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Fox News: “Congressional and law-enforcement sources say the [fact that the FBI’s criminal background check system failed to stop straw buyers] suggests that the FBI, which operates the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, knowingly allowed the purchases to go forward after consulting with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which initiated Operation Fast and Furious.”

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  1. Foxnews seems to indicate that they deliberately enabled at least two of them.

    Stewart pled guilty to resisting arrest and criminal damage in 2001 and was arrested on drug charges in 2010. He was also charged with violating an order of protection and a local municipal court issued a warrant for his arrest. Stewart purchased 290 weapons.

    Read more:

  2. All designed as an attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights. They want us unarmed very badly! Molon Labe Barry!

  3. Does the realization that the FBI furnished guns to a Mexican drug cartel allow me the privilege of referring to them as “rat bastards” without being rebuked by Robert Farago? ;^)

    • I would think you would be safe. The rat bastards are not commenters or staff of TTAG. Also, the rat bastards are not a protected class under TTAG guidelines. You did not comment on the rat bastard’s religion, ethnicity, sex or national origin, so I (Not a TTAG staffer! I don’t even play one on the Intertubes!) believe that referring to the rat bastards as “rat bastards” would be acceptable.

      Unfortunately my opinion is not the controlling legal authority and we both may be fitted for concrete overshoes.

    • Only if they did it. If they didn’t, then they’re just the same baby-killers they were at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  4. When Congress discovered that Richard Nixon had compliled an “enemy’s list” using the resources of the White House, they responded by passing the Privacy Act of 1974. Bill Clinton violated this law when he ordered the FBI to deliver as many as 900 confidential FBI files for the purpose of formulating his own enemy’s list that could be used as a tool of blackmail against his Republican opponents.

    Now, the FBI is caught out in another scandal, this time much worse than Filegate.

    This provides an excellent opportunity for reigning in this rogue agency. Please write or call your Congress critter with a demand to defang this snake.


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