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Cuz I’m pretty sure I’m not. I own standard OD green plastic ammo cans. Which means there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to hold off the brain-hungry onslaught. I am so screwed.

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    • Yes, the zombie theme is indeed getting old. I’m enjoying my classic, grey
      laminate wood, stainless non-tactical .45-70 all the more.

      I did however feed the fire by purchasing two of these lovely cans. They work well, are made in the USA, and are currently holding an unspecified amount of mil-spec M855, M193, and Mk 318 SOST with no problems whatsoever. You know, just in case…

  1. Personally, I’m a bit tired of the zombie theme.

    What about the CC-ready pistols & accessories? Anything in that line?

  2. I swear to Bloomberg almighty, if I see another reference to zombies, vampires, or the use of the word “tactical”, I WON’T be responsible for my actions. ( I may have to quell my ire with a beer, but I won’t be held accountable )

    I wonder how Joyce would have felt about this idiocy.

  3. Insert dooshbaggy hipster “I’m tired of zombies now that everyone else likes them” comment here.

    • If your comment was aimed at me, I can quite assure you that I am neither a dooshbag (sic) , nor a hipster. Whether or not I’m an a$$h@le is open for debate.

      Born in the 50’s, I’ve seen idiots come and go. Then, as now, many of them were politicians. Currently, I notice that many of them are “commenters”.

      Shooting, hunting, and reloading since the early 70’s, Mr Hornady was something of a hero to me. Ya’ know, like airsoft must be to you.

      Joyce Hornady was amongst the greats of the gun community for decades. Zombie marketing using his name is blasphemous.

      • not all people who view zombies as entertaining are milsim airsoft obsessed, this may be your age talking but zombies have been popular long before their recent mainstreaming to to people “not born in the 50’s.” Given your age, i would hope you understand how the capitalist system works. your ageist comments will not help you, regardless of what you think about zombies.
        “Joyce Hornady was amongst the greats of the gun community for decades. Zombie marketing using his name is blasphemous.”
        well then you can add mr. ruger to that list as his company is also getting paid off of a pop culture trend around since 1968.

  4. Wait, is it possible that they’re implying that WE’RE the Zombies since the can is for our use? Have the gun companies been making fun of us all along; calling us mindless, shambling ghouls right to our adoring faces? That makes me want to eat some brains SO BAD!

    • +10 (counting in base 2)

      I long for the days of anticipation as I opened up a new pack of
      “whacky packs,” and the stale stick of gum included… that is if
      anyone here remembers them

  5. No one is seriously worrying about zombies (At least I hope not.)

    What zombies are is a catalyst for certain parts of the firearms community who believe that they need to have firearms and ammunition ready for unforeseen situations.

    Be that civil disturbance, governmental fascism, or the swine flu bringing the dead back to life, thats what its really all about.

    Totally unrelated, if you want a novelty ammo can, this one is much better.

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