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Making movies is expensive business, but documentary movies can have a real impact. Two years ago, Kris Koenig turned to Kickstarter to produce a documentary about gun rights in the United States called “Assaulted” that raised over $71,000 to make the film a reality. He later returned for a second round of funding — another $77,000 — to finish it off. The end result was a brilliantly composed documentary. Recently a filmmaker with an anti-gun history named Skye Fitzgerald tried to do the same thing, but failed with only $2,700 pledged in 30 days. A pro-gun journalist sat down with that filmmaker, who was still trying to raise funds, to discuss the project. That discussion ended with Skye Fitzgerald stealing two video cameras, assaulting the journalist, and trying to make it seem that he had been attacked by an evil gun owner . . .

For the story, we turn to The Common Truth:

William Saunderson, famous for his “Laughing At Liberals” videos on YouTube was brutally attacked and seriously injured during a meeting with the attacker, Skye Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, also a videographer, is known for making various video documentaries. He was supposedly working on a “neutral” documentary about the ongoing gun debate and had called on several pro-gun activists including Saunderson to provide input for his latest film.

The two were meeting at a local Gresham restaurant to discuss a preview of the film being pitched by Fitzgerald and seen by Saunderson. Saunderson was upset that the film which had been touted for his input as neutral, was in fact, anti-gun biased.

The film trailer and appeal for funding was placed on Indiegogo but has since been removed. The film content however is accurately described in the link here – OREGON DIVIDE

Details of the entire meeting and attack are included below by the eyewitness, Chris Cochran so we will not repeat them here. We will comment however; this brutal attack is just a sample of what we in the pro-gun movement has said all along. Gun owners seem to show more responsibility and restraint, while the anti-gun movement has repeatedly shown a violent streak.

The victim of this latest attack, Mr. Saunderson, is currently undergoing surgery on his left arm which was seriously (and potentially permanently) injured. His upper arm is broken in 3 places with the ball broken completely off and shoulder dislocated. The doctor says he will be lucky if he recovers 80% use.

It’s well established that those associated in the civilian disarmament movement hate free and open discussion, and that includes releasing video that hasn’t been carefully edited to gloss over their baser predilections. Like when Michael Bloomberg said that black people can’t be trusted to own guns, and then tried to have the video pulled from every outlet he could. In this case, it’s possible that Skye Fitzgerald let his bias show through and then wanted to cover up any evidence preserve the pretense of objectivity. But the way in which he did it was, in a word, extreme.

The response from Skye Fitzgerald is even more bizarre.

While still on the run from the police after the assault and robbery Fitzgerald tweeted the following to three known anti-gun activists:

@repblumenauer @BurdickGinny @jakeweigler Here is beginning of fallout after defending myself when a CHL holder reaches for weapon

— Skye Fitzgerald (@Spin_Film) March 11, 2015

Reports from an eyewitness state that the claim that someone pulled their gun and caused the fracas is a complete fabrication. The local police department states that there was no evidence of any firearms at the scene whatsoever. It looks like Skye is attempting to garner support for himself and his shiny new multiple felony charges by attempting to spin the situation into one of self defense against a crazy concealed carry guy. That may play for the emotion-driven gun control crowd, but isn’t much of a defense in the face of overwhelming factual evidence.

I think I see a trend here. Gun owners and gun rights folks tend to be calm, cool, and collected. They might appear threatening, what with open carrying scary-looking guns, but actual cases of gun rights folks hurting even a fly are rarer than a lightly used airworthy SR-71 for sale. As for gun control activists, what you see is what you get.

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  1. First they jump that guy in Wal-Mart, then they rob and assault a journalist. Watch yourselves, the hate speech has been soaking in so long, the anti-right crowd are starting to act out.

  2. This is less than shocking given the general state of mind of most rabid anti-gunners. Why cant we sit down and have reasonable discourse about guns in America? Because the anti-side pulls shit like this.

    • You sir win the Intertubez for the day.

      Is anyone keeping a log of these events? It would be incredibly helpful to pull out that log every time a gun grabbers says, “We need to have a conversation …”

  3. On a side note, what in the world did this filmmaker do to the guy? Those are some pretty serious injuries for what seems to be a weapon-less assault.

    • Must all be lies then. Unarmed people are not dangerous. I mean that’s what they say on TV right?

    • My suspicion would be that he was also videotaping the meeting and got the guy saying things on camera that he regretted. He wanted the cameras and when they weren’t handed over he assaulted and stole the property.

      • Looks that way. I read up on this yesterday, and the eyewitness(es) say that Mr. Peaceful Documentary Maker grabbed the cameras and tried to take them, which provoked a scuffle in the restaurant where they were meeting.

        The owner of the cameras then left the restaurant, but was blindsided by a running tackle from Mr. Peaceful, and went down hard — thus the badly broken arm. Our anti-gun friend (thinking of the children, no doubt) then took the cameras, threw them in his car, and peeled out of the parking lot, coming close to running over the guy he had just beaten and robbed.

        • Do you – does anyone – have a link to an unbiased story? I’d love to share this, but it would have more impact coming from an unbiased source.

  4. Also of note, Mr. Fitzgerald apparently didn’t think to come up with an “explanation” for why the alleged assault upon him by the gun-toter required him to steal. Apparently, he believes that when defending yourself, you can steal stuff.

    • Not to mention, people who are attacked and legitimately defend themselves don’t usually run from the cops.

    • “Officer, I swear, he was assaulting me with his wallet and I had to disarm him. He was carrying deadly, dangerous Bennies!”

  5. So, the anti-gun film only raised $27K while the pro-gun film raised $148K but yet, the pols tell us that American’s want gun control?

    Lets hope Skye Fitzgerald rots in prison.

    • “Lets hope Skye Fitzgerald rots in prison.”

      Or at the least, sues his ass flat-footed.

      He might lose 20 pct use of his arm? When the word gets out about ‘Skye Fitzgerald’ he might have to worry about someone he’s never met permanently disfiguring him..

      With a name like ‘Skye’ I can guess the politics of his parents.

      I really hope they prosecute him to the fullest. Prison rape would be just the ticket for that jackwagon.

    • Its those dwindling numbers of poor illiterate jobless bible clinging white gun owners using their limitless blood money!

    • “So, the anti-gun film only raised $27K ”

      Boy, do the crazies wish everybody read at your level! That was 27 HUNDRED, not 27K.

      • Yes. To put into perspective:

        Pro gun=$148,000
        Antigun= $2,700

        But those $2,700 are REALLY load.

  6. Should have been a DGU. Why wasn’t the pro-gun filmmaker armed? Honestly, what are some people thinking?

    • It’s actually a good thing he wasn’t, since Special Snowflake Skye is transparently attempting to claim self defense because Saunderson tried to draw on him. This was probably his plan all along, so he could show an example of ‘those crazy ammosexuals’.

      Having seen pictures of Skye, I’m pretty sure I could take him with one arm.

    • He probably came unarmed knowing the anti-gun guy might try to assault him to provoke a reaction. Think about it. It’s the perfect catalyst for an anti-gun documentarian struggling to raise funds. “I got shot interviewing a gun nut.” He even lied in that tweet after his plan failed, claiming the other guy pulled a gun.

      • “He even lied in that tweet after his plan failed, claiming the other guy pulled a gun.”

        Oh, I *hope* he told the cops he drew on him. Falsifying a police report gets you into felony charges…

        • Assault, aggravated battery, felony robbery, tampering with evidence (if he touched anything on those cameras he stole)

  7. Just another liberal fascist who realizes We The People are neither afraid of him nor his leadership. History shows that when We The People are no longer afraid of tyrants, those who push tyranny quickly resort to violence.

  8. The thing is that nowadays people are aware of cameras and that includes crazy, unhinged people. Filming him was provocative, maybe not illegal, but hardly a good idea.

    I know, the normal healthy response is to get up and leave when you don’t want to be filmed. However, we all know people today are sensitive about being recorded. Public misbehavior was a predictable response. I’m not surprised it escalated to a fight, but I am surprised someone got his arm broken.

    Better to do your due diligence in the first place or let sleeping dogs lie than try to have a “gotcha” moment with some half baked “documentarian” who is failing to make his propaganda film.

    • Fitzgerald is taping Saunderson, so how is Saunderson taping Fitzgerald provocative? These days, anyone who dares to be interviewed SHOULD make their own recording, so when the documentarian or journalist edits out the context and smears you, you can post the complete interview on YouTube. But obviously it works both ways, and that unsettles some journalists and documentarians who prefer to be in control of the message.

    • I’m not sure they were trying to catch a “gotcha” moment. Seems more like they were recording to cover their own asses. They knew the guy had a bias against them, and they probably just wanted to have documentation in case things got ugly.

      As for people being sensitive to being recorded, shouldn’t a “documentarian” in particular have thicker skin on that particular issue? He’s trying to make a living off of filming other people, but won’t consent to being filmed himself?

      • Oh no. One makes a political documentary to control and disseminate YOUR message. The last thing you need is for your “balance” to become the star of the show. You are confusing these kinds of message-makers with Frederick Wiseman and the Maysles.

  9. The victim could participate in the fund-raising at the same time he is suing the attacker. Upon winning his suit, he could collect the attacker’s liberal-sourced assets and enjoy his windfall knowing it came from the antis.

    The last laugh.

    • Dye his hair and he’s a ringer. I knew I’d seen somebody who looked like that, couldn’t place him until your post.

    • I can see him screaming “He’s a gunner!! A gunner! This man is a gunner!”

  10. Don’t you know this little creep thought the whole thing through in advance to make himself famous or a hero or something.
    He was probably shocked when he learned his intended victim was unarmed.

  11. Kris ain’t so stupid as to have his gun within reach when facing a mo-ron. Just like my brother, a male 8th grade math teacher and registered republican, one must never allow any opportunity for a false accusation.
    But if the DA is anti-gun, he will go very lighter in this brutal assault case.

  12. Maybe Mr. Fitzgerald can launch a go-fund-me drive to raise money for the 100s of thousands of dollars in civil damages that he is going to have to pay to his victim.

    Of course, with a name and hair like that, what else would you expect?

  13. A vicious attack from the skinny, tweaker looking anti-gunner. My thoughts and prayers to the pro-gun journalist. If I had been attacked, things would’ve probably gone differently.

    I completely agree that gun owners are far more disciplined and responsible than anti-gunners. The methods of those who hate firearms speak volumes to their lack of morals, and protective measures should be taken accordingly.

    • The anti’s clearly ignore the overwhelming evidence, example how CCW permit holders are 9 times less likely to commit murder than the general public, and 3 times less likely than a cop.

  14. It seems that the MO of Skye was to provoke a known gun advocate into a confrontation while on camera hoping he could get the gun owner to do something that would rev up the anti-gun leftist crowd.

    When things didn’t go the way he planned he stole the other guys cameras because he was worried that there was evidence of him committing a felony.

  15. To be fair, I wouldn’t trust this documentary maker with a firearm. Has gun control gone meta now?

    • No, it’s not on you or the government to prevent someone like this from committing a crime. Armed or not. The only responsibility we have is the service of justice after the fact. Deal with it, in a free society people are free to do wrong. If it’s any comfort though less free societies never seem to prevent the doing of wrong, no matter how much control they try for.

  16. This is why socialist, progressives and fascists are so dangerous. None of them believe in freedom. All of them believe in control.

  17. Anyone who’s made a documentary (or tried) knows how little control one has over events and people. That’s why journalists and documentarians try to find reliably nutty people to represent “the other side.” If you can’t get them to crazy up, you lose. (And you only need one wild-eyed moment — anti-gunners will make sure you remember Charlton Heston for “my cold dead hands!” and nothing else.) Fitzgerald saw his ambush faltering and panicked — big time. I don’t know if Saunderson was armed at the time, but if he was and refused to draw (sounds like he didn’t have cause until pushed, and by then the damage was done), he exhibited remarkable restraint and is a 2A hero. We’re all in a perpetual documentary called the 24 hour news cycle. We have to be MLK and let them be Bull Connor.

  18. Innocent people defending themselves don’t usually go on the lamb. Guy’s been watching too many movies.

  19. That “he tried to draw a gun” crap reminds me of one Henry B. Gonzalez, one of those eternally re-elected Dem US Representatives from South Texas (San Antonio, to be exact, Juliesa probably remembers him). He punched out a political rival in a San Antonio restaurant, and when the guy filed charges, Henry B started ranting about how the guy was tryng to draw a gun on him–and not only a gun, but also an “illegal knife”. It was all garbage, of course, and of course, nothing significant happened to Henry B. They still have buildings in SA named after the SOB. Hopefully Sky Hair doesn’t have that kind of juice.

      • Kind of surprised he’s not still in office. I mean, if dead Dems can vote, why can’t they hold office??


          Missouri, 2000. Mel Carnahan (D) defeated incumbent John Ashcroft despite having been killed several weeks earlier in a plane crash, and is the only dead man to ever win a senate election.

          3 House members, also all democrats, have also been re-elected after dying. Nick Begich and Hale Boggs (Who disappeared in the same aircraft crash, and were re-elected before being declared dead), and Patsy Mink of Hawaii who died of pneumonia a month before being re-elected.

        • Good question. I think they’re working on getting that going in some of the border counties.

    • If this lunatic had that kind of juice, he could probably have raised more than $2700 to fund his little movie project.

      • He might have friends in high places, I think. You know how progs are, they won’t give a dime of their own money for things, they have to get someone else’s money.

    • True. Supposedly H.B.’s beef was that the guy called him a communist. Not only that, but when the judge in the case issued a gag order, H.B. hightailed it to D.C. to the floor of the House to take advantage of the Constitution’s Speech and Debate Clause to circumvent the judge’s order.

      • Yes, that’s it–it wasn’t a political rival so much as a loud talker sitting at a nearby table. And I do seem to recall that it was indeed in the House that Henry B came up with that ludicrous gun-and-knife tale.

  20. Liberals never change. About 25=30 yrs ago some PeTA freaks were in a remote cabin near the Great Swamp Refuge in NJ in a “planning session” when supposedly a “hunter” flung a severed fawn head through the window. The state F^W guys investigated and showed that the head had come off a road killed fawn and was severed by another anti to give credence to the “crazy violent hunter” meme they were about to spread.


  21. The people that the felon Skye tweeted are not just “anti-gun activists”.

    @repblumenauer is Representative Earl Blumenauer, a notorious anti-gunner who’s publish such drivel as the following:

    @BurdickGinny is Oregon State Senator Ginny Burdick. The “Diane Feinstein” of Oregon. She has been caught lying herself a few times, and is expected to introduce a universal background check bill soon.

    @jakeweigleOne is reported to be a lobbyist for Michael Bloonmberg.

    Everyone be sure to send the a note saying “hi”! 🙂

  22. Skye, poster child of the self-hating unhinged left.

    Bob Adams at Bearing arms reports Gresham police say there was no evidence of a gun. Other sources say Skye was cited in lieu of arrest. The major media silence on this is telling.

    Lets do a mind experiment, the “substitution game” per Sharyl Atkisson; to imagine a hypothetical left wing media report of a hypothetical meeting, identical but with roles reversed…

    (Note: hypothetical scenario follows…)

    “Gun rights activist and blogger Cory Douchebag, of OCD Texas, meets local gun control advocate, Shannon Twitts, at a local coffe shop to discuss a pending film project, which he feels misrepresents him, unfairly. Cory flips out when he realizes Ms Twitt is recording the meeting (perfectly legal and commonplace, especially for attack journolists like Cory).

    Reaching across the table to grab cell phone and assistants camera gear, wrestling and throwing her down to ground, breaking bones, Cory speeds off, nearly running her over when she tries to block his path.

    Cory tweets a blatantly false account, to his supporters in the bitter clinging bible belt of rual Texas, his local NRA lobbyist, and two TX legislators in favor of the 2nd amendment right.

    Sheriff Deputy Bubba, of Left Armpit, TX home of local boy Cory releases him with a citation for felony robbery, misdemeanor assault, in lieu of arrest, because he turned himself in.

    No comment from the TX legislators, or the NRA…”

    (Note: the above is a hypothetical scenario )

    Can you imagine the Progtard $hitstorm?
    DOES ANYONE FIND THE MSM RADIO SILENCE ON THIS ‘interesting’, or revealing?

    The OregonLive local news outlet, which has run two favorable blurbs featuring local role model Skye Fitszgerald, has nothing yet…no reports from the Bloomberg lobbyist, or the two Oregon Democrats who have been giving media interviews in support of gun control advocates, and in touch with Skye….

    Probably lawyering up and deleting emails as we speak…

  23. Pretty sure this should classify as a hate crime…somebody let AG Holder and Obama know so they can raise a stink.

    From the oracle that is Wikipedia:

    “In both crime and law, hate crime (also known as bias-motivated crime) is a usually violent, prejudice motivated crime that occurs when a perpetrator

    ….targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group.

    Examples of such groups include but are not limited to: ethnicity, gender identity, language, nationality, physical appearance, religion, or sexual orientation.[1][2]”

  24. It would sure seem like he stole the cameras because they contain some evidence of his assault, or motive.

    Thoughts go out to Mr Saunderson and family.

    • PS Mods, ghis is an orphan reply, now, as it was originally posted by me, calling out by someone who it appeared misrepresented ‘ walls of the city’ blog, with a link that looked like spam bot b.s. or something…rendering an obviously fake mirror of that site.

      Another lefty script kiddie, a wannabe anarko-Portlandia-beta male, social justice warrior, living in his moms Portland basement, most likely…..

      Never mind, now that troll post is back…better call WordPress…

  25. This incident pretty much summarizes the anti-gun liberal approach to the entire gun rights issue. If you don’t get your way, resort to irrational screaming and then physically attack the peaceful representatives of the opposing viewpoint.

    Hey, progressives are “terrorists in waiting”, and they should all be placed on the “do not fly list” and entered into the database of people with sever mental instability. Follow the example of progressive icon FDR with the Japanese-Americans – put them all in “relocation centers” for their own safety and the safety of the general public.

  26. Good thing this psycho does not own a gun or he probably would have shot the camera man. What an idiot.

    • That is exactly why most of us maintain that the anti’s animus is largely driven by projection.

  27. Ok, still nothing on the StateRunMedia, including Oregonian, and its digital version OregonLive, nor in google, binv, of yahoo searches except gun sites.

    No tweets from the two dem legilslators and antigunners or Jake Weigler, pr hack for vafious anti-gun groups that Skye High tweeted bdfore arrested, and Skyes “Spin Films” twitter account has gone dead, too.

    The point is not that a lefty has lost his marbles, apparently. That can happen to anyone, and on a human being level, politics aside, I hope Skye gets some mental health assistance for his impulse control and anger management.

    The real story here, again, is the obvious collusion by the left-progressive community organizers and paid flacks to suppress the truth, with help from their friends and enablers in the media…its not working thanks to places like The Truth About Guns, Bearing Arms, and others.

    Prayers to Mr Saunderson in his recovery, and I am sure successful civil suit for damages and medical bills, and if I may suggesrt, to support Laughing at Liberals pro 2a efforts, by going to his YouTube account, and giving him likes, and linkage love….

    Here is an excellent video he posted showing yet another unhinged Moms Demand Action supporter…

    “Can’t stop the signal, Mal…”

    • Good thing this nutjob did not have a gun. He needs to be flagged. So he won’t pass his backround check!!!

      “Guy killed me with a sword Mel”

    • Deport her to us in Russia. We have so much shit like these here, a couple of million more of idiots wont matter.

    • If you going to quote someone, you should get some serious badass:

      “You take care of me, Simon. You’ve always taken care of me. My turn.”

      (And I still say she would have taken out those Core World troops if they hadn’t stood down.)

      “The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.”
      “Also, I can kill you with my brain.”
      “He looks better in red.”

      And of course,
      “No power in the ‘verse can stop me.” (which is really one of the best quotes of all time…)

  28. I’m a mite confused on this…you let some punk – ass left-wing loser assault you on purpose? Whatever…

  29. Wow upper arm broken in 3 places to include the ball to boot…!
    What the hell did he hit him with?[sorry did not follow any links] I WANT ONE OF THOSE, might be an add on to my EDC. Maybe it was on of those war clubs like in “Last of Mohicans”

    I hope the guy gets a great doc that can help repair his arm and shoulder, gwad dam that sound utterly painful [I been through 4 shoulder surgeries, and I winced at reading what happened]

  30. This is why if you are going to engage with agenda-mongers, you always have a smartphone or similar, uploading video in real time. Internet-enabled security cameras are a commodity these days.

    And keep a contemporaneous log of all communications.

    And bring witnesses.

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