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It happens in every state. The same kabuki dance plays out — yawn…sorry — whenever the prospect of constitutional carry gets real. Anti-gun politicians gather a group of compliant law enforcement types to predict that everyone will die in a hail of bullets if law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry firearms without a government permission slip.

As if huge numbers of them of them aren’t doing it already.

This week’s command performance took place in the Louisiana capital, where Governor John Bel Edwards had recently vetoed a constitutional carry bill that had passed both houses of the legislature by supermajority margins.

From . . .

Dozens of law enforcement officials from around the state gathered in Baton Rouge Thursday to implore lawmakers to not override Governor Edwards’ veto of legislation allowing concealed carry without a permit. Under the bill, those 21 and older who are not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm would be allowed to carry a concealed handgun without needing to demonstrate firearm proficiency and safety knowledge during an eight-hour concealed carry course.

Several sheriffs were in attendance despite the fact that the highly influential Louisiana Sheriffs Association has remained neutral on the topic. One of those sheriffs was Craig Webre of Lafourche who said allowing unlicensed, untrained people to carry concealed firearms in public is a recipe for disaster.

OMG! Disaster!

“I don’t want to be at a Mardi Gras parade with my daughter where someone jumps up to catch a bead and that gun falls out their waistband it hits the concrete, goes off and innocent people get killed,” said Webre. “I don’t want to go into a department store or restaurant and wonder who might be carrying a concealed weapon.

We have some news for Sheriff Webre. There are reportedly almost 300,000 concealed carry permit holders in the Sportsman’s Paradise. The number of people who carry a gun — with or without a permit — is no doubt considerably higher. So there have already been lots of people packing plenty of pistols at those Mardi Gras parades you’ve been attending with your daughter.

Also, 21 other states already have constitutional carry on the books (Texas’s law won’t take effect until September 1). None of those states have experienced “disaster” after enacting permitless carry that Sheriff Webre and the rest of his brothers in blue are predicting.

Ooh! Here’s another oldie that’s always trotted out . . .

The Governor’s veto has the full support of the Louisiana Chiefs of Police Association. New Orleans Superintendent of Police Shaun Ferguson said the state and nation is already enduring an increase in crime and putting more untrained gun owners on the streets will make it worse.

“It would put us in a position that we would have to assume that everyone is armed now and in doing so that heightens that engagement or interaction with whomever we may encounter,” said Ferguson.

Another news flash: cops — at least those who are worth their salt — already assume everyone is armed. This is a country with almost half a billion civilian-owned firearms. LEOs know this and act accordingly.

So this is all just anti-gun political theater, orchestrated by people who don’t like the idea of losing control over the permitting process…and the revenue it generates. Over two-thirds of both houses passed the Louisiana constitutional carry bill. Assuming the legislature comes back over the summer to act, the Gumbo State will be the 22nd member of the constitutional carry club. Whether these cops like it or not.


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  1. This would directly affect me and I’m all for it. Still I can’t get too excited until the fat lady sings.

  2. And I don’t want a cop carrying a gun.

    No way to tell how close to a breakdown they are…..

    Or if they are distraught over their spouse cheating on them…….

    Or if they come home drunk to enter someone else’s apartment and shoot them because they think they’re an intruder……

    Nope ….too many potential issues with cops to support them having a gun.

    • If I remember correctly, they have the highest incidence of spousal abuse, also. Not sure how current that statistic is. These guys think that an unarmed populace is safer. How’s that working out in Mexico, Iran, China? There’s no “good guy with a gun” to help them if they’re in a pickle. Since most crime is drug related, let’s outlaw drugs. Then, no drugs=no crime /sarc.

  3. Yeah, and these were the same a-holes that went door to door and confiscated citizen’s firearms, leaving them defenseless in the face of criminal looters, after Katrina.

    F every one of their Stasi/Gestapo asses.

    • Don’t forget all those Thin Blue Line folks that support these same people that will be the first to go confiscate because “they’re just following orders”

    • Y’all seem to be ignorant of the difference between an elected Democratic Sheriff from a liberal county or a Democrat police chief appointed from a Democratic Mayor from an Democratic city. The opinion of those Democrats is not always that of the regular patrol officer you encounter on the street. Your blind coverage of all cops are Gestapo waiting to go door to door is the same mentality of the Liberal Democrats with PoTG. What about all the County Sheriff’s who have said “Not in my County”? Do a simple Google search of “Sheriff refuses to enforce gun laws” then come back and tell me how all cops are Gestapo or out to go door to door.

      • To the Democrats, rank and file police lack “political reliability”, so property seizures will be done by “volunteers” drawn from ANTIFA and BLM.

        • God, I dearly hope that’s who they send. It would nicely do away with any moral conflict many of us have about opening fire on whoever comes to collect and stacking their bodies at the curb for trash pickup.

      • Those cops will follow orders. PERIOD. There are no good cops. Anyone who wants power and authority over other people should not have it.

        • They followed order in Chicago, Berkeley, Portland, Seattle. I wouldn’t say they’re not good…. I’d say they’re amoral. I couldn’t watch my neighbor get beat-up with out doing something…anything.

  4. The useful idiots who should not be in law enforcement come out to support the agenda of a Gov. who lint licked b.h. obama who in turn for years lint licked the communist terrorist “kill your parents” lily white bill ayers. In other words for those against it is your right to speak and support a democRat but beyond that you are going nowhere unless of course the legislature has liked minded nitwits exactly like you.

    You can bet the farm that the Gov. dumbBell edwards has a caravan of secret service wannabe security guards with him 24/7. But God forbid the thought of a citizen wearing a coat over a firearm. Then you have city council clowns in Louisiana who want to hold citizens libel if a criminal breaks into their vehicle and steals their gun. If constitutional carry was legal chances are high the gun would be in the possession of its owner and not left unattended in a vehicle and inviting criminals to steal it,

    These backdoor Gun Control nitwits who should not be in law enforcement would never show up to a call without a firearm yet it obviously must be quite all right with them to show up at a restaurant full of dead diners who by law left their means of survival in a parking lot in a car.

    If you are that stupid to require someone to go through a deeper anal exam and jump through more hoops like silly circus animals and pay extra just to wear a coat after they exercised a constitutional right to purchase following a background check then you have to be one dumb sack of stupidity to advocate for such a scheme.

    Rest assured these so called cops who are against Freedom are no Rambos and their f-ups with firearms confirm it even after all the taxpayer money spent to train them. So who are they to put themselves on a pedestal and look down on those exercising a Constitutional Right just to have a better chance to survive? It does not matter where you put a firearm on your person. It only matters where you point it.

  5. There are only two reasons police oppose constitutional carry: 1: they despise private gun ownership. 2: Money.

  6. People who will carry illegally, are already doing so. That’s not going to change.

    People who could carry legally, should constitutional carry pass, might start doing so.

    So, in all, the absolute number of “bad guys” carrying illegally won’t change; the absolute number of “good guys” carrying might go up; so overall the ratio of illegal carriers will go down if this passes.

    I don’t see the problem. Isn’t this what we all want?

    • Sheriff Webre, “I don’t want to go into a department store or restaurant and wonder who might be carrying a concealed weapon.”
      The idiot sheriff doesn’t know that now!

    • To many LEOs, that “good guy”, who might just start carrying, is really a “bad guy”, since he/she isn’t part of the club. This means they might have to adjust the standards to allow “certain people” of whom they really do not approve.

        • I most assuredly agree with Dave. In the Peepuls Republik of Kallyforniya, every sentence of probation or conditions of parole include the proviso that the probationer or parolee agree to a search of person, vehicle or abode at any time by any l.e.o. Le.o.s also include CPS workers, code enforcement workers, fire marshals, probation and parole officers and, of course, any cop who recognizes that you are on parole or probation and has nothing else to enliven the midnight to 0800 shift and so has free reign to search you and your car for no reason at all other than you agreed to it to get out of jail or prison.

          I believe that deep inside the Deep State is a plan to get everyone not enrolled in the deep state convicted of some crime with the provision that I outlined above, thus totally destroying the fifth amendment as have the first and second been slowly chipped away at. Call someone some opprobrious slur in a fit of anger and it is now a federal offense warranting prosecution by the Deputy U.S. Attorney General’s office with incarceration in a federal penitentiary as possible inducement for a guilty plea to a lesser offense with the consent to search any time any where of any thing you might be near.

          Yeah, just because I am paranoid doesn’t mean that an actual unspoken plot doesn’t exist. And, no, I don’t have aluminum foil on my windows to block the voices.

    • @No one of consequence: The problem is that the democrats feel like they are losing control and we can’t have that. The problem is that if good people have guns, it reduces the need to federalize a police force which can give them more control. The problem is, it ruins the democrat agenda of their totalitarian one party ruled socialist dream. And we can’t have that…🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
      You know, sarcasm is pretty fun.

  7. Boo-hoo! I’ve carried concealed for 40 years. I do not ask permission and I will never pay a tax to exercise a constitutional right. Doing so would make that right a privilege and goes against everything I believe in.

    • And that is why I proudly say I’ve been arrested for concealed weapon.
      I did find one thing out, the Bill of Rights doesn’t matter to the courts.

      • Possum,

        I have come back to this one post of yours more than a dozen times, today. It is more terrifying than the sum of all the zombie apocalypse movies and zombie TV shows I have ever watched. And really, I am pretty certain I have seen almost all of them…even zombies in outer space. I love the genre. What you said IS apocalyptic.

      • Well, that’s absolutist of you. But you know what, life is not black or white, as you make it out. There are plenty of bad cops out there, I will definitely admit that. But the premise that cops are only friends to bootlickers and statists is kind of insulting. I have several friends that are cops, who do a great job, and who would throw down their life in a second for me or someone else in danger. Now, maybe your experience and mine with police have been polar opposites, but that doesn’t make me a bootlicker or statist. What it makes me is someone with a different experience. Here’s the thing, we already have to deal with trolls like the original miner49er or dacien. Having us divided only serves their purpose.
        Now as to what is going on here, this is completely wrong. You should not use your power to try to hinder someone’s God given right. But then, these cops are probably liberals and/or paid to do this. So that isn’t necessarily on cops, but on liberals.

    • There’s not one inch of soil in the U.S. that doesn’t suffer under some sort of unconstitutional laws. This even extends to coastal waters. There’s not a place on or near the U.S. where an officer can stand and not be enforcing said unconstitutional laws.

  8. Dear Craig Webre of Lafourche, nice strawman argument.
    How would you feel about a citizen complaining “trigger happy police shooting unarmed citizens, so let’s disarm the police”.

    • Riddle Me this: Why is it when LE shoots someone it’s all the fault of the Officer and yet when a Criminal shoots someone it’s Gun Violence. Allowing your enemy to control the narrative is as big a threat as gun grabbing.

  9. We had the same type of B S here in Texas when Permitless Carry was in our legislature. Gunfights at high noon, shootouts in parking lots, earthquakes, volcanoes and everything. We did loose one right that the so called l e o’s wanted though. Under the permit catty law, the police couldn’t hassle a person that they knew was carrying unless they were actually doing something illegal. Now, that’s gone so any l e o against your right to carry ( even when legal) can take your gun and create a big scene over it like he arrested John Dillinger. The next scheduled legislature session will be in 2 yrs. so I see plenty of abuse until we can clean this up. We didn’t get a Constitutional Carry law because it does not adhere to ” …shall not be infringed” but it’s more than we had.

    • The same arguments were made when Florida first allowed concealed carry. None came true.

    • Yeah, Ed, that does kind of suck. But here’s the thing, you do get one advantage with that. If the Leo does harass you without probable cause and confiscates your gun, that is unconstitutional and you can sue the officer, city, and possibly the state. That would be an illegal search and seizure and violates the 14th amendment: equal protection of the law. If you have done nothing illegal and you have permit-less carry, that cop and the city will be screwed. Still sucks to be harassed, but the money you get will be well worth it and after that, I doubt the cops will be inclined to harass people without probable cause again.

  10. This is a good thing for the people of LA since they are getting a reminder of just which LE officials need to be kicked to the curb. Frequently Republican politicians are your enemy, but the Democrat politicians are ALWAYS your enemy, even when they claim to support the 2nd since they will support party leadership who hate the Bill of Rights especially the 2nd!

  11. You know, they could just ban non drop safe firearms at Marti Gras. That would fix the problem.

  12. “I don’t want to go into a department store or restaurant and wonder who might be carrying a concealed weapon.”

    As if no one has ever done that before??

    All those years of law enforcement obviously hasn’t thought him anything.

  13. These are the meter maids who are suffering from a Freudian phobia of being outgunned by criminals armed with large caliber, long barrelled, high capacity assault weapons that can fire dozens of rounds without reloading because they are packing small caliber, short barrelled, single shot Saturday Night Specials that are prone to misfire or discharge prematurely.

    • “Discharge prematurely”? Sounds like a personal problem. Oh, yeah, the gun, right.

  14. The right to carry is a no brainier and as a lawman for over 25 years I have no issue with honest citizens and firearms. These LEO who oppose this just don’t get it. Punish criminals and leave law abiding citizens alone. Crime will go down when they start shooting felons in the commission of an offense. Overturn the veto and allow Americans to exercise their rights.

  15. I have told this story before, here on TTAG.

    My nephew-in-law is NJ municipal cop. When I asked him what he thought of the constitutionality of gun control laws, he said he did not care. If the law says someone should not have a gun, he enforces the law; that is his job. Unbelievable. Not that he does his job, but that he does not care about constitutionality.

    He has been wonderful to my niece and a good father. But I cringe thinking of his statement.

    I have not told this story previously. It is true, but most folk don’t believe me when I tell it.

    Once, when I was camping deep in the pine barrens, I came across the Jersey Devil. He looked hungry so I offered one of my peanut butter sandwiches and a beer. As we talked, I asked him what he thought of NJ gun laws. He said “Mister, those gun laws are precisely why I stay in NJ and do not cross the river into PA “.

    True story.

  16. I was recently in Texas visiting a friend and the subject of Constitutional carry came up. His wife, who is definitely on the fence when it comes to guns, was worried that blood would run in the streets because of the new law. My response was that all this did was make it legal for all those out there that have been strapped all along. Nothing changes except that now rights have been restored.

    Maybe the folks in Louisiana need that same lesson.

  17. How idiotic. When’s the system going to learn outlaws do not care about what a law says. Constitutional carry just gives the law abiding the same ” privilege ” an outlaw has.

    • Possum,

      You make too much sense.

      The purpose of infringements is to stack the odds so strongly in favor of government that all we could do is submit and obey. In other words, become Europeans (he says with a wry grin and a cynical tone).

  18. I said I was done with this a while back and I thought I meant it. Then I commented a day ago. Again, I can’t let this go.

    When I first began to comment here the anti-cops were thick. They thought every LEO out there wanted to take there firearms. They don’t. The political hacks don’t count. They never have. Even though they’ve been around for decades. Those that believe they speak for a cop in a marked cruiser are simply foolish.

    A little over a year ago ANTIFA, BLM and defund the police took over. Suddenly, everyone became pro LE, or at least shut up.

    Now the anti-cops are crawling out from under there rocks again. Okay. Let’s go ahead and do what the left wants. Let’s defund the police. I mean, really defund them.

    When your home is burglarized you can take a couple of weeks off from work to talk to your network of street informants. I’m sure you have plenty. Don’t forget to question your local pawn brokers. They won’t tell you shit since your not a cop, but you can ask anyway. If it’s a serious felony; you know homicide, sexual battery, child abduction, etc. You will be able to process the crime scene yourself as the crime scene units were deunded along with their parent agencies. As well as the crime labs that process the evidence. But, I’m sure you have a DNA lab in your basement. As well as access to the fingerprint files. Oh, wait! Those were defunded too. Aong with their parent agencies.

    Are you anti-LEO guys completely stupid? Some of the things you say give the left ammunition to use against us.

    • Gadsden,

      Yup. 750k LEOs in this country. Some are corrupt. Some are bullies and sociopaths. Some are just biding time until retirement. Some buy wheelchairs with their own money when they find a homeless person stuck in a broken chair. Some pray with the people they stop for a traffic violation when they find out the person to whom they just wrote a ticket is dying of cancer. Some become surrogate Dads to autistic, fatherless boys who need a role model. Some risk their lives to rescue people from burning cars.

      Yes, some are just jerks. But that is what happens when we staff police forces with humans. I support my local cops, but I am also wary of them.

    • In Germany in 2012 the cops shot and killed only 12 people but in the U.S. cops slaughtered 1,200 people in the same year. The reasons are simple. In Germany cops get 3 years of intensive training which includes training in de-escalation, dealing with the mentally ill, first aid, knowledge of the laws and training as to when and when they cannot shoot someone and are thoroughly vetted to weed out potential psycho’s and sadists. In the U.S. any one still breathing can become a cop. The U,s. Police forces are a magnate for psycho’s, sadists, and stone cold killers because they know qualified immunity will in most cases get them off scot free.

      The slaughter of mentally ill people in the U.S. by out of control killer cops has gotten so bad that many communities are exploring ways to first send in trained mental health people before the killer cops are turned loose on them.

      Cops today even have remote controlled “killer robots” who about a year ago were used to take out a man who at first refused to surrender. He was given no second chance as cops cheered when the robot attacked and blew the man up. Such actions even a decade ago would have been unthinkable and still are in civilized countries.

      In the last couple of decades policing in the U,S. has gone from helping people to brutalizing and killing them with military equipment often given free to them by the Feds. Obama tried to stop this insanity which was reversed by Herr Drumpf who was the re-incarnation of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s and it was for this reason his followers loved him and worshiped him as they knew he hated all minorities, refugees, all religions other than Protestant Christians, the establishment of a Christian Caliphate and was advocating abolition of the 1st Amendment and abolition of all forms of democracy and of course preventing minorities from voting in free and fair elections.

      Yes we have a cop problem in the U.S. and its gotten so bad you are now way more likely to be killed by a cop than a thug on the streets and if you are a minority you are simply dead meat when you are confronted by one under less than ideal conditions. If there is any difference between Hitler’s SS and the current U.S. Cops I fail to see any difference. Unlike U.S cops even Nazi’s used killer robots only in battle with enemy troops.

      • The finest patrol cop I ever knew in my 25+ years of exposure to cops of all mind sets received a reprimand from his department when he talked a suicidal man out of his gun while the potential suicide had it pointed at the officer. A fellow officer had a clear shot at the potential suicide-by-cop but the officer in question kept telling him not to fire, that he could talk to the suicide and get his gun and settle the whole scene without anybody getting hurt. His talking the suicidal person out of his gun was against department policy.

        I also watched him talk his way into examining a bag carried into court by a genuinely mentally disturbed individual. Had I attempted the same maneuver, I can guarantee there would have been a big brouhaha and the sheriff’s office probably would have had to pay out at least five figures if not six to get rid of the civil action. My friend not only got to look into the bag the disturbed individual had but the disturbed individual was pleased to show the entire inner contents of the bag to the finest patrol officer I ever met in 25 years. I always said he could walk into a riot in a bar and in 10 minutes everyone in the bar would want to buy him a drink.

        On the other hand he told me one reason he stopped working patrol and switched to court security officer was because the guys coming onto the department were not peace officers but were looking for “excitement.” He always maintained his job was to preserve the peace, not make arrests. He always maintained his job was to defuse situations and go home without having to wrassel with anybody and without any rips in his uniform. He wasn’t afraid to use force when he thought necessary. He once drew down on a guy walking through the courthouse with a handgun in his hand. Turned out to be a clueless crime lab employee taking an exhibit to court by carrying the gun in his hand as if he were going to shoot someone. If you read the book about the LAPD where the cop granted 72 hour divorces, he did that too and had what I considered very valid reasons as a peace officer to perform 72 hours divorces. It would take too long to describe here but it saved lots of folks from felony arrests and the taxpayers tons of money because CPS didn’t get involved where it wasn’t needed. That was back in the day when cops were allowed to exercise judgment.

        We have a whole new crop of cops who are law enforcement officers rather than peace officers. A peace officer uses his judgment to exercise discretion where it is called for and makes arrests only when it is absolutely necessary. There are often times where an outside party with a little authority can settle a disturbance non-judicially to the satisfaction of all parties whereas now, cops are compelled to enforce laws and make arrests where some judicious peace-making would solve the situation.

        Sure there are bad cops but if you were a cop and had talked a suicidal person out of his gun and got dinged by your department for not following department policy and shooting the poor emotionally distraught person what would you do the next time? Or what would you do when you learned what had happened to an heroic fellow officer who had acted as a peace officer as opposed to a department policy following automaton?

        It is further my opinion from watching police officers for 25+ years that our drug policy has corrupted our police departments. I won’t go into details, but a good friend of mine whom I had always counted as one of the good guys is absolutely convinced that is is okay to commit perjury in order to establish probably cause in a drug case. I was stunned to learn that he was sincere in his belief. It hurts me to say it but he has been corrupted. It is just as wrong for a cop to commit a felony to convict a drug dealer as it is for the drug dealer to sell his poison. In fact, I consider it morally more evil. A drug dealer is a criminal by law. He makes no bones about it. A cop is supposed to be the upholder of the law but when he commits a felony, and lying under oath in court is a felony in every state of the union and in the federal courts too. It doesn’t matter that Maxine Waters says that everybody lies under oath when confronted with Clinton’s perjury, it is still a felony.

        Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We leaned in the last century, almost 100 years ago that legislation against personal vice was a lost cause. We got smart for a short period and eliminated prohibition against the use of alcohol. We have followed a similar course with regard to other substances with the same results. Just so you don’t think I am a doper hoping for legalization of my habit, unlike at least a couple of presidents, I have never even just “tried” any illegal substance and certainly never sold such substances to earn pocket money while in high school although I will confess to smuggling cigarettes from the low tax state where I went to private high school to the high tax state where I resided to earn pocket money.

      • I was right all along; as every day passes you get more and more IDIOT than you were the day before.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      The problem and response is a bit more nuanced than “tons of people hate all police and police activity period”.

      The problem–and what so many people despise–is two-fold:
      1) Police jacking up good people or “bad” people for victimless “crimes”.
      2) Police covering for each other and failing to remove bad apples.

      Outside of that problem, I am pretty confident that more than 90% of the United States population supports police who respectfully, ethically, and righteously pursue murderers, brutal thugs, rapists, child molesters, robbers, and serious thieves.

      Police actions outside of that envelope above are what rubs people the wrong way–and rightly so.

      Please do not dismiss the seriousness of police who act outside that envelope. Case in point: my spouse was driving our family home from church on a Sunday morning when a deputy fabricated a reason to pull us over. You would be tempted to think, “Meh, so what–not a big deal.” Well it was. We adopted our youngest child who suffers long term from the serious trauma of languishing in a poorly staffed orphanage for the first 8 months of her life as well as the loss of her biological family. Why is that significant? Our youngest child thought the deputy was going to put my spouse and I in jail which meant losing her adopted family well. That triggered significant fear and crying which my spouse and I had to work through. And all for what? So the deputy could meet his quota or get lucky and find someone in our car with a felony arrest warrant?

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Let me emphasize how much bad cops hurt public support of good cops–along with how much the failure of good cops to stop bad cops hurts public support of good cops.

      Imagine that your brother openly and repeatedly abuses his young children in front of you–taking away their food, beating them, and/or molesting them–and you never seriously press your brother to stop abusing his children much less physically stop him from abusing his children. One day, his young children cry out about their father’s (who is your brother) abuses. And your response is that they should appreciate their father for the good stuff that he does and because most fathers are good fathers like yourself. Why in your right mind would you expect your brother’s young children to think highly of him and you (who fails to intervene)? Why would you expect your brother’s young children to think highly of fathers in general when they see a lot of abuse from their father and another father (yourself) refuses to stop your abusive brother?

      That is an EXACT parallel.

      On the off chance that there were no bad cops in your departments–or there were bad cops and you acted effectively to remove them–I honestly and sincerely tip my hat to you and support your years of service.

  19. In Prescott, Az. we have cc and guns are just flying out of people’s pockets, belts, hand bags. Guns going off left and right people dropping like flys. Some stores have resorted to installing rubber padded floors like in children play areas. The last time I know of a gun falling and discharging was when Wyatt Earp dropped his gun during a card game and it discharged. He had the hammer resting over a live round.

  20. BTW, I still have a fingerprint and DNA kits and know how to use them. People on the street that still talk to me. I also know how to process a scene if everyone else were refunded. Although, I’d be at a loss where to send the evidence.

  21. Anyone who sleeps easier at night believing that licensed carriers are “trained and proficient” is doing so under a blanket of blissful ignorance, and has likely never attended a qualification class. Out of maybe 16 getting the Texas LTC alongside me, there were two or three people who just barely squeaked by on the range portion. One person brought the wrong caliber ammo for their pistol, which they’d never fired and didn’t know how to load anyway. Of more concern to me were the two chuckleheads who spent all the time allotted for asking questions about edge cases where they could “legally shoot someone.”

    What you *might* sleep easier knowing is that all of us who obtained the license passed a background check. But I don’t understand the leap in logic. If someone who couldn’t get licensed before is now emboldened to carry a gun, and they do so responsibly and lawfully, then who cares? And if they aren’t responsible or lawful, why would not having a license have stopped them in the first place? How big is the overlap in negligent or criminal people who, up til now, have refused to carry a concealed weapon because they don’t have a license?

  22. It’s been my experience that most (not quite all) cops are not in favor of private citizen CCW. (in increasingly less 2A friendly AZ) Their rationale is that more guns equals more risk to them. In some very anti-gun, anti-CCW locales, this becomes “gun possession equals criminal intent”, and is often codified in statute and/or local ordinance, police procedures, etc. For me, it’s one more reason that “concealed means CONCEALED”! Nobody knows I’m carrying until a BG gets an unpleasant surprise.

    Keep in mind that LEO are NOT your friends. Their job is to: 1) enforce the law (as interpreted by their CO); 2) go home safe at the end of their shift; and 3) post acceptable arrest statistics so they receive commendations, pay raises, perks, etc. Whether you are at home with your family or in jail with street thugs and gang bangers doesn’t matter to them AT ALL. Act accordingly.

    • Unfortunately we are getting more refugees from Cali every day. Many are being exposed to open carry for the first time and it takes some time to relax to the sight. LE in and around Prescott (Yavapai Co. Sheriff, Prescott PD) are well acclimated to the sight of open carry and driving while armed. They don’t take your firearms for everyone’s safety and run the sn to make sure it’s yours. Your firearm is not the basis for their investigation. If you are stopped they start with a legitimate reason for the the meet and greet and go from there. The YCSO are a good example for other LE should present themselves when dealing with firearms.

  23. fyi

    NOPD vs Unarmed Civilians – Danziger Bridge, Sept. 4, 2005, or why Louisiana cops don’t support constitutional carry. video 10 min long

    • btw
      According to the Libertarians, you have no right to see this video on a private internet service.

      • Yeah and all Christian Republicans advocate for fellating police on command. It’s crazy world we live in.

    • Looking for water? They had a whole river full of it. And while I was down there filling the bucket I’d have seen if the fish were biting

      She was 46, out of Newark, seen her first falling star after moving to this state. Didnt know how to build a fire or skin a squirrel. City people are going to have it tuff.

  24. I sincerely hope the legislatures immediately attack and overide the governor’s veto for the safety of the people! As for that police officer. His ignorance demands his removal. Officers approaching people knowing they might be armed are more than likely to take steps to avoid a violent confrontation by their voice or demeanor. It’s not so likely when armed police approach apparently unarmed citizens and they have no reasons not to engage in violence.

  25. If the legislation is modeled after the sell-out disaster in Texas then I’d say they’re better off without it. It’s an absolute mess and all Texans actually got burned. I hope Suicide Dan gets voted out this next time. He belongs back in Maryland with the rest of his like-minded corrupt RINO lunatics.

  26. I’d be very leary of LA LE with regards to 2A. They’ve already shown what they think of the constitution during a time of a crisis in the past.

  27. You can always count on a Conservative to be his own worst enemy. Only an absolute idiot would recommend they do away with training.

    People must know the law in their State as to when they can or cannot shoot someone. Many people.

    Training is a must as well because when you carry a gun you are liable if you accidentally have your weapon go off and you shoot some bystander.

    Many people in my CCW class were not even aware of the fact that even if you are involved in a justifiable shooting you can still be sued in civil court. O.J. Simpson found out the hard way that he lost financially big time when he was sued in civil court even though he won in criminal court.

    Another case in point. One man was going home from work. He stopped his car at a stop sign. A man standing in his yard had suffered vandalism by another car on his property that was the same color and make as the man driving home and stopped at the stop sign so he yanked open the door of the car and started choking the driver who then shot and killed him. The shooter was absolved of all wrong doing but was sued in civil court by the mans wife for “loss of companionship” and ended up paying a huge amount of money.

    To emphasize how important training is ,in Germany cops get 3 years of intensive training before they become police officers and as a result in 2012 they killed only 12 people in contrast to the untrained cops in the U.S. that slaughtered 1,200 people that same year proving how important training is when it comes to when you can and cannot shoot or rather when you should not shoot in the case of cops.

    • dacian, you are confusing CCW classes with training. CCW classes are like public schools these days. Show up, attend and get a diploma, doesn’t mean you learned a damn thing. Several people that attended CCW class with me barely knew which end of the barrel the bullet came out but they got their certificates. Permitless carry will not be any different. Responsible people will still take the time to learn and the ignorant will still be ignorant.

      • Agreed. If the instructors of the CCW classes turn thumbs down on too many people, goes what happens. He or she doesn’t have any students because he is too tough. Same thing with elective courses in high school and college. If the teacher demands excellence, students drop his class and write critical evaluations criticizing his policy of demanding excellence in academia.

  28. So the supermajority defeats the veto; and lets the people know their governor is a cuck.
    The people vote out the soyboy governor next time around.
    And they all live happily ever after.

  29. “I don’t want to be at a Mardi Gras parade with my daughter where someone jumps up to catch a bead and that gun falls out their waistband it hits the concrete, goes off and innocent people get killed,” said Webre. I wonder if sheriff Webre has any data on how often this happens. Unless you’re carrying cocked and unlocked this just not happen with modern guns unless there’s a manufacturing defect… which will get the gun recalled.

    • If your magazine holds 13 just load it with 12, load one skip one then fill it up , that’s what the cowboys did.

  30. Two of those sheriffs have the per capa murder spot of 5,Baton Rouge and where the crime is 151.41% Above National Average and number 6, , New Orleans,with crime that is 159.91% Above National Average in the US. It’s obvious they are not protecting the people.
    I wouldn’t trust either of these jokers if they said the sun rises in the morning and set in the evening.

  31. If you don’t want to go into a department store or restaurant and wonder who might be carrying a concealed weapon, just consider everyone is, and do whatever you see fit.

  32. If I were a resident of Louisiana, I’m not, though in the past I have spent time there, I would be on my state legislators’ seeking their support for an override of the governor’s veto.

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