Are Suppressors Next? Trump: ‘I Don’t Like Them At All’

Trump suppressor silencer atf

(Evan Vucci/AP)

On Friday an engineer for the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia murdered 12 people and wounded two more in a city building. According to ABC News, the shooter used two legally purchased .45 handguns, at least one of which was equipped with a suppressor.

It isn’t yet clear how the shooter came by the suppressor(s) he used. From USA Today. . .

While authorities said the suspected shooter legally bought multiple firearms recently, they have not yet said how he got a suppressor.

Given that suppressors are highly regulated under the National Firearms Act, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine if the shooter bought the can(s) he used legally. Time will tell, but in either case, gun controllers and their willing accomplices in the media are hard at work attacking civilian suppressor ownership.

President Trump was asked about the use of suppressors as he left the White House for a trip to the UK.

Courtesy – The White House

As we are all aware, President Trump took a similarly dim view of bump fire stocks. And following the Las Vegas shooting, he directed the ATF to “take another look” at them. That resulted in the magical reclassification of bump stocks as machine guns.

The Hearing Protection Act, given the current makeup of Congress, is a dead letter. What more could the President or the ATF do to limit suppressor ownership?

While purchases of suppressors made under a firearms trust don’t require local chief law enforcement officer sign-off, that could easily be changed with a waive of the ATF’s regulatory wand. Many states have shall-sign laws in force now, but given the number of anti-2A CLEOs out there, that could be another setback.


  1. avatar FedUp says:

    That cocksucker really doesn’t want the people who voted for him in 2016 to vote for him again, does he?

    1. avatar Helms Deep says:

      Trump is taking media / police word about alleged ” suppressor ”.

      Has anybody seen it ? , Who made it ? , Lets see the NFA paperwork !

      OR …… was it a BARREL SHROUD , that looks like a can ?

      1. avatar Carolyn McCarthy says:

        Is that the shoulder thing that goes up?

        1. avatar Baffle says:

          Don’t forget that there’s still room here for trump to go after extended magazines as well.

          Trump, trump, he’s our man, if he can’t ban it, no one can!

        2. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

          I’m not sure. I think it’s related to the thingy on my car that “suppresses” the noise. I don’t think motorcycles have them, tho. .lol..

        3. avatar Art out West says:

          The reasons the media are talking about the suppressor are primarily two.
          1. A handgun was used, so they can’t vilify ARs.
          2. The murderer was a black man, so they can’t vilify the evil straight white man.

        4. avatar barnbwt says:

          3. The Supreme Court rules in the days whether silencers are covered by the 2nd amendment.

          Maybe we really should stop trying to legalize silencers, since it seems to keep getting people killed;
          -Vegas shooting was shortly before HPA was being introduced
          -Representative Scalise was shot at the ball field days before HPA was to be heard by committee
          -The VA shooting days before SCOTUS rules on gun accessories’ applicability to the 2nd amendment

      2. avatar User1 says:

        The witnesses describe a suppressor being used. The police said the same. This was minutes into the shooting. So, I will go with it being true, especially since this guy was in the military for awhile before becoming an engineer.

        1. avatar El Duderino says:

          99% of people who serve in the military never touch a suppressor.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          about 90% of what is reported during or immediately after a shooting is wrong. Always better to wait a few days. I’ve lost count of how many times the media, sometimes quoting unnamed police sources, has said someone was wearing “body armor” when they just had a load bearing vest or paintball gear instead.

        3. avatar Mike H says:

          He was a damn gun bunny! An artilleryman! Have you ever seen a silencer on a howitzer?! Goodness grief. Milcred does not equal spooky guy cred and supressors don’t supressors much.

        4. avatar Bob Jones says:

          How do we know that the suppressor wasn’t an oil filter with screw-on barrel adapter from Ebay ? What did it actually look like and was it a real suppressor ?

        5. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

          Mike H – search on “howitzer silencer” and you will find that suppressors for howitzers have been built and tested with at least M109s. They’re huge and impractical but they do/did exist.

    2. Yeah. He needs to be reminded that it was gun owners who put him in office.

      The reason he thinks he can forget that fact is he knows he is our best (?) choice, at least at this point. We all know what any Democrat would do; plus Bernie………….we can kiss our guns goodbye if they get elected.

      IF some Independent were to run with a reasonable platform, who was really strong on supporting the 2nd, I think they would be a sure thing. People are fed up with BOTH political parties, so, unfortunately, we will just hafta wait and see what happens between now and the election. Pray for a better candidate.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Or at the very least that he damn sure can’t get back in without us. I won’t pretend gun owners are the biggest constituency (although we would be if gun owners would become one-issue voters & stop compromising the instant someone dangles unwinnable culture-war BS in front of their noses) but we are certainly big enough to doom a guy who won by 200,000 votes.

        As of the bump-stock ban it was already moot; there is so much less enthusiasm for Trump only 2 years in, that there’s no way he’ll hit the numbers he reached in 2016 (same happened with Obama). Consider also that it is physically impossible he’ll go up against another Democrat/socialist as unlikeable as Hillary (though they could possibly be even more incompetent). Besides, with all the new felon voters in Florida & Virginia, it probably isn’t possible for a Republican to win the White House, anyway.

        So, the White House being beyond our control at this time, the important thing is to focus on the down-ticket positions; we need to watch for who is on board with banning silencers along with Trump, and make sure they feel the pain. That way, we can clearly show that many of the RNC fools that backed gun control (which will likely include Trump, regardless of what happens) were tossed out, and hopefully serve as a lesson for the next go-around. We’re unlikely to lose the Senate, and as we saw during the Obama years, that’s good enough for us as a holding pattern –but only so long as the RNC guys are properly scared of us gun voters. If we are to lose the White House, we might as well pin the ’cause’ on Trump’s betrayal of gun owners; make it count for something.

        1. avatar Vorkon says:

          I wouldn’t say it’s IMPOSSIBLE to have a candidate as unlikeable as Hillary, but that’s only because Pelosi isn’t running.

          I mean, at least Elizabeth Warren comes off as the fun granny, who lets you eat too much junk food and stay up past your bedtime, because she knows that it will be mom and dad (i.e. the American taxpayers) who will have to deal with you later, and not her.

          Clinton and Pelosi also come off as grannies, but not the fun kind. They’re the kind whose house you dread going over to, because you know damn well that if you set so much as one foot on their pristine plastic-covered furniture, they’ll berate mom and dad for hours about what terrible parents they are, until dad grudgingly gives you a half-assed spanking just to shut her up. She won’t give you the spanking herself, mind you, you could at least respect her for that, but no, you’ll just have to listen to the argument for hours first until she makes dad do it. And she’ll still expect you to give her a kiss when you finally leave.

          Yet, somehow, this type of granny is exactly the kind that’s best at pushing around the other grannies at their homeowners’ association meetings (i.e. the DNC) so try as you might, the Clintons and Pelosis of the world just won’t go away…

        2. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

          If something isn’t done about the illegals coming in and voting the republicans are never going to be able to win anything again. If we get a democrat administration that means amnesty and tons of new left voting citizens.

          And yet Trump…….

          We may as well give up on politics and focus on laying in as many weapons, ammo, and magazines as we can before January 2021.

          And POTG had better think about what “we will not comply” really means.

        3. avatar jbob says:

          Crimson Pirate, We won’t get amnesty because then the Democrats would lose the carrot they hold over the head of the Latino community. No, the Dems like the immigrant population the way it is, illegal and voting.

        4. avatar Fj says:

          Vote libertarian! Hopefully we’ll have a better candidate than Gary Johnson next time.

    3. avatar uncommon_senes says:


      I disagree vociferously with President Trump’s stance on bump-stocks and his alleged stance on suppressors.

      Having said that, we must NOT lose sight of his much more important mission that he seems to be accomplishing spectacularly: appointing conservative justices to U.S. Appellate Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court who support our right to keep and bear arms.

      While I despise him using his pen to interfere with our ability to own bumpstocks (and perhaps suppressors), it will be incredibly amusing when the very justices that he appoints strike down his executive orders.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        So, we rely on his own clueless incompetence to save us? Because why else would he appoint judges that disagree with his policy prescriptions & use of state power on a very fundamental level?

        Or could it be that activist groups just as phony in their ‘conservatism’ as the president are the ones telling us his appointments are on our side? Kavanaugh is an excellent example; he’s better than appointing the head ACLU lawyer (*cough* Ginsburg) but he’s basically a moderate in the Bill Clinton mold, and closer to a standard Fudd when it comes to guns. Yet he was promoted & sold by Heritage/etc as the arch-conservative to end all arch-conservatives, the battle we could not yield one inch on. I supported him simply because no one deserved the kind of character assassination the dems attempted…but perhaps that was all part of the game, and the attacks were so brutal in order to draw out conservative support for a marginal candidate.

        Never forget, that we have yet to see one iota of support or payoff from these judicial appointments. Frankly, until that happens it is all entirely theoretical; equally theoretical as a Hillary presidency’s gun control being strongly & successfully opposed by a Republican congress for 4-8 years.

      2. avatar George T says:

        So what if he used a suppressor. That does not change anything with or without a suppressor. He entered the building for the sole purpose of hurting people and in this case the desire to kill his fellow workers.

        President Trump if this is his position is misinformed on what a suppressor is. I hope to own one one day to lessen the sound pressure coming from my rifles muzzle.

        I disagreed on his position on bump stocks. There is simply too much focus on the “tools used” in the commission of criminal behavior and little on the perpetrator. Clearly, this person had some sort of grudge and an axe to grind.

        The long view, is the courts and the SCOTUS. Here is where are gun rights lie in the future. I’ll stick with Trump. The alternative is worst!

      3. avatar frank speak says:

        if the dems were smart…and we all know they aren’t…they’d hold off on impeachment until trump got reelected…assuming he does…and then go for impeachment with the likely hood of some republican support…either that or get ready to deal with Biden…their only chance of winning….

    4. avatar WI Patriot says:

      Feel free to vote for any one of the 25dems that are in the running, they’ll just take everything…

      1. avatar Ross says:

        Only if we let them.

    5. avatar TruthTellers says:

      He only listens to the NRA on gun related issues, which is why we need to destroy the NRA.

      We’ll see if Trump walks back on this statement with suppressors once he hears about the benefits of them. If he does, great he’s been enlightened, if he doesn’t… then we have someone worse than Obama as President when it comes to guns.

      Still better than any Democrat, but I lose faith in Trump with guns after each shooting.

      1. avatar Carl B. says:

        “He only listens to the NRA on gun related issues, which is why we need to destroy the NRA.”


    6. avatar arc says:

      His opinion on suppressors is irrelevant. Anyone who wants one will build one or buy one under the table.

    7. avatar possum, destroyer of arachnids says:

      How dare you say anything negative about our illustrious commander in chief. Your freedom of speech has gone to far.

    8. avatar DWO888 says:

      I know you all want to go ape s#*t over this, but this is the truth. He is NYC born and bred. His only contact with guns is his guards had them. His sons convinced him to be pro-gun. He has no depth of knowledge, and doesn’t have time to bother.

      He makes a remark. People try to correct him. The NRA at first got him OFF the Bump stock thing. Then they decide to go along with it “administratively”. Their explanation they thought it was better than a law, which might have more restrictions in it. Not endorsing that, but that’s their public reasoning.

      In 1986 Reagan consulted the NRA on FOPA, and they said it was fine, sign it. They threw MG’s under the bus. Reagan could of HATED guns. His deafness in one ear was from an actor buddy firing a .38 blank pistol next to his right ear as a joke. Hinkley shot him, shot his press secretary. Yet he signed a fairly good bill before it had the Hughes Amendment was added on a final voice vote. He asked NRA if it was okay, they told him it was “Fine”.

      I am SORRY the President is not an expert on guns. He turns to the lead Gun Rights group, asks them for advice, they give it. He has said “No” to Universal Gun Background Checks, AW bans, etc., so far. Not a chance he has said. So far.

      I suggest you go to Virginia and talk to the NRA, because Trump isn’t going out and researching guns, gun parts, the NFA, or gun laws. Of course the NRA management right now is busy looting as much money as they can, before the NY Attorney General shuts down the whole “Nonprofit Organization” thing for decades of abuses they all filled their pockets with.

      You will notice that a bunch higher ups, with Wayne-Baby leading the way, got their pensions paid out in CASH in the past 3 years, and screwed the NRA employees at the same time. I wish it wasn’t true, but NRA is back to screwing over NFA folks, and I think you’ll be seeing the underside of the bus soon.

      If there is a NRA at all left of course. There hasn’t been a staunch gun supporter in the White House since JFK. He wasn’t very vocal about it either.

      The Republicans suck on guns but they are good mostly for nothing passing. Turning on them leads to Democrats running the show. If Trump appoints one more Supreme Court Justice that isn’t replacing a current pro-gun justice, Democrats and Gun Controllers might be in for a big surprise.

      That NYC restricted gun license you can’t take a gun outside the city EVER is coming up. I know they are trying to abort the case being heard, but if they fail I don’t think they’re going to like the results. Chief Justice Roberts seems to HATE gun cases, but there are 4 justices now to say “Yes” to hearing a case.

      I know the NC Licensing case might end up being legal goobly gook that changes nothing (They’ve gotten good at that since the NFA Miller Case in the 1930’s), but I don’t think it’s going to help them in the slightest. That blows up in their face and even Congress and the Senate won’t be able to fix it for the states. Without a Constitutional amendment of course

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        The assault on your gun rights has come to a screeching halt.

        Now, read all the excuses you just listed.

    9. avatar K.Bond says:

      Just figuring out you’ve been duped? We’ve lost more under him in 2 years than we did in 8 under Obama regarding 2A.

    10. avatar frank speak says:

      doesn’t really seem to value our vote…perhaps he shouldn’t get it?…..

    11. avatar frank speak says:

      any attempt to lift the NFA restrictions on these gizmos is now probably dead in the water…at the very least…might be a hughe’s amendment like restriction in their future, as well…

  2. avatar Ruthless Objectivity says:

    And this is why President Trump has never and will never receive my vote. The HPA should have been signed two years ago. Instead, we’ll likely see suppressors go the way of bump stocks.

    For what it’s worth, if suppressors are so deadly, and if only *sigh* “assassins” use them, then why did so many victims report hearing gunshots and hiding?

    1. avatar Bob says:

      President Trump couldn’t sign the HPA because the Republican Majority in Congress prior to the 2018 election didn’t pass it. Now, Trump could have very well given it political support and didn’t. But the blame doesn’t squarely fall on him alone for the failure that is the Republican Party.

      1. avatar enuf says:

        Trump did not even make an effort. A President is supposed to have a legislative agenda that he pursues, he hires staff to do to. This one took tens of millions of dollars from gun owners for his campaign and then did absolutely nothing. Not about nationwide reciprocity. Not about suppressors, not about anything to defend the Second Amendment.

        Trump is a liar, a phony, a con man, a lover of foreign tyrants, a golf cheat (of all the petty BS!) and incompetent in all aspects of being President.

        But hey, he’s a Second Amendment Guy, strongest there could ever be.

        Therefore the Bump Stock Ban and the potential of a Suppressor Ban must be Fake News.

        Just ask Wayne LaPierre, he knows.

        1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          “Trump is a liar, a phony, a con man, a lover of foreign tyrants, a golf cheat (of all the petty BS!) and incompetent in all aspects of being President.” Right. And so you should just go and vote for the progressives who are currently leading a stampede toward a Fascist government? Good thinkin’.

        2. avatar barnbwt says:

          Trump did mention Reciprocity multiple times, and that it had his support. Now, whether that had to do with it being “Impossible but Fund-Raise-able Agenda Item Numero Uno” for the NRA is anyone’s guess…

        3. I wonder if MAYBE LaPierre told Trump about his ” shack job “…..she’s GOOD, and I’ll share…….. Just go along with me on some of this stuff !!! “

        4. avatar Mark N. says:

          For a bill to get to the Senate floor for an up or down vote requires 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. Ask yourself, prior to the last election, were there 60 votes in the Senate for passage of this bill? Remember that there were only 51 Republicans, which meant that 9 democrats would have had to defy Schumer to get the bill to the floor. That was not going to happen. In this day and age, individual congress critters do not get to vote the way they might wish, they are compelled to comply with the wishes of the party leadership, or face internal censure.
          Since there were never 60 votes, McConnell never tried to get the bill to the floor where it faced certain failure. You cannot blame Trump for failing to sign a bill that never made it, and could never have made it, to his desk.

        5. avatar Arc says:

          Garrison Hall, if Trump doesn’t get his head out of his ass and defend American’s right to keep and bear all arms, free J.Assange, and stop the hordes flooding over the open southern door to America, end the war on drugs, then yes! I will absolutely consider voting for a democrat!

          A vote democrat so we can at least end the war on drugs (war on the COTUS and American liberty), and I can collect enough welfare to leave the country before it goes under. Preferably, I would vote democrat to tip the political extremes so far left in my generation’s time that CW2 kicks off.

          Trump was the first time I ever voted for a president, it may very well be the last time as well. No one sent to washington ever does what they are sent to do.

          We have a two party system rather than an American system and its poison.

        6. avatar John in Ohio says:

          “Preferably, I would vote democrat to tip the political extremes so far left in my generation’s time that CW2 kicks off.”

          Bingo, arc! That’s exactly what my children and I were tempted to do last presidential election. I ended up not voting. I may enact this plan next time around if I do vote at all. There is only one proven effective way to deal with tyrants. It’s past the time for America to man up or shut up, IMHO.

    2. avatar Hal_Graves says:

      We got a choice between 1 lump of poop and incurable Ebola. When did we get to this place as a country? At least you might have the luxury of not having to vote for either but unfortunately I have to support the poop over the Ebola next time around.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        You can survive ebola; parasites can last a lifetime.

        Enjoy eating shit, I guess.

        1. avatar Red Pill says:

          @BARNBWT, really? When your T.D.S. flairs up you say the most asinine things (and not only this comment).

        2. avatar barnbwt says:

          I hear a bitter red pill goes down easier if you hide it in some shit…

        3. avatar Red Pill says:

          Right after you survive an Ebola Zaire infection..

      2. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

        When offered a crap sandwich and a crap burrito, a person with a spine would refuse both not try to figure out if one has a little less excrement.

        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          But how do I get my shit-eating grin by not eating shit?

    3. avatar Mike says:

      Because unlike in the movies, suppressors don’t silence a weapon bigger than .22. A .45 suppressed indoors is still plenty audible.

      1. avatar Ricardo Gonzales says:

        you are correct

        1. avatar frank speak says:

          not really…a .380 is pretty damn quiet too….a short burst out of a MAC-11 sounds just like a sewing machine…and the nail-gun comparison on the .45 is about right….

        2. avatar Steve Day says:

          Frank Speak – You do know how loud a nail gun is right? Not a brad nailer either, but a framing or roofing nailer. Someone down the street had their roof re-shingled earlier this year and it might as well have been in my house. They are well above 120dB and require ear prorection with extended use.

  3. avatar Brainman says:

    If these evil suppressors are silent killing machines that only assassins use, then why do the stories about this shooting include quotes about how terrifying the gunshots were and how they knew he was there by the gunshots?

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Shush, now. There’s no place for clear thinking like that at a time like this.

  4. avatar Wiregrass says:

    Trump learned all he needed to know about suppressors from watching The Man from Uncle back in the sixties. The man knows his TV.

  5. avatar Biatec says:

    I feel bummed out by this. It almost makes me tired i that makes sense.

  6. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    If he makes any move against suppressors, I will withhold my vote. I might also send money to anyone running against him.

    1. avatar HellBilly says:

      Yeah. This is getting to be too much. We can look over things here and there but Trump is starting to get pretty damn anti gun now. If he bans suppressors like he did bump stocks I have no doubt he’ll try to ban “high capacity” 30 round mags next. At some point we have to be willing to walk away from the table. If that means a democrap president then so be it. The democrats are going to win the presidency again one day. It’s not like we can keep a republican in office forever. We’re going to have to fight that one day. Might as well just accept it.

      1. avatar Omaha says:

        “If that means a democrap president then so be it. … Might as well just accept it.”

        Hey Billy, why don’t you go butter yourself up and go take one for the team because i’m sure as hell not going to just accept it.

        The level of moronic comments in this section is incredible. Well Trump banned bump stocks, so let’s show him by putting a democrat in that will bring California/New York gun control (and likely worse) to the entire country.

        Thank God you effing snowflakes weren’t at Normandy 75 years ago.

        1. avatar Mark says:

          Agreed. This site is full of nihilists.

        2. avatar HellBilly says:

          So what’s your plan then big guy? When Trump turns on ARs and “hi capacity” mags should we still support him then?

        3. avatar barnbwt says:

          LOL, you tools don’t even know the difference between fighting the enemy & gettin’ fucked in the ass by your own men. Unbelievable.

          The enemy is whoever is trying to get you killed. Difficult concept, I know.

      2. avatar Omaha says:

        Has Trump proposed banning AR’s and “high capacity” magazines?

        No? Didn’t think so.

        Perhaps you should look up “Straw Man Argument”.

        1. avatar HellBilly says:

          So you’re hoping “he’ll just stop” after he takes suppressors too? Sounds like appeasement to me Mr. Chamberlin.

        2. avatar barnbwt says:

          He’s supported banning assault weapons in the past…does that count?

  7. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    The president is more then likely as ignorant as the general public is toward suppressors. They all think it’s silent. Like on tv. We here with a minimum knowledge know all they do is lower a gun shot 20-30 decibels. On a good day.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      And yet his son is one of the most outspoken figureheads for the American Suppressor Association and the legalization of silencers, to the point passing HPA was a prominent piece of his father’s gun rights agenda on the campaign trail & the real many gun owners claimed we should trust him with the presidency despite being a big city New Yorker elitist billionaire with a history of gun control support. So I guess Junior must have never taken his father out shooting (with suppressors; it’s the only way he says he shoots anymore) even a single time…which begs an explanation. Or Trump is saying anti-gun things he privately disagrees with for political expediency –I’m unsure which is worse, to be honest.

      Remember how he was gonna have his father’s ear, and was gonna do all these good things for gun owners?
      Remember how he formed a coalition of industry, media, and sport figures of shooting, and they were gonna recommend all these good things to him, for gun owners?
      Remember the crashing halt to the assault on our gun rights?
      Nowadays, we all (even his supporters) reflexively brace ourselves for just this sort of idiotic anti-gun remark whenever something bad happens –because it’s expected at this point. Not one bit different than Obama…except for all the “pro-gun Republicans” cheering in support as our rights are taken away.

  8. avatar Ray says:

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. Trumps own Solicitor General appointee from the DOJ claimed in a filing in the Kettler case pending before SCOTUS that suppressors are not firearms and are not covered under the Second Amendment. The DoJ are trying to block the case, which challenges the NFA “tax”, from getting a hearing at SCOTUS.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      If you go back to the legislative hearings back when the NFA was enacted, some Senators raised concerns that the bill might violate the Second. The AG in testimony before congress said that there was no violation because it was not an infringement on the right to own such items, but merely a tax. Moreover, a silencer is not a part of a firearm needed to make the firearm functional. It is, the argument goes, no more a firearm than a scope or light.

    2. avatar User1 says:

      The U.S. is not supposed to work under the notion that the government regulates life, property and rights. They do not have the power to ban or control suppressors. They took that by imposing an unlawful agency to control things they found problematic to law enforcement.

      The founders said that the Bill of Rights isn’t all our human rights. It’s stupid to think we could write down everything in order to protect it against tyranny. America is about liberty. Buying a lawn dart or a suppressor is what liberated people can do. Once you can’t own what you would like the country is no longer a place of liberty.

      Regulators are tyrants.

  9. avatar NORDNEG says:

    How much noise does a machete or a baseball bat or a bow & arrow make? Or even something like a car or how about poison,,, ? See lots of ways to do a dirty deed… maybe we let the politicians ban all of the above,,, sounds good to me…(says the nanny politicians looking for sympathy votes from snowflakes)

    1. avatar StLPro2A says:

      Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
      You cannot control the act itself
      by passing laws about the means employed.”
      The late Col Jeff Cooper, 1958, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy
      A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
      He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.
      Once, again, wonder if the perpetrator may have been “nudged” to act by a handler. A suppressor mysteriously became available to him to take the accessories banishment one step further. More pieces of the anti-gun scheme fall into place.

    2. avatar Ian in Transit says:

      “How much noise does a machete or a baseball bat or a bow & arrow make?”

      Silent enough to kill on a college campus.

    3. avatar Reason says:

      Ban automotive mufflers!!! That way we can hear the bad guy’s get away car!!!

      Makes about as much sense.
      Make me go deaf because of some bozo’s misdeeds.

  10. avatar Moltar says:

    Ok Donny let’s back away from the ledge for a moment here and think critically. The victims all said they heard the shots. We still don’t know if he bought the can legally (be a frickin miracle if he did as that paperwork had to fly through the ATF at lightspeed) or just used a dummy. Remember you still need us to vote for you next year and please keep your trap shut until it all comes out. THen again if you push hard enough the dems will probably block it anyway.

    1. avatar Biatec says:

      I think he thinks he doesn’t need us anymore. Maybe he doesn’t.

    2. avatar mrvco says:

      The reporting on this shooting is atrocious, which should tell everyone something (doesn’t fit (or at least not well) the anti narrative). Regardless, I read a blurb yesterday based on an ‘eyewitness account’ that he was carrying two gun, one with a suppressor and one without.

      1. avatar Moltar says:

        It could have been a fake one too. I haven’t seen many on anything over 22 caliber but then again there are companies that make fake cans to use for training purposes (i.e. replicates the weight and length of a real suppressor but doesn’t actually suppress). Then there’s always the possibility that he ordered the innards off of wish from China, used a piece of pipe for the outer case, and made his own. There’s a lot in this story that I don’t think we’re being told yet.

  11. avatar former water walker says:

    Donnie don’t delete silencer’s…oh wait they ain’t legal in ILL😩

  12. avatar Kyle says:

    As I say, ad nauseam, No president, or politician in general gives a crap about gun rights except in any way that get them votes.

    The gun community is mostly solidly republican, so the repubs dont need to do anything. We have no place to go. The anti-gun is mostly solidly democrat, so they dont have any place to go either. However, Since the law isn’t on the side of the dems, and their base is pretty prone to fracture, they gotta keep throwing red meat at um.

    ….so, we get nothing, they get endless sop.

    Trump, could care less about us either. He’s got his security. He’ll go to big rallies and talk a big game, but thats it.

    Sorry guys,

    As usual, Lucy yanked the ball away at the last second. Most of us are used to it. If you had hopes for something else, well…you’ll get used to it too.

    1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      At this point, we don’t know what the “silencer” was. There are three possibilities: a fake, an illegal home made can, and the least likely, an actual registered silencer. We need to push ATF hard to find out what it was, since the anti-gun forces don’t care, and will push for a ban regardless.

  13. avatar TX223 says:

    Thankfully, already NFA items. So, would be difficult to take away that unless they took all NFA items away…
    The rich owner of NFA items (businessmen and politicians) probably won’t like that.

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      It’s early, but I still think you’re going to win “dumbest thing said on the internet” for today.
      There are about 1 and a half million registered silencers in the US.

      1. avatar Greg says:

        There is no sporting use for silencers.😉

        1. Sez some dumbass who has never gone hunting…………

        2. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Larry look up, his joke went right over your head.

  14. avatar surlycmd says:

    The 41p rule eliminated CLEO signatures federally and everyone, trusts and individuals, need to submit prints and pictures now.

    A FREE REPUBLIC does not restrict nor eliminate rights because a Citizen abuses their rights. That is the core argument.

  15. avatar Sua Sponte says:

    So there have been what, two instances in which a suppressor was used in the commission of a crime in the last 100 years so they are a threat and must be abolished? Yeah that makes sense. How many cars are utilized in the commission of crimes each year? How many baseball bats? How many hammers? How many knives? How many metal pipes? And even better, we have morons who think a pistol grip on a rifle somehow magically makes the rifle able to launch nuclear missiles making laws. God how I despise these people.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “So there have been what, two instances in which a suppressor was used in the commission of a crime in the last 100 years…”

      NFA *registered* suppressors…

      1. avatar Indy Jones says:

        That’s one more than the number of bump stocks used in a crime…

        1. avatar 300BlackoutFan says:

          Oooo, you’re so clever with that one. How many people have been killed with baseball bats? Or hammers? How many of those were registered. So, Indy Jones, when a person uses something in an unlawful way, the rest of us lawful people suffer. That’s a great, non-freedom loving attitude you have.

    2. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “So there have been what, two instances in which a suppressor was used in the commission of a crime in the last 100 years so they are a threat and must be abolished? ”

      I have not personally researched this but in my area a nut case tried to assassinate his whole family with a machine gun and a silencer all legally registered. His son succeeded in killing him in a gun battle when he tried to break down the door of his sons home.

      1. avatar jwm says:


        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          No fucking shit. This guy is ridiculous.

      2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        ‘Vlad’, your credibility is zero-point-*zero*…

    3. avatar Sua Sponte says:

      The ATF confirmed that silencers are rarely used in crimes despite their explosion in popularity. The agency has only recommended prosecutions for 44 silencer-related crimes per year over the past decade. That means roughly .003 percent of silencers are used in crimes each year. Of those 44 crimes per year, only 6 involved defendants with prior felony convictions.

  16. avatar Dude says:

    “And this is why President Trump has never and will never receive my vote.” Thank you for empowering the people that want to take away your 15 round handgun and AR.

    1. avatar HellBilly says:

      And at this rate Trump will support banning those too, by next election cycle.

  17. avatar Stateisevil says:

    Man I miss Obungo. At least “conservatives” resisted the anti gun agenda then. Ridiculous that suppressors aren’t unregulated accessories like springs and muzzle brakes. If you let the government make something illegal, it is almost never legalized again. The NFA is here to stay and expand. We do not demand our rights back, so we cannot regain them.

    1. avatar Dude says:

      I think it was an emotional, off the cuff response. Trump’s a bit of a blowhard. I know everyone’s nervous after the bumpstock situation, but I wouldn’t read too much into this.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Why. the. fuck. should we NOT read in to this, *especially* in light of the bump stock ban? Jesus you people are hopeless. You probably have already forgotten his bully-pulpit promotion of red flag laws now sweeping the nation, as well as the No Fly No Buy bill that’d have landed anyone the government cared to identify on a secret list that makes buying firearms illegal. That’s just the past handful of years.

        1. avatar Dude says:

          We’ll see, but I don’t think he has campaigned against suppressors. He’s made plenty of statements, that he wasn’t prepared for, that have been in direct contrast to his actual policy. He gave an emotional response about something he knows nothing about. I agree that people should let him know that he’s wrong. If people let him know by intentionally not voting for him, then the joke will be on them when a Democrat wins. Eradication of firearms is the tip of the radical agenda that they want.

    2. avatar Bob says:

      Clearly Stateisevil didn’t live through the 1994 AWB. Muzzle Brakes were very much regulated by BATFE. As for Springs, look no further than the Akins Accelerator and how BATFE declared it a machine gun.

  18. avatar Dennis Sumner says:

    Thankfully the bill of rights was not based on who liked what at that particular time. A constitutionalists will win in 2020.

    1. avatar Dude says:

      So you support constitutionalist Justin Amash?

      1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

        Having beclowned himself agitating for Trump’s impeachment, Amash has slid off the rails of relevance into kook country. He is no one to be taken seriously; he is only someone to be primaried.

        Take a look at his GOP primary opponent, Michigan state representative Rep. Jim Lower.

        1. avatar Dude says:

          I know. That’s my point.

      2. avatar Wiregrass says:

        Yes , don’t dare to have an original thought and say what you’re thinking these days. We prefer thin skinned assholes that take us for granted over constitutionalists.

  19. avatar FB says:

    He’s allowing the left to manipulate him.
    Trump Jr needs to have a son to father discussion about this topic.

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Donald Trump Jr doesn’t give a damn. His wealth puts him above the petty issues. If he enjoys shooting so much and they regulate it. He can simply found a company to manufacture such products and he can play with them as much as he wants as the company owner. The business doesn’t even need to make a profit.

      He clearly is removed from his Father.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Indeed; he’s either merely “delivering the gun vote” for daddy and doesn’t give a shit, or he is almost completely estranged from his father’s decision-making circle. Hell, maybe both.

      2. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

        If a company persists in negative earnings with no discernible legitimate business purpose, say, like a research stage biotech firm, for example, then owners of such companies run the risk of the IRS reclassifying their enterprise as a hobby, not a business. That would carry a lot of back taxes, interests, possibly penalties, or worse, if the IRS determined the whole thing was a fraud to begin with. Sure, he could write a check and make much of that go away. Still, it’d be one more political crap storm to deal with in an election year.

  20. avatar uncommon_senes says:

    What more could the President or the ATF do to limit suppressor ownership?

    That is incredibly simple: understaff the ATF division that processes applications to own suppressors. If a single employee only dedicates four hours per week to processing applications, that will effectively eliminate new ownership.

    And THAT is why we cannot allow licensing and permitting infringements, no matter how easy, cheap, and fast the licensing or permitting process is: because any future administration could simply refuse to staff that activity and bring firearms ownership to a grinding halt.

    1. avatar 300BlackoutFan says:

      MLK once stated, “A Right Delayed is a Right Denied”. I believe the NFA falls squarely into that category.

  21. avatar Warlocc says:

    Let’s just keep voting Republican like good hillbillies, ’cause anything else is “voting demtard”. It’s working so great for gun owners, isn’t it?

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      At the same time, there isn’t really another good alternative either. It’s a crappy situation.

      1. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

        There are two awesome alternatives. Don’t vote or write in Vemin Supreme or something.

        You just have to forget this silly idea that one or the other wing of the single ruling party will give you want you want. Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and major party pro-RKBA candidates don’t exist. So what, the sun will still rise. Let it wash over you that no matter who gets elected, you’re not getting a present.

        And don’t freak out and blame me or blow it out of proportion or demand stuff from me that no one is seriousely offering like a plan to get back the full RKBA. There might be a path forward for gun rights but it’s a matter of luck if so. It’s not garunteed to us, people live their whole lives with their rights infringed.

        1. avatar J says:

          Free pony!
          Zombie power!

    2. avatar Arc says:

      Might vote democrat just to put the country out of its misery faster.

  22. avatar Icabod says:

    A .35 pistol fires at 157-162 decibels. That results in hearing loss. A decibel level of 140 is painful.
    Using the suppressor “may” reduce the decibel level by 30. It depends on the suppressor, ammunition and weapon.
    What does a decibel level of 130 sound like? Listen to a jack hammer or ambulance siren. Jets taking off only hit120 decibels. Car horns at 1meter or only 110 decibels.
    Can you hear a car horn in the next room? In the same house? Outside on the street?
    Seems some of these “experts” and politicians get their information from a Hollywood.×11.pdf_5399b289427535.32730330.pdf

  23. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    newsradio (traffic and weather on the eights) this morning actually said, “the shooter used two .45’s, one of which had a silencer that allowed him to sneak up on his victims.”

    pure gold.

    1. avatar rt66paul says:

      Did he wear tennis shoes?

  24. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

    This is probably the only time I have or ever will agree with Trump. Seriously there is absolutely no reason to own a silencer.

    1. They were originally banned because poachers were using them to decimate game animals.

    2. When hunting if you do not know where other hunters are because their shots are muffled or even not heard you could accidentally fire in their direction and kill people and visa versa.

    3. Assassins have long used them and maniacs like the one in Virginia would never have killed twelve people that day if he had not had one one his gun. It was right smack in front of a police department who never heard him murder a guy right outside in the parking lot and the people in the bldg. now say they did not know what was happening or what or where the muffled noise was coming from.

    4. The out house gang often will blast away in their back yards with them because in their total ignorance they believe since their is no noise there is no danger but ricochets often kill their neighbors children outside at play. What irresponsible Morons and we want people like this buying silencers over the counter or even with the long, long original vetting process. Get real, confiscate them all now and melt them down and have a much safer America now. In the past few people owned them but now even with the current long vetting the amount of people that now own them is frightening, its no wonder a mass murder with them did not happen much sooner.


    1. avatar Manse Jolly says:

      Just stop already.

      Next you’ll be posting the pistols used were Glocks and even more super-duper deadly.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      I looked into it; there’s no evidence cans were banned in 34 because of poaching concerns. Surprised me, too. The congressional record of the time shows some jackass basically said “can we ban these, too?” and they were added to the bill without any further debate. He offered no reason for restricting them, and none was requested.

      1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

        “I looked into it; there’s no evidence cans were banned in 34 because of poaching concerns. Surprised me, too. The congressional record of the time shows some jackass basically said “can we ban these, too?” and they were added to the bill without any further debate. He offered no reason for restricting them, and none was requested.”

        I do not have a copy of the Congressional record in front of me right now but there was a long debate last night on the News and they said that yes indeed that banning them was because of them being used for poaching. I would say if it was not in the Congressional Record it does not necessarily mean that they did not discuss this and do it because of the problem and discuss it off the record. They may have kept it “off the record” for political reasons. Hunting back then was way more popular than it is now and angering the hunters or insulting them may have been a factor on keeping the real reason low key.

        Also in the State I live in we had a poaching gang that killed hundreds of deer and when caught they had a combination of rifles that were not only low noise but some of their weapons did indeed have silencers on them. So there is first hand evidence in modern times proving that yes poachers are not morons they do indeed use them.

        1. avatar jwm says:


        2. avatar barnbwt says:

          Most likely it was the *fear* of poaching by ranchers; we were in the midst of a Depression, if you’ll remember, and millions were starving while migrating across open country in search of sustenance.

          Meanwhile, FDR had federal agents going door to door and slaughtering the cattle of small & subsistence ranchers (such as my family), in order to prop up prices for the large concerns that supported him politically. They’d pour fuel oil on the carcasses & set them on fire so the owners couldn’t even salvage the meat from their handful of dairy & breeding cattle.

        3. avatar Nickel Plated says:

          Lol, “the news” said it? Really?

          I thought you were full of shit before. Now I know for sure.

          The news. That’s funny right there.

    3. avatar barnbwt says:

      Hunters don’t fire their guns every few minutes to tell each other where they are located. That’s a moronic concern borne of frightful ignorance.

    4. avatar B.D. says:

      They’re called suppressors. Never silencers.

      And you are an idiot.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        They are most definitely ‘silencers,’ regardless of ASA’s stupid & pointless PR campaign. The law says ‘silencer,’ Hiram Maxim said ‘silencer,’ –you’re basically arguing Band-Aid vs. adhesive bandage, here.

        That is the *least* of Vlad’s idiocy, so let’s not dwell on it.

        1. avatar Anymouse says:

          Hiram Percy Maxim was the inventor. His father, Hiram Maxim, invented the first practical machine gun.

        2. avatar B.D. says:

          well…. damn. Learn something new everyday.

          Honestly though, given the gun grabbers arguments, I will never refer to them as such.

      2. avatar Charlie Foxtrot says:

        Patent US1482805A says they are silencers:

    5. avatar barnbwt says:

      The only assassins that have used silencers historically…were agents of the government. Oddly enough, the two nations that made the most use of silencers for covert operations historically (the US and Russia) are one of very few that strictly regulate or ban their use by civilians. That’s what we call a ‘tell.’

      Secondly, police and victims were able to hear this guy just fine once he began shooting; the police took 20min to engage him because he was on the second & third floors, and the cops were cowering down on the first waiting for him to run out of ammo or something. An unsuppressed gun would not have been audible in the building next door, either. Massive ignorance fail yet again.

      1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

        “Secondly, police and victims were able to hear this guy just fine once he began shooting;”

        Your wrong on this one too. The nut case had two guns not one and the other gun did not have a silencer so naturally when he ran low on ammo in one gun it was faster just to start blasting with the other one rather than stop and reload the one with the silencer. Again people interviewed in the building said they did not and or could not figure out where the noise was coming from as to whether it was inside or outside because it was muffled. And not one cop came rushing out of the police department when the nut case killed a guy out in the parking lot. That alone should tell everyone how efficient the deadly sinister death dealing silencer from hell was.

        1. avatar Manse Jolly says:

          “…That alone should tell everyone how efficient the deadly sinister death dealing silencer from hell was….”

          That’s freakin’ Gold right there!!


    6. avatar barnbwt says:

      Your number four is full of such loathsome, bigoted ignorance it’s not even worth addressing. I will only say, that you shooting your mouth off with such lack of regard for what you know or don’t know squat about, is *at least* as dangerous and irresponsible as anything a person could do with a firearm.

    7. avatar Ing says:

      I don’t think you and I even live in the same world.

    8. Vlad Tepes will announce that he, also, is running for the Presidency under the Democratic platform, soon.

      1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

        “Vlad Tepes will announce that he, also, is running for the Presidency under the Democratic platform, soon.”

        Neet-o-Keen that is the best post I read in along time. Till now I never considered it. Food for thought. I could easily out radical “The Burn”

        1. avatar B.D. says:

          The sad part is that you are proud of being an imbecile.

    9. avatar Charlie Foxtrot says:

      Absolute nonsense and void of any facts!

      For example, silencers are completely unregulated in the UK and it is considered polite to use them for hunting. If you ever had any hunter education, then you would know that one does not hunt by hearing or not hearing gun shots. The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting anyway.

      Also, silencers were never banned in the US by federal law. They were taxed to get John Dillinger & Co on tax evasion.

      You clearly have never heard a suppressed .45 ACP (135-140 db near the muzzle).

    10. avatar jwm says:

      citations? You’re such a well established liar around here it’s impossible to believe anything you say without documentation.

  25. avatar Joe says:

    If Trump decides to outlaw suppressors, I will NOT vote for him in the 2020 election. Granted, it is throwing away my vote to the 20-something Demon Rats who want the ultimate gun control, but at this point, Trump is starting to look just like the Democrats when it comes to gun control. The only difference is, he is doing it a little at a time. The Democrats would just as soon do it all at once. It makes me wonder if Trump was ever a true, Second Amendment supporter in the first place, or if he was just blowing hot air to get gun lovers to vote for him?

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Keep asking that question. I mean, *I* know the answer is obvious, but I also recognize an awful lot of his supporters simply never even asked the question, and just reflexively lashed out at anyone who raised objections to his record throughout the campaign. Please keep asking the question, and not just of Trump, but all your elected reps.

      -Banned bump stocks (and by extensions opposes MGs)
      -Opposed to silencers (at least he’s not trying to ban them, yet)
      -Supports red flag laws
      -Supported higher age restrictions on owners
      -Supported No Fly No Buy bans on gun purchases
      -Has never been filmed shooting a gun (I’ve not even heard secondhand accounts)
      -Has never been filmed holding a gun (I believe both the lever action & flintlock he was gifted by the NRA were replicas)
      -Considering his son is a huge silencer proponent, I would hazard a guess Trump has never shot with him (or he’d have some exposure to silencers; no one that has ever shot with one has ever disliked them. Ever.)
      -Supported AWBs and the usual Brady stuff in years past, less so recently
      -Supposedly owns a SIG pistol and has the NYC carry permit that only rich & politically-connected Democrat supporters have, but again, no hard evidence of this

    2. avatar User1 says:

      Trump is very anti gun for the poor and the American people outside the elitist circle. He wants things like stop and frisk, stronger background checks, gun confiscation powers, rapid fire bans, suppressor bans, etc. He is a Democrat after all.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Ah yes; I forget the stop & frisk support (which is more of an anti-gun thing than a racist thing, outside the democrat party)

  26. avatar B.D. says:

    I would have honestly rather had Hillary for president. Can’t believe I even just said that. At least then the war would be unavoidable. Let’s get it over with. Honestly, if you voted for either of those idiots in the last election you’re just as bad as the rest of them. the system has failed. The idiots running the system have failed. Quit fucking around and let’s kick some doors down.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Ha! In that alternate-reality, she’d have seen her over-reaching gun control efforts frustrated by a united Republican opposition, and given up by now to focus on cultivating money-making schemes with foreigners. We’d have seen an unfriendly & corrupt business climate that limited growth, but we also wouldn’t be losing generational freedoms without protest. Hell, she may have even gotten so bold in her corruption as to be impeached, by now (or at least be facing a 2/3 majority of House and Senate)

    2. avatar Cooper says:

      “…let’s kick some doors down…”

      Go ahead tough-guy no one’s stopping you.

      Just make sure you put those initials B.D. on your Ninja suit so we know it’s you while doing your perp walk.

      1. avatar B.D. says:

        Well, we know where you stand. Just hand em over now.

  27. avatar Mark says:

    Before we all jump off the bridge and vote for Hillary Mach 2 (Joe Biden), let’s just wait and see how this plays out. If he sells us out again then he’s done in 2020. But for now, he still gets my vote because there are no other options!

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Enough. We had to listen to fools like you saying “wait & see” for a solid year after he announced he was going to ban bump stocks. Even during the final days before the ban was to become legally effective, we still heard you fools saying it wasn’t real, that the reg didn’t really cover bump stocks, that it wouldn’t be enforced, that it was all a ruse to get in front of a judge, that it’d be enjoined immediately, and many other such excuses.

      Enough denial; it’s a luxury none of us can afford, since we’re not billionaires. The man is anti-gun and does not respect our civil liberties. Accept it, and determine for yourself if the remainder of his policy stances are still worth supporting despite that.

      1. avatar Charlie Foxtrot says:

        There was no need to wait & see for the bump stock ban. The “Application of the Definition of Machinegun to “Bump Fire” Stocks and Other Similar Devices” was published 12/26/2017, less than two months after the Las Vegas shooting and the NRA’s call for “further regulation”. If you waited for a year to figure out that bump stocks were about to get banned, then you clearly haven’t paid attention or listened to the wrong people.

      2. avatar Mark says:

        He might be antigun, but still far less antigun than EVERYONE on the Dem side so you still have no options you retard.

        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          Does a retard support anti-gun politicians? I’m inclined to think so. And since I’m *not* retarded, that leaves me only the one option…

          Maybe if the real retards would quit supporting leaders with well-documented histories of being anti-gun, it wouldn’t put the rest of us in a moral bind? It’s not like we weren’t ringing alarm bells during the primaries, so you can’t feign ignorance.

          “But he’s less anti-gun” has got to rank up there with “nobody needs” as far as Fuddy statements that do more to harm gun owners than even honest, anti-gun actvism. Chasing “less anti-gun” has left us options that are only shades of anti-gun. And you call *me* retarded. Unbelievable.

        2. avatar John in Ohio says:

          Apparently, you are conversing with morons, barnbwt.

      3. avatar EWTHeckman says:

        We certainly will see, and nearly certainly before the next election, possibly before the primaries. I certainly hope so about the latter.

        The discussion about how Hillary’s gun grabbing would have been blocked is why Trump should never have even won the nomination. We need a fighter who actually respects the entire Constitution and the principles behind it. Trump is not that man.

        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          Bingo. Hopefully we can find someone who’s flashy surface and also still gives a damn about doing right by the country…we’re doomed.

      4. avatar Sebastian says:

        @BARNBWT “…Maybe if the real retards would quit supporting leaders with well-documented histories of being anti-gun, it wouldn’t put the rest of us in a moral bind…”

        One day I would like to meet you, so then I can tell everyone I met the perfect person.

        Your “moral bind” is because of people like you, unless you have the perfect candidate you sit out the election. Look it up, the butt hurt republicans who sit out election after election waiting for the perfect candidate.

        At this moment I am enjoying Vlad’s comments more than yours, at least Vlad knows he is full of shit.

        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          So, not banning guns for no reason too much to ask, now? You call yourself pro-gun with an outlook like that? You like those “arc of history” liberals claiming their way is justified by its inevitability.

          I bet you liked Trump because “he was a fighter,” yes? Was that because you thought he’d fight so your lazy, cowardly, spineless ass wouldn’t have to stand up for anything?

    2. avatar User1 says:

      The Democrats have over 20 options. The Republicans put up 1. We lose either way.

      Most of America is anti gun in some way. The NRA has done a horrible job at education.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Negotiating Rights Away has done its job very well.

  28. avatar User1 says:

    Then she heard what she describes as a “nail gun.”

    She describes hearing a nail gun and some pops. She didn’t know it was a firearm, but she heard it. This is typical of people that lack firearm knowledge. They tend to think gun shots are firecrackers, nail guns or pellet/airsoft guns.

    Suppressors are not silent, not even with sub sonics. Indoors they are much louder than you think. You have to go down in caliber and use them “wet” to get that “whisper quiet” sound. A major difference, when up close, is the different kind of gun sounds a suppressor creates. At far distances suppressors do mask the location of sub sonic shots, they don’t mask the direction of super sonic rounds, but they do make it difficult to estimate the range of the attacker.

    The government doesn’t want you to have suppressors because fighting a militia with them is going to remove some of the information they need to bomb you into scraps of meat. They aren’t really trained to deal with the difference. They will be fearful when going against someone with a bolt gun and a suppressor.

  29. avatar DaveL says:

    You know, if they wanted to run with the anti-suppressor agitprop, they really should never have run with the stories about people on other floors, or even other buildings, hearing the gunshots.

  30. avatar User1 says:

    “People in gun violence prevention, led by law enforcement, had been warning this administration that silencers are particularly deadly because they cause confusion in shootings and make it hard to recognize gunfire.” –BATF agent

  31. avatar Bunny says:

    I really think this is Trump being uneducated. Don JR is pretty knowledgeable on suppressors and the NRA would tell him Trump no if the suppressor talk came up.

    While I’m pretty unhappy with trump’s comment, he says a lot of dumb things. Let’s wait and see how this plays out before making sweeping proclamations about 2020

    1. avatar User1 says:

      Last time Trump made anti 2nd Amendment comments he personally passed gun control and signed fix NICS. He called for red flag laws, which lead to many states padding it within a year. He also told Republicans not to put up any pro 2nd Amendment bills and stop being afraid the NRA. He also ordered his AG to advocate for stop and frisk of black neighborhoods and to punish gun crimes to the fullest extent of the law regardless of circumstances. He hired another anti 2nd Amendment AG and is trying to get an anti 2nd Amendment law enforcement guy to run the BATF (great timing).

      Sounds a lot like Obama. At least Obama was a great gun and ammo salesman.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      Always with the benefit of the doubt, despite piles of evidence to the contrary at this point, even since his election, that the man is anti-gun, but sweet-talks the low-info NRA crowd (the kind that don’t seek or possess much gun knowledge) on occasion.

      Trump has a great brain, he has the best people, his own son is the most prominent spokesman for the American Suppressor Association; why is he so ignorant on this subject? He’s not ignorant, he simply does not support gun owners, so whenever something to do with guns is used to hurt people in a splashy media story, he tosses out the object of interest as deserving of a ban. “Doing something” rather than fixing the problem. Like a Democrat. Because that’s what he has always been; he was born & raised in NYC by elite blue-bloods –he doesn’t respect your civil right to keep & bear firearms. Nothing about his background or history or actions supports those bold assertions he made for six months during the campaign, nor has anything since. The answer is staring at you in bold, neon lights; accept it. It doesn’t mean you can’t support him or shouldn’t vote for him unless you’re a one-issue gun rights voter, but you can’t keep living in denial & expect things to change.

  32. avatar Charlie Foxtrot says:

    While SilencerCo is offering good feedback to news media on silencers, the NRA is busy with its own scandals and American gun owners fear the NRA’s next betrayal is just around the corner.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      I’m a huge NRA critic…but the NRA hasn’t come out denouncing silencers, so far. I think that’s an important thing to take note of. I think that unlike bump stocks, the silencer industry does have deep enough pockets to buy political protection from LaPierre’s cronies.

  33. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

    Even though I am terrified of dogs I would gladly face the “Hound of the Baskervilles” complete with glowing red phosphorus mask around his viscous eyes and snarling muzzle in the dead of the fog and night upon the lonely Moore’s than face the “silencer from hell” and the evil maniacal grin on the face of the denizen of death that stalks the night. He will soon becoming to your neighborhood the law of averages guarantees it.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      Dogs don’t like cunts like you hence I can understand why you are terrified of them. Hopefully a Rottweiler bites into your jugular someday.

  34. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

    Don’t miss my new book “Sherlock Vlad and the 2nd coming of the Hound of the Basekervilles” as I use by Webley Vickers huge and deadly silenced automatic in .471 Lumbaker to gun down the monster dog from hell. No one of the paramilitary lunatic fringe should be without one. Water Mitty move over.

  35. avatar MMurcek says:

    Going to say it. Going to get flame for it. Don’t care. When suppressors suddenly became a “thing'” (and it was out-of-nowhere sudden) lots of people went from concentrating on carry reciprocation to “I want my toy and I want it right now.” So we didn’t get carry reciprocation and the toys may go the way of bump stocks. Blame it entirely on Trump if that makes you feel better about yourself, but everything in life is a tradeoff and the suppressor tradeoff sucks.

    1. avatar HellBilly says:

      I agree with you to an extent, focusing on suppressors instead of more important fights like reciprocity, open carry, and constitutional carry was a dumb idea. Reciprocity actually had a chance to be passed and it would’ve been an absolute turning point victory for us. Just as big as heller, if not moreso. Forcing the anti gun states to accept carry would’ve broken the anti gunners backs. However, this is not something we can just forgive Trump over. He’s steadily getting more and more pro gun control. He’s slipping down that slippery slope fast and it won’t be long before he wants ARs banned too.

    2. avatar Charlie Foxtrot says:

      Absolute garbage and void of any facts.

      H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 passed the Republican-controlled House in December 2017. Then it stalled in the Senate as there were no 60 votes for it!

      H.R.367 – Hearing Protection Act of 2017 did not even pass the Republican-controlled House and S.1505 – Silencers Help Us Save Hearing Act or the SHUSH Act went nowhere in the Senate.

      No pro-gun legislation was going to pass in the 115th Congress as there was no 60 vote majority for it in the Senate. That is a fact! Stop daydreaming and face reality! Stop throwing other gun owners under the bus!

      1. avatar MMurcek says:

        Half the gun owners I meet belong under a train rather than a bus. Be as blind to that as you please.

        1. avatar Charlie Foxtrot says:

          As I said, your argument is absolute garbage and void of any facts. The fact is that silencer deregulation pretty quickly lost steam, while national reciprocity did not and made it even through the House.

          You are not only ill informed, but also attack the wrong people. Be as ignorant to that as you please.

    3. avatar Manse Jolly says:

      There is no way..EVER..that the upper New England States will allow universal CCW from outside.

      Ain’t going to happen. National Reciprocity is the ultimate unicorn.

      Doesn’t matter what SCOTUS says, doesn’t matter what Congress or the President says.

      Those States so inclined will simply ignore it, similar to sanctuary cities, State legal Pot ect

      just my opinion, hope I’m wrong…but don’t think I am.

    4. avatar barnbwt says:

      Carry reciprocation would have meant an *enormous* game-changing defeat for *all* the big anti-gun strongholds. Sorry, it wasn’t happening; just as the anti’s don’t have the political clout to pass a law ordering door-to-door confiscations, we don’t have the clout to demand they allow us into their urban enclaves with guns on our hips as they deny their own residents via onerous permitting rules. Even if it was passed, it would simply be ignored, much like FOPA is ignored and gun transport is still risky as all get out in these areas despite ‘federal protection.’

      Modifying the ATF licensing system so the same check is performed (seriously; the ATF just runs a NICS check on top of all the paperwork & fingerprints which get filed) and the silencer is registered to an owner same as before, while leaving in place the local bans & restrictions on silencers in the usual states, is so much less Quixotically ambitious and realistic it shouldn’t even be considered a big deal, let alone some monumental battle for the ages. The only reason we gun owners built it up in our minds that way was because we’ve been so conditioned to accept bread crumbs (if that) that when an actual morsel was served up, we weren’t sure we could eat it all.

      Reciprocity was like one of those “if you can eat all 72oz the steak is free” type deals. There was never any way it was going to happen, and that’s not even factoring in how much weaker and venal the supposed “gun caucus” in congress really was than they had claimed all these years. Eyes > Stomach.

  36. avatar possum, destroyer of arachnids says:

    How much better does a suppressor make a fire gunm as a killing machine? Increased velocity, nope, more accurate, nope , less noise , yup. Now does less noise make that machine any better at killing, nope . , , , , , , Trump, hah, at one time I worked for one of his company’s, he was an asshole then and a Tiger doesn’t change its stripes. “Well he’s the best we got”, really, so this is what it’s come down to. Rattlesnakes or Cottonmouths. America we need you now, don’t you know we can’t fight alone against this monster.

  37. avatar AftDeck says:

    I can’t understand people destroying their base of voters with this language.

    He does not know guns ..he just takes the NRA Fudd approach….

    We know his sons know much more about guns and are more pro#2a

    If i was dumb on guns and had reasonable intelligence i would tell the media we will be looking into everything after the official reports come out….

    Suppressors are safety devices…and child safety devices.

    Why do we have to ruin our hearing so we can’t talk to our family cuz we can’t hear them or carry on conversations in noisy places like a mall,airport etc….

    All gun owners,police,military have hearing loss…

    Tinnitus is a terrible thing to have and cause many suicides and problems sleeping or enjoying life……and the liberals say they want to prevent suicides and deaths yet more than 60,069,971 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 means nothing to leftist….

    Everybody that has already been borne seems to have something to say EXCEPT THE ONE BEING ABORTED THEY DO NOT HAVE A VOICE.

    Maybe late term abortion say up to 100yrs is good for leftist gun and Constitution haters.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      Do you just go around from form to form changing your name so you can rant about abortions? Shut the fuck up.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Like the angry old-guy version of “ooh! Squirrel!”

  38. avatar Rohn says:

    Suppressor or not, the gun and suppressor didn’t do the killing. This horrible person did. He could have use just about anything to kill.

  39. avatar Keyword Spam says:

    Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. We the people are hopelessly screwed.

  40. avatar Chuck says:

    I guarantee, there’s zero evidence that the suppressor enabled the shooter to be more effective. Or any of the other ridiculous claims being made. Zero, Zero, Zero. Tell the idiots to quit lying, or making unsupportable claims.

  41. avatar Knute(ken) says:

    So Trump has now come out in favor of permanent hearing loss? Somehow, I’m not surprised.

  42. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    Where has the NRA been on promoting suppressor use for hearing protection? Oh, I know. They are buying $3K suits and on vacation across the world.

    Does the NRA support anything other than double barreled shotguns and bolt action hunting rifles?

    You sure don’t seem to be educating their friend President Trump on anything related to firearms.

  43. avatar KGM says:

    No doubt POUTS will use his ATF to ban these, as he did “bump stocks”.

  44. avatar MLee says:

    He can hardly defend them right after the use. It will all go away soon enough.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      I remember that line from after the Vegas shooting…4D chess, amiright?

    2. avatar Knute(ken) says:

      Yeah. If he was to say anything politically incorrect, the press might turn against him…. 🙂
      Have you read any news at all over the past two years?

    3. avatar Red in CO says:

      I aid the same thing after Vegas, but I’m not saying that now. Fool me once….

  45. avatar John in Ohio says:

    But… But… But… 3D chess!

    AOC for president in 2020; the Constitution be damned.

  46. avatar Remorseful Buyer says:

    Can we please primary this guy out already and get someone in there who actually works for us? IGAF if Ted Cruz is really the Canadian Zodiac Killer, I’d rather have him at this point. I worked on Trump’s campaign, I donated a ton of money to him… this is what he gives me in return? Serious buyer’s remorse going on right now, really wanting a refund. I held my tongue with the bump stock thing, but that was a mistake, and a sign of things to come.

    What, now every time some moron does something we get a new item banned? Starting to sound like this is all planned out.

    Stop saying its a choice between him or a democrat, we can easily primary him out.

    Also watch as the NRA flips on us about this too, traitors that they are. There’s so many better gun rights groups out there who should be the focal point of our donations instead of that ineffectual bunch of effete political sycophants.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      “What, now every time some moron does something we get a new item banned? Starting to sound like this is all planned out.”

      Not planned; obvious. Trump supported gun control after *every* shooting event since he ran for president (and many before as well). I’m sure you recall hearing that from the Cruzers and Paul-bots during the primaries.

  47. avatar Hannibal says:

    Cops were supposedly there in like two minutes. Apparently his silencer wasn’t that silent. Who’d a thunk it? Maybe some of the surviving victims have less hearing damage.

  48. avatar Samuel Lee says:

    Once again …A gun free zone…Low capacity magazines too ….(at least 10+1) x two pistols..a “can” could be homemade- certainly enough info on the internet. Of course the city managers paint a picture of a perfectly normal employee!!! Of course he was angry (for some unjustified reason)…No criminal past either…!!
    When suicide is attached to a mass murder the perpetrator(s) have some warped altruistic cause or mental breakdown…Or he was just being “pushed out “ by the bean-counting upper management types that will never admit they abused the shooter and he snapped….regardless of any given scenario laws are only followed the the lawful…
    They’ll probably not opt in for more NFA restrictions, more likely the “waiting period” is their sole political optic that never stopped a madman. THE MUNICIPALITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH – is not telling the whole truth –

    1. avatar Knute(ken) says:

      Something as simple as an empty two liter soda bottle duct taped to the muzzle makes an effective suppressor. Cans are the easiest thing in the world to make at home. Don’t even need a workbench. They don’t let you see the sights and only last for a few shots and suck in lots of other ways, but it can still be done.

  49. avatar strych9 says:

    Eh, this is one I’ll reserve judgement on.

    I still don’t pretend to know what the thought process behind the bumpstock ban was and I’ll probably never know because Trump will claim victory regardless of the eventual outcome.

    However, that announcement was far more deliberate whereas this was an off-the-cuff remark made in response to a reporter’s question.

    I’m not a fan of his answer but I wouldn’t have expected him to say something like “Well, you know Darlene, I love silencers. They’re great and we really need more of them. We’re going to make shoot fun, protect people’s hearing and Bloomberg is going to pay for it. Also, manufacturing jobs. These cheap Chinese silencers on the internet? We can make those here. So we’re going to crack down on imports and put America back to work. Make shooting quiet again!”.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Well, he campaigned on passing the HPA, so…

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Someone on his staff checked a box that he should put it on his platform (and then never do anything with it once elected).

        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          Obviously; but he still campaigned on it, nonetheless

  50. avatar M1Lou says:

    What is truly insane is the whack a mole mentality of the media and the “gun safety” crowd displays when anything bad happens. Someone used a silencer to murder people? Ban them all! Someone used a rifle to murder people? Ban them all! Someone used a police style shotgun to murder people? Ban them all! This is why those people can’t be taken seriously. Screwing millions because the actions of a few is not what this country was built upon. People need to stop doing this.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      “People need to stop doing this.”

      Why would they stop when it’s working so well for them?
      The long game favors tyranny. Tyrants bleed the liberty from a people. It’s what tyrants do.

  51. avatar TAco says:

    Should we get rid of mufflers on cars? What ever happened to hearing protection? Isn’t hearing safety important? This is the first time we’ve had an NFA weapon used in a violent crime in a long time. Let’s not forget this was done in a gun free zone… This trump is a moron. Thinking we need to get ourselves a new pro-2A candidate and kick this guy to the curb.

  52. avatar Anthony "Imperium" says:

    1st time poster, long time reader. Trump is a fucking moron. Always has been, always will be. I see a lot of posts here about voting for the lesser of two evils. I gotta tell ya, not all Democrats are anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment. I know quite a few people who consider themselves Democrats who are gun owners and who stand by the 2nd Amendment. Myself personally, My political views are more conservative. I’m all for small government, fiscal responsibility, less regulation. Socially, i’m quite liberal. I mind my own life. Don’t care about gays getting married, what gender people associate themselves with, or what a woman does with her own body. Don’t care what ridiculous superstitious, invisible sky wizards people believe in, (I consider all religion fairy tales and detrimental to the human race.) just don’t preach or push your bullshit on me.

    I’m also a firm believer in the Constitution of our great country. (MAGA?! Fuck that, our country has always been great!) I am a Marine (91-96) and consider myself a patriot. I own many guns. AR’s, Shotguns, Non-NFA firearms (lol), several Glocks. (I carry a Glock 32 everywhere I GO. I haven’t taken the plunge on a suppressor yet because I feel it is absolutely ridiculous that it’s an NFA item.

    I don’t know why anyone would be surprised the orange ass-clown would have this attitude towards suppressors. He BANNED bump stocks! For fucks sake, everyone should’ve been horrified by THAT! Not to mention, he Associates with dictators, loves Putin. He shitting on our Constitution and the government our founding fathers set up! Three branches of government. Checks and balances. He wants to be KING. (Which if I recall our founding fathers fought a war to get away from!) He really is a piece of shit. I also thought Hillary was an awful choice for President.

    In order for either political party to confiscate and get rid of guns it would require getting rid of the Second Amendment. It would require a mending the Constitution. I highly doubt that that would happen as you would never get enough states to ratify it.

    I often wonder would you want to be one of the groups of people going door-to-door saying that they’re here to collect people’s guns? Yeah that shit isn’t ever gonna happen. It could have at one point but there are far too many guns out there in the hands of civilians now.

    What can happen though, is these idiots like Donald Trump and the majority of politicians in Washington. (Republicans and Democrats) can ban arbitrary things like bump stocks, suppressors, etc. That’s scary shit. That’s not FREEDOM. Look for astronomical price hikes on ammo and magazines.

    Trumps a MORON, there isn’t one decent person running for President. But if we let IQ45 have another 4 years i’m really worried about the future of the country and our Constitution.

    By the way, Orange Ass-clown was a lifelong Democrat. He only said he was a conservative Republican because it was the ONLY way he could have a legit run for the office.

    I don’t know who should be the next President should be, I just know that tool shouldn’t or we are all fucked. He should be impeached. I’m your everyday Joe, and I read the Mueller report and it’s redacted form and even I can see that the guy obstructed Justice numerous times. (Although I personally think he’s too fucking stupid to conspired with the Russians.)

    Not all Democrats are bad, (Maybe all the ones running for President but not all of em.) just as I believe all Republicans aren’t all bad. We need to come together to protect the constitution and all it’s amendments from the IDIOTS IN WASHINGTON AND THE WHITE HOUSE!

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      First off: I like your style. Now onto some key points.

      They won’t come for your/our guns. They will seize assets and tax you until you hand them over or die. That is how the war will start. As for the changes to the 2A, they are being made little by little. Even being forced to conceal is one of them.

      Now let’s go get a beer.

    2. avatar Ozzallos says:

      I really want to know who you voted for in the last election because its easy to snipe at somebody from the internet cloak of anonymity without putting your own pick out there.

      Trump has done two very, very important things just by existing–

      1. He’s completely unhinged the left, exposing just how batshit crazy they are. Even people we once considered okeedokee like Beck went all cheeto-face and admitted he would have voted Hillary. The media, the pillar of news transparency, has absolutely exposed themselves as collaborators. Hollywood is driving themselves off the cliff, ripping the mask off just to take shots at him. No other canidate in 2016 would have done this and withstood the firestorm it created. My pick was Ted Cruz, but even he wouldn’t have had this affect on the leftist media complex. As a result, the entire United States is becoming aware of how criminally bias the media state is and how the democratic party isn’t the voice of reason.

      2. Court nominations. These are probably more important than anything else he does in office. I want a wall, I want suppressors, but have you seen the harassment he gets just from courts blocking half the policy he tries to implement? He can’t even get a travel ban from *terrorist* countries without a liberal court saying fuck you, and somehow you think suppressors are going to get past congress? LOL. His nominations are largely conservative. He has a list of them and he’s been slowly getting them through.

      3. Did you know he reverse Obama’s decree on the usage of lead ammunition on gov’t land? Did you know he reverse Obama’s prohibitions concerning “mental health”? Hell, even TTAG barely pays attention to this shit because half the editors can’t look down past the end of their never!Trump noses. What else? Trump Reverses Obama Gun Ban On Social Security Recipients…

      But sure, you all lose your shit over a comment about something that will never see the light of day as long as the dems control the house.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        1) This is entertainment, pure bread & circuses (well, maybe just circuses). The left being ‘mad’ doesn’t actually budge the needle in our direction, and as we’ve seen, has the practical effect of motivating them. Our side got mad, briefly, after Newtown (“I WILL NOT COMPLY” “YOUR DEAD CHILDREN DO NOT TRUMP MY RIGHTS”) and lo, and behold, we were motivated and unified enough to avoid the sweeping gun control we all feared. The ‘left’ is made of factions; so long as some of them remain aloof & objective looking (and there will always be) that’s where their leaders will come from; politicians lie about their intentions & put on a face for the cameras. That doesn’t change because Trigglypuff has a tantrum.
        2) We’ll see in exactly two days how much these court appointments are actually worth. SCOTUS is ruling on whether possession of silencers is covered by the RKBA (what convenient timing). If they rule cans are covered as ‘arms,’ then so will be every other gun accessory in short order; mag bans and feature bans would fall like dominoes. That is why I strongly suspect that is *not* what will happen, and instead we’ll get some mealy-mouthed Heller-style garbage about how silencers are “unusually dangerous” or whatever.
        3) He banned rapid-fire shooting single-handed, immediately out lawing 200,000 bump stocks for starters. Obama tossed a hail-mary buzzer-beater with the lead thing that was never going to go anywhere, and tried to ban possession for a few hundred senile geezers. It’s not even close to the same scope of action, and we’re only three years into this guy’s tenure. The biggest thing he’s doing for “us” is dropping Obama’s ITAR restrictions on small arms stuff, which allows struggling US businesses to sell overseas much easier. That’s still pretty meaningless for the average US gun owner, though.

        It’s not about being a “never Trump,” it’s about not being a deluded moron chaining their own ego to an abuser.

    3. avatar Who Cares says:

      I love it man! I consider myself a progressive liberal and I love the shit out of all my guns AND suppressors! I have completed the rigmarole of obtaining multiple suppressor through the ATF&E process. I agree with you 100%, this orange dip shit has to go or all of us, and democracy, are FUCKED!

  53. avatar Anthony "Imperium" says:

    Also, I love this site. Lots of great info here!

    1. avatar Ronald West says:

      How stupid are u it doesn’t matter what kind of gun or knife, stick, rock, rope, car u use its not the items. It’s the one using gun,knife, stick, rock, ect. Ever harmed anyone without a evil helper making it do so.

  54. avatar Rustybore says:

    Republcrat? Demopublcan? Niether. Libertarian sound good to me, and I don’t need to hold my nose while in the voting booth…

  55. avatar Will Drider says:

    Simple: based on past practice, DOJ Lawyers will state the ATF got it wrong “AGAIN”, Change the definition of sound suppression devices to be “Machineguns” (because they say so, “AGAIN”) and Ban with mandatory turn in of every since one made since 1986. No grandfathering with MG/Parts. They will get the rest with the total ban on all firearms and knives with blades over 3 inches.

    If DOJ can change Congersses specific written intent once, they can do it again. And Congress let them do it without so much as a whimper.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      They already changed their minds on “wipes” after thirty years of the contrary, so why not?

  56. avatar Larry Holmes says:

    Someone close to the president needs to take him to the range and teach him about firearms and the value of suppressors in target and Tactical recreational shooting. Easy fix!

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Many politicians need to be taken to the range.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Many politicians need an ass-beating, too.

        1. avatar Dennis Sumner says:

          Take em to the range but break em in slowly. Begin with making them target holders!

        2. avatar John in Ohio says:

          I didn’t say bring them back. 😉

    2. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “Someone close to the president needs to take him to the range and teach him about firearms and the value of suppressors in target and Tactical recreational shooting. Easy fix!”

      And that would absolute guarantee Trump would support a ban on silencers once he realized how dangerous to the public they are.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Tie your goat over there and hold this target for me.

  57. avatar Dave says:

    Primary, primary, primary.

  58. avatar Chris Morton says:

    1. This sounds like one of those things where somebody whispers in his ear and it gets quietly forgotten.
    2. What’s your alternative, Eric Swalwell?

  59. avatar Kyle in Upstate NY says:

    All the people losing their minds, let’s first wait and see if Trump actually does anything.

    1. avatar ozzallos says:


      Honestly, it’s the safe political move to make. No matter how much people hope there will suppressor reform, it’s never going to happen with the democrats controlling the house. Short of an executive order, suppressors aren’t going anywhere and he can say whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t take action against them.

      But sure. Pew pew, the sky is falling.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        God forbid Trump do something politically unpopular…

  60. avatar Manny says:

    The Bill to ban suppressors should included banning all automotive mufflers. A silent vehicle is more difficult to detect by pedestrians (including the vision and hearing impaired) and have been used to kill many innocent bystanders (more than gun suppressors, at least). Anyone in possession of a “silenced” vehicle should be consider in violation and subject to 10 years incarceration. Think about all the lives saved. Somebody once said, “Loud pipes save lives”.

  61. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

    Just in MSNBC NEWS says Virginia Governor will seek complete ban on silencers.

    1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      Since the Republicans are too cowardly every time to do what is morally right because of politics the States will now have to knock down the right to own silencers one State at a time.

      Is it not pathetic that according to the Constitution only the States actually have the right to regulate firearms but the Federal Government always steps in and over rules them Constitution or no Constitution except when the States want to ban firearms. Think about this.

      Technically a State could pass a law making it legal to buy new machine guns or silencers over the counter but since the Federal Government did away with State control of the National Guard the Feds rule over everyone Constitution or no Constitution. AS MAO ZEDUNG ONCE SAID “POWER COMES FROM THE BARREL OF A GUN” AND THE FEDS HAVE THE MOST AND BIGGEST GUNS”. Still think there would ever be another American revolution, if you do you believe in the tooth fairy as well.

      “Today is the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests and the only difference between the Chinese Dictatorship and the American Government is that the Chinese are wise enough to know they live under the jack boot of a ruthless dictatorship while the Americans are so damn dumb they think they live in a Democracy”. Vlad Tepes 2019

    2. avatar BOots says:

      The governor is a complete idiot. Who the phuck’s gonna obey a suppressor ban, the good gun owner or the criminal who knows how and has the tools to make a suppressor?

      Absolutepuckinglutely the governor needs to be called out on this, and publicly asked, “Every gun owner with a suppressor passes an FBI background check for approval of suppressor ownership. It’s true that your proposed ban would prevent law abiding Virginia citizens from owning a suppressor. It’s also true that madmen and murderers won’t give a flying hoot about your law. How, then, if murderers and madmen won’t obey your law, does it help Virginia citizens?”

  62. avatar Cambo says:

    I have one. It’s a muffler at best. I dont piss of the neighbors and disturb the wildlife. There is nothing bad about gun mufflers exept the added length and weight.

  63. avatar Boots says:

    “I don’t like them at all”.

    Who gives a flying phuck what you think, asswipe! Gun owners don’t give a rat’s ass what you like or don’t like about guns. They voted you in to PROTECT and PRESERVE their rights. Not PISS on them and TAKE THEM AWAY.

    For suppressors to be banned, Congress must pass a law modifying NFA ’34 to bann suppressors. Trump can’t ban them by himself, not even by Executive Order; as it would be immediately challenged in court, probably by GOA; possibly NRA also. Even ATF might have a hard time justifying to the court a ban on suppressors.

    I voted for Trump but he’s a complete idiot when it comes to guns, and his stance on bump stocks and now suppressors stinks to high heaven of liberal ignorance and arrogance.

    I might even get a twitter account to take Trump to task for this latest rash, from the hip, BS statement.

  64. avatar Who Cares says:

    God damn stupid fucking traitor Trump is at it again! What a STUPID ignorant FUCK!!! He, along with every other dumb fuck, who is opposed to suppressors because they think a suppressor “silences” a bullet fired from a gun is a misinformed dip shit!!! Hollywood “silencers” are NOT fucking real!!!! A suppressor only reduces the sound of a fired bullet by 20-30 decibels at best! Anyone who has fired a .45 suppressed knows that shit is still loud as fuck and unless you have an IQ of 95 or below you know it a fucking gun shot!!! For fucks sake!! It’s called science people! Wake the fuck up! Suppressors do not defy the laws of physics! Fucking England, New Zealand, and Norway sell suppressors at gun shops to anyone who want to buy! No fucking restriction what so ever! Suppressor shouldn’t have been included in the NFA in the first place! It was added at the last minute to deter poaching, which is TOTAL fucking bullshit to begin with! Remove suppressor from the NFA now!

    1. avatar raymond jones says:

      i agree many countries you can buy a supreessor or a 6 pack of beer with about the same degree of dificulty and it should be that way here….hey mr trump this is a buisness opertunity and americans put to work making a new product here in america so get over it and stop being stupid…..

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