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In the dramatic video of an attempted armed robbery of a gun shop in Springdale, Arkansas last week, one robber is wounded and the gunshop owner is hit by a spent bullet that doesn’t break the skin. The two suspects, Marcus Gould, and Leon Roberson, are from California and are both in custody.  Gould has a long criminal record, and was wounded in the arm by a shot fired by store owner Shirley Cornett. A bullet fired back was slowed by coin books on the counter before it hit her . . .


Police said 25-year-old Marcus Gould and 20-year-old Leon Roberson are in custody after attempting to rob the store carrying semi-automatic pistols. They said the owner, Shirley Cornett, pulled out her .38 revolver and shot Gould in the arm as he was jumping over the counter towards her husband, Clint.

Owner Clint Cornett spoke to 5NEWS about the incident at their home Sunday night. Cornett said his wife was still very shaken up, and said the bullet that Gould fired back at her hit a stack of books on the counter, then hit her chest. He said the bullet did not break her skin.

A number of shots were fired during the robbery attempt. One or two by Cornett, at least one by Gould, and at least two by Roberson.

Roberson is in the red hoodie, Gould in the grey. If you watch the video carefully, you can see that Roberson is having trouble with his semi-auto. He repeatedly works the action, as if it were manually operated. He may not have had a round in the chamber when they entered the store.

As he leaves the store, the slide is locked back, indicating that he’s empty. It appears that he has only fired two shots.  While not clear, he may have his eyes closed as he fires the first shot; the second seems to be an unexpected discharge into the floor.

As the pair of suspects enter the store, their appearance fairly screams danger, Will Robinson. They both have hoodies on, Gould also has some sort of cover over his head.

I wonder if an AR or shotgun in the hands of an employee or store owner behind the counter would have caused the pair to reconsider their robbery plans. It all happened very quickly, with less than a minute from the time they drew guns until they are out of the store.

There was a previous armed robbery attempt at the same store in 2010:

Bullets flew across Thompson Street on Tuesday after employees of a pawn shop thwarted an armed robbery. Shots fired at the robber zipped from C&S Gun Shop across Thompson and hit the plate glass window of P&N Oriental Market. Witnesses said shots also hit a silver or tan vehicle used as a getaway car.

Maybe word will spread though the criminal community that Shirley Cornett and her husband aren’t to be messed with.


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  1. Revolvers. You gotta love them. Mooks that think a semi auto is the be all of guns cause they watched some gangsta rap videos, you gotta love them too. They make shooting them so much easier on the good gal or guy.

    Revolver and pump shotgun. Answers to lifes mook problems.

    • Part of it is that the greater complexity/hand assembly of revolvers makes even entry level revolvers more expensive than entry level autos

      • Low priced handguns: I’d be more likely to trust my life to a 300 dollar bargain smith sd9ve than a 300 dollar charter arms .38. The additional 10 rounds would also be comforting. “Revolvers are always reliable” is as big a myth as any other gun myth.

    • I have no problem with people using a revolver for self-defense, but if they want to use a revolver, practice a reload in the dark. It is challenging

    • It has been proven by history that simplicity does not equal reliability. However inovation and engineering create reliability. When Samual Colt introduced the naval revolver it was revolutionary due to its ability to fire 28 shots without malfunction incompairison to previous revolvers at 16-19 shots. Today if any pistol won’t go through 200 rounds without fail we throw it away. When conducting tests on the Beretta M9, over 100,000 shots were fired without a single malfunction. Today’s M9 has five times the moving parts but as said before, simplicity has nothing to do with reliability.

  2. It would seem rather difficult for a shotgun or AR to be brought to play as quickly and surreptitiously as the lady drew her pistol. If there had been more of a warning time, or a concealed place to arm up and make ready perhaps.

    • Agreed. There’s no way she could have grabbed, shouldered, and fired a long gun as fast as she did her snubbie revolver. However, if I ran a gun shop, I’d have something with a tad more authority. As city prosecutor, I carried a Colt Officer’s .45. I figured that just as in this video, whatever happened would go down fast and close. If this lady loves revolvers, I’d tell her to upgrade to a K , L , or N frame in .357, .44spl, or .45 acp.

  3. Most thugs are stupid, have a short memory, and think they’re invincible until faced with resistance. I don’t think even these two have learned anything.

    The owners were armed appropriately with their no doubt preferred weapons.

      • Thugs = code for the criminals that think they can rob a person/place

        race card = overplayed BS by people who are out of other arguments

      • disagree. thug is an equal opportunity designation for any criminal muscle regardless of color, nationality, or culture. There are and have long been plenty of British thugs, Irish thugs, Italian thugs, Russian thugs, Redneck thugs, etc. Pick a race or nationality or culture and Thar Be some Thugs.

        • There ya’ go; exactly on point.

          Thanks Don!

          SD3 is ‘prolly’ either a troll or shares some special kinship with fellow ‘thugs’.

        • You forgot the Bulgarians. They are so thuggish the KGB would hire them to their dirty work. But when you come right down to it, there is no shortage of thugs in any country you can point to.

      • “Thugs” from the term “Thuggee” or tuggee (Hindi) Nepali thagī; ; Sanskrit: sthaga; Kannada: thakka – referring to the acts of Thugs, an organized gang of professional assassins. The Thugs travelled in groups across India for six hundred years. Although the Thugs traced their origin to seven Muslim tribes, Hindus appear to have been associated with them at an early period. They were first mentioned in Ẓiyāʾ-ud-Dīn Baranī’s History of Fīrūz Shāh dated around 1356. In the 1830s they were targeted for eradication by William Bentinck and his chief captain William Henry Sleeman. They were seemingly destroyed by this effort. The Thugs would join travelers and gain their confidence. This would allow them to then surprise and strangle their victims by pulling a handkerchief or noose tight around their necks. They would then rob their victims of valuables and bury their bodies. The term Thuggee is derived from Hindi word ṭhag, which means “thief”. Related words are the verb thugna, “to deceive”, from Sanskrit sthaga “cunning, sly, fraudulent”, from sthagati “he conceals”. This term for a particular kind of murder and robbery of travellers is popular in South Asia and particularly in India.” – From Wikipedia if you enter the word “thug”.

        Now explain to me how this is racist, please.

  4. It is obvious that these guys didn’t think anyone would shoot back, or maybe they would have been fully loaded and chambered. Idiots. Not that that is a bad thing, for thugs.

    • It’s a much longer story with a lot of background, but one homicide investigation in which I was involved had the bad guy go into a place to rob it, then get into a gunfight with the armed security guard.

      The bad guy’s magazine was in his shirt pocket; there was no round in the chamber, either.

      Needless to say, he lost that gun fight. The real puzzler is that he kept pointing the (empty) gun at the guard, and each time he did, the guard fired. He was tore up, multiple fatal hits (revealed at autopsy), but still on his feet; in those seconds, he presented as if to return fire.

      (Before any caliber trolls blather on about the guard being undergunned or other such nonsense…notice the “multiple fatal shots” part, and keep in mind the guard was shooting .357 Sig).

      Of course, there was no way the guard could know the weapon was not loaded.

      Best I can figure is the bad guy did not realize it either; maybe he forgot to load up…who knows.

      • See, if the bad guy had been carrying a manly caliber like .9 mm it wouldn’t have mattered whether the gun was loaded or not, it wold have been equally as deadly.

        (Of course that statement might not mean what you think it means, so read carefully.)

      • It makes me think that the robber was trying to cover his bases. He went in thinking that he didn’t need to shoot anyone, that merely showing the pistol would be enough to cow his victims. I’m guessing that he left the bullets out of the magazine as a way of hedging against being caught, “But your honor, the gun wasn’t loaded.”

        • Might be inclined to think that, except this was part of an ongoing spree that spanned several weeks. He had no trouble shooting during other robberies.

          No way to know; he never could give a statement. That’s the sort of thing that happens when you bring an unloaded gun to a real gunfight.

      • Maybe he accidentally hit the mag release button when he got surprised, holding it way up in the air as thugs sometimes do, and the magazine dropped into his pocket?

        • (1) Wouldn’t explain why no round in the chamber.

          (2) Covered shirt pockets; it was an outer jacket. All that would have had to happen also precisely while the pocket cover happened to be open.

          No explanation really necessary. It was what it was. Why he did it is immaterial. Just makes for an interesting story, really.

    • According to the article both were from California, so I guess they were use to people giving them what they wanted instead of shooting back.

  5. We always kept a sawed-off .12 gauge (16,1 inch barrel) under the register at our sporting goods (gun) store. Providing that you have the room to step back and clear the barrel, a shotgun serves as a better deterrent and more effective weapon than a handgun.

    • I wouldn’t recommend spreading that info, unless you have an NFA stamp for it. 18″ is the minimum for shotguns to not be NFA.

        • Only .12 gauge? That translates to a barrel 33.87 inches in diameter. I don’t know about you, but that would get me to rethink my plans.

        • Funny I just now joked about .12 gauge in the thread on the .9mm smart gun, and here someone is making the mistake for real. Yeesh, I can’t make this stuff up.

          .12 gauge means whatever diameter an 8 1/3 pound lead ball would have. Which, although F-ing ginormous, isn’t going to be 30+ inches across.

        • 16,1 inch barrel. Using a comma to indicate a decimal would indicate the OP is not American. Probably in Canada? Either way, unlikely (but possible) that the ATF are a huge concern.

        • CarlosT is off by a decimal place. The bore of a .12 gauge would be a little over 3 inches in diameter.

      • Nick: I stand corrected. I meant to write 18.1 inches. We ran the shop about a decade after passage of the NFA (late 70’s) and all weapons were in compliance per ATF inspection. The sixteen inch minimum requirement pertained to rifles.

      • now now don’ be generalizin’ or hatin’ on innocent hynies, or you’ll have some smart ass bottom luvin’ progtard whining about calling names, or sumthin’

        besides, its raaaayyyycissss’, check you old white 38 shootin’ privilege,
        and if these fine young upstanding college grads had only said, “hands up, dont shoot” then we could have all just gotten along…

    • Anyone wearing his hood up when the weather doesn’t call for it is trying to hide his face, usually from security cameras, and is therefore a potential threat.

      • I always figure my hood is like my sunglasses: I wear them outside when needed, but once I come inside I put them away until I’m ready to head out again.

  6. Given the same store/clerk/entrance scenario: I’d have vid-cams mounted outside, in the first place, so you’d hopefully spot goblins like this with some decent lead time, that’s pronounced LEED nor LED, just funnin’, y’all.

    Then, as others have opined, I’d prefer a short-barreled double 12 or regular ol’ pump or semi-auto 12, maybe a 20 for smaller employees. Backed up by whatever handgun/s me and the other employees are good with.

    If it’s a bad ‘hood I’d always have one employee “sitting shotgun” in there and taking turns with the others; it’s the type of biz that attracts goblins, like all-night gas stations and quickie-marts.

    • I stopped at an all night gas station in Stockton CA when crack cocaine was in style. Guy in the locked booth had a short pump shotgun laying on the counter next to the cash tray.

      • In the late 1970s, I was in a sporting goods / grocery store in Salem, Missouri where people stocked up for canoeing the Current River. At the cash register for all to see was a sawed off shotgun. I imagine anyone casing the place probably had 2nd thoughts about robbing it. Great deterrent.

  7. If you can’t watch the video go to the news website. The embedded player wouldn’t load for me…

    Having an AR behind the counter could work, but in reality the store owners are walking back and forth across the counters the entire day. A handgun is faster to draw from a sitting position (than a rifle leaning against the wall) and the woman who got shot at would not have had enough time to grab a rifle.
    It’s depends on the situation, but in this instance I think she made the best decision possible.

  8. I’m going to go by there and shake her hand in two weeks when I go though there. Get ’em Shirley! Get a .357 while your at it!

  9. I am glad that lady did what she did and I applaud her for it, but that was horrible shooting. I don’t care if shes 90 years old, you going to carry a gun, take classes and learn to use it. That piece of shit should be dead. I would have rather her waited another second, used both hands and took well placed shots into that piece of shit. Again, glad she did what she did but wished she could have finished the job. Training, training, training.

    • She was too busy actually running a business and shooting a mook to spend a lot of time training.

      Why don’t you enlighten us with some of your tales of derring do and high adventure?

      • I am no navy seal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t train and practice with my weapons WHEN I CAN. If you’re going to carry a weapon for self defense, then there’s no excuse for not training. Too busy is a bullshit excuse. Buying a gun and slapping it on your belt with no training or practice whatsoever is very stupid and irresponsible. Period. Again, I applaud this lady and if I lived closer I’d buy her an ensure and give her a handshake.

        • Grow up, quit playing call o’ duty, and shut up with the stupid “Well if I were there…” bullsh#t. You can train all you like, but in a split second situation like this one, that training will only give you barely any sort of edge, if any, when you’re scared shitless, stressed, and trying to draw and accurately fire your weapon. Real world gun fights are not video games or TV. Training doesn’t make time slow down as you bend backwards to dodge bullets while duel-wielding Mac-10s. Quit spewing your dumbf#ckery and get off the site, it’s probably your bedtime anyway.

        • “I am no navy seal…”

          Hey Steve, that’s pretty clear, and why are you second guessing this lady’s reaction and efforts to stop these two hoods? You certainly weren’t there in her shoes.

          In addition I see nothing in the articles to indicate these gun shop owners DON’T regularly exercise their carry guns.

          Lighten up.

    • I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that you, Steve, have never actually been in a gun fight. That about sum it up?

      These stories always bring out the “what s/he should have done” so-called “experts.” Kinda sad, really.

      • Nope, I thankfully never had to use my weapon. I am not talking crap about this lady at all. I am just saying I wish she could have finished the job. How am I wrong for saying l think gun owners should train? So because I’ve never been in a gun fight, I can’t have an opinion on the matter? I train with my weapon at least once a month so when the time comes (hopefully never) I’m ready to do the best I can with what I’ve learned. All I am saying. I also don’t recall me saying I am an expert on anything.

        • Bunches and bunches of DGU’s involve people that “don’t train.”

          Being critical of how someone handled a life-and-death situation – with all the internal stress that entails (such as adrenaline dumping) – is kinda being jerk-ish, especially if one has never faced it himself.

          Any gunfight one walks away from is a “win.” Real gunfights tell us that they are messy, chaotic affairs and all that “training” you are doing MAY help – or it may not. Are you SURE you are not training in “scars?” Are you SURE your training is 100% for EVERY conceivable situation you might find yourself in?

          Come on. This “should have gotten a two handed grip” stuff is just pure nonsense, and you can only afford to say that because you are not being SHOT AT while you type it.

          Disclaimer: I’ve never been a true gunfight, either. I have had guns pointed at me (multiple occasions), I’ve been in DGU’s (that did NOT involve firing), I’ve heard the sounds of bullets passing my head and I’ve had knives pulled on me, etc. Been in “emergent” situations with the stress and adrenaline, but never actually been shot AT in a CQC struggle for life and death.

          I believe I can “relate somewhat,” but I’m not foolish enough to say, “What I would do…” and sure don’t think I’m qualified to say “what she SHOULD have done…”, etc.

          And, for the record also, there are some in the professional training community that believe that SOME training (especially if one gets the superman syndrome) is actually worse than none. There is some real world data to support that conclusion.

        • Jr in Nc- Steve being crude doesn’t matter he is just trying to analyze what the women did correctly and incorrectly. She lived which is the most important part as you said of a gun fight and Steve is just upset that there are not two thugs dropping to room temperature. Steve’s critique about holding and aiming with two hands is a chance for him to learn seconds matter and practice a new shooting method. Not to be attacked with the old you have never been in a gunfight so just say good job to the lady and be ok that two criminals are alive to hurt others.
          Steve in a gunfight you win by firing first and multiple times to ensure the advancing person is dead since if they are armed they may get off a lucky fatal shot with the last bit of blood in their system. You know some trained individuals can’t control when adrenaline causes caveman brain and they do a mag dump, and there is no training for that only ways to fight through the effects. The first shot allows you a chance at a steady shot before shots come at you. The quick and the dead is most important in a close gunfight followed by advancing with overwhelming force to make the thugs cover instead of shooting at you. Most thugs are cowards and will run but some are straight soulless killers where multiple shots will be needed. Practice drawing from hip and firing from hip to hit center mass going up to the neck, the pelvic girdle, and then you go up top to ensure the threat is ended. As Jr said with his story about fatal .357 body shots not ending the threat immediately where a central nervous shot does instantly and permanently.

        • One more thing Steve- don’t confuse advancing to end a threat with overwhelming force(multiple close range) with chasing after them and shooting like Jr said with the superman syndrome. A citizen has no duty to arrest so determine where your bullet will go upon exiting the thug and pull the trigger until the bad guy is in a crumpled pile and immediately scan 360, which helps with tunnel vision, for another threat only firing when the threat is confirmed.
          Life matters not the law in that situation so don’t be worried about how many shots can I fire. Show the criminal the amount of mercy he was about to show you.

      • This is The Truth About Guns so lets be honest. Why does the article try to improve her accuracy saying she shot one…”maybe two” when the video clearly proves she fired three consecutive shots?
        I think she did well enough but I am not ready to give her a larger caliber.
        Not a perfect DGU but as in aviation, a good landing is one you can walk away from.

    • Seemed to me that she only got off one shot before she was hit. Do you think she should have just stood there and kept shooting? I think she did great, and the robbery was stopped. No more was needed.

    • Actually, unless there is something in the vid I can’t get to play that says , you don’t know how much she may or may not have trained. Some folks who get all the training in the world can still get “buck fever” or worse when confronted with the real thing.

  10. Did these guys wake up that day and say “Wow, let’s go rob a gun store. What a great idea. ” The whole idea is idiotic to start with. If they had ANY brains they would know that gun store owners/employees are usually armed. These guys are total idiots and deserve whatever they get. They are damn lucky they are both not dead now. I just can’t believe how stupid some criminals can be. Maybe that is why they are criminals. Who would hire someone this stupid?

  11. A shop owner in my city was involved in a gun fight with an argumentative customer. Both were black. When the customer tried to settle the argument with a pistol, the owner pulled an AK47 from beneath the counter and cut loose killing the customer. The shop owner cooperated fully with investigators and was cleared of any wrongdoing.

    One of the bullets wounded a friend of the customer who was waiting outside in his car. I felt sorry for him until he was arrested for a drive by gang shooting.

  12. Clearly these guys are idiots. Everyone knows pawn shop owners are almost always armed. Same goes for most gun stores. In most local shops here in WV I’ve been to the clerks open carry, usually a large frame auto like a 1911.

  13. Damn nice Shirley! She didn’t hesitate, she maintained eyes on the threat, she cleared her holster without fumbling, and she point shot him at least 3 times before hitting the ground. If the other shop keepers were on the ball a shotgun or an AR would have helped, it didn’t look like she had time to go for anything that wasn’t already on her.

  14. “attempting to rob the store carrying semi-automatic pistols” What? The store was carrying a pistol?

    “about the incident at their home Sunday night.” Wait, the incident was at their home? I thought the incident happened at their home.

    I know the news business is in trouble but doesn’t anybody edit this crap anymore? They have layers of editorial oversight my fuzzy, pasty butt!

  15. don’t know, but hindsight 20/20 aside, glad the lady took action, and is alive. that, is all that matters.

    ideally, of course, the shop owners would’ve had more tactical training, specifically designed around the layout and typical foot traffic pattern of their store, and she’d have had a bit more ammo… preferably a semi, than just a revolver, and ‘layers’ of security protocols.

    I’d NEVER let anyone with hoodie WITH hood over their heads, in my shop, particularly in a GUN shop, where any human body language would telegraph, if not raise suspicion, that either, it’s really cold (in which typically people where hats and/or scull caps, and not just hoodies), in which hoodies would still only remain ‘on’ someone, if they were coming off a morning jog, or someone not well off enough to be shopping at a gunstore to purchase anything but a Hi-Point; if you’ve ran or managed a retail shop before, particularly one that sells consumables, ie, snacks, food, drinks, etc. in the range of $0.25 to $20, that typically telegraphs either the person was in a rush, not well off, or about to rob a liquor store. Sorry, just reality. And, seeing as how despite being a pawn shop, it’s still not a store that probably sells ‘consumables’ regularly, my alertness level would go DEFCON 1 as soon TWO youths in hoodies, with them still on, came into my gun shop; I’d make sure I’d at least have some known obstacle/concealment/’blocked from the assailant’s view…even if it is a tall inventory shelf/cover (unlikely) I can quickly overcome/move around away from, after taking the shot at the would be assailants, to make a getaway, if the strategic retreat is a much safer option.

    And, unfortunately, that poor couple are in their waning years, and no doubt, against a much quicker & stronger younger assailants, they’re either gonna need to consciously train themselves to the level of Jerry Miculek, or figure out a way to afford to hire someone they trust who is much younger and stronger, who makes it a point to take tactical training, regularly.

    Short of that, depending on what kind of neighborhood the gunshop’s located, and if moving the store is out of the question, until they decide to retire, something they do in a regular, daily pattern must be re-assessed. I do not envy their position. but truly, even as ‘slow’ as the lady may have been to draw her revolver, even after she clearly saw the scumbags go into full-on armed robbery mode, in her mind she may have reacted instantly; these are all the things that depend on the person, the level of training, their native ‘sixth sense’ about level of surrounding danger OODA, health/speed/reflex timing, and whatever their level of familiarity to inoculation in stressful situations.

    for their sake, hope the couple spend some time assessing security options, and tactical training fit for their age, physique, and speed.

    sad all around. but certainly, those scumbags deserved nothing less than multiple slugs, and their armed thuggery should’ve been put to a permanent stop.

    • Every. Single. Story. Like. This. Brings. Them. Out.

      So, your situational awareness is 100%, always, never fail?

      Do tell me. How many people were in the car behind you at the last red light you stopped at? Last restaurant you ate at, how many waitresses were there? Did anyone enter the premises you did not see ENTER, but only noticed them AFTER?

      Last time you were in line at the bank (or any other place one stands in line), who was behind you? While you were dealing with the teller (or whatever), how many people walked in?

      And…to repeat:

      • Well, JR_in_NC, I thought Steve was kind of harsh; but Nelson made a calm and thoughtful analysis of the scenario. I work in EMS. In my job, we review all of our calls and see what we did right and what we can do to be better. We work closely with cops on many different scenes. Cops do the same. After action reports.

        Reviewing what was done, what went well and what can be done better is always called for. Learning from others mistakes is better than repeating those mistakes, especially if they get you or an innocent by stander killed.

        • I’m well familiar with after incident analysis…done by the people that were THERE to examine what THEY did. Been part of them many, many times.

          SHE can look at what she did/didn’t do. We can look at it to learn from it, but that’s a far cry to what that post is.

          All the rest is armchair quarterbacking. Nelson’s “thoughtful analysis” means squat, because Nelson was not there. Well, that and that most of it is horseshit anyway.

          Let’s take a look:

          “ideally, of course, the shop owners would’ve had”

          The real world does not dole out ideal circumstances we can pre-fantasize the proper solution to. That beginning right there tells the entire mindset behind the post.

          “I’d NEVER let anyone with hoodie WITH hood over their heads, in my shop”

          See my comment above about “perfect situational awareness.” There’s so much wrong with this statement…on many levels. Not the least concern is that yes, ordinary people DO wear hoodies and leave them up when they enter a shop.

          This is so much like the “he has an open carried gun, he MUST be a bad guy” crap a bunch of folks here squawked about when that dude was going door-to-door passing out fliers a few months ago.

          See how it works? “He is wearing a hoodie, he MUST be a bad guy.” Threat assessment is much more complicated than that.

          “they’re either gonna need to consciously train themselves to the level of Jerry Miculek, or figure out a way to afford to hire someone they trust who is much younger”

          Uh, yeah, right. Way to tell regular folks they should not bother with self protection, with self sufficiency, self reliance.

          I can think of a few words for that…but I’ll settle for “stupid.” The proof is in the pudding. That lady’s actions in this case demonstrate how wrong this statement is, and how ridiculous it is to make it.

          It’s a rarely-seen-in-the-wild “20/20 Hindsight Fail.”

          “those scumbags deserved nothing less than multiple slugs, and their armed thuggery should’ve been put to a permanent stop.”

          Spoken like someone that does not even begin to understand the mindset of a fight-for-survival gunfight, in my opinion. At that moment, she was not trying to put them to a “permanent stop.” She was just trying to stop the attack against her and her husband’s lives occurring at that moment..

          This is action-hero wannabe stuff, pure and simple. In the real deal, one’s focus is far, far more immediate…survival of the organism for the next few seconds and hopefully minutes. NOTHING else matters.

          That’s what “imminent threat of death” means…stopping that IMMEDIATE threat right now becomes paramount and the brain’s only rational function; any distraction from that can mean “no survival.”

          One could argue that if you’ve got time to think about the supposed grander purpose of your DGU, it may not really be all that “D.”

      • That’s cute, nice & all, but you may want to polish up on the concept of “proviso” arguendo, rhetoric, and general reading comprehension skills; when you’ve done that, then perhaps you can respond, and I may consider replying in kind.

        RE- READ, again, and see if your reply, is proportional to this:

        don’t know, but hindsight 20/20 aside, glad the lady took action, and is alive. that, is all that matters.

        ideally, of course, the shop owners would’ve had more tactical training, specifically designed around the layout and typical foot traffic pattern of their store, and she’d have had a bit more ammo… preferably a semi, than just a revolver, and ‘layers’ of security protocols.

        And, unfortunately, that poor couple are in their waning years, and no doubt, against a much quicker & stronger younger assailants, they’re either gonna need to consciously train themselves to the level of Jerry Miculek, or figure out a way to afford to hire someone they trust who is much younger and stronger, who makes it a point to take tactical training, regularly.

        See if you actually know how to read, I wouldn’t need to clarify that “they’re either gonna need to consciously train themselves to the level of Jerry Miculek,..” is an obvious unachievable hyperbole, the the clause following it, is a realistic, plausible assessment & what if’s.

        So the mere fact that you read that and prompted you to jump to this following conclusion:

        Uh, yeah, right. Way to tell regular folks they should not bother with self protection, with self sufficiency, self reliance.

        is a testament to your utter delusional reading comprehension cluelessness. All you said there, is an apriori presumption based on what you THINK someone else is saying and thinking, than what has actually been stated, and communicated.

        What are you five? This, in psychology is what we all “projecting”; wanna know what people mean, when they say “she doth protests too much”?? Read your own “stupid” words:

        Spoken like someone that does not even begin to understand the mindset of a fight-for-survival gunfight, in my opinion. At that moment, she was not trying to put them to a “permanent stop.” She was just trying to stop the attack against her and her husband’s lives occurring at that moment..

        Again, what is your opinion worth, when you’ve demonstrated that you have no idea how to comprehend what is actually written?? To anyone with a modicum of English reading comprehension skills & understanding of literary narrative flow, you’d ‘get’ without me having to explain to you like you’re a 3yr old that “permanent stop” is merely a rhetorical ‘wishful’ thinking as IF to say ‘of course, it’d have been better were she have been able to lethally defend against the armed robber, so he will never do it again, but c’est la vie; she’s stopped the threat and is alive, that is all that matters.’ as the intent of the reply was clearly prefaced in the beginning of the reply with “glad the lady took action, and is alive. that, is all that matters.”

        You’re really not that bright, are ya, Junior? But do yap on, it’s always entertaining to watch the delusional parse what’s not there, for the the strict purpose of Jonathan Gruber-ing to the rest of the world how much ‘smarter’ than they, he’s not. Really, reading truly misinformed, literary-comprehensionally imbecilic people projectively throw around “stupid” to others, never gets old in the internetS-era.


        The real question is, what fucking depth of insecurity must you be suffering from, to make this non-contentious calm reply, into something that you’d have to be ‘angsty’ about?? You need help, Junior.

        • Haha, love it when folks get blasted for what they type, then go to “need to check your comprehension skills.”

          Dude. You criticized an event in a way that made you look like a douche. Sorry. That’s what I comprehended from what I actually read (ie, the words you actually wrote). Apparently, I’m not the only one.

          How about we just say a prayer of heartfelt thanks that the lady and her husband survived a violent attack? Is that really too much to ask?

          Why the compulsion to offer your “analysis,” anyway?

          Does everyone HAVE to be a ‘critic’ or ‘expert’? I call it the “talking head” syndrome, and more evidence that we, culturally, put talking (typing in this case) over ACTION.

          After every event, the news, talk shows, and ‘Internet go ablaze with yack-yack-yacking. 99% (my estimation) is noise. I so categorize your initial comment: Noise.

          It offers NOTHING to actually help anyone else survive being attacked. Your “analysis” is built upon pure fantasy…but that’s fine with me. Live it up.

  16. Pants down to their ass and hoodies identifies one group, always have your hand on your gun and one in the chamber when they show up

  17. Leave us all replay what happened. The pair are fake browsing, talking to each other. Then they break to both ends of the store. Notice the lack of worry about the lady behind the counter. Silly rabbits tricks are for kids. Now we move on to dumb number two Hopping over a glass showcase, lucky he did not crash through and slit his own wrist. Plus he opens himself to the flank shot into the arm. Neither rabbit is worried about the lady (one shock wave of his magic pistol) and go to the men in the store. Said man one is on the floor by the front where rabbit one is forced to extend his firearm at a really bad angle until he moves past the end of the showcase then after the lady pop’s rabbit one she is hit (through the grace of God) by a spent round, again luck puts her down when rabbit one shoots toward her from the front of the shop. Well firearms training was really not at the top of the list with rabbit one all the rack and FTF’s he has, but he’s about to bolt toward the door when he remembers rabbit two is still moving his way wish they had more of the footage but it seems they have the scare gene in them because they flee even after the sole resistance is down. Nice calm exit no apparent getaway car and they hang inside the area when the Police arrive and set up the net and are found inside “Look what we caught” no disrespect to the officers, great response time and good search plan gets the two bunnies in the pot for skinning.
    Now my tax dollars are going to be wasted on three hot’s and a cot for a pair of out town yahoos. With the background they have maybe they will be off the street for 10+ years with the Three Strikes rule maybe for a lot longer on Armed Robbery, Attempted Murder with a firearm involved we can look for the Aggravated to be added who knows maybe they can stay for a nice long time with the work we can get out of them in the prison system they may even pay off for their foolish foray.
    When all of the states are getting better firearms laws with a few exceptions (like their home state) why would robbing a firearms store in ARKANSAS no less seem like the thing to do? But smarts is not the rule when it comes to bunnies, well off the caged hut for them.
    Well done Mam, sorry for your trouble and I hope you get back to running a store in the near future. And for Christmas a nice Level III Second Chance Vest would be a great stocking stuffer.
    Yours in service
    James Acerra
    Looks like a Citizen Award is in order

  18. Obvious statement of the day: An older married couple enjoying the business they likely built up with their own sweat. Then a couple thugs turn to murder over the cash in the drawer and whatever they can grab on their way out.

    Fvck these thugs. Hopefully the owners stash KSGs throughout the place and powerful handguns on their belts. Bravo to Mrs Cornett for her reaction and decent one-handed shooting under the stress of watching her husband collapse behind the counter.

  19. This is a ridiculous question. Would an AR or shotgun made a difference? Sure, why not, but then, who wants to tote either one, AND carry it in such a way that it would actually be ready to quickly shoot back? I sure don’t.
    Also, if I’m a bad guy planning on doing bad things, I might be more inclined to just shooting the most heavily armed people first, thereby eliminating the greatest threat to my life, limb and personal larceny.

  20. As for an AR, you keep one of those around for the backup weapon, not for the actual defense but for holding the perps till the cops arrive. Why? It just looks meaner, more business-like, so it’s a psychological step up in holding the perps.

    And as a pawn shop I used to check out frequently had before it burned, keep a nice selection of handcuffs around.

    As for what to do with such as these, I think we need a special cannon-fodder unit in the military. Sentence guys like this to that, and if they can do a ten-year stint with shining colors the record gets purged. Then if we ever want to put some boots on the ground to fight some terrorists, we have a set of wild animals to toss out there and see what pops up.

  21. The lady did good. Sure i would want a shotgun but it worked out. Too bad the lowlife THUGS(see: thugee) didn’t die. Robbing a gunstore…duh. Like a scene from Idiocracy.

  22. The only criticism I can muster is that two fine upstanding young men in my gun store acting and clothed in such a manner would have me one sneeze from condition red. It seems like the employees are all at condition black hole and not really paying attention. That the fine lady who fired went from triple black to firing in a very short time span is a great piece of work. Good on her. But typically criminals look for people who aren’t paying attention to rob. Looks like they found some.

  23. I’m thinking Dean’s question is whether an openly-carried AR or shotgun in the store would have deterred the spooks from even drawing their own weapons and making the attempt. And my guess would be that it would depend on how it was being carried–slung, low-ready, whatever. And it is just a guess, of course.

    • Glad you got it. Perhaps I should have been clearer. My thought was, with these two coming in the store, what could have been done to prevent the robbery? I considered the possibility that someone could have picked up a long gun at the back and had it in clear sight, at the ready, before anything illegal happened. Deterrence beats a gunfight. There was plenty of time for that before the action started, so it did not seem totally impractical.

  24. For everyone commenting she needed a bigger gun, ‘cuz stopping power, needs to read the story again. She hit him in the ARM! It doesn’t matter what gun she had or could have had, she missed center mass.
    I’d wager everyone that says she needed a bigger gun, if the story was reversed and she had one, would be saying she needed a smaller gun because she obviously couldn’t handle the big one. SMH

    • She hit him, stopped the robbery, scared both cowardly perps out of the building, and no customers or employees were killed. Sounds to me as if she had the perfect gun for the situation: the one that she had with her when she needed it.

      • +1. DGU Heroine of the Day. Undoubtedly saved her own life, and that of anyone else who happened to walk in if she’d surrendered.

        These Kali Thugs were on a road trip, stealing guns, making them felons if not already, and given they didn’t cover faces, would be sure to execute witnesses.

        Wonder if Shannon or any other FauxMommy could have done so well?

  25. No doubt a shotty or AR at the ready would have changed the outcome but they are not too practical to tote around all day in an LGS.. Me thinks both of these shop owners should consider retirement or take a quick course in situational awareness and combat handgunnery.

  26. Too difficult to watch this video: too small, initial advertisement is obnoxious, clicking pause causes movie window to fill with more advertisements. Terrible. I’ll look for this video on a better web site.


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