Anti-Gun Orgs Dumping Millions Into Florida Elections

With the election less than two weeks away, Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg’s wholly-owned AstroTurfed “gun safety” operation, has told the Miami Herald that it’s throwing a total of $3.8 million behind Democrat candidates running for cabinet seats. And $1.8 million alone has been dumped into the campaigns of Agriculture Commissioner candidate Nikki Fried Attorney General candidate Sean Shaw.

The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services runs the state’s concealed carry permitting system and Fried has stated that she wants to make getting a CWP in the Sunshine State a living hell. In her video message to the National Rifle Association, Fried stated:

“After the failures of the previous administration and their too-close-for-comfort relationship with the NRA, Floridians are ready for an independent leader who will get the job done.”

Of course she’s ever so proud that Everytown supports her mission to make the state “safer.”

Sean Shaw, a longtime Democrat member of the Florida Legislature, has built an entire career out of advocating for more gun control laws. If he’s elected as Attorney General, he’d use his office as a bully pulpit to push for still more restrictions while directing agencies to re-interpret existing laws (think of Massachusetts’ Attorney General Maura Healey’s unilateral “assault weapons” ban).

Both Gabby Giffords’ gun control PAC and Bloomberg’s anti-gun operation have thrown their weight behind gubernatorial candidate (and FBI investigee) Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee.

In a statement to Sunshine State News;

“As mayor of Florida’s capital city, Andrew Gillum has witnessed the deadly cost of the state’s weak firearm laws over the past several years, which has made him a vocal supporter of strengthening Florida’s gun laws. He knows that we can do more to protect Florida families while respecting the Second Amendment. Andrew will fight for expanding background checks and funding gun violence intervention programs in impacted communities while opposing efforts to arm teachers. As Floridians from all walks of life rise up to demand action on the gun violence crisis, Andrew has the courage to lead them towards a better, safer future.

America experienced three of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history over one five month span.. Over 38,000 people in our country were killed by a gun in 2016. Florida has not been immune to this deadly crisis—somebody is killed by a gun in the state every three hours. Andrew understands the toll this epidemic takes on Florida communities.

We are endorsing Andrew today because he acknowledges the heartbreak gun violence causes in his state, and he is working to stop it. His leadership will be critical for our next victories in Florida to prevent future tragedies. Giffords is proud to back Andrew Gillum, who has the courage to stand up to the corporate gun lobby.”

Bloomberg, of course, is bankrolling Gillum’s campaign too. One of his flacks told the Bradenton Herald . . .

“We worked closely with him as Mayor and he was completely fearless in taking on the NRA,” said Marc La Vorgna, a Bloomberg spokesman. “He represents the kind of political courage Florida needs in the statehouse.”

A search of the Florida Department of State’s Campaign Finance Database reveals the donation to Gillum’s Forward Florida PAC:

For a larger view of the search results, click here.

Also don’t forget that Florida Republican Sen. Bill Galvano sold out Second Amendment rights for a $200,000 donation from Daddy Bloombucks, too.

The good senator gave some of that cash to other anti-gun Republicans like Tampa Sen. Dana Young who got $75,000.

Florida is a major target for the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex this election season and they’re sparing no expense this go-around, buying up votes on both sides of the aisle.


  1. avatar anonymoose says:

    Galvano looks like he needs a good punch in the nose to straighten it out.

    1. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

      I met this guy. He frequented a business i worked at. He came out of college and was fast tracked to a political position through the law firm he worked for. It was something to see how he was destined for politics. It makes me wonder who the decision makers are.

  2. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    Let’s wait and see what the numbers look like AFTER the election is over and the votes are counted.

  3. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    I have my Florida concealed permit already.
    Still have a few guns on my “wanted list”…hopefully all will be allowed if there are any changes.
    I already have a few “assault rifles” …and plenty of ammo.
    Nothing full auto yet, though…so no true assault weapons.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      What’s your point?
      You sound like all you care about is how this election might affect you personally. Do you give a rat’s ass about the big picture?

      1. avatar CZ Rider says:

        Welcome to how the bump stock thing passed. Screw you, I got mine (even though they don’t because the law is so vague)

    2. avatar FloridaMan says:

      If Gillum and Fried get in, just wait until we have to renew. Know how easy it is now—-go to the DMV, mail in a money order and and a photo?

      It’s wholly possible a state run by the Dems could institute a mandatory training requirement to renew. And nothing’s stopping them from making getting to a class as difficult as they want.

      How about a class in Tallahassee every other Thursday from 9-Noon, which only seats 20 people?

      They can screw us BIG TIME, and the big city Republicans in the Legislature don’t care at all

    3. avatar LarryinTX says:

      And you’re wrong, anyway. “Assault weapons” will always be available, since there is no actual definition of an assault weapon, a cap-and-ball SAA could qualify. It’s “assault RIFLES” which are select-fire. And you state that you have some, and that you do not.

    4. avatar CA ST says:

      If it’s not an STG 44, then it’s not an assault rifle.

  4. avatar Timothy K. Toroian says:

    Yeah, they want to elect that anti-law-enforcement idiot. If he gets elected I’d love to how he chooses his protectors and if they will be happy with the chore. Tallahassee, some of the worst crime rates in Florida.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      The FOP endorsed Richard Cordray in Ohio, while the sheriffs seem to be going for DeWine. I’m pretty disgusted with the fops now.

    2. avatar Robert says:

      ya’ gotta’ remember. The FOP is a UNION. Not all members of any union all agree on any issue. … except for $$$$.

  5. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    They are trying real hard to turn Florida into another California. They have a good start already.

  6. avatar Pawl from Florida says:

    I wonder if Bloomberg donated as much money to the flood and hurricane victims of Florida.

    1. avatar Robert says:

      Of course not!!!!! They are only insignificant victims……..

  7. avatar Jimmy says:

    IT wont happen

  8. avatar Roger J says:

    I moved to Florida eight years ago to escape snow and virulent antigun Lefties. I’m not looking forward to rural northern Utah.

    1. avatar CZ Rider says:

      Moving got us all here in the first place, and it won’t be long before it’ll tip the federal balance too far and the whole country will be screwed anyway.

      1. avatar FloridaMan says:

        Florida has “embraced the diversity”. Our minority populations in all the cities is huge, and even the small towns have been inundated with Puerto Ricans—all of whom immediately register to vote and get on Medicaid. And all the Yankee liberals who move here vote Democrat.

        Florida will be a Democrat state soon. DeSantis might win—-but the future of Florida is to be run by black Democrats. And the state is going to fall to pieces.

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:

        I can’t make decisions for anyone but me. I will not turn in my firearms. I will not register my firearms. I will not allow LE to search my home.

        1. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

          You and me both. It could get interesting

  9. avatar Michael says:

    Florida, let’s see; it gets dark every night, there’s no shortage of big hungry snakes, deep cenotes, and short tempered ‘gators. Where’s Mother Nature when we need Her? -30-

  10. avatar Yarbles says:

    This Nikki Fried twat NEEDS some AstroTurf… on her face.

    Can you imagine waking up to something like that in the morning? I mean, BEFORE she opens her mouth!

  11. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    Everyone remember….. Buying politicians is bad! Unless its your side buying the politicians.

  12. avatar Mike says:

    My wife and I are watching the Florida election very closely, we’ve been working to get the hell out of Illinois and move to to the panhandle. I sure as hell don’t want to leave Illinois and move to another version of anti-gun, high tax, democrat paradise BS!

  13. avatar Robert says:

    I love your graphic; it’s a good likeness foe “Uncle Joe” Stalin. All that’s missing, though, is the hammer and sickle — It really needs to be there somewhere.

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