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In the run up to the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School spree killing, anti-gun groups are waving the bloody shirt. Now that anti-ballistic billionaire Bloomberg has opened his wallet to the cause of civilian disarmament, Madison Avenue-media types are in like Flynn. The above video from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is the result. Is it just me or do these “commercials” work as pro-gun messaging? We can’t hide from gun violence? Indeed. Make the jump for the Sandy Hook Promise ad, which leaves me with the same message: arm teachers . . .

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    Well excuuuuuse me. Isn’t that exactly what they are doing??

  2. That’s an ad for homeschooling your kids. The Homeschooling Foundation couldn’t have produced a better commercial. the 2nd video is over the top, almost amateur propaganda its so transparent.

    • My children will never be facing that situation, for certain, for this reason and many others. If their place of education is threatened (family room, among others), their teacher (their mom, among others) will unleash a beastly ballistic barrage (nod to you RF), not tuck them under a desk.

      • +1000

        When we decided to homeschool, the list of “pros” was very long. Interestingly, the issue of ‘security’ in this sense was not on it.

        At the time of our decision, security was not about ‘shootings’ so much general student-on-student violence at schools. So, security was there, but it was a bit different.

        Now, the decision is just reinforced. Personal responsibility for the security of our children FTW.

        THAT’s what the anti’s are really against…personal responsibility. Whether it’s education, security, financial, whatever.

        • My sons three and we are thinking about home schooling, I occasionally do public safety work at schools, and I’m sick of seeing things like smart boards, flat screen tvs, and students with tablets, but the students at the school on average is 2 grades behind on their reading level

        • Make the jump icyou! Homeschooling is challenging.
          But so worth it….

          An excellent long term investment.

          Do it for the children! 🙂

      • Same here.

        My kids get to draw pictures of guns in chalk on the sidewalk in front of their school, too.

  3. We protect our kids from gun violence by putting signs on the door that says no guns allowed. That should work out just fine!

  4. But calling 911 is all you need to do because cops are trained…..or cops are racists looking to gun down anyone of a wrong skin color, shouldn’t the kids say hands up don’t shoot ………so many mixed messages.

    • The principle advantage, and downfall, of Leftism is that the messages don’t have to work together at all. Ayn Rand famously noted how Leftists were usually unbothered by the self-contradictory nature of their ideology (she made the same point about all religions, hence the distaste that many of the pious Right have for her).

    • Progressives love cops when they serve the Progressive agenda (think domestic violence laws, or alcohol prohibition). Progressives hate cops when they oppose the Progressive agenda (arresting gangbangers or stopping riots).

      (Listens to earpiece)
      (Listens more to earpiece)
      Sorry, this just in, Progressives are now apparently AGAINST alcohol prohibition. My mistake.

  5. Didn’t we debunk their 100 school shootings since Newtown? Yup. Did.
    BTW, stop looking at the tool and look at the behavior.

  6. Watched the first vid, and all I could think was, “Bet this teacher wishes she had a gun to aim at the door she just locked.”

    I never really can get a straight answer out of people as to why a teacher can’t have a Glock 19 dangling from her hip while she teaches. The kids would pay attention in class just knowing that teacher means business, and nobody is going to become a discipline problem in her classroom. She could teach them proper firearms safety whenever they get antsy about the gun. Everything would be better.

    • I just read an (months old) article today about how something like 75% of teachers wouldn’t “bring a gun to school” if they were allowed to. And the article spun that one stupid survey into how the majority is against it and the NRA is bad, no mention of the other teachers. I looked up the source and it delivered the same skewed presentation, but I got this out of it: about 30% of those surveyed had a gun and 30% of those would bring it.
      Hell, if 10% of the teachers at my kid’s school carried I’d be overjoyed.

    • The “you are 43 times 23 times 4.7 times 2.3 times (insert random “feeeeelz” number here) more likely to kill yourself or a loved one than defend yourself with a firearm” stat has been debunked time and time again for over 20 years. Yet it still pops up in every firearms-related comment thread at CNN, Yahoo, Slate, ABCNews, etc. With the new Pew poll though, I guess continually challenging those that quote crappy stats has finally gained ground.

      • When people trot out that nonsense i always say “well yes, if i were some loser who wanted to intentionally murder his family…that might be true.. because those are the sorts of people baked into that pseudo-statistic”

  7. Sandy Hook is fiction. The perp left zero Internet footprints, the elementary school had zero Internet traffic… on and on. I realize how bizarre this sounds. No photos, no videos, no evidence? This has as much evidence as the extrajudicial murder of Osama bin Laden. And the gun grabbers are raging about “Assault weapons” when a news helicopter clearly showed an AR-15 clone… in the perp’s car trunk, untouched.

    • Gordon, that kind of talk around here unleashes a mob of agenda trolls, not sure how many may be the same person. This site/forum has clear bias against anyone discussing non-mainstream/non-establishment driven viewpoints.

    • “a news helicopter clearly showed an AR-15 clone… in the perp’s car trunk, untouched.”

      No, the news helicopter clearly showed a Saiga-12 … in the perp’s car trunk, untouched. Which is exactly consistent with all the other evidence and claims made by authorities.

      • “exactly consistent with all the other evidence and claims made by authorities.” All what other evidence?

    • It always amazes me how some people will buy into massive, intricate, convoluted conspiracy theories supposedly engineered by the government. All with little more than somewhat suggestive, but ultimately refuted, scraps of evidence.

      Yet, in our daily lives, we see the abundance of governmental incompetence in millions spent on bridges to nowhere, malfunctioning websites, invitations to foreign children to travel alone to the U.S., an SEC whose employees watch Internet porn all day instead of watching Wall Street bankers, and the list goes on and on.

      I just don’t see this government pulling off and keeping secret the grand conspiracies of the century, when they can barely manage to deliver the mail.

      • Well stated, Johnathan. It amazes me how many folks don’t understand that .gov employees are some of the stupidest and laziest schlubs on the face of the Earth. I mean, there are conspiracies but the longer they continue the more likely they are to be busted wide open.

        When you are a child, you think that adults are in control, they’re smart and they know what’s going on. As you start to come of age you eventually reach a point where you come to the realization that nobody knows what’s going on and everybody is an idiot. I posit that most conspiracy theory junkies have never made this transition and remain in a delusional state, refusing to accept that everybody is an idiot and nobody knows what’s going on.

  8. So, lets not teach children about reality? Let them live in a fantasy where imaginary monsters are real? As adults, lets not face reality, because it’s tough, but lets face fantasy because it’s easy? Let’s focus on a narrow form of violence, instead of all it’s forms, and what we can do prevent it and protect ourselves from it? For me, that 2nd video leaves more questions than answers.

    • I guess using concealment and/or cover doesn’t qualify as the “hiding” you are refusing to do. At least I hope for your sake it doesn’t.

  9. Homeschool.

    On my property the kids and adults can shoot some bastard that tries to blow us away.

    Much better than the liberal paradises of public schools. Where kid and adult alike are disarmed and need big brother government to (not really) protect them.

    • With Bloomberg behind the effort I’m sure Watts has no worries. All she has to do is keep expelling anti-gun venom.

  10. If that “We can’t hide from gun violence” video isn’t a blatant call by the Demand Action antis for complete citizen disarmament, I don’t know what is!

  11. Let’s put it like this, if pro gunners were as violent as anti gunners, there would be no anti gunners left.

  12. This is great propaganda, for the case of arming teachers in the classroom. I can’t think of any worse feeling than helplessness in an active shooter situation, just waiting to be made a target. The best defense is an aggressive offense. I’m not saying make it a requirement, but there are plenty of teachers in America who would love to be able to carry concealed on campus for just such an emergency. But, how dare some teachers not wish to be helpless victims. At least that’s how the Antis see it.

  13. I almost forgot it was time for the ritual dancing in the blood of innocents.

    The ghouls can splash about to their heart’s content, but there’s no hiding the inconvenient truth that once a madman breached the magical barrier of unicorn-land, dying was the only thing those children and their teachers could do.

    Parents everywhere are putting two and two together and realizing that these self-proclaimed peaceniks would rather watch children die than see someone defend innocent lives. So keep making your ads, progtards. The already brainwashed will love them, and the rest of us will see the real message: that you have no honest answers and no real desire to protect children when it matters most.

  14. Reminds me of the videos of the drills done during the Cuban missile crisis. Let’s see how did we get that to ease up……………….oh yeah, made it clear that we were willing to shoot back!!

  15. 100 shootings since Sandy Hook? Looks like they’re taking a page from the feminist playbook. Repeat a blatant lie enough times and it becomes unquestioned, widely known truth (like with the “1 in 4 college women will be raped” or “women get paid $.75 for every dollar men get paid”).

  16. I am old enough to remember hiding under our desks in school at least twice a year with our little heads between our knees as if that was going to save us from an atomic bomb blast, the gubmint was sure was coming. In some parts of the country, students had their blood type tattooed under their arm so it would be protected from being burned off. This type of “feel good” hysteria has been with us a long time under many guises. It’s for the children, look at this baby!

  17. Then there are those of us who actually do something to protect our families while the anti-gunners are hiding under their beds and spraying magic potion water around the room.

  18. Am I the only one that noticed that the actual phrase/Movie Title (James Coburn) is “In Like Flint” – not Flynn?
    That’s the item that jumped out at me. Even CNN has investigated MDA’s rhetoric about school shootings and found it to be total BS. Anyone that thinks for themselves and actually reads their ‘lies, damned lies, and statistics’ pretty much dismisses them. Unfortunately, their power over the sheeple is undeniable.

  19. Gun grabbers have tacitly admitted in these videos that the Almighty State is unable and/or uninterested in protecting the public.

    We have to throw this back at them, HARD. Use these videos the next time someone says, “You don’t need a firearm … the police will protect you.” Your only response has to be, “Oh, Really? Then explain the videos (referenced in this article).”

  20. Did anyone felt disturbed on the first video when the teacher hid away from the door, with the kids “hiding” under their desks between her and the door? She will be the last one shot. Not what the Sandy Hook teachers did. They put themselves in the line of fire trying to protect the kids.

  21. Well, I’m convinced. I was a fence sitter, but these videos convinced me: homeschool my own kids and arm the teachers at the public schools. Thanks, Shannon!

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