ArmaLite Releases Limited Edition AR-10 in .243 Winchester

Earlier today, Charles Blackwell at Sharp Shooters Knife & Gun told TTAG that Governor Rick Perry used a less-than-ideal gun for shooting a coyote. Blackwell recommended an AR-15 instead. And then Arthur Steadman at ArmaLite sent us a heads-up on the Illinois’ gunmaker’s limited run AR-10 chambered in .243 Winchester. “High speed and accuracy make this one perfect for game, including deer and coyotes,” Arthur wrote. How about a varmint-killing shoot-out between Ruger’s Coyote Special, an AR-15 of some sort and ArmaLite’s new AR-10? The mnemonically-challenging AR-10A4243BF brings some goodies to the game: ArmaLite’s two-stage tactical trigger, a 20” match grade chrome moly barrel, Picatinny gas block, flattop Picatinny upper receiver and forward assist. You pays your money ($1,557 msrp) and you gets one five-round magazine and one 10-round mag. AR-10 fanatics will remind us that ArmaLite sold one of these (or more) six years ago. Retro in the AR world? Man do I feel old.


  1. avatar James says:

    It's hard to go jogging with an AR-10. Sometimes you have to do with a little less firepower… I would love a .243 upper for my AR-10 but I cant make up my mind if I want to build a complete upper or just order a barrel and build one out of my existing upper…

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