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And there we were thinking that the greatest danger Pokemon Go users faced was getting run over by cars.

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  1. I had to hit the brakes just the other day. The guy was looking at his phone and crossing the street, probably while playing this game.

    They’re called smart phones, but only dummies use them while crossing the street.

  2. How could these misguided yoots do something like this? We the People have the right to be oblivious to our surroundings while playing this game. If guns weren’t so easy to get, these victims would have been safe.

    Sigh. I have no doubt someone actually believes such drivel.

  3. smart enough to set the electronic trap.. then taking the easy way out….could have made something out of them selfs in another field…say apple store genius….

  4. I’ve seen a number of folks playing this dumb ‘game’ walking around in Condition White tunnel visioned on their phone…worse than before when it was just txt messaging.

    So, let’s see here…do we really expect no bad consequences to transmitting your location and focusing your attentional essentially on your own hand while walking around in public?

    Geez. Those aliens watching us from orbit must think we are a bunch of morons…walking around staring at our hands like quite literally…slobbering idiots.

  5. Stupid people doing stupid things and getting hurt or killed by doing them. Meh.

    The gene pool is overdue for some bleach anyways.

  6. Dumbazz children…my 21 year old son told me “you don’t understand”. Yeah-I do. Texting while driving,walking(or running/biking) with freakin’ headphones on and letting the whole on-line world know your location. Like posting on Fakebook you’re on vacation and here’s my empty house. Situational awareness et all…you can’t fix stupid(but you can modify it!).

    • Historically, stupid had a way of fixing itself.

      Then the Democrat Party embraced the “Nanny State” philosophy. “We’ll save everyone from themselves!”

      And now we have stuff like blithering Karsassian fans and people playing this stupid game all over the place. Seriously; I live in a fairly small town and the number of people I’ve seen doing this is astounding.

  7. I am considerably older than the average user of this app, but it can be used very safely if you have half a brain. My wife and I both play this, generally together, but we stay alert, keep an eye on our surroundings, and don’t do it while driving.

    I am seeing an awful lot of hypocrisy going around about this game the last week or so. The people who are doing stupid things while playing Pokémon Go, are NOT doing them because of the app. They are doing them because they are stupid. Blaming a game for stupidity is just like gun-grabbers blaming guns for murders.

    • The game is premised on rewarding stupid behavior (walking around in public paying attention to the game). Ergo, it’s a stupid game.

      Your liking it does not make it any less stupid. The facts are starting to come in. Look for more deaths, injuries and crime, and for what? To see a sprite drawn on a computer rendition of your surroundings? Seriously?

      I don’t think “hypocrisy” means what you think it means, by the way. Or, well, at least in this case you did not use it correctly.

    • It’s a hobby/game. Most hobbies/games are completely worthless in terms of real life accomplishments/learning. I fail to see the difference between watching a movie and playing pokemon go, except you’re likely getting a little exercise playing pokemon go.

      So while I don’t play that game, nor any other cell phone games for any significant amount of time, I don’t see PGO players as being inherently stupid. I think most of us are just tired of hearing about PGO 24/7. When I’m watching the credits to a movie, and some 8-12yo kid stands up and asks everyone in the theater if they play pokemon go, then we have a problem…

      • The problem is the kid’s parents. They should have started teaching him about decorum in public places by that age…

  8. Latest excuse I’ve heard for this mobile Darwin Award is “But it’s safe if you form large groups in public.” Yeah, large groups that can easily be herded somewhere by a loosely coordinated pack of thieves pretending to be part of the fun. One second you’re following the herd to get that Charizard, and the next your happy group of 20 is now 15 surrounded by five armed thugs who want your valuables in that gym bag pronto, lest you want to be the first to make a sudden move and take a bullet. I’ll pass, thanks.

  9. Stupid people. I’ve been wanting to build one of those “Iron Duke” cel disruptors, basically a glow plug on a stick to mount on my jeep. But I figured I’d cause wrecks and or death with it. I’d sit outside listening to the radio and watch the highway at my old house, 8 out of 10 people driving by were on the phone.(no bs) Now I’m in the boonies and am lucky to see 5 cars (one of them the US Mail) I’m out so far now my cel dosen’t even work in my house works a bit in the yard hit or miss and I’m glad.(my wife is not) I’m still trying to figure out how I survived my youth without being tethered to buddies/internet 24/7. My satellite internet works great though! (Lucky You)

  10. Almost to funny…What were the conspiracy theorists saying online…Oh Niantic who made this game for Nintendo. Also worked for the government and was involved with NSA Spygate event during the Snowden papers release. According to software reviewers the app is very invasive. With large permissions to access your personal data, accounts, and other info…I love various forms of gaming but I’m not a fan of Pokémon. Brothers kids are. To intrusive. And to me, just another annoying ” augmented reality game”. If Nintendo through more support behind its failing Wii U console…It would have a better entertainment device instead cellphone junk for “brain dead millennials.”
    Which comes to a conclusion that it’s a reverse government sponsored means to get rid of “dumb@$$ millennials…” lol ..Since most lack commonsense! Such as falling off cliffs , breaking into homes, being mugged, or robbed, crashing ones car, being run over on a busy highway, etc !, The list of stupidity goes on…The Darwin award comments are correct !

  11. Christ a lot of the commenters really show how little they know about the game.

    1)Look at the game map and see where something interesting is, put phone in pocket.

    2)Walk to point of interest, pull out phone and play game. Put phone away when done.

    3)If random in game encounter happens, game alerts you with chime and buzz. Refer to #2

    There is zero need to have the phone out constantly while playing much less to be staring at it. At every point you actually *need* to look at the phone you have more then enough to to examine your environment.

    To blame a game for people’s stupidity is the same as anti-2a blaming guns for killing. Also, news flash, teenagers do stupid things! Now you encounter them more often because they are off their xboxes and walking around.

    • “There is zero need to have the phone out constantly while playing much less to be staring at it.”

      You know what? We do this thing around here called “using data.” As in, observed fact.

      I’m telling you what I (and others) actually see. I see people walking around public spaces looking down at their phone. You can say you don’t have to do that to play the game, but it does not mean people are not doing it.

      Or I guess stuff like this is not happening:

      But, hey, I guess a dumb game that does nothing and requires no real mental or physical challenge to play is worth getting so defensive about, eh?

      • FFS man, I just get tired of people of the gun blaming videogames for the worlds woes. Most all games are pointless and yeah the skill level for this one is low. It is getting a lot of lazy asses off their duffs and walking who would have otherwise excused their way out of basic exercise for the day.

        But you’re right. Lets not put the blame for accidents on people themselves and create some sort of icky sense of personal responsibility. Lets blame an inanimate object.

        I get it, you hate this game (possibly all games or anything that could be construed as “fun”). You think this game is bad, which is your opinion, but you are attempting to present as fact. Let us use data then. Last I looked this game had over 15million downloads and was being used significantly more then most other mobile apps. It gets people mobile and exercised and has (anecdotally[like your observations]) lead to increased social interaction among players. Yes, idiots are getting themselves hurt/killed. But screw it, let darwin’s draconian ways take their course. Maybe the survivors will have developed a better sense of situational awareness and get their damned charizard too.

        • ” I just get tired of people of the gun blaming videogames for the worlds woes. “

          No one is blaming games for the world’s woes.

          Yes..the ‘blame’ goes to those playing the game. If the people playing it were more disciplined, there would be no problem.

          But this BASIS of this game invites extremely stupid behavior. That’s the issue that separates it from other games. There is a ‘reward’ for being tunnel visioned on your phone in public and no ‘reward’ for being responsible in public.

          The issue is not “games.” It is the gameplay of this game.

          Seriously, this ‘game’ reminds me of this:


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