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by One if By Land 1776

Submit your [Zhivago] doctored image to [email protected] with the word DA! (all caps) in the subject field. The winner gets a brick (500 rounds) of Thunderbolt .22LR.

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    • It must be some sort of conspiracy. Somewhere, someone has advanced the idea that you need to put an apostrophe in front of every “s” that ends a word.

      I can’t think of any other possible explanation.

      Aside from that, I do like the poster!

      • What happens when the morons who are against every rule are allowed to exist without the appropriate level of ridicule….

      • That made me laugh. “Yes, even though an apostrophe is not appropriate, have you ever tried to convince a jury of that fact?” I think I may have read that in one of the Mas Ayood books….

  1. 2 if by sea

    3 if by air

    Seriously, can we get these moms some action? I am sure there are many frat boys willing to oblige.

    • Don’t be too sure about that.

      As we used to say at my alma mater, there are some thongs even a Phi Delt won’t do…

  2. You know it’s funny. If it were not for the constitution, these “people” would not be able to print that crap.

    • The document the Soviet chick is holding says “military oath” so the poster is a call to swear loyalty to the USSR & join the Red Army.

      Really Constitutional stuff.

      • This specific poster is one of the earliest ones printed in the aftermath of the German invasion of the USSR, and calls on all soldiers to stand firm in defense of their country.

        • In 1941 the Red Army was made up of conscripts. This poster would have served to remind them of the oath they had already sworn. Maybe mass defections had already begun (Vlasovites, etc).

          But during the Russian civil war 1918-1921, there was the famous poster of the Bolshevik in the pointy Budenny cap staring at the reader and demanding, “You! Have you volunteered yet?”, and based upon the equally flinty-eyed Lord Kitchener & Uncle Sam recruiting posters.

          See for lots of Soviet themed parody posters.

  3. The Constitution is just a piece of paper. It’s not magical. It doesn’t protect, enforce, or defend itself. The people have to do that. Those people are voters, litigants, and judges; in that order of importance, in my opinion. Throughout our nation’s history, depending on who you are, the Constitution has indeed not been worth the paper it’s written on due to whatever was politically expedient or popular at the time.

    • Fully agreeing with your point.

      HOWEVER, for the sake of complete accuracy – The original Constitution was hand-written (not printed) on parchment (not paper).

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