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Mary Rose Wilcox is a career politician from Phoenix’ South side who runs a Democrat political machine some have compared to Daley’s in Chicago. She was running in the Democrat primary for a an open congressional seat in the deep blue safe seventh district of Arizona, one of the few Grand Canyon State districts that’s safe for Democrats. The former Maricopa County supervisor had name recognition, a formidable organization and money on her side. And she decided to differentiate herself from her main opposition, Ruben Gallego, by being more willing to chip away at Second Amendment rights . . .

Gallego is rated by the NRA as a B+, not much of a distinction in Arizona, really. Wilcox seemed to think that pushing for severe restrictions on peoples’ ability to keep and bear firearms would work for her and paint the Marine and Harvard-trained attorney as an ‘extremist.’

From Mother Jones:

Wilcox, who was shot in the hip in 1997 by an angry constituent, has kept gun control front and center during the campaign, although not always successfully. She brought up Gallego’s vote at a recent debate; in June, her husband, Earl, confronted Gallego at a gun control rally, alleging that he was a “traitor to the cause.” Gallego, a former NRA member, has said he brought a handgun to work at the state capitol after receiving threats, but supports a ban on assault rifles and the county buyback program Wilcox helped to start.

Wilcox isn’t known for subtlety. Many have attributed her reputation for corruption to the fact that she was shot. In any case, her anti-rights attacks on Gallego didn’t work.

She lost the primary yesterday, managing to get only 36% of the vote. Gallego, won with 48% in a four-candidate field. Interesting enough, in this hotly-contested primary which essentially decided who will be representing the “safe seventh”, only 24,189 people voted.

Being for restrictive gun control didn’t work for Mary Rose Wilcox. Being perceived as a modestly pro-gun rights candidate in a very pro-gun state worked for Ruben Gallego.

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    • Seriously, did she pose for the picture?

      If so, she should fire the PR company. Worse than evil clown pictures.

      • NO! NO! You can’t really believe that! Ask yourself which one of the two would you rather have next to you, if you woke up in the morning after wild drunken night?

        • Jesus Christ. Are you guys serious right now? Attacking the antis for being ugly? There are so many legitimate reasons to attack them (their hypocrisy, their idiocy, their disrespect for the Constitution, their disdain for the common man, etc), and you go the ad hominem route. Maybe we could try to be a bit more mature than the average 7th grade boy, huh?

          • Ya I know its childish. But damn just look at the cow. You expect Republicans to be ugly, we are rough, tough and most of us have been road hard and put up wet. Democrats usually won’t even recognize you as human if you don’t look like Brad Pit or Julia Roberts. I know, I know they have Rosie O’Donall but she is gay and they wouldn’t dare.

        • Yeah, yeah, yeah, but did you look at that picture? I mean, she is UGLY! Apparently, inside and out.

    • Well, first of all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Secondly, studies have shown that conservative women look more feminine than the liberal kind.

    • “What is it with anti gun politicians and being ugly? Is it a prerequisite?”

      Short Answer: Yes

      Long Answer: Yes.

      Commie and Feminist (same thing) women (often mentally ill) are usually pigs. Good looking women who are pleasant, and who behave with a modicum of respectability don’t have time nor need for feminism as espoused by the bizzarro world adherents of 2014.

      Da feminism of 2014 is basically a bunch of ugly chicks trying to come up with ways to get their fat accepted, their nose rings accepted, their ugly tattoos accepted, their short boy haircuts accepted, their “trigers” and victim-hood understood, etc. so as to undercut the hot chicks who have access to the kinds of guys they only wish they did.

      It’s high school or college freshman drama. A pitiful vomiting up of verbal and emotional spew in an attempt to see if any man at all would bend a knee and help the “poor me” damsel in distress. And when they don’t, except for man-boobed enablers, they react with the usual en masse feminine response to male rejection, a sense of self-entitled rage and an appeal to the state to codify into law, what they could not connive through batting of eyelashes and coy smiles.

      Or put another way, if you won’t play by my rules, I’ll tell teacher and he’ll take away all you mean boy’s things.

      Heh. They derped.

    • I like to think of such people as they would be during an outbreak of civil unrest / civil war / domestic ground war with invading China (or the current one with Mexico/S. America). ; )

      Think of how they would whine like a beotch if you didn’t give up your position and expend your ammo protecting them.

      (Should it ever occur [GOD help U.S.]) To all those ‘with me’ (and we don’t want anyone with us ‘with us’ [and you couldn’t be more “against us” than by stating your cause is against us by outing your close competitor as “a traitor” in a national campaign – Holy Cow] who isn’t ‘with us’), when and if they come for you, they will have a green-dot on the back of their head and we can all laugh about it later while we urinate on the bodies. To all others, when and if they come for you and yours, here’s your straw, suck it up, you’ve asked-for and earned it, don’t even telegraph our position with a sideways glance.

    • Well angry people are anti-gun…and ugly people are angry… So yea, I guess it makes sense that anti-gun people are ugly.

  1. So this Gallego wants to carry a gun into the capital for his protection, but is all for “assault weopons” ban? I really hope that he gets stomped in November.

    • Pro-gun state, but ever-growing mass of progressives infesting the central Phoenix metropolis. Kind of like another pro-gun state we know.

        • As a California native and a Phoenix resident, I take offense to this. Phoenix is not anything like anywhere in California. There are a few that stand out, but the majority are very much pro-2A. Having also lived in Tucson, I am willing to concede them to you. Fucking hippies everywhere.

          • Ya we thought that New Mexico would never become an blue state, then Holly Wood bought out Sante Fe.

        • Indeed, and I wonder how many more years AZ will remain a gun-friendly state. My fear is that it may be less than ten.

        • We still have a lot of “Old Blood” here in Az but it’s thinning quickly.

          People from Cali, NY & other unfriendly states move here by the swarms.

          It won’t be long until they take over the politics and change things drastically here.

        • Don’t worry guys. When Arizona goes blue you can just move to a free state. Ain’t that the keyboard commando advice we get here all the time? No sweat, just move.

    • FWIW, he did vote for the law that tried to remove magazine capacity restrictions in Arizona (which do exist for hunting). The guy’s stance doesn’t seem to be particularly consistent on this topic.

  2. Good. Now beat Ruben in November anyway because he’s going to support bringing an AWB ban down upon you Arizona. Don’t believe it cant happen there, it happened in Colorado. Domino Theory.

    • Ruben Gallegos is going to be in office for a long, long, time. I think it would be best to speak of him respectfully and to court him for pro-second amendment votes. He is a new kind of “moderate democrat” and I think he would appreciate a little love from conservatives. We may agree on more than we disagree. This election shows him that a rabid, anti-second amendment stance does not work in his district…

      I think I will send him a congratulatory email.

      [email protected]

      He served as a Marine in Iraq.

      • Looks like it’s a good time to start a REAL intelligent conversation with him WRT 2A. There may be some hope now that J. Edgar Hoover’s ugly sister is out of the picture. For now. You know she’ll be scheming in the shadows.

      • +1000

        A very wise move, Dean, and so will I.

        Gallegos is one of the good guys, a vet, and 2A supporter. We start peeling voters who identify with Democrats like him away from the Progtards, by celebrating what we agree on, and education on the rest. Step by Step.

        • He’s a 2A supporter???? Maybe at one time, but did you even read the article, no, he isn’t a 2A supporter, he agrees on many gun reforms such as expanded background checks, banning assault weapons and he all for promoting gun-buybacks. Like every other progressive DNC tool, he probably only believes LEO and MIL should carry firearms. That said, I’m all for changing his mind, send him a dozen roses i& a box of chocolates if you think it will help.

          And, on a side note, I can’t believe most people on here are blabbing about the way his opponent looks instead of actually looking at his record, bc it ain’t much better!

  3. Many of us here in Phoenix are thrilled that the dictatorial hand of Wilcox has finally been tossed from public office. During her long tenure here as a County Supervisor, she brought much shame to Phoenix and Maricopa County. Just google “mary rose wilcox indictment,” and a long list of allegations, indictment and news stories about back taxes of $100K will fill a dozen screens. She has become a very, very rich person after holding an average-paying county supervisor position for many years. She was covered in teflon, though, and had friends in key places and somehow the charges always seemed to get dropped. Go figure, right?

    With apologies to President Ford, I’d like to say that our long regional nightmare is over.

    As for being shot in the “hip”: She was actually shot in the buttock, which was ample enough to safely absorb the .357 magnum bullet.

    ps. to notalima: Believe it or not, that’s one of her better mug shots.

  4. Ok, I’ll say it. Isn’t “anti-gun Democrat” kind of redundant? At least for national-level office.

    • As much crap I give the Democrat party as a whole, I have to hand it to the individual (minority) pro 2A Democrats that kept that terrible bill from coming to the Senate floor in the first place. They were part of the Democrat wave that took over total control of the Federal government in the 2008 Election.

  5. She looks like an old fat toad. I remember that name from the 20 years I spent in Arizona (1974-93.) She’s a perfect example of a career politician. There should be term limits on all public offices. These people become so disconnected from reality that they are dangerous.

  6. Can’t you just feel the chills running up the spines of anti-gun liberals across the country?

    The other fact that should put fear in their eyes – only 24,000 votes in a contested primary for the majority party, in a congressional district. That’s pathetic. If I’m a Democrat anywhere, I’m thinking it’s going to be hard to get my people to the polls in November.

    • “If I’m a Democrat anywhere, I’m thinking it’s going to be hard to get my people to the polls in November.”

      Uh, I have a hunch that plenty of people will go to the polls this November to support Democrats … especially when you figure in all the voter fraud with dead people voting and many other people voting multiple times.

      The reason that voter turnout was so low is because it was a primary. Primary elections normally have very low voter turnout.

  7. Yep, sounds like an NRA B+ to me:
    “Gallego… supports a ban on assault rifles and the county buyback program Wilcox helped to start.”

    • That buy back program is kind of nice. Lets me unload all my old worn out guns that no one wants so I can go buy new ones. Please don’t stop now.

    • I am a strong supporter of privately funded gun buybacks. Esp if it’s Bloomy’s bucks. So ya’ll be nice.

  8. On the bright side, Ms. Wilcox may have a promising future ahead of her in showbiz: If they ever hold a casting call for The Goonies 2, she could lock up the Ma Fratelli role in a heartbeat.

  9. Must be all that Bloomberg money she took. Bloomie should be persuaded to fund as many politicians as possible

  10. 7th District is pretty much where the ghetto is, interestingly enough. Hardly anybody goes there unless they have a legitimate reason, and every time I do there are nothing but crackheads walking around and people selling shampoo on street corners and shit.

    • I have to agree. I live in the 7th district near 75th Ave. and McDowell Rd. Down the street from me is a guy who regularly sells mattresses on his lawn. I tend to open carry in my apartment complex just so people know I’m armed. I made the mistake of leaving my watch on the porch (it’s solar powered) and it was gone when I left for work the next morning. As soon as my lease is up I’m getting the hell out of here.

  11. I don’t think this has much to do with pro-gun vs anti-gun. It’s more about a “career politician” being kicked out after years of abuse of office.

    Also, Galleno was the Mayday PAC supported candidate (meaning that he pledged to support laws for campaign funding reform, which probably played into this somewhat.

  12. This tells me that any libertarian or republican who wants to win an election in a district that always votes for democrats should run as a democrat: if they can win the primary, they win the election basically by default. And since there is normally low turnout for primaries, such a candidate can easily win if they can get as little as 5,000 libertarian or republican supporters to switch over and vote in the democratic primary.

    I am absolutely serious. Why is this not happening all over the place?

    • It could work if Libertarians or Republicans controlled as much media as the “Progressives” do. Have you noticed the large number of RINO republicans in office? That is one of the mechanisms that they use to get elected, but you have to have a sympathetic media to make it work.

      Now that there is a little bit of new media, even the RINOs are having a harder time.

    • Once you go Republican, you never go back. Assuming someone who holds Republican/Libertarian ideals DID run as a Democrat (DINO?), no Republicans would vote for them simply because they’re calling themselves a Democrat, and few Democrats would vote for them if they revealed their platform.

  13. When you’re that ugly… why bother with make up?
    I realize that this is a personal insult, and it’s not important in the least…. but looking at that picture, seeing that neon lipstick… I think to myself “who actually thinks that helped?”

    It would be like putting a fancy stone and iron fence/entrance on the driveway to a mobile home. The ONLY thing it does is draw attention to how bad the house/face truly is.

  14. >Gallego, a former NRA member, has said he brought a handgun to work at the state capitol after receiving threats, but supports a ban on assault rifles and the county buyback program Wilcox helped to start.

    Yeah, he looks like the guy we all want to win. I’m really surprised at his high NRA rating.

    • He is likely to be a tremendous improvement over Ed Pastor, who he is replacing. Ed was a very, very liberal democrat who did what he was told. Fortunately, Ed liked to live a good life, and that did not include tremendous amounts of hard work.

      Ruben Gallago served as a Marine not that long ago, has a B+ rating from the NRA, and seems to have a sense of honor. I may visit him to try to understand him better.

  15. I don’t get it. Sounds like one anti-gun liberal beat another anti-gun liberal in a heavily liberal district. Where’s the news?

  16. C’mon guys.

    I think she’d maybe have a nice smile – perhaps a nutty-aunt look – if she’d actually give it a shot. But from the wrinkle pattern, I’m guessing she doesn’t do that very often.

    Personally, I always feel a little sad for people who look like they’re always frowning. When I feel that bad, a little trip to the range usually gives me a nice big grin… Oh wait, that’s out for her. Never mind.

  17. Of course she is anti gun.
    After the voters turned down the chance to finance a new stadium, she and her fellow council members decided the great unwashed had it wrong and went ahead anyhow. One rather upset taxpayer then decided to show her the real reason for the second amendment, she was less than amused.
    Key takeaway here is Liberals hate the second because they realize it is the ultimate veto for a corrupt politician.

  18. Just moved to Arizona from Oregon. In the area of Arizona I now live, people talk about their recent trip to the range about as much as the weather or the price of gas. The Arizonians around me tend to be true, rugged individualists. They will freely talk about any subject, and they will tolerate disagreement and real diversity. But, if you attempt to force them to follow an ideology that is not their own, they will fight. It is the closest thing the US has to a firearms enthusiasts paradise.

  19. Hey, if that politics thang don’t work out for Wilcox, she can always become an exotic dancer. Oh wait, never mind.

  20. Ladies & Gentlemen,
    these photos are cherry picked. The photo of the Mrs. Wilcox is a cropped photo of her and not picked in the same vein as Mr. Gallego. Please do not participate or further the MSM and the anti 2A establishment’s practice of setting the tone of a narrative using the pictures. please, stick with the facts. let reason and facts be your ally.

    • No, wrong.

      Playing nice has not worked the last four election cycles.

      “Mock Them”, on their own hypocrisy, and dont forget,
      a picture tells a thousand words, for this bitter woman’s own corruption.
      Drudge is powerful precisely for this kind of comparison, using visuals.

      AND, to your point-

      At the same time, punch back twice as hard with the facts. Give no quarter, get in their faces.
      THAT is the genius of Breitbart.

    • Thanks for the link, that brought back memories about the popular slogan at that time, the one about “Wilcox needing a neurosurgeon to treat her injury.” In other words, her brain is in her behind.

      Wilcox will be forever known as the Maricopa County Supervisor who led the charge to prevent the people of the county from voting on a stadium tax that was rammed down our throats. The beneficiary of all this was Jerry Colangelo, a billionaire who already owned the NBA Phoenix Suns. Taxpayers took a giant hit that we are still paying for in property taxes to build the MLB stadium for billionaire Colangelo’s expansion team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

      People wonder how Wilcox became very rich as a career politician in a county supervisors seat, which doesn’t have great pay. This is how. Every poll showed that citizens did NOT want to pay 100% for another stadium for the billionaire, so that is why Wilcox led Colangelo’s fight to not give citizens a chance to vote. Instead, the matter was decided by the Wilcox-led board of county supervisors.

  21. You do realize that we are talking about politics here. Reason and facts has little to do with it.

  22. As a side note, I was looking at a map of AZ that showed districts with voting participation rates of Tuesday’s primary. Most were standard 15 to 20 percent of eligible voters participating, but Cochise county (along the border w/Mexico) was 65 percent.

    And AZ does have ID check requirement for voting.

  23. Possible jobs for Mr Wilcox may include minor league wrestling at local gyms and state fairs. Stunt doubling would be good. My personal choice would be selling war bonds with the Marines, as the bulldog of course.

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