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The following is a press release from the California Rifle and Pistol Association:

On Monday, June 26, the Office of Administrative Law formally rejected DOJ’s proposed regulations for the registration of newly classified “assault weapons,” which go far and above what is necessary by creating over 40 new definitions and improperly re-classifying certain firearms as “assault weapons.”

If approved, California gun owners would have been subject to burdensome and excessive requirements in order to register firearms equipped with “bullet buttons” as required under California law.

As previously reported, DOJ submitted their proposed regulations as “file and print only,” thereby claiming an exemption to the normal public review process required of any regulation from a state agency.

DOJ even initially refused to release a copy of their proposed regulations to the public. And it is unsurprising why, for DOJ’s proposal remained largely unchanged from their first set of proposed regulations which NRA and CRPA opposed.

By rejecting the proposed regulations, the Office of Administrative Law appears to have agreed with NRA and CRPA attorneys, who on June 19 submitted a comprehensive opposition letter highlighting how DOJ’s proposal was unnecessary, lacked appropriate legislative authority, and was otherwise vague and unenforceable.

Today’s rejection is welcome news to all California gun owners. But the battle is far from over. Thousands of gun owners are still in the dark about how to register their newly classified “assault weapons,” and the deadline to do so is fast approaching. What’s more, DOJ may still appeal the rejection to the office of the Governor.

Currently, a proposed extension of the deadline to register a firearm now classified as an “assault weapon” is pending the Governor’s signature.

To stay up-to-date on the required registration of newly classified “assault weapons,” as well as the NRA and CRPA support case of Rupp v. Becerra, which challenges California’s “assault weapon” restrictions as a violation of the Second Amendment, be sure to subscribe to NRA and CRPA email alerts.


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  1. Perhaps now the DOJ cease inventing regulations which were not included in the legislation. Reading the letter the attorneys sent to OAL regarding this shows just how much the DOJ under Kamala Harris and Xavier Becerra overstepped their bounds.

  2. Thousands of gun owners are still in the dark about how to register their newly classified “assault weapons,” and the deadline to do so is fast approaching.

    Does any of that matter?
    Any decent citizen wasn’t planning on registering them anyway.

    • Oh I suppose some really want to, and have argued that it is advantageous to do so. I don’t follow the arguments.

      But the decision is even better than the CRPA (or the NRA, which issued the same press release I got a couple of minutes ago): it isn’t just that owners “are in the dark” on registering their firearms, it is actually impossible to do so. In fact, the DOJ has already asked for more time and more money to effectuate the registration process, admitting that it cannot accomplish its goal by year’s end, when the registration period is supposed to close.

    • It does when the jackbooted thugs arrived at their doorstep.

      And remember, this is California. The police know who owns them, whether they’ll admit or not.

    • They extended the registration date 6 months to 7/1/18 included in the budget bill Jerry Brown just signed.

    • In California the question of registering or not is not as easy as saying “any decent citizen wasn’t planning on registering anyway.” Since 2014 any long gun purchased in CA is registered with the state at the time of purchase. There is a belief that a “CA registered assault weapon” will be allowed to have a standard magazine release instead of the very neutered bullet button magazine release most common today. This belief seems to be consistent with the law as written, but not the CA DOJ regulations that were proposed and currently rejected. So, registering an already registered rifle to gain a standard magazine release is a compelling argument for some people. The $15 registration fee for all rifles you register is significantly less expensive than the price for featureless options which you would need to do per rifle.

      There is also a strong possibility that the CA legislature will next move to ban all semi-automatic center-fire rifles. They did this a few years ago, but Gov Brown vetoed the bill. With a super-majority in the legislature and a different Governor things might go differently next time so it might be register now or register later. Again, different people will make different choices, but there is room for debate about the best option.

      There is another overall law suit being brought against the entire “CA assault weapon” laws, not just this year’s version, but fighting these regulations is very important along the way.

      • I have no doubt that the kalli brain stem only voter block will crown Newsom as next overlord. This pile of poo is even worse than ole Brown hole. Warning, Freedom and Liberty is truly in danger in this failed one party ruled state.

  3. NRA should have let them go ahead with it so they could go to court and end this crap once and for all.

  4. its easy

    move out of california

    i moved out of illinois

    take your guns and tax dollars somewhere else

    • I wonder if people who suggest that are willing to set up refugees from California with lucrative jobs in their new state. Also, be careful what you suggest or you’ll have droves of Californians moving to your state. Trust me, you don’t want that. Just ask Idaho.

      Out of state moves are expensive. I’ve done more than one and It’s not a simple matter of tying up the old bindle and hopping a boxcar for greener pastures.

      Besides, it’s been said that as California goes, so goes the nation. The political/cultural scene here is a blatant example of tyranny of the majority. That simply cannot be allowed to stand.

      • Stay, fight, have kids. Brainwash your friends, children, and in-laws by taking them to the range. They want you to leave in order to consolidate their base and spread their tentacles over the land. Keep the fight here.

  5. Not a reason to be dancing in the streets. This is only temporary commie setback. The corrupt dirt bags that have rule over its unwashed kalli serfs/cash cows will win the day. We must keep fighting the fight! The war on Freedom and Liberty is never ending.

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