Teacher Training Shootings
Cindy Bullock, Timpanogos Academy secretary, participates in shooting drills at the Utah County Sheriff's Office shooting range during the teacher's academy training, in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. About 30 teachers in Utah are spending their summer learning how to stuff wounds and shoot guns as part of a training held by police to prepare educators for an active shooter scenario in their schools. (AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer)
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Wait…we’ve been told by all of the smartest people that teachers and other school staff members carrying firearms is inherently dangerous and irresponsible. They’ve assured us that the very concept of a good guy with a gun is nothing but gun lobby propaganda and never plays out in real life.

Dateline: Ogden, Utah . . .

An armed school employee thwarted a kidnapping Tuesday after he confronted a man on a playground with his gun, according to police.

The situation started about 2:30 p.m. at an unidentified elementary school in Ogden.

Ira Cox-Berry, 41, approached and grabbed a student, an 11-year-old girl, who was playing on the playground, police said. Cox-Berry allegedly pulled the girl away as if he was trying to leave with her, but a school employee approached Cox-Berry and demanded that he leave the school.

The unidentified teacher stopped the abduction and herded the rest of the kids into a classroom. But Cox-Berry was apparently determined to grab a kid.

Cox-Berry then approached the building and started punching a window in an apparent attempt to get inside, police said. The employee then produced a firearm and held off the man while calling 911.

Officers arrived shortly after and took Cox-Berry into custody after a short struggle, according to a statement from Ogden police.

According to the report, the unidentified “school employee” has a concealed carry permit and was “lawfully in possession of the gun.” Translation: he was authorized to carry it in the school in order to protect students.

Huh. It’s almost as if all the predictable agita from the usual suspects in opposition to teachers and others in schools being armed was really just a bunch of hoplophobic hysteria aimed at demonizing gun use and delegitimizing armed self defense.

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    • “Sob! Sob! He used excessive force! He had no need to threaten this VICTIM with a gun! He should have just called 911 and let the police deal with it!”

        • What she said ^^^^^^^^^^^^. I just hope he had a gun with a serial number on it so the local Soros bought city or county attorney isn’t going to go off on other charges…../s ha

      • If an arrest of a child kidnapper was successful without the suspect experiencing broken bones, substantial bleeding, loss of bodily organs or other trauma, then by definition the force used to complete the arrest was not excessive.

        It’s in the dictionary of Modern Asswhuppin.

        Look it up.

  1. Cool! In other’s news the California mass murderer reportedly had 2 semiautomatic pistols…but “ban AR’s”!๐Ÿ˜•

    • But but but he had A LOT of guns at his house and BOMBS TOO! He was a SPOUSAL ABUSER! He NEVER should have been allowed anywhere NEAR a firearm!
      Hey, facts don’t matter, only perceptions.

  2. Had a concealed carry permit and was lawfully in possession of the gunm.
    Thank goodness the state gave him permission to be armed.

  3. Meh, I would have preferred a World Wrestling Federation style smackdown of the kidnapper with a folding chair or something along those lines. While the armed teacher certainly managed to stop the kidnapper, he/she did not attain any style points like he/she would have racked-up with a folding chair.

  4. A number of years ago I was in Utah and got talking to a teacher who lives there. I was shocked to learn that Utah school districts encourage teachers to carry in the classroom and provide firearms training for the teachers interested in doing so. The teacher I talked to was very passionate about it was very persuasive in arguing that the safety of her students was her responsibility so she would always carry.

    Then I looked up a map of the history of school shootings across the country and noticed that there weren’t any in Utah. The media would have you believe some sort of federal law makes it illegal for teachers to carry in schools.

  5. What the teacher did was wrong. He should not have had a gun. The cause is greater than any one individual.

    • wtf are you on about now idiot? The cause of what? Leaving kids and their keepers defenseless? Neck yourself.

    • OK, you’re not ‘him.’ Not even the real ‘Minor69er’ could’ve come up with that, nor would he have. He’s not stupid, he’s merely ignorant, and ignorant can be cured. YOU, on the other hand, are stupid, and that condition will follow you to your grave. Or vault. Or urn. Or wherever your worthless carcass ends up.

  6. The “armed employee” might have shot the kid, might have shot himself, might have shot all the kids, might have shot the kids’ kids, might have shot every one in sight, and the next town over.

    Talk about vigilante’ justice.

    • You know, I was thinking the same thing. Every child in the school, and other schools in the area, and schools in neighboring towns two counties over, should be thankful that this ne’er-do-well ‘teacher’ with the gun in a SCHOOL [Shudder!] didn’t just wantonly empty several high-capacity clipazines full of armor-piercing, school-penetrating, baby-minority-and-puppy-killing incendiary bullets at 600 rounds per second while spraying from the hip, as happens virtually EVERY time that there is any kind of gun in or near any kind of school. Just this year alone, there have been 927 mass shootings in schools, some which that were not only IN schools, but resulted in somebody actually being SHOT, or at least terrorized.

      Oh, the humanity!

      • “Did he have a 6.5 CM, I never saw stated the type of gunm.”

        Haven’t seen any follow-up on that. Thinking it was probably a handgun, so it likely wouldn’t have a chainsaw bayonet.

  7. There was an incident a few years ago on a school bus. I don’t remember what state but I believe it was in the south. A guy jumped onto a school bus when it stopped to drop off some high school students. He forced the driver off the bus and drove it away with a large number of students still on the bus. In his mirror he noticed some of the students texting on their phones. He pulled the bus over, grabbed a students gym bag and started to go down the row demanding all their phones. Thats when things went south for him. Those kids weren’t giving up the phones. They beat the daylights out of him.

  8. Society would be safer if the teacher was unarmed and just called the police and been a good witness. The police might have been able to catch the kidnapper and recover the girl, maybe. If they weren’t able to, her parents are probably young enough to make a replacement. That’s certainly better than risking the teacher deciding to go berserk and gunning down students. After all, we now know that any gun in civilian hands is a potential gun crime waiting to happen.

    • LOL, damnit. Damn you, I pulled a muscle in my back two days ago, ” make a replacement ” just yanked it out again.
      Laughter might be the best medicine but it dont do much for a pulled muscle.

  9. If it was my child I Wld be so thankful for this armed teacher. Iโ€™m all for armed staff on school who are properly trained and permitted. All gun control does is keep guns out of non criminal hands. Criminals will always have them. They donโ€™t obey laws.


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