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By Matt Manda

U.S. Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), a 26 year U.S. Air Force combat veteran, says “I’ve put my life on the line for the Second Amendment.”

Arizona Republican U.S. Sen. Martha McSally spent two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives before being appointed to the upper chamber last year. Prior to serving in Congress, Sen. McSally spent 26 years in the U.S. Air Force including flying A-10 Thunderbolt IIs in Operation Southern Watch over Iraq. The senator was the first female U.S. fighter pilot to fly in combat and the first woman to command a fighter squadron.

Speaking with dozens of members of the firearm and ammunition industry for an NSSF Political Action Committee virtual town hall, Sen. McSally got right to the point when asked by NSSF’s Larry Keane what the Second Amendment means to her.

“I’ve put my life on the line for the Second Amendment,” she said.

Citizens’ Self Defense

Sen. McSally joined the NSSF PAC virtual town hall event as firearm sales continue at record levels. This includes millions of first-time buyers and accounts for growing numbers of women and minority gun owners. NSSF’s Keane pointed to the overlapping concerning circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, shuttered businesses and now the rioting and looting. McSally agreed, adding, “I really believe people are just becoming more mindful of their safety.”

Banking Discrimination, COVID Business Protections

Sen. McSally joined the town hall after leaving the Senate floor where debate wrapped up on the Great American Outdoors Act, which later passed in widespread bipartisan agreement. An avid outdoors enthusiast on top of her firearm qualifications, Sen. McSally tweeted after final GAOA passage, “NEWS: Our historic legislation to restore Arizona’s crown jewel national parks, improve access to our public lands, & reinvigorate our outdoor recreation economy just passed the Senate. This is a huge win for AZ and all of us who love the outdoors.”

Keane asked about firearm industry priorities that might be included in a future COVID-19 pandemic relief package. Sen. McSally discussed the importance of Senate action to prohibit financial institutions and software processing companies from enacting discriminatory actions against lawfully operating businesses.

Lastly, she voiced her strong support for additional funding to help with the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) backlog due to elevated firearm purchases, as well as the inclusion of liability protections for business owners as they work to safely bring employees back into stores and reopen the economy through the summer.

Arizona Senate Race

Sen. McSally’s race appears to be ground zero for which party has control of the Senate. She reminded town hall participants of her strong legislative record, hardworking team, and cautioned, “Don’t believe the polls now. We’re in a strong position.”

Keane and Sen. McSally discussed her opponent Mark Kelly, the husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords and gun control’s number one ally this campaign cycle. Outside groups like billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and others are pouring millions of dollars into Arizona to help Kelly, who so far remains largely undefined and in hiding.

Sen. McSally wrapped up the town hall by recalling the successes of the Senate and President Donald Trump in placing more than 200 pro-Second Amendment federal judges on the bench, including two on the Supreme Court, reinforcing just how important it is for industry-supporting Senators to remain in office.

As the November elections draw near, NSSF will continue updating the online voter education resource #GUNVOTE to make sure industry members and Second Amendment voters are educated heading into the polls so they don’t risk your rights.


Matt Manda is Manager, Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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    • Decisions, decisions, decisions. This is not a shopping mall filled with selections this is taking what you have and making the best of it. These complainers and whiners who cater to democRats by throwing a pro gun Republican under the bus all while forgetting the warts on democRats are useless. If you cannot shut your politically inept pieholes and make the best of what you have and show up to vote you need to take up knitting because your rhetoric is useless when it comes to defending gun rights.

  1. Tough situation to evaluate. Can a person who is defeated for a US House seat, defeated in a run for US Senate, rally the support needed to win a second term as a sitting US Senator? Isn’t the rise of Sinema and Kelly telling us that Arizona has flipped, already? Even a McSally win merely neutralizes the Dim Senator Sinema. Not a total loss, but only maintaining a status quo for a limited time (6yrs).

    Vote for McSally (I guess), but understand that Arizona cannot be ignored by the movers and shakers donating to non-Liberal candidates. Airzona is not longer a backwater political arena.

    • As an arizonan I can tell you the reason mcsally continues to underperform is shes simply another mealy mouth establishment moderate republican that will sell her positions out as soon as the wind changes.

      • “As an arizonan I can tell you the reason mcsally continues to underperform is shes simply another mealy mouth establishment moderate republican that will sell her positions out as soon as the wind changes.”

        Would Kelly be better for the country? I have no respect for the man, as an officer, husband, and human. Kelly decided the space program was so dependent on him making a second shuttle mission, that he left his recently gunshot wife behind to go self-actualizing. Yes, his wife encouraged him to go, but there was a backup crewmember ready and waiting to replace him.

        So, Kelly departed for space, leaving behind his severely wounded wife, and took a seat that someone who had no space flights could have taken. Apparently it was better for the nation, better for the space program, that Mark Kelly fly the mission, than anyone else. The arrogance of indispensability. What a pig.

        • Millions are invested in the training and support of astronauts — even more than fighter pilots (which many also are). All that goes toward less than a handful of missions. He also was is the unique position of being part of a pair of identical twin astronauts. If he weren’t a better choice than the backup astronaut, the backup would have been the primary, and Kelly would be the backup. His presence at his wife’s side wouldn’t have improved her recovery, and his career choices, like many servicemen, meant periodic separation from his family. Is a man to be faulted for not spending 24/7 beside his wife’s hospital bed? How much time is he allowed to be away? There so much hypocrisy and plain wrong political views to criticize Kelly for, but I won’t criticize him for choosing to do his job, with his wife’s support.

          • “Is a man to be faulted for not spending 24/7 beside his wife’s hospital bed?”

            We were not at war, as in an existential threat to the nation. No fighter pilot, Marine Company Commander, Naval Captain is indispensable, in war or peace. If the backup astronaut was not as capable as Kelly, that backup astronaut would not be mission capable, thus not in a position to cover the position for Kelly. Under the circumstance, Kelly was indispensable to his wife, not the Navy, not NASA. Kelly’s oath of office did not require he take a second mission in the shuttle. His oath of marriage should have prevailed at the time. His wife was not fully recovered, and not assured she was out of danger. Kelly would go on to fly other shuttle missions.

            Would the shuttle mission have failed if Kelly were not in the seat? Even he never made that claim. Would the shuttle program have foundered if he were not in that seat? Even he did not make that claim. Kelly retired from the Navy after 24yrs. If he was indispensable to the Navy, why not stay for 30 yrs? If he was indispensable to NASA, why did he not stay on with NASA, after retiring from the Navy?

            Simple fact, Kelly could have stayed with his wife until she was completely recovered, without compromising his indispensable service to either the Navy, or NASA. BTW, if Kelly was indispensable, there would have been no need for a backup for the mission flown right after his wife was shot. There could have been no mission to fly at all, without him.

        • hey Any you are SO wrong

          “””his career choices, like many servicemen, meant periodic separation from his family.””

          Service men and women HAVE ZERO CHOICE in the matter…he had 100% choice and choose to abandon the wife for personal gain/enjoyment….

        • “…choose to abandon the wife for personal gain/enjoyment….”

          That is such a narrow and selfish view of Commander Kelly’s sacrifices for this country and for YOU, that, like Michelle Obama, I’m ashamed to be an American having hear YOU say that! If it wasn’t for Kelly, we’d all be speaking Martian right now! YOU need Kelly up in space; YOU want Kelly up in space!!! ….. He’s so humble (just ask him, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to explain to you, in detail, how humble he is) that he doesn’t require your gratitude….. But, he wants you to know: YOU’re welcome.

          Thank you Command Kelly… *sniffle*… thank you…. *brrrrt*

          Eric Swalwell 2020

          • “That is such I narrow and selfish view of Commander Kelly’s sacrifices for this country and for YOU, that, like Michelle Obama, I’m ashamed to be an American having hear YOU say that! If it wasn’t for Kelly, we’d all be speaking Martian right now!”

            Sniff, sniff, sniff. I’m sorry?? I wasn’t thinking about those meany Martians. So horrible of me. I will spend the rest of my life seeking to understand the threat of a Martian invasion, shouting the alarm to everyone. I need to be a better man, a better American. I should find CDR Kelly, and shine his shoes.

        • While I could care less as to why he continued his mission. It was part of a twin study. To measure potential differences, In the effects of long term space travel between him and his twin brother, As for him being in elected to serve in Washington. To bad the ship didn’t go Challenger.

    • Reporting from AZ: McSally is toast. Kelly is officially in ‘needs to be caught with a dead girl or live boy” territory. I like our Governor, but appointing McSally immediately after she lost an election was easily his biggest blunder. Pretty much everyone views her as undeserving of her seat.

      Apparently McSally has a primary opponent..Dan someting..but that should tell you all you need to know about how likely he is to upset her

      • “Kelly is officially in ‘needs to be caught with a dead girl or live boy” territory.”

        Not surprising for the Southeastern Eastern Province of Californication.

        • yeah its not great

          At least Sinema has been alright. Though i’m worried what she might get bullied into doing by the national party if/when the Ds get a majority.

  2. As an Arizonan, and an ardent 2nd Amendment supporter, I am not overwhelmed by Senator McSally’s support of gun rights. Terrible thing is that between her or Kelly, she’ll have my support, but ONLY because I hate what Kelly stands for more than her. She is relatively unknown, just like Jeff Flake was, and you only hear about our reps when it’s election time. Heaven forbid you try to reach out to them about anything: form letters galore. When these yahoo’s start rethinking the infringement they have laid on the people, then maybe I’ll get more excited about the inmates running the asylum.

    Repeal the Hughes Act, repeal the NFA, and stop with the infringement.

    • Repeal the Hughes Act, repeal the NFA, and stop with the infringement?

      You honestly think that the majority of the population would actually stand for that. It is very telling how much support for the bump-stocks evaporated after Las Vegas and how fast open bolts were banned once gangs started converting them. The NFA was passed when people were running around with Thompsons and BARs. What is going to be the reaction when someone lights up a crowd with a sub 10 lbs belt fed 5.56? We already have enough of a fight with some scum bag using an AR-15 every once in a while.

      • Did you think that a majority of people stood for the acts that need to be repealed? You believe in the Easter bunny too?

        • “Did you think that a majority of people stood for the acts that need to be repealed?”

          If 51% of the legislators who passed those laws were not removed at their next election point, then yes, the majority of voters “stood for it”.

  3. Immigration from the left coast and from Mexico has flipped Arizona. Good luck out there, you’ll need it.

  4. So she wants funding for the nics database. lol more funding. What specifically has she done pro 2a?

    National parks and outdoor recreational shooting stuff is great but has nothing to do with the 2a. I’m actually asking. I’m not being rhetorical.

    What is this article saying about her being pro 2a?

    Does she support the repeal of any of the federal gun control?

    Why would you write this article and not say what she supports?

    If you ask a democrat if they support the 2a 9 times out of 10 they say they do. I have them tell me they are pro gun all the time too.

    It means little. A waste of an article. Maybe someone knows her positions well and can tell me? I’m from a very blue state. Beware the platitudes of Republicans. If they are not specific it means they are basically democrats.

    I know I am being a little mean but I am feeling bitter today.

    • So one more thing. More funding for nics is an anti 2a position. Seems like the writer does not understand that.

      Shall not be infringed is pretty specific.

    • Even if she were 99% antigun, she’s a billion times better than a 100% antigunner that runs one of the biggest antigun operation (behind Brady and Everytown/MDA) who would be a vote for a Dem Senate majority and making Chuck Schumer the Senate Majority leader, who pick which bills and nominees get a floor vote.

      • That’s not true. Someone who is 100% antigun is so extreme that when voted in who create such backlash the pendulum would swing the other way reversing any antigun sentiment. Liberty would be restored because of tyrants showing their abuse not because of socialist using incrementalism steps and selling themselves as the lesser of two evil. Your argument holds no validity. If the worse guy wins I push for all guns laws stricken but I NEVER vote for the person taking away my freedom and can them an ally. I do not believe in half measures.

        • “I do not believe in half measures.”

          Kinda leaves you with no reason to bother voting, eh?

      • No that only makes her 1% better than a 100% anti-gunner.

        I have a congressman named Jared Golden up here in Maine. Military vet but 100% bootlicker for Nancy Pelosi. Action speaks louder than words which is why I’m helping to get the man who got Maine constitutional carry to take his place. And he’s not a veteran.

        • How can ANY self respecting military veteran sidle up to Nazi Pignosi, kow tow before her and lick her boots?
          I never trusted her when I lived in CA and even less so the more she lets The Squat run things. She’s a waste of space, human flesh and an over-inflated Congressional salary. Put her out to pasture where she can graze with Boxer and Swinestein in the near future.

      • As is always the case today, one must vote for the lesser of two evils, really no other choice. Arizonans will vote for whoever anti-Dems run….no matter how mealy mouthed, sorry of record or position they have. You’ve got no other choice. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I sure as he77 voted against Hillary. Sad, sad commentary on state of America. Trump never has been a conservative. He was always whatever got his business deals pushed through……for sale to the best deal. His business was largely in NY, so he schmoozed Democrats…went to Chelsea’s wedding. He’s for America because it’s good for his business. He’s mealy mouthed about the 2A, except when he is schmoozing LaPierre and sucking the NRA establishment’s dick. Trump ignored the 2A issues (National Reciprocity, HPA, ……) for two years while he had both houses. Poked NRA/2A supporters in the eye. This will go on and on as America slides down that slippery slope into oblivion. Thinking otherwise is insanity….doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. The only Out, is really implementing the 2A for which our Founding Fathers gave it to us. Our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting a second time. The Tree of Liberty is withering for want of periodic watering.

        • “Trump ignored the 2A issues (National Reciprocity, HPA, ……) for two years while he had both houses.”

          Democrat Obama did more to expand gun rights than Republican Trump, legalized pistol braces and bump stocks, authorized carrying firearms on hundreds of thousands of acres of national lands.

        • With aObamaxwecwere constantly playing Whack-A-Mole regarding his gun control efforts, so I would dispute that somewhat.

        • “The Tree of Liberty is withering for want of periodic watering.”

          Not seeing pictures of you, or anybody, with a watering can, or hose, quenching the thirst. Why is that? Prudence, maybe?

  5. “I’ve put my life on the line for the Second Amendment,” she said.

    LOL. Yeah I’m sure that what little of the 2nd remains would be dead and buried if she hadn’t been bombing goat herders over in Bullshitistan. Thank God for McSally!

    • Yeah, that was a pretty stupid response, she should have been able to do better than that.

  6. AnyTHING is better than Kelly!!! I wish she was running in ILL. We got an ex-cop running against Dick Dirtbin. He has no but I’ll vote for him(sorry I can’t recall his name!)😕😕😕😕

  7. Why is there a criminal background check system? Seems pointless and unnecessary. Sounds like an excuse to take guns away from everyone. Once you believe in any sort of gun control you are a sellout and do not support 2nd amendment. People only shoot people when you do something wrong and start fights with them. They want to take away guns from people so they can abuse them. I do not believe their reasons for infringing the 2nd amendment is public safety. They are liars and so are the people who support them.

  8. Her compared to any other Leftist I suppose.

    Now this video is interesting – What’s worse than .9mm?

    How about .223mm? Seriously!

    I present for your consideration Ian from ‘Forgotten Weapons’, “The Worst AK I have Ever Seen”, and I agree with him :

    You are not going to believe this, the worst garage gunsmith butcher job ever :

    • See, I find this entirely unsurprising.

      While I’ve never seen a gun built like that I’m hardly shocked considering the “bubba” jobs I’ve seen elsewhere. I also doubt that a Dremel was used on that, I’d guess it was an angle grinder. Generally speaking even morons have more fine motor control than that when they use a Dremel.

      This is exactly why I shudder when people online say “I cAn bUiLd MaH OwN sUpPreSsOr iN dA gArAge! I cAnZ wElD mEtAlZ rEaL GoOdz!”

      Yeah, cause it’s just washers in a pipe, OK tard. You’ll likely get away with that with a pistol but scale that up to a rifle-type pressure spike and you’ll get shrapnel in your face and then get some federal charges. Have fun with that. Popcorn isn’t a fucking weld and that’s what 99% of “hobbyist” welders produce because they have zero idea what they’re doing and generally can’t run the machine hot enough in the first place.

  9. McSally over Kelly, easy choice. Just understand when she talks on issues all she sounds like is that she’s desperately parroting and pandering as far right as she can. She just does not come across like she believes all she is saying. And I have heard her in person.

    I’ve heard a number of Arizonans who say similar.

    • she should have been written off when she lost to Sinema, not that i can immediately think of who would have been a better replacement (certainly not Chem Trail Kelli Ward).

      The Duce should’ve appointed himself. I bet he’d hold that seat with 55% of the vote. the only real ding on him has been the recent covid handling but if he had been a senator instead that wouldn’t be an issue.

    • one thing i take comfort in is that Kelly will be up for relection in 2022. If you assume the democrats will get full control this election and will immediately blow it (like they did in 2008) , then it should be easy enough to flip that seat back in 2022.

  10. Having women leaders is a sign of our societal decline.

    Have any of you been around women? Having them rule over us is insane.

  11. Some Politicians want to take away our Guns because they know they have done things for which they should be Shot !

  12. Lesser of two Weasels.

    She’s not as bad as McStain, but not a lot better either. Kelly has had tens of millions of $$$ pour in from out of state donors. Nobody would even know who he was if it wasn’t for the giant cash infusion from the the Big Dem Donors.

  13. She’s better then the Astronaut that tried to purchase an AR-15 for purely political theater, but that’s not saying much.

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