there is evidence of the comment you took out of context, dumbass. It’s a fact that masks cause oxygen deprivation. You really can’t google that one? Do you want to bet google had different results 2 years ago than you would find now? So I ask again, are there studies saying that people who wear masks do NOT suffer, slightly or majorly, from wearing them?
          Stop acting superior and crying for “citation” where they are not needed. Use your oxygen deprived dying brain cells. You have all the information in the world so long as it fits your narrative, but can’t “fact check” for yourself things you don’t understand and chose to take out of context? Get a fucking life dude.

          But, maybe I’ll just drop this here:

        • In case you can’t be bothered Miner, it’s right there in the Summary.

          “The more you know” meme.

        • The summary made no definite conclusion, perhaps just a slight drop in O2 saturation, but no conclusion of impaired function much less brain damage.

          I am glad to see that you are willing to take Muslim science at face value, that is very inclusive of you and you are to be commended for your progressive attitude.

          Researchers’ academic affiliations from your source:

          “ University. Faculty of Health Sciences. Department of Nursing and Health Services. Ankara, Turkey; *Kirikkale University. Faculty of Medicine. Departments of Anaesthesiology and Pharmacology***. Kirikkale. Turkey. **Ufuk University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery. Ankara, Turkey. ****Bayindir Medical Center, Department of Neurosurgery. Ankara. Turkey.”

          “Ufuk University”?

        • You got evidence. You refuse to accept it. Does oxygen deprivation cause brain damage? So it is POSSIBLE that wearing a mask can cause brain damage. Right? How is it not? And then, you chose to refute the cites? From medical professionals because of their… location? lol! Wow dude. Just wow. You can literally google it yourself and you refuse to. I google it for you and show you a pdf format of ONE study stating that there is evidence, and you refute because it does not outright say “brain damage”. Where the fuck is your degree from? oh, that’s right… facebook.

          There is no end to your arrogance. The hypocrisy spreads from you and your leftists ideals like an aerosol, or is it a gas? Or both? Or none? Because you can’t refute that either lol.

        • No, the study clearly states that there is no conclusion to be gained because the saturation level drop is too slight to be considered.
          The study found no evidence whatsoever that brain damage occurred, they never performed any sort of brain functioning or physical deterioration examination.

          And the University where the study was conducted was founded in 1999, I’m not sure that in only 20 years they have accumulated the academic capacity and depth of rigor to produce a valid study that would fly in the face of actual medical professionals experience.

          If you think surgeons and anesthesiologists would willingly risk brain damage by wearing masks 8 to 10 hours a day every week for decades, then you have a lower functioning level than I surmised.

          Tell me, do you think it measurably damages your brain to hold your breath?

          Have you had an opportunity to research the differences between solids, liquids, gases and plasma?

          Have you been able to learn more about the difference between an aerosol vapor and a gas’s ability to transport protein particles?

          Are you still smelling farts as part of your research protocol?

          Really, the fact that many of you here publicly support the idea of using fart smelling as a valid indicator of filtration ability for virus particles is beyond hilarious.

          Your ignorance is exceeded only by your arrogance.

        • Here’s the actual conclusion from the study you cite:

          “Conclusions. Considering our findings, pulse rates of the surgeon’s increase and SpO2 decrease after the first hour. This early change in SpO2 may be either due to the facial mask or the operational stress. Since a very small decrease in saturation at this level, reflects a large decrease in PaO2, our findings may have a clinical value for the health workers and the surgeons.“

          They don’t even firmly attribute the decrease to mask wearing, citing other possible factors because they just don’t know:

          “This early change in SpO2 may be either due to the facial mask or the operational stress.“

          I guess the wide open empty spaces in Montana aren’t just the landscape…

        • Again, writing a book and missing the point.

          You asked for proof of brain damage, there have been no studies. I said this before sharing the proof that mask cause oxygen deprivation. You took the comment about early indicators out of context, as usual, for your agenda to benefit. You ignored the entirety of the article, and refuse to google any other results. Why the fuck would anyone bother showing you more proof of the shit you ask for, or ever for that matter? we all knew this would be your response. Unlike your opinion piece sharing, I shared scientific studies and proved, yes, it does prove that a decrease does occur. Have you never read a scientific study? Do you understand variables? You think they will just come out and say “oh yep, brain damage”? Oxygen deprivation for long periods of time or short depending on the amount of oxygen restricted, does cause brain damage. There is no need for further citation. We have known this for hundreds of years… more! But documented for hundreds of years! These are controlled studies you are seeing. Yet you want the pop-up book on how Einstein made a nuke… Here dude:

          You want the facts miner? Go fucking look for them. Weed out the opinion pieces and find cited material. Sharing an opinion piece written by a link to someone with “MD” in the title but zero proof they actually exist is NOT citation. Find the controls. I was looking and found one that stated they could not find any decrease… but why? Because they did not actually measure anything and only used the mask for 1 hour doing “moderate” work by their definition. They even stated they took ZERO scientific measurements. They did not measure tidal volume or minute ventilation… but the two I shared did, and they cite it too. You are overlooking the simplicity of all this by choosing to be ignorant. All we are stating is that masks decrease oxygen intake. They have to! How can they not? How cant they not. And if they do not, then they are not effective. And if they do, then we should be concerned about oxygen deprivation and address it. Like the study I shared with you, who simply acknowledges all of this and wants to help keeping people safe and healthy and avoid long term UNSTIDIED and UNKNOWN effects. So grow the fuck up, drop the political agenda, acknowledge some people don’t care about a “hoax” and simply want to breathe normally and safely. That is all. Fuck off.

      • It’s my job to protect me. It’s your job to protect you.
        If you want ME to protect YOU then I have rules for you to obey:
        Don’t eat fat/sugar.
        Don’t drive more than 20mph
        Walk, don’t run
        Don’t drink
        Stay out of the sun
        Stay home, forever.
        Central Planning Committee will be updating list in future. Remember it’s “science”.
        If you disagree, your are racist, homophobe, misogynist,denier.

      • Or as a friend of my so aptly put it:

        “If your underwear cannot stop a fart, how is that mask going to stop a virus?”

        • LifeSavor,

          The comparison that your friend implies is not an accurate comparison.

          The airborne transmission mechanism of COVID-19 corona virus is the virus spreading on small liquid/water droplets which a person expels when he/she coughs, sneezes, and/or shouts (including singing in some instances) — droplets which float through the air for a short time before gravity pulls them to the ground. Thanks to the property of paper/fabric masks which absorb/wick liquids, masks should (in theory) be pretty effective at stopping liquid droplets from getting through and hence greatly reduce airborne transmission of COVID-19. (At least in theory. I have no idea if masks are actually that effective in real life.)

          Flatulence is gaseous, not liquid (unless you are having a really bad day), and gases readily move through paper/fabric masks. That is not a problem, though, since the virus is not expelled with gases from our lungs.

          Again, I am not claiming that mask mandates are good public policy. I am simply sharing accurate details.

        • Yes, please do Miner.

          As I explained in a previous comment, since you go around spouting “information without citation”… aerosols are heavier and fall faster than gasses. So what point are you trying to make? That the projected “virus” from our facial orifices are LESS risk than a gaseous fart? Cuz that’s what you are proving. Dumbass. So the comment stands. You will smell a fart through your mask, and the mask does less for a fart than it does for a heavier aerosol that falls quicker. Right? Prove me wrong. Use your scientific cnn opinion pieces and dr. fauci’s ever changing theories. k? Also, please be sure to prove that a mask, especially a piece of cloth that 99% of people wear, will stop either.

        • Monty, I made no assertion, I was merely commenting on the fact that uncommon was required to explain the difference between an aerosol vapor and a gas to an adult American.

          Perhaps you should self educate on the four basic states of matter as it seems to have been an area that was neglected during your formal schooling. (There are actually a bout 15 states of matter but for most discussions the four basic states will suffice)

          You also may want to learn a bit about the size differential between the individual particles in an aerosol vapor and the individual particles in a gas, it may prove interesting to those wishing to learn more about protective measures.

          Another property you may want to explore is the capability of an aerosol vapor versus a gas to act as a vehicle for protein particles.

          All this reminds me of a funny saying we used in the field:

          “Happiness is a dry fart”

        • again, ignoring the point… prove a mask keeps EITHER out of your nose and mouth. Especially a piece of cloth that people wear, and especially ANY unsealed and unfiltered mask. The accepted virtue signaling is that it SLOWS the spread by creating less distance to travel, but does it? If it still exits and enters then it just slows it in certain directions, right? I mean, we should just shut the world down until we figure out how to breathe less at this rate… because after this disease there will be another, and another, and another. The one thing you refuse to acknowledge is the numbers. Does .03% deserve all this? People losing their livelihoods, governments in chaos, political agenda’s being pushed through tragedy? Come on miner, open your fucking eyes dude. It’s not about slowing the spread, or caring, it’s about labeling and control. You comply with this and every other crazy way they can think of to limit your ability to live and make a living, so when does it end? You can’t even see past the mask on your own nose.

      • U_S, you gotta remember that the only circumstance in which we need a mask, according to the supposed science, is if we are going to be within 6 feet of another for more than 10 minutes. Does ANYONE remember that? With no announced change to that “science”, we are moving toward being required, on pain of death, to wear masks in our sleep, on a desert island with a population of one. I leave home on a shopping trip, there is no way I will be within 6 feet of anyone for more than 2 minutes, and that would be at checkout. Why do I need to OWN a mask?

        Saw yesterday, CDC says you are “required” to wear a mask of specified construction whenever using public transportation, and they may impose criminal penalties if necessary. Just how the flaming fuck does a single faceless, nameless, unelected bureaucrat with CDC impose CRIMINAL penalties on anyone, for anything, ever?

        • Via fear porn and ignorance.

          The reality of that though is that other than airlines there will be about zero enforcement. No one’s going to bother checking the construction of your facial covering.

          This whole thing is epicly retarded but scared people do things to allievate fear, even if those things are worthless in terms of dealing with the actual cause of the fear. Hence, superstition, which is what a lot of this is.

          I mean, a lot of this ignores like everything known in the biological sciences (and in some cases base logic too) and no one seems to really care about that at this point. But every time you think we’ve hit peak retardation you find it’s a false summit.

          As I’m wont to say; Panic fucking kills. You can see that now. Unless Covid deaths rise by 500% the effects of the lockdowns are, and have been for awhile, projected to kill more people than Covid can. And that’s likely to get far, far worse as the IQ (idiot quotent) increases as 2021 progresses.

          But hey, this is what happens when soft people can’t handle the hard truths of life.

        • @Montana:

          OK, so this goes back to something I covered in some depth about mass shootings a couple years back; Namely that in the absence of a pattern our brain likes to create one. It’s an innate bias built into our brains as survival mechanism where the mistake is a mistake but tends to lead to avoidance behaviors that statistically are better for individual survival over a period of time. The result is that if you talk about rare events often people come to believe that they are less rare than they actually are.

          Fear porn, in this case, is the combination of what the media says and doesn’t say which plays on this system in our brains. The constant talk about deaths from the virus has, as of the last time I looked, convinced your average UK citizen that 7.5% of the UK’s population had died of Covid by the fall. In the US the number was 9%.

          That is to say that people, when asked off the cuff, how dangerous Covid was thought that it had already killed 7.5-9% of the population and essentially those people were speculating that Covid has an IFR of something like 35%. As a result, large numbers of people wanted aggressive government action against those they thought were “spreading the disease”.

          That’s not surprising considering that research indicates a 0.66 (on a scale of 0-1) correlation between people perceiving that there’s a communicable public health crisis and their desire for direct, strict, authoritarian action to prevent transmission of the disease. Which is to say that people are more than willing to sacrifice their own rights and those of their countrymen if they think there’s a disease outbreak.

          It’s also particularly nasty because what’s been done here is a conflation between the disease and the person who may/may not have it. Humans react very poorly to carriers of disease. We like to burn or otherwise sterilize things we consider to be disease vectors/fomites. When we start to see other people that way we automatically dehumanize them and they become an object to be “cleansed”. Historically this works out VERY poorly.

          At the same time look at what the media doesn’t say. They don’t tell you that officially the Pfizer vaccine is still in clinical trials until 2023. They’re not telling you “Hey, look, you’re making grandpa a guinea pig for medical tests with a whole new type of vaccine that’s never been tried before so that you can maybe save him from the Covid”. They omit most of that sentence and it becomes “Hey, look, a vaccine so you can save him from Covid!”

          They also don’t like to talk about certain things that you’d think they would. Where are all the PSAs for proper mask usage? Where’s the stories about how a RT-PCR test that comes back positive or negative might not mean what people believe it does? Where are the PSAs for how to talk to your doctor about the testing and when to request more and different testing? You know, like were run for HPV, pneumococcal pneumonia, shingles etc?

          Fear porn is the kind of shit I’m talking about above. For most people it’s scary as hell but they can’t stop watching. Their brain craves more information to connect dots but everything they’re getting is designed not to give them information to make educated decisions, it’s designed to scare the hell out of them because “if it bleeds it leads”. Fear sells. The media doesn’t want informed people making rational decisions. They want scared people tuning into every broadcast.

        • “Where are all the PSAs for proper mask usage?”

          In my opinion, spreading conspiracy theories about the so-called ‘Covid hoax’ is the most reprehensible fear porn of all.

          For those who would rather not titillate themselves with S9’s fear porn here are some widely available PSAs illustrating proper mask use, my favorite is Jason from Friday the 13th:

        • Simply calling it a hoax is the opposite of fear lol. It’s literally the disbelief of covid. So how is it spreading fear? You mistake “the covid hoax” talk for “it actually does not exist at all” talk. People who refer to all this as a plandemic and a hoax are not saying the virus does not exist, they are saying it’s not as bad as they want you to believe and the numbers don’t justify the reactions. People fear the virus because of the initial lack of understanding of that virus. What do we know now? Look at the numbers. No increase, no general decrease. More importantly, no increase in the r0. in april 2020 they said the r0 was 5.7! 5.7! I say again, 5.7! Meaning that 80% of the worlds population would be infected. Again, even if it EVER was 5.7, that means infected, not dead. We now know it is WELL LESS THAN 1! I say again, less than 1. We also know the most susceptible people are the same people who would have been at risk for 90% of other viruses. So yes, government shut downs are a hoax and a political tool for a virus that only infect .03% of the worlds population. Yes, it is a hoax and they refuse to admit they were wrong. So it’s the slow political fade and cover up they have gotten so skilled at instead. That’s what people are referring to. And lastly, you just refused to accept medical advice based on oxygen deprivation, yet here you are saying “but the experts said this” with your “PSA”s. How hilarious. I couldn’t make this hypocrisy up if I tried, and it’s sad that you make people care enough to try and educate you about the dangerous methods you utilize to spread your agenda. “comply, or be an outcast and shamed into submission”. We’ve dealt with people like you throughout history, and you always try to drag others down with you. It’s time for a taste of your own medicine.

          And btw, I guess anyone can make a “PSA” by the shit you shared. At least you cited your opinion pieces this time instead of copy and pasting. Fear is what started the PSA’s you shared. It’s very easy to see it, you just need to educate yourself and accept others would rather not trust a political agenda that wants to destabilize the economy, be free, and enjoy mathematics.

      • Oh? News Flash: Biden is pushing to end legal jeopardy for people with HIV/AIDS who knowingly and intentionally have unprotected sex with others. He wants to remove the stigma of gays with HIV. So, maybe wear a rainbow button and claim mask wearing is offensive to your holy high gayness.

        • “Biden is pushing to end legal jeopardy for people with HIV/AIDS who knowingly and intentionally have unprotected sex with others.“

          I wonder old chap, have you a citation or source for your claim?

        • Yeah the left wants everyone infected with AIDS as a sign of solidarity and equality. It’s also a tool of control and submission.

          There’s actually a whole lot more to this for anyone who’s interested. The left has been pro aids for decades now.

      • Quite interesting that you thought of Ebola. Both Ebola and Coronavirus are of about the same size and both they spread through bodily fluids and aerosols, e.g., have similar transmission characteristics. Yet, people that religiously wear surgical or cloth masks believing that they are thus protected from the Coronavirus, would be quickly writing their wills if given those masks against Ebola. The stupidity of the sheeple is just amazing. But, so long as the idiots feel better… that’s all that matters, doesn’t it?

  5. Authoritarian liberal ‘do what you are told’ gun owners are not friends. These people support gun control because they project their unstable emotion and judgment unto others and believe they don’t have to follow the rules.

    If it’s one thing I learned about conceal carry… is that I’m not the only one armed. Something that (former) employee better learn soon.

    Bet he bought that gun last year too.

    • I’d be surprised if it was even legal carry.

      Which, sad to say, as an employee there, it wasn’t either way.

  6. Guns aren’t meant to be used as tools of persuasion, ways to punctuate an opinion, or as a means of getting your way.

    Actually, I would argue that IS one (of a few) primary purposes of a firearm. The much more important point is whether or not the person with the firearm does that for a righteous reason such as legally justified self-defense. If a home invader approaches a mom who happens to have a firearm ready for self-defense, the entire point of that mom bringing that firearm to bear is exactly intended to:
    — persuade the home invader to leave the mom alone.
    — punctuate the mom’s opinion that the home invader has to leave her alone.
    — ensure the mom gets her way, which is the home invader leaving her alone.

    Saying it another way, a firearm is (arguably) first-and-foremost a compliance tool which someone can use righteously to gain an attacker’s otherwise unwilling compliance or nefariously to gain a victim’s otherwise unwilling compliance.

    And the nice bonus of presenting firearms as “compliance tools”: it totally destroys the claim which gun-grabbers often spew, “Firearms are only designed/intended to kill!” Can firearms kill human or animal life? Of course. And yet people use firearms at least as often, if not far more often, for purposes which do not kill any animal or person. Some of those uses are recreational. Other uses are compelling someone to comply, whether righteously or criminally, with the demands of the person wielding the firearm.

    • “Saying it another way, a firearm is (arguably) first-and-foremost a compliance tool which someone can use righteously to gain an attacker’s otherwise unwilling compliance or nefariously to gain a victim’s otherwise unwilling compliance.”

      “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun.” (Mr. Nice Guy himself, Chairman Mao…)

  7. seems a bit overzealous. dollar karen.
    if you have a mailbox on your lawn filled with dog treats for all passing voofs, dolla sto’ is a good place to buy pooch snacks.

  8. A store owner, believing that masks slow the spread of COVID-19, has the right to insist that everyone entering his business mask up. It’s a property right similar to “No shirt, no shoes, no service”. However, the most he or an employee, his representative, may do is order a customer without a mask to leave the premises and call police to evict him if he refuses. Even less-than-lethal force isn’t permissible. What would make better customer relations is to keep a stock of single-use masks by the entrance and offer one to any customer who enters without his own mask.

  9. Wearing a mask does not stop anything from spreading. Hopefully this guy will loose his birthright to carry a gun.

    • If a mask won’t stop anything, why do surgeons and anesthesiologists wear them for every procedure?

      Do you believe you are smarter then surgeons and anesthesiologists?

      • Surgeons wear masks for the same reason they wear hairnets, lab coats, gloves, and disposable outwear on top of all that. They don’t want anything falling into cut open flesh. I may not be a doctor, but I’m pretty sure an operating table is a little bit different an environment than shopping at Walmart.

        Your argument is called a non sequitur.

        • “They don’t want anything falling into cut open flesh“

          So a mask prevents things from falling into the cut open flash, correct? And what would be falling from a surgeon’s nose and mouth, could it possibly be moisture droplets containing pathogens such as bacteria and virus?

          So masks prevent the transmission of moisture droplets containing bacteria and virus, isn’t that why we ask people to wear them during a pandemic that is spread via airborne transmission?

          Why is that so difficult to understand?

  10. I wonder, was the employee wearing two masks? If not he’s literally Hitler!

    Send the scofflaw off for his anal swab!

  11. Honestly, this story is more about the medium-term effects of excessive fear-porn consumption than it is about guns.

    Having had Covid, and still titering for it at a pretty decent level, this kind of thing is literally the only reason I wear a mask; So that some masker doesn’t force me to beat the shit out of/shoot them when they get irrationally violent.

    I just don’t need the paperwork or the legal proceedings over something so dumb.

    • I call my neck gaiter that I keep with me “karen repellent”. One has a skull and crossbones and the other says “covid ain’t what’s gonna get you”. I ONLY wear them when I am around groups of gullible fools who can’t think for themselves, for the same reason you outlined.

      • I run a “Buff” neck/multiuse thing. Well, actually a series of them. None have writing on them. They’re actually UV shields for fly fishing. I wear it like a gaiter most of the time so that I can’t forget it somewhere or lose it but I pull it up over my face when approaching a Karen rich environment.

        Does exactly fuck-all in terms of virus transmission, just like 99% of what you see out there but such a thing covers my face for a technical obeying of the rules.

        I really despise Karen. The only thing worse is her dumbass husband who will, generally, back her to the hilt. Karen I despise but Ken makes me think that Bender was right.

        • Just what did “Bite my shiny metal ass” Bender have to say?

        • “Kill all humans”.

          It’s his political slogan. You can even get it on giant, real life yard signs for Bender Bending Rodriguez.

      • I overheard some bitchy lady complaining about people not wearing masks while shopping months ago. She said in passing to a group of men something snarky about medical exemptions and mask wearing, I am not recalling the exact wording, but the reply from the men was “Oh, just minding my own business, and social distancing should keep you safe, right?”, then, my non mask wearing ass walks over and says, “excuse me, Karen…” She said “How did you know my name?”


    • Yes, assholes like this, if they actually believed the supposed threat, would never get within pistol-whipping distance for fear of death by Covid. The fact he follows the guy around raising hell and then assaults him, makes it completely clear that he sees an excuse to impose his will on another and does not intend to let it go to waste, if he has to kill the sucker.

    • I generally don’t wear one, but if I absolutely have to I’ll wear a shemagh and stare at people uncomfortably. No one has yet to say a word to me but I make people nervous.

      • I walked into the local Best buy the other day, looking for a display port cable, which I knew was going to be overpriced, and was instantly asked to wear a mask by six employees hovering around each other and not “social distancing”.

        I said nope, and walked out.

    • “Having had Covid, and still titering for it at a pretty decent level“

      Doesn’t the fact that you’re still “tittering for it at a pretty decent level” mean you’re still shedding virus particles and are therefore contagious to your fellow humans, yet you will not wear a mask?

      I think the term I’m looking for is ‘depraved indifference’.

      • If you actually knew anything about this virus instead of constantly regurgitating what you are told to believe you wouldn’t have asked that question.





  13. Golly my local Family Dollar doesn’t give 2 chits about mask wearing. They hide behind a plastic shield and barely acknowledge me. And I’m just getting over covid. I wear this damn mask for me…

  14. We are in a time when people get violently angry if you go against the make believe they have been programmed to accept as gospel. They talk about the right inflaming hatred, and inciting violence…. just refuse to play along with whatever pretend game the socialists are playing today whether it is the COVID masquerade, or gender pronouns and they want to kill you. They have been conditioned to accept whatever programming is given to them daily by the MSM.

  15. Very much an isolated incident. Most people who go armed do not behave like that.

    The idiot who pulled a gun over a mask has earned an arrest, prosecution and loss of gun rights.

    Also, writing DUMBASS on his forehead in black Sharpie would be a good idea.

  16. If he was
    1. Black
    2. biden supporter
    3. Ex-felon in possession of a firearm
    He will get a second chance cuz everyone deserves at least a few crimes & he can keep the gun.

    If he was White & Trump supporter, it be like “your fired” DA be like 20 yrs man!

  17. Pistol whipping if implemented across the Family Dollar family of stores is one way to ensure compliance……..

  18. Am I the only reader who thinks that maybe, just maybe, the store employee with the gat was a violent felon in possession before he went all Dirty Harry on the unmasked man?

  19. This is why employers don’t want employees carrying firearms at their workplace. Someone will freak out and use that firearm–as designed, as a club, or as some other appliance of aggression–against an innocent and the store will be left with the bad publicity and perhaps legal liability.

  20. Guy decided he was too important to have to follow the rules in a private establishment and now he’s making up a BS story because he experienced consequences.

    The employee might still have been criminal in his actions. But this guy’s story smells from five states away.

      • I’ve seen people wearing masks alone in their cars. Infuckingcredible. I only wear my face diaper when I’m in a store.

        When I go for my daily walks I do not wear my mask. People would see me coming, unmasked, and step off the sidewalk and into the street to avoid me. At first I was amused.

        Now I’m actually hoping one of these retards steps in front of a moving truck.

  21. “…has the way people have been blatantly empowered to shame and badger those who don’t wear masks contributed to incidents such as these…”

    Ok, I mentioned this a while ago. Hearken back, to that 1978 flick “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” The remake, not the original. Remember how the aliens would shriek and point whenever encountering a human? Uncanny resemblance.

  22. The problem with this store clerk striking a customer with his pistol is self-correcting.

    The clerk is no longer employed at the store and the clerk will soon be a “prohibited person” who is no longer allowed to have a firearm after he is convicted of aggravated assault which is a felony.

    Mr. Perry should strongly resist any effort by the prosecutor to plea bargain the proper aggravated assault charge down to simple assault or any misdemeanor charge.

  23. Owww somebody hit me in the head with a piece of Tupperware. Oww
    I guess nobody can read anymore? The employee’s paper said no gunms, the sign on the door said Mask Required.
    Disarm the whites, eliminate illiteracy .

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