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Who would’ve thought that gun-grabbers could be such a bunch of sexually violent control freaks? For those of you who missed last night’s news cycle, avid gun control advocate and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman became former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. New York’s top prosecutor had become the target of an investigative story #metoo exposé in The New Yorker which highlighted some of the AG’s sexual peccadillos….

One of which allegedly included “nonconsensual physical violence” against at least two women, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, who spoke on the record to the establishment reporters about their relationship with the now ex-AG.

Schneiderman denied the allegations, saying they were merely ‘role-playing scenarios, then three hours after the New Yorker‘s story was published resigned his position.

That wasn’t the only revelation revealed by the New Yorker. Schneiderman is well-known for being one of the political puppets of plutocrat Mike Bloomberg’s movement to ban firearms, fighting against concealed carry reciprocity, even seeking to ban toy guns.

His former romantic partners and (alleged) victims of his sexual violence, however, got the inside scoop on what he really thought of his anti-gun allies:

Manning Barish says that Schneiderman often mocked her political activism. When she told him of her plan to attend an anti-gun demonstration with various political figures and a group of parents from Sandy Hook Elementary School, he dismissed the effort, calling the demonstrators “losers.” He added, “Go ahead, if it makes you feel better to do your little political things.” When she was using her computer, he’d sometimes say, “Oh, look at little Mimi. So cute—she’s working!” He told Manning Barish that, because she had childcare, she wasn’t “a real single mother.”

The New Yorker helpfully quotes a professor who tries to shed some light on the gun control advocate’s motivations:

Evan Stark, a forensic social worker and an emeritus professor at Rutgers, is the author of a landmark book, “Coercive Control,” in which he argues that domestic abuse is just as often psychological as it is physical. Abusive men, he writes, often “terrorize” and “control” their partners by demeaning them, particularly about the traits or accomplishments of which they are proudest.

Schneiderman now joins the likes of Congressman Anthony Weiner and Governor Eliot Spitzer, two dedicated New York anti-gun crusaders, who resigned in disgrace as a result of sexual scandals. Let the bonfires of these vanities continue.

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  1. Think of how stupid anti gun arguments are. You have to be one frustrated individual to argue against logic, statistics and the constitution. I’d be surprised if he isn’t accused of more crimes in the next few days…

    • Believing the anti gunners arguments is a large red flag into a persons mental state. Being a leader in the anti gun movement is a sure sign of a twisted person. Who wants to leave people helpless in the face of evil? Evil, that’s who.

    • Think of how stupid anti gun arguments are.

      No, this makes perfect sense. What group of Americans has the highest support for gun control? Rapists! Because an armed woman has a much higher chance of fending off the assault. He’s just looking out for himself and his fellow rapists.

  2. He wants to ban our guns but the real threat is his hands being used around a woman’s throat. Hmmmm….a new bill for the libs in the New York legislature???

  3. I have long suspected the vast majority of these gun control freaks lean that way because they secretly wouldn’t trust themselves with a firearm. Basically, they paint everyone else with the brush that they paint themselves with, it is all about projection.

    • Oh they “trust” themselves with a gun just fine. They just don’t want their victims armed. After all, it’s so hard to get an armed man into a cattle car.

    • Rusty, I think you are right. My personal experience leads me to believe that most anti-gun people have difficulty controlling their tempers and project that on to everyone else. Note also the recent study that found that pro-climate change legislation advocates lived less green than skeptics.
      Myself, I have very green behavior, but don’t trust the climate change industry and am not an advocate of legislation for it. Al Gore is my opposite.

  4. Look what Trump said about Schneiderman a little less than 5 YEARS AGO :

    “President Trump appears to have predicted Eric Schneiderman’s downfall — five years ago, in a tweet about the New York attorney general.”

    “Trump compared Schneiderman to two New York Democrats, Rep. Anthony Weiner and Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose careers exploded amid sex charges.

    “Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner,” Trump tweeted on Sept. 11, 2013.”

    As of yet, Trump hasn’t tweeted about this…

    *snicker* 😉

  5. Boggles the mind that a frustrated man who forcibly domineers over women weaker than him to sexually exploit them so he can act on his violent repressed desires would want those same women to be incapable of an equity in force against him and his ilk with something like… a firearm…

    It’s just baffling.

  6. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Liberal evil blue house of communist POS (D) are all MFrs.

    And we know, because their mommas can’t keep a secret.

    • BS.

      It is the corrupt that seek power and the absolutely corrupt that seek absoloute power.


  7. Almost as disturbing as the allegations of abuse, at least one of the women who came forward said that when she told her friends of the abuse, they urged her to stay silent, because he was too important a Democratic politician to lose.

  8. Gee, another violently abusive narcissistic a$$hole who wants his victims disarmed and unable to protect themselves. This is my shocked face.

    • I have to agree, Ralph – I thought Farrow’s TTAG write-up was surprisingly even-handed.

      More tasty *BREAKING NEWS* on Schneiderman that you should just *love*, it seems the magazine investigation has now led to a CRIMINAL investigation :

      “The Manhattan District Attorney’s office announced on Tuesday morning that it was opening a criminal investigation into allegations of physical abuse by that pinnacle of hypocrisy and “virtue signalling”, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who resigned just hours after accounts of abuse by four women were published.”

      When it rains, it pours… 🙂

      • Schadenfreude. Schneiderman was investigating Cy Vance, the Manhattan DA and a true scvmbag. Now Vance wants to charge Schneiderman.

        Ya gotta love it!

    • Between this article and the one that took down Weinstein, he’s now got a rep as the “guy to whom you should talk” if you’re a victim of sexual assault or harassment by some rich/powerful clown who has been able to cover things up for years.

      He could turn this into a veritable cottage industry if he’s not careful.

  9. Yet another explanation of why the gun grabbers are such projectionists. They’re insufferable scumbags, so they assume the rest of us are, as well.

  10. The story line seems to suggest that his rabid anti-gun rhetoric had nothing to do with his beliefs but more to do with his political aspirations.

  11. So, what happens now, does Cuomo just appoint somebody even worse to replace him?

  12. Don’t forget about Bill “better put some ice on that lip” Clinton.

    Democrats are inherently control freaks. They want the state, which they aspire to lead, to make the decisions. Exerting power over significant others is pretty much the same thing.

  13. Anti-gun Democrats aren’t the only ones being exposed for sexual misconduct. It’s happening to pro-gun Republicans, too. There seems to be something about political power that redirects blood from an incumbent’s big head to his little head. Given the number of female teachers who have been caught screwing their students, I suspect female politicians are no better. The only reason we don’t hear as much about it is that there aren’t very many of them.

  14. Just another run of the mill Commiecrat perv’s,there are ten more in line to fill his vacated position.

  15. When oh when will the Democrats” war on women end? For crying out loud, even the Korean War is on the brink of lasting peace and a formal peace treaty. Between medicinal marijuana, decriminalization, and outright legalization, we’re even retrenching the War on Drugs.

    Yet, Democrats still go about drowning, raping, assaulting, molesting, and all around destroying women for sport.

  16. The guy does sound like a jerk, but I don’t consider The New Yorker a valid news source for anything. Also, being verbally abusive doesn’t make you a domestic abuser. It makes you an asshole. I should be able to call someone a stupid cow and not have a police report filed against me.

    That said, it’s time for me to stop playing devil’s advocate and just enjoy watching an antigun pol get slimed. 🙂

  17. Wait, I just noticed something…
    Proper Grammar… ✔️
    Punctuation… ✔️
    Spelling… ✔️

    There’s nothing wrong with this article! 😄

  18. If he choked my daughter out like that I’d see if he liked it himself. Chicken necked geek.

  19. At least other Dems kick these guys out. If he were a Republican pedophile like Roy Moore he’d still have supporters in the party.

    • The rapist Bill Clinton is still a democrat. And he is loved by the Democrat party.

  20. Cuomo’s gunning (sic) for the presidency on his “criminal scumbag cronies in the administration” record?

    Hey, it worked for the Clintons. Once.

  21. The sexually liberated are all gun grabbers. And they also want to control every part of your life, and the lives of your children..
    They project their hatred on to Christians, who they view as weak but they still fear them, and anyone else who is of independent thought.

  22. What? He got caught playing show and tell with his “gun” in front of a non appreciative female? You drew a GO TO JAIL card moron! Maybe your gun was just a 25 caliber Raven, maybe cute but useless.

  23. How come I wonder is it that anti gun types, prominent and not so prominent, past and present seem to run afoul of the law, the same laws that us ordinary folk try to live by, and are expected to so do? How come, I wonder. Think someone could explain this phenomenon? By the way, if readers should be interested in a listing of the above law breakers, the same ones who would dictate to us mere citizens, try a google search under appropriate headings, or use a browser, or information source of your choice.

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