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Knowing how to use your weapon in a self-defense situation is more important than what gun you carry or what caliber you choose. Correct draw and presentation, shooting while moving, proper use of cover and practical shooting basics will save your life. Training for stress inoculation, multiple assailants, and shoot/no shoot situations is also critical to your survival. Come to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill on November 14 or 15 [click here for tickets] and see how much you don’t know about armed self-defense with Asgard National Training Group’s shoot/no shoot simulator . . .

Asgard National Training Group is a Central Texas-based armed self-defense training company. Asgard’s instructors are all former military personnel with experience in security and law enforcement. Asgard’s instructors train military, security and law enforcement personnel. They also offer instruction geared to the non-professional, from the complete novice to just about any level you could want.
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Asgard was founded by Steve Smith, a retired British Army sergeant-major who”s All Arms Airborne, All Arms Commando and sniper/countersniper trained. Steve served as a counter-terrorist team operative in Northern Ireland, Central America and the Middle East. He was also an instructor in military training, small unit tactics and hand-to-hand combat.
As an adjunct to its training, Asgard uses a LaserShot computer simulator for shoot/no shoot training and stress inoculation.   This is the same equipment and software used by many law enforcement agencies, with software specifically created for citizens’ armed self-defense. Asgard will have a LaserShot simulator in its tent in the The Range at Austin Retail Village for ticket holders to test their “real world” shooting skills. 
Additionally, Asgard will be offering one-day Tactical Pistol classes for TFF attendees on the Friday before and Monday following TFF. Classes will be held at Astro Shooting Range in Florence, Texas (about 15 minutes from Best of the West). Like all Asgard range classes they will be limited to 15 or less. For details call Steve today at 512.528.1799.

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  1. I really enjoyed attending the Rivendell School of Defensive Shooting (RSDS). Being instructed by Lord Elrond/Agent Smith was a blast. Now I can face all the hordes of Mordor and the Matrix armed only with my trusty S&W 642 and a pocket full of loose rounds.

    Travelling all the way to Middle Earth was quite expensive and time consuming. I am glad to hear that we do not have to meet up with Thor, and go all the way to Asgard. We can just go to Texas!


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