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AR500 Armor Sale: Armor Packages Starting at $144 Plus 50% Off Targets and More

body armor

With rare exception, if you aren’t a felon you can purchase and own body armor in the United States. Unfortunately, many companies refuse to sell to non-military, non-LEO citizens. AR500 Armor isn’t one of them. They make functional, affordable, NIJ-certified ballistic protection and accessories that you can purchase online. For Cyber Monday, many of their products are up to 50% off and plate carrier kits (including armor) start as low as $144. Visit to browse carriers, armor, kits, targets, and much more.


  1. avatar Joe R. says:

    Wat, no side sappies? ; )

  2. avatar Geoff PR says:

    “AR-500 plate – It’s ballistic protection and an aerobic workout with weight training all in one!”

    “Women, with front and rear plates installed, strong and shapely thighs and calfs will be yours in no time!”

  3. avatar 870 man says:

    Definitely recommend these guys if you’re in the market. Great prices and they deliver quick. I have two sets now and will keep buying more.

    1. avatar David Walters says:

      870 man,

      How many does a man need…870?

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