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For months, I’ve asserted that Operation Fast and Furious had nothing to do with catching “the big fish” swimming in the “Iron River” of U.S. gun store guns allegedly flowing to Mexican drug thugs. The ATF’s supposed “botched sting” was actually part of a wider U.S. government effort to destroy the Mexican drug cartel known as Los Zetas. In fact, Fast and Furious (and Operation Castaway) was specifically designed to arm the Sinaloas and their pals against the Zetas, who threaten to take control of the drug corridor leading into the United States. And now there’s new evidence linking the ATF to Uncle Sam’s covert anti-Zetas campaign. But first, a quick recap . . .

Back in August, captured former Sinaloa Cartel jefe Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla fingered the feds in the American government’s pro-Sinaloa, anti-Zetas campaign. That same month, The New York Times revealed that the CIA was stepping-up its campaign against Los Zetas, including in-country agents, store-bought mercenaries and Predator drone flights.

The Mexican military is now staging SWAT style anti-Zetas raids from U.S. soil, coordinated by our friends at Langley using U.S. intel, flying in U.S.-funded choppers, firing U.S.-made guns, grenades and God knows what else. To be fair, the Mexican Navy’s U.S.-trained Seal teams have been going great guns. Since July, they’ve captured Zetas bosses, disrupted the Zetas’ communications network and (reported minutes ago) raided a Zetas “training camp.”

Equally important, we now hear that Cartels unite in the fight against Los Zetas. The anti-Zetas criminal alliance is called “The Resistance.” It has a logo (of course) and, according to our sources, the unofficial blessing of both the United States and Mexican governments.

The United Cartel are made up of former members of the Milenio cartel, remnants of the Valencia and the Amezcua Contreras Cartels, La Familia Michoacana, and the Gulf Cartel. Who make criminal groups like The Resistance, Jalisco Cartel New Generation, and the Gulf cartel, which after its break from their executive arm the Zetas The Zetas, maintain an internal struggle that seeks the destruction of both organizations.

The Resistance, was created by La Familia Michoacana to counter the attacks of criminal groups such as The Zetas.

Hmmm. Lest we forget, the ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s office stand accused of allowing grenade and machine gun maker Jean Baptiste Kingery walk from an arrest in the United States so that he could supply grenades and machine guns to La Familia Michoacana. As part of their anti-Zetas efforts? Count on it.

The result of this ATF-enabled gang-on-gang violence has been nothing less than horrific. On that point, with the help of, let me be clear:

Motorists stuck in heavy traffic during rush hour in a Mexican Gulf coast city watched in horror as suspected drug traffickers drove two trucks to a main avenue and dumped 35 dead bodies as gunmen stood guard and pointed their weapons.

The gruesome scene Tuesday in the downtown of Boca del Rio was the latest escalation in drug violence in Veracruz state, which sits on an important route for drugs and Central American migrants heading north.

The Zetas drug cartel has been locked in a bloody war with drug gangs for control of the state.

And it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets even worse. As Samuel Logan from Southern Pulse puts it . . .

We have three disparate groups formed together under a loose alliance to fight against a single paramilitary organization. Gunmen on both sides are well-armed, poorly trained, and highly motivated by pay, reward of ascension within their organizations, and the promise of loot – the perfect recipe for a blood bath.

Click here to read Logan’s John Keegan-like analysis of the geography and strategy of this struggle for control of Northern Mexico.

Keep in mind that Logan’s missing a key piece in this blood-soaked puzzle. Neither the American nor Mexican governments are standing around waiting for the killers to kill each other. They’ve chosen the anti-Zetas side in what could be called a civil war—if there was anything even remotely civil about it.

And now that the ATF, CIA, DOJ, ICE, IRS, DHS, CPB, State Department and White House have sided with President Calderon and picked the anti-Zetas team playing “Who Wants to Control $18b a Year in Tax-Free Cash?”, what happens if the Zetas win? Could we have a Mexican military junta with millions of refugees pouring over our porous border? We could.

Even if Los Zetas lose, the likelihood that the U.S. covert war against the mega-cartel will get dirtier in the interim boggles the mind. But there it is. And there’s the ATF, accused of contributing to the cause, thereby contributing to the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata and countless Mexicans.

Their defense? Stupidity. Roger that. No matter which way this goes, whether or not “our” bad guys eventually beat “the other bad guys,” there will be tears before bedtime. To say the least.

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  1. Egypt imports over 50% of its’ calorie intact every year. It is estimated it might take $42 billion over the next year in foreign aid to feed Egyptians. No one has that amount of money. And Our Glorious Leader takes credit for the ouster of Mubarek. As if starvation had nothting to do with it. Jerkwad, Mexico is a complete train wreck, a fascist government led by either narco-terrorists or simply a corrupt oligarchy. Luckily we have Mr. Hopey Changey in charge with this 1968 version of left wing politics and nothing else. Having realized that throwing Israel under the bus means the loss of the Jewish vote next year he is trying backpedal without really backpedaling. Christ almighty, the Left finally has their guy, the grey haired pony-tailed professor fondly remembering his days of banging 19 years olds back in the Cambodian protest days in the costume of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, and they find out that, yes, all of their ideas are old, tired, and completely bankrupt. F F F. The answer to Mexico is Pershing, just like the answer to the Somalian pirates is the USS Constitution pounding the shit out of the Bey*. But our PC riven upper class nitwits from Harvard are scared shitless of the truth and reality. I hope every one of the m-f’s end up in jail for the murder of that border guard. End of a completely incoherent rant. Sorry.

    *See, American History, 1807.

  2. So, the “good guys”, that would be the good ol’ US of A, are backing a loose coalition of violent, blood-thirsty, multi-billion $/year narcoterroristas, that are in bed with the Calderon administration, to prevent a coup d’etat from happening, by Los Zetas, who happen to be a different, violent, blood-thirsty, multi-billion $/year narcoterrorista organization, just not “our kind” of narcoterrorista organization. This is because the Calderon administration is the epitome of stability and represents democracy, righteousness, the rule of law and all the great things that Mexico has always stood for. If Los Zetas were allowed to have their way, Mexico (and by extension the rest of Latin America) would sink into an abyss of depravity, corruption and possibly civil war and genocide. It’s always been clear to me that Latin America, after half a millennium of diligence and hard work, has attained the true zenith of liberté, égalité, fraternité, and has eclipsed the rest of Western Civilization, leaving us with nothing to do but to bow our heads in shame for our failures. Is it not then our righteous duty to assist Calderon and his allies, in whatever meager and humble way that we can, to save Western Civilization so that, at some future time, we may be able to emulate and foster all that we’ve learned from Latin America? I take great comfort in the fact that our duly elected and esteemed leadership, having set their moral compass’s course, have had the courage and wisdom to allow so many of our Federal Agencies to participate in, and provide so much of our treasure for, this great cause.

    ¡Viva la Causa! ¡Viva la Revolución!

    I love the logo. Is that really for real? I don’t think that even Orwell himself, even on his darkest days, could have imagined a cluster fuck of such epic proportions.

    Roll another one, America, and make it a big, fat and long one, because we’re going to need it. Would somebody please make some popcorn? I think that I’m getting the munchies.

  3. So, if the Zetas lose, what are the odds that the other cartels turn on the Mexican government? Or that the government becomes indistinguishable from the cartels in terms of connections, corruption, and lawlessness? Lots of winning to look forward to. I honestly can’t see any way of fixing this shy of nukes and a mile wide moat.

  4. Hmmm. This is sounding suspiciously like Iran-Contra. Now as I recall the Dems claimed for 20-some-odd years that Iran-Contra (a non-scandal if ever there was) was second only to Watergate as the greatest threat to bring the country down. At least until George Bush held Black Masses or threw kittens in the river or tore that tag off a mattress or whatever it was they claim, and that sort of took their eye off Iran-Contra. But we need to remember how vociferous the Dems were about how shocked, shocked they were to find the US had actually armed a bunch of mopes (who wanted to risk their lives to bring down Daniel Ortega and the other Stalinists and Maoists that were the Sandinistas running Nicaragua for the COMINTERN. Because they’ll try to forget all that.

    The F&F is an Obama initiative, so it’s going to be explained to us by the Democrat Party Propaganda Wing (formerly known as the “news media”) as having been a noble effort to bring peace to a troubled land, cloth the poor, feed the hungry, and cure genital herpes…albeit in Mexico, but what the heck, Mexicans have the right to vote in US elections already, so it’s almost family. Yes, we’ll be told, may the-religious-deity-of-your-choice bless President Obama for his loving heart and courage.

    • You say F&F is like Iran-Contra and then say Iran-Contra is a non-story. Therefore to be consistent F&F is a non-story for you to.
      Democratic Party Propaganda is the news media – hum I don`t think talk radio and Fox News would agree. But hey lets not have facts get in the way of a good rant.
      So you don`t agree with the US trying to stop a democratically elected right of center Government being overthrown by a drug cartel. I will now employee right wing hyperbole and say you must be soft on crime and drugs. This is war, pick a side!

  5. Legalize the stuff. All of it. It is absolutely stupefying how our nation has the CLEAR and INARGUABLE parallels between our 40+ year war on drugs and the doomed Volstead Act. Wanna give gangs the opportunity for untold wealth? Give them an illegal yet highly profitably product to deliver. Want to shut them down and make them scrap for lesser means of profit? Merely legalize the substance(s) in question. The Volstead Act did nothing but open Pandoras Box for the Eastern mobs and they wasted zero time capitalizing on it. It quickly gained them untold power and a slew of names for the history books. Once it was repealed the gangs making bucks off illegal booze went scrambling to many less profitable rackets and so…

    Legalizing drugs would mean many things: 1) Pharmaceutical manufacturers could make a profit on a cheap, clean, consistent and high quality product at a known purity safe for all which would certainly prevent some the many unintentional OD’s who unknowingly go from a low purity dealer grade to a high purity dealer and die of an overdose as a result. 2) Legalization and domestic production of all known illicit drugs will immediately put all outlaw drug dealers out of business. Taxation of the domestically manufactured drugs, similar to tobacco or alcohol, would provide more than enough funds to accommodate everything anyone wishing to get clean would need.

      • They do it in some of those fancy-pants nanny-state European countries. Free heroin (pure/clean) for addicts, a place to shoot up, and a clean needle. All of that and it lowers the “per-addict” cost to society. Surprisingly, most people didn’t immediately become hooked on heroin as soon as it became legal.

  6. …..and while these alphabet soup operations continue, Los Zetas retaliates against US interference in their multibillion dollar business by reaching out to every global Islamic terrorist organization/state with the promise of help in ushering Islamic terrorists across the scantily-protected US-Mexico border for the price of a bus ticket each. When will we begin to love, honor, and cherish our government saviors who know what’s best for us in every aspect of lives?


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