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One measure would prohibit police and sheriffs from enforcing federal gun laws that violate the 2nd Amendment. Backers said it would ensure that the rights of gun owners are protected from what they say is the potential for overreach by President Joe Biden’s administration.

Democrats railed against the measure, HB2111, saying it will undermine the rule of law and is an unconstitutional measure that will cost taxpayers to defend in court.

“The 2nd Amendment is not in danger, the 2nd Amendment has never been in danger,” said Rep. Daniel Hernandez, a Tucson Democrat. “And we keep putting up these things that are just scare tactics and more wedge issues to try and say ’we are harder on the 2nd Amendment than anybody else.’”

— Bob Christie in Arizona House Republicans approve pair of pro-gun bills

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  1. Well, they are communists (formerly democrat party but revealed now), so they lie. Next question.

    • In some important ways, these leftist-globalists are actually worse than old school (Soviet style) communists.

      Even after communism Russia is still Russian, Poland is still Polish, Bulgaria is still Bulgarian. These Globalist Leftists are intent on forcing people all over the world out of their homelands for the purpose of destroying familial and cultural bonds. Britain is quickly becoming non-British. Canada is becoming non-Canadian.

      It is easy for tyrants to pit groups of people against each other as a method of control. Make the Muslims and Christians fight each other. Make the whites, blacks, hispanics, and asians fight each other. Then no one notices that you are oppressing them all.

        • –> “The 2nd Amendment is not in danger, the 2nd Amendment has never been in danger,” said Rep. Daniel Hernandez, a Tucson Democrat.”

          Democrats have been chiseling away at it for hundreds of years now. So Hernandez is a liar. Simple as that. Democrats bust out their Jacque derrida / Michel Foucault language changing abilities and then start redefining current words to mean other things. Like “gun safety” = gun control. “Common sense gun law” = ban stuff. In another 100 years, “Gun control” will mean freedom. So they are liars. All liars.

      • Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, dont have as much ” diversity “.
        Never will forget the Time article about , The Brave and Courageous Syrians Who Fled Their Country.

        • Bounmak ( God love yah man) has scars from the wars he fought. Now lives in America , and he ain’t going to let the communist push him no further. He fled to fight again. The diversity we now have are pansies who flee or except tyranny because they take flight above fight. Theres nowhere left to flee.
          Filling America with a population of diversity with no love for any country, survival under oppression.
          I’m afraid America is on the point of having its metal tested and its lacking iron.

        • RE: Rep. Daniel Hernandez, a Tucson Democrat. “And we keep putting up these things that are just scare tactics and more wedge issues to try and say ’we are harder on the 2nd Amendment than anybody else.’”

          The above democRat pos is attempting to soft speak his sleazy position however reality is he is about to loose it. It’s the relentless voices of his inner satanic democRat Party Jim Crow ancestors calling to him for More Gun Control.

          Ah the feel, the pleasure of absolute power. Masked democRat Party KKK horsemen adorned in sheets storming dirt floor poor Black American Families to search for guns. It’s now up to those like democRat daniel hernandez to insure such a glorious democRat Party Family Gun Control Tradition never dies…

          Pleasurable thoughts of overpowering, beating, lynching helpless unarmed people just feels too devilish good for the democRat Party to resist.

          But unlike those Black Americans who stood by and watched whatever they had go up in smoke today’s Americans are well armed and ready to fight anyone carrying on the stench of Jim Crow Gun Control. On the other hand the bill is much more about protecting perverts who casually assume Americans can be ordered to lay down their arms at the feet of the Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party. That’s a very bad, unhealthy assumption.

        • There were sizable populations of Jews, Christians, and other minorities that lived in Syria. Peacefully. For many thousands of years. Syria was a secular Muslim country.
          And it was the Obama/Biden atheist administration that destroyed it.

          Or if you want to say Obama was a Muslim? That’s ok too. But is was Obama, Biden, and Hillary, that raped the nation of Syria. If you want to talk about Bush and Iraq, go right ahead. The Libertarians, Liberals and the Left like war. They support and or start them all the time. Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Libya, ect, etc.

          There is no peace movement in the USA.

        • Ironic Republicans love war more than anyone else. Iraq was a Republican the War on Drugs a Republican. You must be using some of those drugs as far as I can tell.

        • –> “Ironic Republicans love war more than anyone else. Iraq was a Republican the War on Drugs a Republican. You must be using some of those drugs as far as I can tell.”

          Those were neo-cons. Like Liz Cheney and daddy. Trump is anti-war. In his four years, zero new wars. I have always preferred republicans over democrats, but criticized them greatly regarding the never ending and on-going wars all over the world. Finally we get someone like Trump, and the left can’t tolerate it for even a moment.

        • Muslim immigrants flourish in Canada.

          possum to Jose, ” Canada pays better then us.”,, Jose ” Where’s Canada?”

        • The fact that you would ask such a silly question demonstrates how deceived we have become. It indicates that you believe the globalist propaganda lie that there really is no such thing as “Canada, or a Canadian”.

          For starters, Canada is rapidly becoming a vassal state and colony of communist China.

          Don’t get me wrong. There are both positives and negatives to Canada becoming less Canadian. Several years ago, my wife and I went to Vancouver BC (from our home in the USA) for five days with the primary objective of eating Asian food. Sushi, Japanese Ramen, Korean BBQ, Indian, Thai, Persian, we enjoyed it all. Vancouver is awesome for Asian cuisine. It is just becoming less Canadian.

          Population replacement is a thing. If you move twenty million Polish people to Japan, then Japan will be less “Japanese”. If you move twenty million Japanese people to Poland, then Poland will be less “Polish”. This is pretty obvious.

          The Japanese, the Polish, and even the Communist Chinese understand that and won’t let the globalists do it to them.

          When the Pilgrims moved to America, they didn’t suddenly become “American Indians” by virtue of living in their land. They were Englishmen replacing/displacing Native Americans.

          Gullible Americans, Canadians, and Englishmen believe the globalist lies and ask nonsense questions like: “How is Canada becoming less Canadian”

        • True, Canada is not a real nation (it’s still the Dominion of Canada, part of the British Empire to this day), but I’m not sure how that’s “globalist propaganda”. As far as “no such thing as a Canadian”, I haven’t heard that one before, but I do believe Canada has citizenship laws which define exactly what and who is a Canadian.

          As for Canada becoming a vassal of communist China, that’s also nothing new. They used to be a vassal of the USA (and before that, a colony of the UK), but the USA’s unipolar-hyperpower moment is rapidly fading, and great-power competition over resource-bearing hinterlands continues apace.

          It’s cool that you had fun in Vancouver, but this is definitely the first time I’ve heard of a national culture as being defined by the restaurant cuisines available. If “Canadianness” is reduced by having more cuisines available, then would one maintain that true Canadian culture is defined by having only French-cuisine restaurants available (e.g. as was the norm a century and change earlier)?

        • Have to disagree with you Dave. I constantly hear Alberta Canadians incessantly complaining about the commie pinko east (Ontario) taking over their country and turning it into diversity land, trannyville, speak the right pronouns, and so forth. And that includes unfettered open border immigration as well – just like the left here in the US.

  2. When the only thing in which you believe is the exercise of naked power, I find it hard to shed a tear when your enemies exercise that power against you. Maybe if Democrats had a shred of respect for the Constitution, I’d spare a moment of consideration for their opinions.

  3. I’ve noticed that Democrats only use the expression “rule of law” when it benefits their narrative…otherwise that same “rule of law” is shredded, ignored and abused.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t these the same Democrats that said it was illegal for the sheriff’s department of Maricopa County to enforce Federal immigration laws?

    • You have to understand the nuances of Democrat philosophy. Gun owners mostly vote Republican, therefore gun owners are bad. Illegal immigrants vote Democrat so illegal immigrants are good.

      • Thus – time for unfettered immigration and open borders. We need to import as many uneducated laborers in as fast as humanly possible to swing the culture left. Now, lets bust out some democrat postmodernist thinking and word redefinitions, and call this policy “unity and healing.”


    • Storming the Capitol was dumb, damned neart got Trump impeached twice, and a bunch of people locked up for nothing.

        • Not to put too fine a point on it but Trump, by being exonerated, was never impeached. Articles of impeachment filed with the senators by the house are the same as charges brought in court. Once the not guilty verdict is delivered, the charges disappear. Same thing here. The communists can repeat the impeached lie all day long but it doesn’t change the fact that he was NOT impeached.

        • That’s ridiculous McGarnagle. Former President Trump was impeached. Twice. The disingenuous right wing machine has claimed another mind corpse.

        • No, MICHAEL A CROGNALE, Trump remains impeached twice.
          An impeachment is the political equivalent to being charged with a crime (not to be confused with being arrested for a crime). Impeachment has nothing to do with being convicted, just as being charged with a crime does not mean you are convicted of that crime. If found Not Guilty, you still have been charged.

      • And it has been proven that it was a far left operation dressed in conservative “clothing”, caps-flags etc.

        • What are you talking about? No, it has not. Another dunderpate falls victim to the disingenuous right wing media cabal.

        • “Another dunderpate falls victim…

          You would know, being one your entire life…

          *snicker* 😉

          Seriously, dude, just kill yourself. Before someone makes you take the corona vaccine at gunpoint… 😉

      • Trump was impeached twice and his popularity is still on the rise. Most Republicans see his “impeachment” as a badge of honor against democrats, not one of disgrace. I’d vote for him again.

    • He switches back and forth from Miner to LOL/SMH accounts. It’s clearly miner.

      Get a life miner.


      So – out of curiosity. Precisely when is it acceptable to you to storm the capital? When we are defenseless and all equity celebrating, anti-racist, woke commie pinkos?

  6. If the 2A is not in danger, then what’s the problem? Surely it’s then just a measure which would never be used … Right?

  7. So you would have condemned the patriots in Athens, TN then? By the way ALL CAPS is rude. Just say it normally.

  8. I see HB2111 passed by 2 votes.

    I’m unable to access the language on my phone, but WHO determines whether or not the 2nd Amendment is being/has been violated?

    What type of scrutiny is involved in the decision?

    • Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:
      Section 1. Title 1, chapter 2, article 4, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 1-272, to read:
      1-272. Sovereign authority; right of the people to keep and bear arms
      Sec. 2. Short title
      This act may be cited as the “2nd Amendment Firearm Freedom Act”.

  9. ” Hell yes I’m taking your AR’s and AK’s ” but the Democrat party is not coming down hard on the Second Amendment .
    I guess that beats,” Your Second Ammendment rights are safe with me.” except for bumpstocks.
    As long as Hollywood can sale movies to China it’s all good.

  10. I’m thoroughly convinced Democrats need their own country as their corrupt value system does not even resemble anything America was founded on. They can have California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, New York City, (not the whole state) and all of New England. We keep the rest of the country. Democrats, pack your bags and leave for one of those above areas.

    • No they cant have sht. All those states are protected under the Constitution of The United States of America. If they want there own country then populate Antarctica.

    • You do realize that there are THREE Constitutional carry states in New England, don’t you? Meanwhile down in Florida…..only been waiting for Constitutional carry here forEVER. tick,tock,tick,tock..

      • Yet the Vermont Supreme Court upheld mag capacity limits as a reasonable exercise of the police power of the State.

  11. The Constitution IS THE RULE OF LAW.

    The 2nd amendment in conjunction with the 14th amendment, the Supremecy clause and the 10th amendment should be enforced at the federal level as “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

    If they won’t obey the law, the states and citizens have every right to do so themselves.

    Arresting ATF agents would be law enforcement.

  12. I must have leapt quantumly last night.
    I wake up to Democrats war-mongering, making excuses for foreign intervention and military presence and now barking on about the sanctity of “law.”

    And all without the slightest hint of self-awareness, irony or shame.

    • Me too. Air strikes in Syria..

      My co-workers have mentioned some news to me this morning and I keep repeating the mantra.

      Ginger Woman Bad!

      • Air strikes in Iraq. Close to syria.

        Nowhere near where US troops were attacked weeks ago…

        Been there done that, they are full of shit. They hit “buildings” occupied by “militias”… Which means they had zero intel and hit city centers in a country we shouldn’t fucking be in to begin with.
        Doesn’t matter who was there. Their war. Not ours.

        • No, the strikes were on Iran affiliated militias in Syrian territory west of the Euphrates River. The militias are allegedly the ones who fired the missiles aimed at US troops east of the river.

    • With some exceptions (Bush Jr), Democrats like to start wars. It keeps the people’s eye off the ball.

  13. It’s funny how Democrats claim to not want to infringe on our Second Amendment Rights and Freedoms yet they’re the only ones that propose and pass laws that do just that!
    I do NOT trust Democrats on matters of our Constitutional Rights, ESPECIALLY our Second Amendment!
    Joe Biden has NEVER been a friend to gun owners in this Country and the 1994 Crime Bill was authored by him. If the Biden/Harris administration is allowed to implement their gun control agenda it WILL bring about another revolutionary war in this Country to keep our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms that were fought so hard to get and keep by brave men and women since the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775!

  14. “’The 2nd Amendment is not in danger, the 2nd Amendment has never been in danger,’ said Rep. Daniel Hernandez, a Tucson Democrat.“

    Fvcking Dems lie when they say “hello.”

  15. As far as DemoRATs are concerned, if a person is “allowed” to hang a smooth-bore musket over their fireplace, then their 2A rights are “not in danger”.
    Still waiting for them to apply the same standards to the other enumerated rights.
    Their hypocrisy, double-standards and outright amnesia regarding anything they previously stated is truly amazing. The complicit media cover for them at every turn. They count on the population being a bunch of sheep. It’s scary to think how many of them are now.
    “Like lambs to the slaughter”

  16. The democrats have always been anti-civil rights. But they will make sure you have “free” sex toys, to help ‘improve’ your health. They will make sure you get “free” medical marijuana. For your “health”. But you can’t have your second amendment rights.

    Next the democrat’s will send out trained government employees to masturbate you. In your home or at work. But you still won’t be allowed to have your 2A civil rights. Democrats are great a providing distractions.

    • “Next the democrat’s will send out trained government employees to masturbate you. In your home or at work.”

      The demented ‘lol’ troll will volunteer, the sick fuck…

      *snicker* 😉

  17. What rules, the one’s the anti gunners want to make, this is not a nation for just selfish democrats or republicans who thinks everyone should see and do as they do,if U don’t like what others like, then don’t eat it or own one, I’m sure there’s ALOT about you people don’t care about.

  18. Just sent my state senator my edited GOA email to tell him to vote YES. He will. East Mesa after all.
    There is a reason Forbes magazine listed Mesa as the most-conservative city in the U.S. a few years back. Guns are one reason. 😀

  19. I’m sure glad I live in Arizona, where we have some of the best “gun laws”
    in America. I have many weapons; including several nice “Black Rifles”, a
    lot of handguns, armor-piercing-incendiary 7.62×51 rounds (they’re real
    nice), automatic knives, collapsible batons, tazers, and more.

    I carry a AR-10, 12 gauge pump and a 1911 in my car, and I conceal carry
    my 1911 .45 Super daily – YES.

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