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Press and release.

It’s the rifle you want, in the caliber you asked for. The new ArmaLite AR-10(T) chambered in .260 Remington. This is ArmaLite’s legendary “T” to a “tee.” Its 22” stainless steel Match barrel and National Match trigger perfectly complement the flat shooting, ultra-accurate .260 Remington Cartridge.

The AR-10(T) in .260 is a hunter’s dream for game as small as bobcats and as big as brown bears. Marksmen will value its dead on accuracy in match shooting. The .260 is especially suited to younger or novice shooters because of its low recoil.  ArmaLite’s customers have been asking for this rifle. Now, it’s here for the 2010-2011 hunting season. See your ArmaLite dealer for details.

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  1. Now if the ammo supply of .260 would just catch up.

    It's basically a shorter version of the 6.5X55 Swedish (sort of like the .308 compared to the .30-06)

    And I Iove me some 6.5X55 Swedish.

    Maybe more ammo makers will get into the .260 game?

    • Nice try Roy, but the 260 Remington is nothing but a .308 shellcasing necked down to the 6.5mm bullet. As you know the superior ballistic coefficient of the 6.5 makes it an outstanding choice for accuracy. When it was first introduced it was called the 6.5-08, and latter re-named the 260 Remington. The 260 Rem is loaded to higher pressures than the 6.5 Swede giving it a bit more velocity and maybe an edge over the swede. I love em both!

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