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From the Firearms Policy Coalition . . .

President Biden continued his siege on the Second Amendment by announcing gun-control regulations targeting self-manufactured arms and confirming his intention to nominate Steven Dettelbach, an Everytown for Gun Safety-endorsed, anti-Second Amendment zealot to lead the ATF.

Biden’s proposed rule to eliminate so-called “ghost guns” would create an entirely new class of highly regulated items by redefining the term “firearm” to include a host of parts, and collections of parts ATF now considers “readily” convertible into functional firearms. This move calls into question the legality of an unknowable number of parts and kits purchased by peaceable people for decades.

The rule, which raises serious concerns about executive overreach and separation of powers, is yet another assault by the Biden administration on the rights and liberties of everyday gun owners. FPC condemns in the strongest terms this attack on the American tradition of home gunmaking and any effort to disarm or criminalize peaceable people.

Far from “clarifying” anything, the rulemaking tortures simple terms from law into multi-part definitions, with newly injected sub-terms like “readily” having their own lengthy definitions. This is clearly an attempt to sidestep Congress, as Biden even indicated in his remarks today.

The FPC legal team is evaluating the final rule for litigation options and will be seeking plaintiffs in the near future.

FPC also unequivocally opposes Biden’s nomination of Steven Dettelbach to lead the ATF. Dettelbach has led a career marked by proposals of radical gun-control measures, including semiautomatic firearm bans, the absurd expansion of mythical “gun-free zones,” and universal background checks. Dettelbach’s support comes from anti-rights organizations, and his nomination is nothing short of a stealth attempt by the Biden Administration to appoint someone with the same radical values as David Chipman, but without the extensive public paper trail.

Individuals who wish to help overturn the Biden administration’s abusive overreach of executive power and help defeat Dettelbach’s nomination can visit and join the FPC Grassroots Army at

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  1. “ATF Nominee Steve Dettelbach is Just a Less Creepy Version of David Chipman”

    Nah, he’s just creepy in other ways and doesn’t have the body count Chipman had.

  2. If Biden thinks “ghost gun” kits are so easy to assemble, then why doesn’t he demonstrate that for us? Could you imagine that video, especially with commentary?

  3. It always interesting to watch DemoRats in action. Gun Control is akin to firemen calling for a ban on all combustible materials in homes & businesses, as they may become fuel for a fire. Of course its to save the children etc. While at the same time refusing to prosecute arsonists and classifying their behavior as a mental health issue, not a criminal one, which of course can be “Talked Out” in a non-prison environment.

    Unfortunately, these seems to be the way they deal with everything. Want people to take the bus and buy electric cars, make sure gas prices are higher. Stupid is as Stupid does.

    The only thing they seem to do well is to enrich themselves, either through direct “Pay to Play” or as payback for past favors while in government.

  4. Its obvious that the ATF does not need anyone to lead it. The position should be illuminated,.

  5. Reality check.
    The HSIC (Hair-Sniffer In Chief) approves of him.
    Sooooooooooo, SLIGHTLY less creepy then the Chipster.

  6. I liked the part where Biden said he wanted to grab Dettlebach’s 16 year old. But I think I’m just making fun of Biden’s stutter by pointing that out

  7. Time to start trawling the internet for what Dettlebach has said or commented on firearms.

  8. ATF seems to be populated with creeps. Maybe they can’t find a normal one, but then it is unclear to me that the Justice Department employs normal people.


  10. This A-hole needs to be a Big NO too. I’d write my two Senators, but they’re both big Liberal Pieces of Scheiße. Their earlier replies proved to be a wasted effort on my part. Bennett and Lickshispooper (Hickenlooper) are DNC Card Carrying Pieces of Sheeeit.

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