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Jon Gold (courtesy YouTube)

Reacting to the live-TV murder in Roanoke, Arizona Daily Star sports reporter Jon Gold posted the following on Facebook:

Unlike many of my journalism colleagues, I say run the video. Show the people of this country exactly what they are allowing, every single day, in every state in the union. Do not run from it. Do not hide from it. Own up to it. Own it . . .

A man shot three people today in Virginia in cold blood, on live television, and then posted about it on Twitter. Their names are Alison Parker, Adam Ward and Vicki Gardner. Alison and Adam were television reporters, and Vicki was the head of the local chamber of commerce. I have known so many Alisons and Adams and Vickis in my line of work. Generally, they are wonderful people. You don’t work in this business, where they start you in Podunk and you scratch and claw your way to get out, if you’re not. The pay ain’t good enough. Especially at that age. Alison was 24 and Adam was 27. They wanted it, bad, I’m sure.

His name is Vester Flanagan.

And this is what he wanted. Attention, and he got it. And he deserves it. And we deserve it, too, this onslaught of grief, this brutal confrontation with reality. We are allowing this to happen, every single day.

Guns are killing machines. They are designed to kill. Living things, once they come in contact with one of these machines, typically don’t come out for the better. Knives can open cans. Screwdrivers can steady a wobbly table. Fists, when opened, can hold hands.

Guns only kill. They only exist to kill. When this country was founded, it took minutes to get off three shots. Today, a person could have walked into a Walmart in the time it took you to read this and killed every single person in your Friends list. Think about that for a second. Don’t read on. Don’t ignore it. Read that again.

When this country was founded, it took minutes to get off three shots. Today, a person could have walked into a Walmart in the time it took you to read this and killed every single person in your Friends list.

Let that soak in.

We are allowing it.

Please realize that I’m not coming for your guns. No one is. There is not a boogie man. I am coming for your culture. It is poisonous. It is toxic.

Show the video. Let the world see what we are allowing. Let us see it. Maybe we’ll open our eyes for the first time.

[h/t Matthew Hoy]

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  1. Looked at his page. Read his usual gun grabber diatribe. Comments from his gun grabber buddies. Nothing new or spectacular. Same ridiculous nonsense from neutered effemenized pathetic wastes of oxygen.

    • And if the murderer is to be taken at his word. Its this news guys culture that actually caused it considering the murderer was stating that news station was very racist and sexual harassing. The news continuing to run the hate spreading message of the month consisting of whites being racist against blacks. The onslaught of #BlackLivesMatter that demonize the killing of someone resisting/assaulting the law but won’t cover a 9 year old black child being killed by a drive by from someone of her own ethnicity.

      And they wonder why there can be no peace. They fail to realize its because they choose not to cover the peace. Well, its more like by design.

      (s)But I digress. Guns are evil and they are the reason people pull the trigger against their fellow man. (/s)

      • Oh wow. They are trying so hard to make this size 13 foor fit that damn glass slipper. It’s not working, and everybody can see it.
        I was misled by the title- I thought this dickbag was referring to “we” the media- in which case he would have been absoltuey right. My mistake.

    • I hope the police take this guy’s confession and prosecute him immediately for causing this tragedy. Seems open and shut.

    • “When this country was founded, it took minutes to get off three shots…”

      Likewise, when this country was founded, he would have been lucky to get an audience of 10 people while on his soapbox in front of his Tory tea parlor. Thankfully, the 1st Amendment protects his freedom of speech even on the newfangled internet, which just allowed him to share his opinion with the entire world in mere seconds. As the 1st Amendment protects concepts of free expression rather than methods of it, the 2nd Amendment protects the right to bear arms, not any specific sort of arms (not even as specific as “firearms”). In this way they protect ideas, not objects, and are future-proof. Or should be, but for recreant milksops like him who would gladly forfeit rights for more State supervision and utopian hopes and dreams.

    • The recent killing of two TV newspersons in Virginia by a mentally unstable man has resulted in the usual “dancing in the blood” by leftist politicians and their media minions, eagerly assigning collective responsibility for this heinous act to America’s 100 million law-abiding gun owners. In the same spirit, I propose assigning collective responsibility for these crazed killers’ actions to the people who glorify these murders: the news media. This latest killer admitted his rage was inspired by the extensive media coverage of the murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, SC. He also praised the 2007 Virginia Tech killer and the Columbine High School killers.

      To stop this media glorification of mass murderers, I propose that Congress make it a Federal felony for any news media outlet, Facebook, Twitter, or any other news source to publish the names and photos of any mass murderer, thus holding the media collectively responsible as accessories to such murders. Hey, this may be tough on the media’s First Amendment rights, but if we can save just one life, it will be worth it.

  2. The Arizona Daily (Red) Star is notorious for this species of hyper-lib, anti-gun drivel. Usually it’s from the editorial staff or in the Letters to the Editor or from their commie cartoonist. This time, it’s one of their sports reporters… obviously on a fast upward track in the MSM. AZ is one of the most gun-friendly states in the union. But Tucson, being the home of the U of A and the AZ Daily Star, is a festering pool of toxic liberalism.

    • “… Tucson … is a festering pool of toxic liberalism.”

      … summarized in Mr. Gold’s comment, “I am coming for your culture. It is poisonous. It is toxic.”

      Now that’s rich.

  3. And here I thought he was going to be introspective and talk about how the news media lives for this kind of stuff.

  4. I’m looking for any acknowledgement that the shooter was so hypersensitive to racial “dog-whistles” that his young female victim’s use of the phrases “swing by” and “in the field” caused the shooter to go berserk. That seems like something academics and media personalities could both own up to.

    • Yes. He claims he’s not coming for the guns, but for the culture.

      Balls. He doesn’t dare even name the culture that facilitates most murders in the U.S., including these particular murders. Flanagan was explicit about it.

      And the newsroom? They dropped the ball because they were afraid to be labelled racist. Reminds me of the Jihadi Major from Fort Hood: They knew. They didn’t dare speak up. It’s a coward’s disease.

  5. Hmmm. Guses he considers sporting clays and paper targets to be living things since “guns are only for killing”. #targetlivesmatter…………

      • All of it killing. He already SAID that everything done with guns is killing, weren’t you listening? Biathlon would sure kill ME! What a sniveling loser.

    • No, he meant that when you shoot sporting clays that the pellets from your shotgun fall from the sky and kill hundreds of babies at a time, you just don’t realize it. Either that or yours is defective like mine.

  6. Yeah, Jon Gold is like, so wise man. It’s just that simple! Get rid of all the guns, and psychotics won’t kill other people. Just get rid of those killing machines, and all will be well.


    We have many more of these “smart” fools in Canada, than you folks have in the USA.

  7. This guy just wants his moment in the spotlight too. If it wasn’t for TTAG I would have never known his name or read his drivel. So I guess in a way he’s just like the Roanoke killer (who’s name we will never speak), he just wants attention. So for the safety of all, he should be barred from having a firearm. Isn’t that the way the anti’s want it?

    • “If it wasn’t for TTAG I would have never known his name or read his drivel.”

      Know your enemy.
      That is the beauty of an independent information service. They can’t be censored by the Ministry of Propaganda.

  8. He wants to lavish attention on a murderer to push a political opinion, and WE’RE the ones who are poisonous and toxic.

    Jesus fucking christ.

  9. As I’ve noted in other threads, mass shooters tend to have a level of contact with what you could call “gun culture” that’s somewhere between “little” to “none”. We see shooter after shooter who acquired the guns they used less than three months before their rampage, often with no prior contact with guns prior to that. There are few hunters, sport shooters, CCW permit holders, NRA members, or collectors among them.

    • Statistically, and for all practical purposes, there are no hunters, sport shooters, CCW permit holders, NRA members, or collectors among them.

    • “Yep, show the video. Look at it with an open mind, and it’s amazing what you see”

      All I saw in that video was plenty of time for a defensive gun use, and a failure at multitasking by the victims.

      85% of attackers in America are Black, which means I don’t play African roulette. Racial profiling is a big part of situational awareness like it or not.

      • “85% of attackers in America are Black, ”
        Did I miss the sarcasm or something? Because that percentage has no basis in fact.

        • My bad John Wayne, I forgot to add when the victim is white.

          National Crime Victim Survey 2012-13, published by the Bureau of Justice

          The survey showed evidence that Blacks are 27 times more likely to attack a white person, than a white person attacking a black person.
          Blacks are the attackers in 84.9% of incidents involving blacks and whites, the data shows.Hence, racial profiling is a part of situational awareness.

  10. Scratch a sportswriter, and you will almost always find a wannabe left-wing political pundit. Mike Lupica is probably writing another screed about “assault weapons” even as I write this. One thing that still gets me: as implied by the Charles CW Cooke article posted earlier, these guys, no matter how rabid, always feel like they have to proclaim “I am not coming for your guns”, if not “I support the Second Amendment”. I understand that that in itself is kind of an indication of how far away from their goal these people are, but it is still really grating.

    • I’m contact with my gun right now. As I am typing this, I must not be


      Sorry, 16 month old got the phone. That’s right, gun on hip, child playing in front of me on floor. My gun must be lulling us to a false sense of security before it strikes.

      • @James

        The statist would use that very example to say you are endangering your child. I as an American citizen, would say you are protecting him, as is the duty of a Parent.

    • Mine haven’t either… Well, except maybe the Arisaka, in the mid 40’s, somewhere the the Pacific Theater.

  11. Yep, show that video 24/7. It shows what happens when the bad guy is armed and the victims aren’t. If it saves only one life by convincing another to become armed it will be worth it.

    • Yep. We should all be armed, all the time we are awake & in control of our faculties. That’s what I got from the article. That’s what he said, right? I’m sure that’s what I heard.

      • Careful! When we suggest “coming for” the gang-banger culture, we’re called racists. I’m sure that’s about to happen, mkay?

  12. Knives, fists hammers kill more than guns in the US. Typical don’t blame the one responsible. On TTAG you don’t see people SCREAMING about homosexuals are killers because one just did that. Or calling for the rainbow flag to be banned. Or blaming Black people or news people. He fit all the above. But it was him no one else.

    The Gun was bought leagally, background check came up empty. He bought the gun weeks before.

    He fired 8 rounds. Which doesn’t even violate the NY Safe Act of 10 rounds minimum.

    Gold goes right where they all want, the 2A was about muskets not semi autos. No where in the 2A does it say musket, it say “ARMS” It is the fault of the person who pulled the trigger.

    Want to blame the culture blame the Libs and progressives in the Media for hyping stories. Ignoring others. Gun control here, Yet a woman dies by the hands of an Illegal with a gun in San Francisco and the media seems to ignore it. The President says meh. To the left everything is about POLITICS. Either what they are for or against. For they scream, against they remain silent.

    Cop dies, meh; someone defends their family from home invaders using a gun and the bad guy dies, meh; ISIS kills Christians, crucifes the children, meh.

    • Guns absolutely are used in more homicides than knives, hammers, and fists. You’re thinking of the stats for just rifles. This is because gang-bangers (the group responsible for the bulk of homicides) use handguns.

    • New York had a 10 round magazine limit prior to the SAFE Act, they tried to get it down to 7, but that was overturned by a Supreme Court Judge…

      That’s all, carry on!

  13. “Sports Reporter” – dumbest of the useless nonproductive parasite group. Grow up, your High School team graduated.

  14. So his solution is to sing combyah and all the evil people in the world will stop using anything at all to kill the people they desire to kill?

    I do agree with his first sentiment though, show the video. Enough pussyfooting around these issues – I am sick of people that won’t commit to one side or the other – watch the violence happen, decide if you would rather everyone had a chance at defending themselves, or decide that every singe firearm in the nation has to be aggressively hunted down and confiscated, leaving only ALL the other instruments available to someone who wishes to cause harm.

  15. The culture of “toxic” liberalism that glories in victimhood, that blames others for their limitations and failures is the reason this person sought revenge for his own inadequacies.

    Which is why it has been mostly those of the left, that have been the lone wolf mass shooters, if they weren’t Muslim.

    Liberalism/statism really is a mental disorder. Liberalism consists of mostly two types. A control freak bent on total control of others, for their own good, of course; and those that want to be controlled, enslaved, because they hate themselves for feeling powerless and ineffectual.

    It is essentially a sado/masochistic relationship. A Dominatrix and her slave; a relationship voluntarily entered by both parties, mutually abusive and one in which an intense self-hatred is expressed as homicidal rage at the “injustice” , at being a victim, in the world. And one in which they feel justified in committing mass murder to “correct”.

      • Yeah. Liberal used to mean more like what Libertarian is today. Progressive and liberal is pretty much inter-changeable now adays. Which is why liberal/progressive is so commonly used as a descriptor of the left.

        • People do use them interchangeably, as you have done, but my point is that they are NOT interchangeable and therefor it is incorrect to do so. For instance, I am very socially Liberal. I am in no shape or form a progressive.

    • I’d wager there are just as many “conservatives” that display the same traits you list and would sell you out just as fast from the other end of the spectrum.

  16. “Living things, once they come in contact with one of these machines, typically don’t come out for the better”

    A truly scary example of that americant’s diseased thinking.

    Gun owners are not living things to the statist, and it is refreshing to hear them admit their hatred of Americans.

    I am a living creature and I come in contact with multiple firearms everyday, and that contact with the firearms is what allows me to go home to my family safely everyday.

  17. 1. Guns are made for killing. True enough. So what? So are arrows, swords and spears. Man has been making tools for killing for tens of thousands of years. Target shooting, while fun, is just practice for the ultimate purpose. Violence is an essential part of our makeup. Accept that and move on. (that’s the problem with grabbers–they will not accept our essential violent nature, and are unable to move off the their unicorns and rainbows.)

    2. The rednecks are not the ones committing mass murder with guns. Murder, sure. But then, so does every other cultural or ethnic or racial group, since we are, after all, naturally violent. “Gun culture” is not responsible for “gun violence.”

    Half of all gun violence in America is committed by a demographic that is only 4% of the overall population–and which demographic does not usually obtain its firearms legally. Deal with that. Oh wait–that would be racist and unequal enforcement of the law, so I have been hearing lately. The root of violence in our inner cities is not guns or “gun culture,” but something else that cannot be eliminated or even reduced by banning guns.

    • Its like blaming the store and its customers for theft. If the customers didn’t demand products and services, then the greedy store owners wouldn’t open stores and put all that merchandise in one place, and if that wasn’t the case then there would be nothing to steal and therefore no theft. Progressive logic at its finest.

    • “Guns are made for killing”
      Sorry, dude, but that’s horseshit and you know it. I can “use” my gun all day by pinging steel, but never actually shooting another living thing. Does that mean I’m misusing a firearm? No, I’m using the firearm for exactly what it was made for; Harnessing the power of a controlled explosion to propel a projectile at high speed in one direction. It’s up to the person pulling the trigger where that projectile goes, whether it’s through someone’s chest cavity or at a steel plate. Quit telling the antis what they want to hear.

      • “Quit telling the antis what they want to hear.”

        That is the definition of appeasement, and that cowardice has allowed the shredding the Bill of Rights.

  18. “Please realize that I’m not coming for your guns. No one is. There is not a boogie man. I am coming for your culture. It is poisonous. It is toxic.”

    What culture is the statist lemming talking about? The violent one of the inner cities, which is taboo to discuss, or WE peaceful hinterlanders.

    It brings my family and I great peace knowing that 20% of the country, who live in rural areas, could stream roll the statist urbanites. We hone our skills every November.


    • If no one wants to take the guns, then why does Obama get all dewy about Australia? There are plenty of people who would just love to take the guns away. They just can’t get it done right now because there are enough people who are willing to fight for their rights. But the desire, nay lust, for confiscation is strong among the antis.

    • From what I’ve read, a properly trained regular troop was expected to load and fire four times a minute. A highly trained expert troop was expected to able to fire five times a minute.

  19. Run this as a separate post if you want.

    Killing is neither moral nor immoral once we apply consistent logic. Let’s partake in a thought experiment in which we apply consistent logic.

    If a man desires another man’s possessions and kills him for that reason only, then he has committed an immoral act. If a woman finds her husband in bed with another woman and kills them both for that reason only, then she has committed an immoral act. If both of these statements are true and we apply consistent logic, then killing is always immoral.

    If a man attempts to rape a woman and she kills him in the course of denying this attempt, then she has committed a moral act. If a man enters a public space and attempts to kill as many people as possible and a second man kills the first man in order to stop him, then the second man has committed a moral act. If both of these statements are true and we apply consistent logic, then killing is always moral.

    So now we have four true statements that have lead to opposing conclusions. In this case, we must declare that killing is neither moral nor immoral and state that the presence of lack of morality must be decided by something other than solely the act of killing.

    • Let me try. Surgery that ends up killing the patient is bad. Surgery that ends up saving the patient is good. Therefore surgery is neither good nor bad. Whoa dude! Like, whoa, my mind was like totally blown just now. Totally.

  20. A gun is a tool, nothing more. It has no personality, malice, danger, good or bad except that which its user projects. The noise about how guns are nothing more than killing things ignores the countless times firearms have been used to defend and protect. This, however, does not serve the statist well, hence, it is not included as a “use” for the gun. This event fits into the statist Hegelian dialectic for more control of the people. Firearms are freedom therefore the state (progressives etc.) seek to ban them as individual responsibility runs counter to the state as master.

  21. I’m a gun owner so my culture is poisonous and toxic and I endorse the murder of innocents? WTF. Lame.

  22. Christ O mighty, do we have to go through this every time some high profile shooting happens?
    We have guns in our society. We have nut cases in our society. Bad things are going to happen.
    We have 319,000,000 people in the USA. Chance are real small anything is going to happen to you, no matter how Bloombag and the media smears it.

  23. “I am coming for your culture. It is poisonous. It is toxic.”

    My culture? I live in one of the 40+ Right-to-Carry States. My culture isn’t poisonous or toxic. My culture is that of the 2A-able population that keeps, and, for the past 35 years, increasingly bears arms. Killing, wounding, and assaulting by 2A-able people of the gun is very rare. What is poisonous or toxic about OUR culture?

    If you are looking for poisonous or toxic, look at the population that is committing the homicides, robberies, rapes and aggravated assaults. These are people with a string of misdemeanors followed by felonies. Mostly, they are killing others of their own race; Blacks killing Blacks, whites killing whites. There – and there primarily – will you find a poisonous toxic culture.

  24. You can’t even escape to sports anymore. The sports guys on the Houston stations are always offering political commentary.

    • Yeah, like I said–and when they aren’t sticking their snouts into left-wing politics, they are pushing insufferably PC cultural crap. Somehow I had gotten the idea that sportswriters were likely to be the in-house conservatives of the media world, but I have been thoroughly disabused of that fantasy.

    • Amen. I can hardly watch ESPN anymore. Give me scores, updates, instant replay, etc. It is fast becoming another soap box for progressive bullshit.

  25. The shit head that carried out this multiple homicide wasn’t ever part of the gun culture Jon; he was part of the over victimized, special little snowflake SJW culture that has been embraced by the majority of the news media. This guy was part of your culture Jon Gold, own up and deal with it.

  26. Even within the premise that firearms are only for killing (Tell that to many, many target shooters out there) He acts as if killing is always a bad thing. Unless he’s vegan chances are he’s going to eat an animal that ultimately died so he could eat. Ask a hunter if they think it’s okay to kill a deer, rabbit or other animal so they can put it in their freezer. Ask someone who’s defended themselves against a person or wild animal if killing is always bad at that point.

    What I was more hoping for in the initial paragraph is an admission of sorts that the exact things he writes are part of the reason why these incidents happen in the first place. If the news stopped making these people famous, it is likely that we would reduce the amount of others that actually imitated them. Look at who the killer’s “heroes” are. Whereas a normal person may see an ad on TV and go “have a mcdonalds day” people like this see a shooter and say “lets have a mcmurder day.”

  27. Not worth replying to on his page, full of his 20 progressive buddies.

    Screw you.

    Guns protect. Guns defend. Guns ushered in the most peaceful era of mankind’s existence, largely free from the worst excesses of warlords and tyrants who were safe until mere commoners had the power to end them in broad daylight. You’re exactly the kind of asshole who in one moment says that only the police and military should have guns, and in the next you’re on a screed about how the police are murderous untrustworthy thugs and our military are baby-murdering psychopaths.

    I know YOU’re not coming for our guns. You’re a doughy nobody journo who would soil himself and cower should someone powerful so much as raise a hand against you. But you support and give comfort to those who most assuredly are, and for that, I say piss off.

  28. For a second, before I opened up the article, I thought he might have realized that HE (not ‘we’) is part of the culture that creates these events. The culture that gives attention to the worst among us with 24 hour news coverage. But somehow he trips over that fact and continues on his merry way to a fantasy…

  29. What happens when a skilled and trained Patriot invokes the Second Amendment, and airs their grievance from long range on those who are trying to disarm them?

    WE potg know and fear the answer to that question, because it would result in war.

  30. “Knives can open cans” – yeah, this is the idiot who hands your knife back with a broken tip after trying to jimmy a stuck paint pot’s lid.

    “When this country was founded, it took minutes to get off three shots.” Nope, the Lorenzoni repeaters and the Girandoni air rifle beg to differ- also the ducksfoot pistol. The solution of highwaymen and pirates everywhere was just having more pistols- and a great big knife to back them up. Coincidentally, a madman in my city killed five people with a kitchen knife last year.

    It used to be a lot easier to get guns, and yet there were fewer murders.

    Speaking as a Canadian, they absolutely are coming for your guns.

    • “Speaking as a Canadian, they absolutely are coming for your guns.”

      Americans know that Brother, but WE are comfortable slaves to our materialism. The sad part is Americans were warned by their founding fathers about the dangers of tranquil slavery.

    • “Speaking as a Canadian, they absolutely are coming for your guns.”

      Thanks, understood. Good luck up there.

  31. I’m not coming for your guns. No one is. There is not a boogie man. I am coming for your culture.

    Ooooo, I’m so scared of that panty-sniffer coming for my culture, I hardly know what to do.

    Wait, I have an idea. Let’s come for his culture. A culture that glorifies murderers and splashes their visages across every TV, newspaper and magazine in America — for money.

    • “Ooooo, I’m so scared of that panty-sniffer coming for my culture, I hardly know what to do.”

      It won’t be pansie americants like him, it will be state sanctioned killers, who will just be following orders, on behalf of the statist americants.

      The historic irony will be that American gun owners will have paid for their own killers.

      • Yes, the G may come for the guns, but this dishrag wants to come for our culture. I’m unimpressed. He’s the kind of punk who sits around and says to two guys, “lets you and him fight.”

  32. I think it’s just great that he’s talking about “culture” now. That’s fine. Let’s talk about “culture”.
    Two reporters are murdered by another reporter, and suddenly it’s time to tear down our culture.
    Funny, but I don’t remember any calls to tear down Islamic culture after 9/11.
    And yet now, with two of their own dead, the liberal media, who have slung countless electrons telling us about how much they care about cultures other than their own, are coming right out and saying what we’ve known for decades: They KNOW that gun owners are a culture, and they want to DESTROY that culture.
    Or maybe he’s talking about the self-defense culture. Could be either one, but personally, I think he means BOTH.

  33. You people do realize that the only way this ends is with mass deportation of people like him, right?

    We can argue till we’re completely out of breath about how America is 111 out of 218 in per capita homicides worldwide while every one of the top ten countries have full gun control implemented. We can show them that American cities with half a century of leftist policies including gun control always results in high homicide rates, urban decay, and lots of violent crime in general. We can show the decreases in crime after carry permits are issued. We can prove that in the 20th century the leading cause of unnatural death(outside of war) was actually being murdered by peacetime governments.

    And none of it matters. They do not care. They never will. This doesn’t end until one side or the other is the only one left standing, and that means one of us has to emigrate, and since there’s no where we can go with this level of firearms freedom, I guess that narrows it down.

    • That is the truth about guns. Well done

      “You people do realize that the only way this ends is with mass deportation of people like him, right?”

      As a Christian I have to pray for my enemies to take the path of the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, but I think it is going to go the way of Matthew 10:34.

      “.They do not care. They never will. This doesn’t end until one side or the other is the only one left standing”

      The very intent of the Second Amendment.

    • You can’t deport an ideology. Further, we couldn’t claim to be supporters of freedom if we tried to deport our ideological rivals. Basically, the only thing we can do is show the world the fools the people like Gold are. You hit the tip of the iceberg when you cited the facts about gun control. And that is our one of our greatest strengths.

      • “You can’t deport an ideology. Further, we couldn’t claim to be supporters of freedom if we tried to deport our ideological rivals.”

        You are saying WE have tolerate those who would wish death upon our families, which is why there is an ideological divide. That is not protecting the First Amendment, that is appeasing the will of tyrants. Hint, the Second Amendment is made for protection from those who have disdain for American Freedom. I understand your trepidation, because you are a black man, because that same solution was offered by Abraham Lincoln, in regards to slaves being allowed to stay in America.

        It is an ideological war that crosses into the physical realm when statist infringe on the American Constitution. It will be met with force, and carried out until honorable peace has been established by men of honor.

        • @grindstone

          There is no coexisting with these people as WE are finding out, and to pretend so to assuage your delicate psyche is the height of cognitive dissonance.

  34. While I’m here, let’s talk about the “living in fear” bit I’ve been seeing. Let’s talk about who’s “living in fear”.
    Gun-banners live in constant dread of their fellow man, as evidenced by recent comments. The shooter passed a background check, meaning that he was not a criminal. taking away a persons rights because they MIGHT commit a crime smacks of fear to me.
    Try it on a few other “cultures” and let me know where that strategy leads. I’ll tell you where that strategy goes right now.
    It goes where we’ve always said it goes. It leads to the destruction of culture after culture, until the bill of rights is nothing but shredded paper.

  35. Today, a person could have walked into a Walmart in the time it took you to read this and killed every single person in your Friends list. Yeah especially with the high powered full automatic ghost gun with the 30 caliber clip that can be emptied in half a second.

    • That’s a 30 caliber MAGAZINE clip. Geez getting the grabber vocabulary wrong. The 30 caliber clips empty at about half that rate unless you do some modifications that put you in violation of the NFA and the GCA of 68. You may also need the “sniper” variant of it in case you have some people get away.

  36. If he is coming for my culture, then he will not find what he apparently expects, but, then, he makes it perfectly obvious he has no idea what he is talking about, nor any original thoughts…just mindless parroting of misconceptions concocted by cleverer people than he is.
    A typical intellectually lazy and stunted “Progressive” mindset…laughable if it wasn’t such a tragic waste of resources required to sustain this brain-dead buffoon.

  37. Wow.
    So this guy, Jon Gold, tells his Facebook audience including all his Facebook friends, “Own up to it. Own it,” telling them they have culpability. Then he imagines the people he knows as the victims, calling them “Alisons and Adams and Vickis.” Then he fantasizes about an oddly specific mass murder scenario that kills “every single person in your Friends list.”
    Didn’t Vester Flanagan take an unrelated tragedy, make it about himself, use twisted logic to blame his acquaintances, before committing mass murder?
    Has Jon Gold purchased a gun recently? If I was on his Friends list I would want to know.

  38. Please realize that I’m not coming for your guns. No one is. There is not a boogie man. I am coming for your culture. It is poisonous. It is toxic.

    What “culture”? What is the conclusion of your “coming for your culture”? How does “coming for your coulture” stop mentally insane, evil people from killing?
    Same old bullshit over and over.

      • Strange, I don’t recall seeing a word that this “gay, Black American” was ever a part of the “gun culture”. None of the reports of his life before this incident mention any shooting activity of any kind. I have seen no evidence he ever owned or fired a gun before the second day after the Charleston church shooting.

    • The gun culture my friend. This doesn’t end in any other way than a showdown, Americans versus anti-gunners. The anti-gunners think they have the military and police on their side, which is why they are so scared of Oath Keepers. This doesn’t end until the anti-gunners began relocating to Canada/Australia/New Zealand/UK because they simply aren’t welcome amongst Americans any longer. Or I suppose it ends when they end up being right after all, and the military and police crush us and herd the survivors off to the camps.

      America is ours to lose, not theirs to take…..

      • “America is ours to lose, not theirs to take”

        If you will not fight for your country, you deserve to lose it to those who will.

  39. Jon Gold attempts the usual distraction of depicting guns as “those killing machines” to deflect public attention away from the failures of his chosen profession, journalism.
    There is an ironic twist in the “live TV shooting” tragedy. Williams/Flanagan launched his murderous attack at least partially as a “copycat” of such mass-murderers as the Cho at Virginia Tech, whom he professed to admire greatly as very successful in achieving a high body-count of innocent victims.
    He was a past member of the Media, lashing out at his previous co-workers in TV News, which is responsible for so much of the “fame” given these psychos. That “fame” sets many other psychos thinking, “Gee, I could kill a lot of people, and I would be famous too”.
    The Media has, for far too long, given these madmen the attention they seek, while ignoring the instances when a massacre is cut short by armed resistance. The journalistic theory “If it bleeds, it leads” still dominates.
    Yes, keep showing the video of the shooting. Keep putting Flanagan’s name and face in front of the public. It can only lead to more copycat murders, and it’s a great way to boost ratings.

    • Exaclty. Ban journalism. Oh wait, I think that might be protected by one of the Amendments to our Constitution. Guess this so called “Journalist” wants to pick and choose which amendments he thinks we should get rid of and which ones we should keep. He must be smarter than those guys that wrote the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. If that is true how come he does not understand simple logic ?

  40. It is said that in August 1944. a couple of young 82nd Airborne paratroopers were on pass in Paris and in an attempt to actually visit some famous sites, they were viewing Napoleon’s tomb. One paratrooper turned to the other and said, “so, what did he do?”. A nearby French senior who both spoke and understood English exclaimed, “But, Monsieur, he is Napoleon! he conquered all of Europe!”. This seemed to puzzle the paratrooper who then replied, “Yeah, but what jumps did he make?”

    I find myself closing quickly on seven decades of life. I have long ago ceased listening to the bleating of fools.

    When it comes to discussions concerning self-defense or even the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I always fall back on a basic criteria to judge whether the person presenting his or her argument holds any credibility to express his or her opinion. That criteria basically comes down to deciding if the person is expressing his or her opinion based on life experience or from reading or watching TV or a movie or just something they came to the conclusion of while examining their navels or surface diving for toe jam or some other personal hygiene matter.

    Flippant I know but truth still. The only argument that could convince me that I do not have the God given right to self-defense for me and my family (and indeed any one else i choose to defend) is for someone who has actually experienced the fear of an imminent threat and overcame both that fear and the threat itself. In other words, if you haven’t been the victim of an armed robbery, a home invasion or suffered the physical and emotional destruction of a rape, don’t bother to lecture me about anything to do with how or why or when I am allowed to defend myself or what methods i must use to do so.

    It’s like holding a weighted scale pictured in your mind while listening to nimrods like this. The scales are evenly balanced when he begins speaking but as he goes on, and you realize he has no credibility, that he is not speaking from experience, then one side of the scale slowly descends which of course causes a certain deafness to manifest.

    I am more than willing to listen to arguments based on other people’s experience.

    trouble is, all the other people with experience agree with me

  41. Cars and tobacco kill more people than guns why are they not illegal? Also isn’t that guy FAT, should we ban forks so he is not a burden on society for bad health decisions?
    If we unite and bring up the fact that cars and tobacco kill more people than guns every time something like this happens the media might shut up.

  42. Alternatively, this douchebag has correctly identified his target – his side can’t get anything else done and were dumb enough to allow a sunset clause in the AWB 94. Even with shootings like this one we’re on the verge of making deregulating silencers and SBRs into an actual campaign issue. It will come up this next presidential cycle. America is not in favor of any more gun laws, and the class 2 stuff is so stupid the polls will indicate that the Reps can score some easy points and make Dems squeal. And the culture is to blame.

    Americans like guns. And especially since 9/11 there has been a 2ndAmendment Renaissance being fueled by things that the gun crowd used to denounce, like first person shooter video games and tactical culture being spread by Youtube among other places on the net. This is the culture Mr. Sports-Douchebag here is proclaiming to be on the hunt for. He thinks his side controls the culture industry, even though it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  43. I could wait outside tomorrow, hijack the garbage truck and mount a lot of sidewalks and make David Carradine look like a novice.

    I could walk into Eaten Park and poison the breakfast buffet, killing dozens (and improving the taste).

    I could fill a U-Haul with fertilizer and park next in school grounds.. guess the rest,

    I don’t because I’m not a psychopath (also lazy) and choose not to. If i was I wouldn’t care what tools were available I’d make it work.

    The world can suck, man up and accept it (or support and work at a thorough reworking of the criminal justice and mental health systems in this country, but that **** is hard and not good for soundbites.)

    Without guns thugs will keep on thuggin’ and psychopaths will keep on snapping.

  44. The guy wanted attention when he committed murder and you and the other media attention whores are giving it to him. There are 300 million guns in the USA, by your logic we should be swimming in blood. Instead it is only hateful psychopaths that commit such crimes, gun or no gun.

    He was fired 2 years ago, had the gun for 3 months, he had time to plan this. Gun or no gun he wanted to kill. The media has given him the pulpit he craved. Bunch of hypocritical f**king a**holes!

  45. Jon Gold is deriving too much “delight” from this tragedy. He either doesn’t see beyond his own tunnel vision on this or he is deliberately playing role of self righteous crier to himself get attention.

    Certainly there are people that cannot comprehend that guns for law abiding people are tools. Tools for self defense, recreation, and for their jobs, i.e. police and military. And certainly don’t seem to comprehend that millions of people are able to safely use those tools without incident. Hysteria and hyperbole appear to be more “newsworthy” than simple facts. His ignorance and attitude that shouting over everyone that differs from his opinion is not newsworthy.

    He has with certainty missed the point that guns are for law abiding gun owners a tool to protect themselves from criminals and the deranged like this “journalist” murderer.

  46. (yawn).

    Meanwhile, I just got to movie theater to watch straight out of compton. And I am carrying my Glock.

  47. Bullshit ! It is not the sick, demented A-hole that did this. Instead it is OUR fault for keeping guns for self protection. Another example of blame shifting by the Leftist Gun Grabbers. Never the fault of the Perp and always the fault of the tool or those who allow the tools to be here in our society. But, if those poor people had been killed with a sword, a knife, a bomb, a car or some other object there would be relative silence on this crime. How in the world do these people justify logic like that ? They are insane.

  48. And I suppose chefs and short order cooks are responsible for him being as fat as he is ignorant…

  49. So, How many innocent family members have to continue to bury and mourn the loss of their love ones due to lax laws that the gun-whores defend and claim will stop crime.

    How many innocent family members of their recently murder never receive any closure due to the actions of those who defend their backwards “right” to murder.

    I’m sure the recent shooter wasn’t fighting off some tyrannical government or was he just exercising his second amendment “freedom” rights on some imaginary “Bad guys”.

    So how many innocent people have to die each day due to the fact groups like the NRA, Groups like the Gun Lobby and it’s racist, violent and terrorist whores called the “gun community” claim in some idiotic delusion that somehow more guns will make us all “safe” despite the opposite.

    Right, you demand I stop claiming facts are facts?! Gun-Whore Clowns! Your gun did not stop you becoming a brainwashed slave of the gun manufacturers and your too stupid even know it!

    If guns aren’t the problem, then why is crime 1/5 of the rate and no mass shootings occur in countries that have strict gun laws?

    UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, most of Europe and Scandinavia have astronomically less gun violence.

    Canada: No legal right to possess arm. Average 0.5 gun homicides for every 100,000 in 2007~2011.
    Japan: Very strict gun laws. 11 gun homicides in entire nation (123 million people) in 2008, 2 gun homicides in 2006. 22 gun homicides in 2007, which was a “national scandal”.
    South Korea: Very strict gun laws. 0.00 gun homicides for every 100,000 in 2006. This is the norm every year for this country.
    Australia: Recent significant shift toward additional gun control. 0.13 gun homicides for every 100,000 in 2010.

    United States: Less restrictive gun laws. 3.55 gun homicides for every 100,000 in 2013. To put this in perspective, this is 4615% higher than Australia in 2010. In DC 21.8 gun homicides for every 100,000 in 2010. 5 gun homicides for every 100,000 in California and Texas.

      • OK, I’ll bite.

        Who is this willy lunchmeat person and what does this have to do with me and the fact your deflecting my post and not given me any retort in calling you morons out.

        Typical gun-nuts. All talk and no action.

        Logic and reason must be your natural enemies.

        • “Logic and reason must be your natural enemies.”

          Allow me to impress on your warped brain some actual logic and reason.

          Guns ain’t going anywhere.

          I suggest you work on your coping skills.

        • He is you. You are just going a different handle. Your memes, your words, your rhetoric, are the same.

          On a thread not so long ago, you lifted a hate filled screed against blacks on the neo-Nazi site Stormfront, slightly reworded it, and then posted it here. Someone called you out on it, and I am going to call you out every time you post here, for what you are; a neo-Nazi.

          • He is you. You are just going a different handle. Your memes, your words, your rhetoric, are the same.

            As is your IP address. In fact, it was a pretty interesting just how many sock puppet accounts you do have around here.

        • He is you. You are just going a different handle. Your memes, your words, your rhetoric, are the same.

          As is your IP address. In fact, it was a pretty interesting just how many sock puppet accounts you do have around here.

    • Wearing your ignorance like a crown. Next time try using your own words instead of being a mindless parrot.

    • Mr. Reason, I would like to know what the statistics would say if you removed, let’s say, the top three worst cities in terms of homicides committed with a firearm from the picture of the national homicide average. What would the % of 100,000 killed be after you deducted the three worst offenders? While I don’t claim to know I would think, based on the logical and statistical conclusion that, if you remove those cities then the picture would be quite different. You even state in your comment that DC has a murder rate FAR and ABOVE the national average. Surely these huge metros with outrageous murder rates skew the overall numbers for the country? And if this is indeed fact, wouldn’t finding a way to reduce the violence in these hotbeds make a discernible difference overall? Instead of challenging nationwide the people’s right to keep and bear arms ( which would open a big can of worms ) we could actually make an effort to prop up these areas and try and make a difference to curb the violence. Just a thought. And while I do not think that you could stop random acts of violence through any sort of legislation or “culture change” I firmly believe that with the right guidance, financial and moral, you could see a major drop in violence across the country. America, so long as we have the Right to keep and bear arms, will always have more firearm related deaths than countries with zero guns available to the populace, there is no way around that, but with the right approach we can keep it under control. Just my two cents. Have a nice day, all.

  50. I thought this article was going to go in another direction, a direction where a media type finally acknowledges that the media does in fact, create these mass murderers.

    “The consensus of social scientists since David Phillips’ groundbreaking work in 1974 is that highly publicized stories of deviant and dangerous behavior influences copycat incidents. Phillips’ and scores of subsequent studies showed, for example, that suicide rates spike in the week after an inappropriately publicized celebrity suicide. Contrast this trend with no increase in suicides in the week following a media strike that unintentionally suppresses such coverage.”

    The media has blood on their hands. They are almost as responsible as the murderers who actually pull triggers, set off bombs, or go on stabbing sprees.

  51. Knives can open cans. Screwdrivers can steady a wobbly table. Fists, when opened, can hold hands.

    And guns can defend life, limb, and property from evil people. Even those much physically bigger and more able than the one using the gun.

    Handguns are for self defense. They only work well for attacks when the person attacked is unarmed and/or ambushed. Both of which happened in this case from Virginia.

    One thing I’ve not seen remarked on is that the killer planned to have the murder be live on TV. He waited for the cameraman to pan to the newswoman before opening fire. He didn’t just want to murder them, he wanted it broadcast as it happened.

  52. The problem is that the left-wing media significantly dominates news opinion in all 50 Ststes…So we have to essentially plan on liberal coverage like that referred to in this article. That said, we in no way capitulate to this so called “mainstream media) but fight it via the Internet and social media and the critically important NRA…Fox News helps to provide “our side” on the 2A debate but IMO even it is beginning to swing towards the center-right far different than its very conservative earlier days…

  53. Swallow your verbal diarrhea and choke to death on it, Jon Gold. The sociopathic racist who murdered those reporters was ONE OF YOU. And he’s just as representative of your profession as you are.

    Play that scene over and over in your mind, and don’t let it stop. Because you and your precious “profession” made it happen. Plot, scene, setting, actors, directors, producers, and funding. All yours. OWN IT.

  54. tl;dr

    Although I’m sure he proof-read (and admired) every word of his.. discourse on disarmament.

    Bravo sir.

  55. Typical liberal diarrhea. How much nonsense, lies, and drama queen emotion can you put in one article? Then again nothing really new just another liberal fool that no one wants to hear from.

  56. “I have known so many Alisons and Adams and Vickis in my line of work. Generally, they are wonderful people”

    But Bryce Williams was one of them

  57. Girardoni air rifle: in service with the Austrian army from 1780. 20 shots of .46 caliber effective to around 125 yards.
    I get so damn sick of hearing that the 2nd Amendment applies only to muskets of the period.
    The people who wrote and ratified that document were pretty clever. They were well aware of the advances taking place in science and industry. I can’t help but think if they meant “single shot muskets only” that they would have said so. They didn’t.

  58. “And this is what he wanted. Attention, and he got it. And he deserves it. And we deserve it, too, this onslaught of grief, this brutal confrontation with reality. We are allowing this to happen, every single day.”

    If he would have stopped right there he would have been spot on. Our society is to blame, it is our media sensationalizing these horrible people and those that read/watch for every juicy detail.

    You want to stop this from happening? Stop mentioning the killer’s name, give absolutely zero details about the killer, say nothing about the motive, refuse to cover the court case. Instead cover the lives of the victims, and never ever put the blame on the tool used to commit crimes.

  59. He says he is not coming for our guns but our culture and exposes his ignorance. Culture is not just about ideas. It is about real things such as language, food, clothing. An important part of enslaving a people is to destroy their culture. Europeans not only put indigenous people on reservations there was a conscious effort to eradicate their language. The attempted eradication of the buffalo was deliberate and the orders came from Washington because they knew the buffalo was an essential part of plains Indian culture providing food, clothing and shelter. And was integral to their spiritual life. During the slave trade families were split up to deprive them of that strength and cohesion. Speaking of their native language was prohibited. The drum, an important part of many African cultures, was outlawed. Their names were taken away and they were given “slave” names. When the author talks about going after a culture he’s not talking just about guns but about destroying a way of life that’s about a lot more than guns.

  60. Funny how there is no discussion of the culture of self-pity that cultivated the twisted individual who carried out the cowardly act.

    Instead lets blame the tool he used.

  61. My work and life allow me contact and friendships with every, I mean every type of person. Interestingly smart liberals will agree we need Army, Police etc until we don’t. They want peace but know it “ain’t” here yet. They wouldn’t step up to protect themselves or others hence their peace thing.

    Those that watch “the Walking Dead” know that your neighbors are the most likely to become unstable if the power goes out for a week. Those are the dangerous ones. ??

    The wise people Libs, Dems, Cons, Repubs, etc. know that personal responsibility is the key to living, survival, life.

  62. Hang on, what did he bring to Walmart that can kill that many people in 70 seconds?

    Trick question! I don’t have a Facebook! (or any competitor sites)

    Someone could kill 0 people in the time it takes me to read his eloquent-yet-misguided fallacy.

  63. “Please realize that I’m not coming for your guns. No one is. There is not a boogie man. I am coming for your culture. It is poisonous. It is toxic.

    Show the video. Let the world see what we are allowing. Let us see it. Maybe we’ll open our eyes for the first time.”

    The tactic is to agree with him. When they use vague words, agree with them, then use the definition of the vague word that fits (vs. what they mean.)

    Well, I agree with you. A culture of perennial grievance is toxic. A culture where someone shoots people down on the street to make a point is toxic. A culture where turf-claiming criminal organizations spew bullets casually, to make a point is toxic.

    There is some bizarre culture, enthralled by cartoon violence, that leads to all this. And giving fame to who are, in the end, broken and misguided people who choose to take their problems out on other people.

    Name the victims, not the whackjobs.

    We need to do something about a culture of thuggery, and it’s mirror, a culture of passive helplessness and willful ignorance, denying that thuggery exists.

    So, yes, come for the culture that led to these killings. Or rather, come with us, for the culture that led to these killings. The 10 million or so households, the 40 million or so individuals, and the 350 million or so leagally, peacefully owned guns … none of which execute TV reporters on camera, or sheriff’s deputies, or black suspects with their hands up for that matter. Come with us who individually have chosen to hold that terrible power, so maybe, just maybe, when a whackjob steps up to execute our team, he may only get one of us. Come with us who are more sober, measured, and restrained in our responses … so say the statistics.

    Yes, come for the culture that caused this: the childish culture of macho, cartoon violence, indulging damaged people acting out, and declining to protect yourself from the world as it is.

    Come with us and you’ll learn. Personal responsibility is learned, and grown, a little at a time, one person at a time. It isn’t summoned into being universally and fully formed by some incantation of law.

    It’s a slog. But, it turns out that learning the responsibility and restraint not to shoot people up because you’ve been insulted, goes along with the responsibility and restraint to maybe protect yourself. And it goes the other way too. So, it’s a slog, but half the slog, with progress on either front reinforcing the other.

    • Bravo !! Bravo !!

      Unfortunately, liberalism (which fosters anti-gun culture) is a mental disorder. And like pedophiles, cannot be cured.

  64. This guy is WAY more responsible for this than I am if he thinks this man should receive the attention he craves. If he’s willing to give this guy the star power he wants and blame the gun he is exactly what is wrong with this situation. Not my lawfully owned firearm.

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