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AgitProp v2 Justin Streck

By Justin S.

Submit your [Zhivago] doctored image to [email protected] with the word DA! (all caps) in the subject field. The winner gets a brick (500 rounds) of Thunderbolt .22LR.

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  1. This only perfectly illustrates the mentality of the obstructionist civilian disarmament industrial complex. They frame us, each and every one of us who even so much as thinks of guns in anything but a negative light, as the culprit for every single murder and accidental death in America.

    It is all part of an increasingly futile attempt to mask up the undeniable and incontrovertible fact that it is their own knowingly ineffective and rights-destroying gun control laws that enable their protected criminal class to ply their trade as freely as possible, creating the mayhem and bloodshed they purport to be able to prevent — without which they would cease to exist as social constructs altogether from lack of the necessary fervor that would otherwise be generated amongst the populace.

    It is literally a modern-day self-fulfilling prophecy; a vicious and sadly self-sustaining cycle of death and destruction. It simply would not exist without gun control laws in the first place, and they lobby only for the continued dis-empowerment of the individual over their otherwise vulnerable protected criminal class so the murders can continue unhindered, thus giving them an air — an illusion, if you will — of credibility and need that is only ever accepted by the willfully ignorant and bigoted.

    It only dis-empowers women, who are disproportionately the targets of domestic violence.
    It only dis-empowers the poor, who are often forced to live in crime-ridden, inner-city cesspools.
    It only dis-empowers racial minorities, who nominally prey on each other and are most at risk for gang violence.
    It only dis-empowers the LGBT community, which has been repeatedly victimized by unimaginably brutal sexist hate crimes.
    It only dis-empowers the religious, as they too have often become victims of anti-Semite bigotry.
    It only dis-empowers the elderly and infirm, who are often incapable of fighting off typically younger, faster, and stronger street thugs.

    They literally need more innocent men, women, and children to die to justify their very existence, in so doing securing their fat paychecks, and they will go to any length to protect their interests against all those that dare defy them. It is literally indistinguishable from any other sophisticated criminal enterprise, both philosophically and operationally. They will even go so far as to commit murder for their cause, as was the case with the Arapahoe High School murderer, who was in point of fact an uninhibited and immensely proud pro-gun-control Socialist.

    Pass this on so that the world knows the truth. The real truth.

    • It always bothers me when someone strings a bunch of words together and throws “industrial complex” on the end.

      It makes it hard to take you seriously, regardless of how valid the rest of your argument is.

      Really, what industry is involved in the “obstructionist civilian disarmament industrial complex”?

      • If you don’t think contemporary “big government” is not also “big business,” you are missing some key, fundamental aspects of our present cultural reality.

        Power may not equal money, but each brings the other.

      • @Spunk Monkey — It doesn’t whether you even believe me or not. The fact remains that I am only absolutely, inescapably, and demonstrably correct when I use the term obstructionist civilian disarmament industrial complex. It is in point of fact a multinational cabal of governmental and philanthropic organizations whose sole aim is only to harm our sacred civil rights in every which way they possibly can.

        Ad Hoc Group Against Crime
        Alliance For Justice
        The Alliance for South Carolina’s Children
        American Academy of Pediatrics
        American Association of Suicidology
        American Ethical Union
        American Jewish Committee
        American Jewish Congress
        American Psychiatric Association
        American Public Health Association
        American Trauma Society
        Americans for a Non-Violent Society
        Americans for Democratic Action
        Americans for Gun Safety
        Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America
        The Bible Holiness Movement, International
        B’nai B’rith Women
        Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (BCPGV)
        California Wellness Foundation
        Californians for Responsible Gun Laws
        CeaseFire, Inc.
        Cease Fire New Jersey
        Center for American Progress
        Center for Science in the Public Interest
        Central Conference of American Rabbis
        Child Welfare League
        Church of the Brethren, Washington Office
        Citizens for a Safer Minnesota
        Citizens for a Safer South Carolina
        Citizens For Safety
        Citizens Against Handgun Violence
        Coalition Against Concealed Guns
        Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)
        Colorado Children’s Campaign
        Committee For The Silent March
        The Communitarian Network
        Concerned Citizens About Gun Violence
        Connecticut Coalition Against Gun Violence
        Consumer Federation of America
        The Council of The Great City Schools
        The David and Lucille Packard Foundation
        The DISARM Education Fund
        Dorchester Youth Collaborative
        The Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence (EFEHV)
        Fellowship of Reconciliation
        Firearms Coalition
        Firearm Injury Center at Penn (FICAP)
        Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
        The Ford Foundation
        Friends Committee on National Legislation
        Georgians Against Gun Violence, Inc.
        Georgians United Against Gun Violence
        Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah
        G.R.I.E.F. of Indiana
        Handgun Control Activists
        Handgun Control Federation of Ohio
        Handgun Control of New York
        Handgun-Free America, Inc.
        Hawaii Firearms Control Coalition
        HELP Network
        Houston Area Violence Prevention
        Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
        International Ladies Garment Workers Union
        Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence
        Jesuit Conference Office of Social Ministries
        Jewish Community Center Association
        The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
        Join Together
        The Joyce Foundation
        Kentuckian’s Chapter for Handgun Control
        Kentucky Voice for Crime Victims
        Louisiana Ceasefire
        Loretto Community
        Los Angeles Teens On Target/Youth Alive
        MAD DADS of Greater Ocala
        Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse
        Mennonite Central Comm., DC Office
        Michigan Citizens for Handgun Control
        Missourians Against Handgun Violence
        Mobilization for Survival
        Mothers Against Violence
        Mothers Against Violence in America
        National Association of Social Workers
        National Black Police Association
        National Council of Jewish Women, Inc.
        National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
        National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
        National Urban League, Inc.
        Nebraskans for Responsible Gun Ownership
        New Mexico Ceasefire
        New Yorkers Against Gun Violence
        North American Federation of Temple Youth
        North Carolinians Against Gun Violence
        Oregonians Against Gun Violence
        Pacific Center for Violence Prevention
        Pan American Trauma Association
        Pennsylvanians Against Handgun Violence
        Physicians for a Violence Free Society
        Physicians for Social Responsibility
        Physicians for Social Responsibility (Colorado)
        Presbyterian Church (USA)
        Quad Citizens for Responsible Gun Laws
        Religious Action Center
        Rise High Projects
        Seacoast Advocates for Gun Control
        Social Justice and Peacemaking Ministry Unit
        Society Against Firearm Endangerment
        Stop Handgun Violence
        Tennesseeans for Responsible Gun Ownership
        Texas Crime Prevention Clearing House
        Texans Against Gun Violence
        Texans Against Violence
        Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
        Unitarian Universalist Association
        United Church of Christ, Office for Church and Society
        United Federation of Teachers
        United Methodist Church, Board of Church and Society
        The United Nations
        U.S. Conference of Mayors
        U.S. Student Association
        United Synagogues of America
        Vermonters Against Violence
        The Violence Policy Center (VPC)
        Virginians Against Handgun Violence
        Washington Cease Fire
        Women Against Gun Violence
        Women’s League for Conservative Judaism
        Women’s National Democratic Club
        YWCA of the U.S.A.

        And, remember, that’s the short list. And just for organizations.

        Every last one of them has repeatedly called for, lobbied for, and offered monetary, material, and academic assistance to the absolutely civil-rights-destroying cause of gun control. As JR rightfully pointed out, there is big business in restricting your natural, fundamental, individual, civil, and Constitutionally-affirmed and protected right to keep AND bear arms — which is not, never has been, and shall never be subject to the democratic process nor to arguments based in social utility.

  2. Nice job Justin S. Those that make make negative comments about your poster most likely never will submit one. It conveys the meaning clearly.

    • Do you ever critique a movie or TV show, even though you’ll never make one? Do you ever critique a novel, though you’ll never write one, etc?

  3. Looks like an example of how the police will protect us from bad guys once we are all disarmed–for our own safety…

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