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Dan Pehrson, the man behind the PAFOA forum, launched his website earlier this year. We did a post about it back then, detailing the benefits of having a searchable database of local FFLs, gun shops and ranges based on your location. The latest version of the site now includes a mobile version of the site as well as a searchable classified ad section for firearms that’s completely free to use, unlike Gunbroker which takes a cut of the final sale price or eBay which won’t let you sell firearms at all. To promote the new section Dan is giving away some free goodies to a few lucky gun nuts. Click here for the details. In my opinion this site┬áhas a lot of potential to be very useful (especially to new shooters), so I recommend checking it out.

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  1. Thanks once again for the link Nick, your support has been appreciated.

    I sincerely hope that the new classifieds functionality is something that gun owners can use. I basically got sick of people trying to use inappropriate software (eg. forums) or websites that were built 10 years ago to do this. Figured it was about time to put something new out there and challenge the status quo.

    I’ve got more plans in store for the future!

  2. No surprise whatsoever that this site came from the same individual responsible for one of the absolute best firearm forums on the ‘net, PAFOA.

  3. Here in Florida we have Florida gun trader…but some people get ridiculous on there. I believe that no gun that’s ever been fired should go for new in the box price….it’s a used gun dammit. There are some good deals though…but the people that ask like $300 for a hi point…psh. there’s a Guy asking 500 for a sigma. It is a free classified though…unless you want upgrades like bold heading, top of list, more than four pictures, etc. I’m gonna check out this new one though

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