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I give the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) a bit of stick from time to time. OK, I think the agency should be completely dismantled. But if you’re going to have needless federal agents, you want them equipped with the best combat-style pistol money can buy: a Springfield XD-M. Meanwhile, the ATF has announced that it’s awarded GLOCK, Inc. an unrestricted open market competitive firm-fixed Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) multiple-award contract. That’s a 10-year, $40 million payday for the Austrian in exchange for an unspecified number of GLOCK 22 Gen4 and GLOCK 27 .40 caliber pistols. Paid for by you and me. And our grandchildren. And their grandchildren . . .

“GLOCK is proud to have been competitively selected by the ATF for this contract,” GLOCK Vice President Josh Dorsey said, proudly. “GLOCK was chosen over others due to the new design features of the Gen4 pistol and GLOCK’s Safe Action System as well as reliability and durability that have made GLOCK pistols famous.

“Our firearms are designed for these individuals to succeed and survive in any situation [up to but not including an appearance on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader] and we stand ready to not only meet U.S. Government requirements, but to exceed them.”

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  1. "…want them equipped with the best combat-style pistol money can buy: a Springfield XD-M. Meanwhile, the ATF has announced that it’s awarded GLOCK, Inc…."

    Do you mean to imply that Glock is the wrong decision and the best combat pistol is the XD? Hence XD > Glock?What's the point of your post, informative or instigative? I feel you just want to say something controversial and get people to argue about it in the comments section.

    • It was a joke, of sorts. The worst sort actually: one that isn't funny. Anyway, if I was buying for the ATF (a recurring nightmare), I'd probably opt for Glocks too. As for trolling, what me? Nuh-uh.

  2. I fail to see what advantage the XD-M has over Glocks, other than out-uglying them–which is certainly no minor feat. We know you like the XD-M, Robert. But even you admit the XD-M's trigger doesn't break as cleanly, and the gen. 4 Glocks finally address the issue (to some degree) of smaller/medium hands. For some (many) of us, the Glock is (and was) damn near perfect ergonomically and functionally. I wouldn't argue with either choice. But it's hard to fault the ATF for choosing Glocks.

  3. I just ordered a G27 Gen4 (2 week wait in E. Tennessee) for ankle carry. I have had a G23 for 7 years and believe in it. Now I’m reading about problems with the recoil spring assembly – or maybe it’s the third-party ejector leaving you with stovepiping jams and am having nervous nelly belly about this gun. I can’t believe that Glock – who I trust more than the VA (but that’s another story) – would let a problem go out the door much less unsolved. Robert, you have the gun. What are your thoughts and information on this issue.

  4. Seems odd that the ATF would go with the .40 when the FBI and other Govt agencies are changing to 9mm? Are they saying they don’t have pussies in the ATF?…..Just kidding (mostly) so don’t get your panties in a wad.

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