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Chicago resident Quincy Cole, 27, tried to shoot a 68-year-old man in another car at a stoplight by firing through his open rear passenger window. However, instead of hitting the old man, he killed a 19-year-old backseat passenger in his own car.

Roderick James took a round from Cole’s handgun. And unlike the guys from Pulp Fiction, Mr. Cole didn’t have didn’t have the benefit of Winston Wolf to clean up his problems.

CWB Chicago has the story.

A West Side man who tried to shoot someone in another car by firing out his rear passenger window while driving managed to shoot and kill his own backseat passenger instead, prosecutors said this week.

Quincy Cole, 27, is charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of his passenger, 19-year-old Roderick James, on December 6, 2020.

The unfortunate backseat passenger is yet another victim of Chicago’s revolving door “justice” system. Mr. Cole was roaming the streets thanks to Illinois “affordable bail” law.

Quincy Cole. Image via Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

It would be unfair to make him pay thousands of dollars to spring him from jail.  Or so “bail reform” advocates claim.  Never mind that requiring meaningful bail discourages bad guys from committing crimes which could result in some jail time following an arrest.

Cole was on bail for a pending felony arson case at the time of the killing. CPD records show that police wanted to charge him with murder in the pending case, but prosecutors only approved arson charges.

The alleged murder of James makes Cole the 45th person to be charged with killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago during 2020 while on felony bail…

The other driver, a 68-year-old man, told police that he saw the passenger window of Cole’s car roll down to reveal a man pointing a gun at his head, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said. He ducked and heard “multiple” bullets strike his car before Cole sped away, according to Murphy.

There’s no word as to what the senior citizen did to prompt Cole to open fire on him. Whatever the reason, it looks like Mr. Cole’s days of affordable bail release and shooting at people while in illegal possession of a firearm are coming to a close…for a few years at least.

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    • “well, was funny in the movie…”

      Indeed. Poor Marvin…

      • I use this scene when I teach gun safety. It perfectly illustrates what happens when you break all 4 rules simultaneously. All it takes is following just one of them for Marvin to keep his head.

    • Neiowa posted a link to a website called Chicagocwb
      It is a news sight that documents murders committed in north side Chicago by people out on felony bail.
      It even reports on the race of the criminals and the victims.
      The 19 year old black man shot by the driver had discharged 3 rounds from his own gun.
      Conveniently found in the car.
      The driver and the other passengers all discarded their guns while fleeing.
      All caught on surveillance video.
      The web site is asking for donations if anyone wants to give to a worthy cause.

    • I don’t think the word “victim” means what Boch thinks it means.

      The unfortunate backseat passenger is yet another victim of Chicago’s revolving door “justice” system.

    • Who said the 68year old did anything “wrong”?!? Eye contact with disrespect? Middle finger?? Look of digust??? I’m trying hard not to do all that. Even though I’m armed & 67. Bring back street justice…

      • Welcome to 2022, the year that the movie “Soylent Green” took place in. Maybe jail reform should encompass building the facilities next to dog food factories.

        • Oh wow, I think you’re right. 2022, here we come.

          Just this past week, I was having a conversation about COVID (*cough* don’t mod-bin me here TTAG *cough*) with an older family relative, and he very directly said “there are 6 billion people too many in the world, so we should just stop this mask and jab nonsense and just let ‘er rip until the dominoes stop falling.”

          I thought he was joking. He wasn’t.

        • That’s just silly, I don’t believe we have more than 4 billion too many people. We should get in that discussion promptly after we get rid of 3 billion or so. And I’m not joking either.

        • Ackshully we SHOULD (MUST?) get rid of the ,ug nappies and pokes, but that would NOT result in what your shirttailrelative thinks it will. SInce more are dying from the injectioins than from the disease these days, stopping the squirts would reduce the overal death counts. Asto mug nappies? Utterly useless, and worse, as they bring their own problems. Was in a warehouse type store this afternoon, pushing my trolley down the aisle, a woman pushing hers the opposite way stopped, removed her blue appiue just enough to take a BIG sneeze out into the room air, them dragged the infernal scrap of cloth back over her mug, then wiped the extra sneeze on her outer jacket. I almost laughted out loud. She was dressed SO prim and proper, too. She DID turn away from me, not that I’d have cared any, so she was vaguely conscious of some need to consider others. But the whole thing was a classic vignette of one reason why the stupid mug nappies don’t work. Simple maths will demonstrate the main reason they are worse than useless. GO and learn the range of diamter of the infernal virus, then learn about the “spaces” between fibres, then between the threads, of the paterial comprising the stupid things. The results will astound you…. can a chain link fence prevent mosquitos from entering your yard? Equivalent situation only the gross numbers are different.

  1. I may have said this before. If I didn’t, I thought about it. Before I retired, if I arrested someone out on bail on a subsequent charge; bail was revoked. Period. The asswipe also usually caught a V.O.P., because, well, most were on probation.

  2. Anyway, I bet the backseat friend wishes his front seat friend was a better marksman. If he could wish anything.

    • How do we KNOW the rund did not go precisely where it was intended to go? Dirtbags of the calibre, one never can be certain, can one?

  3. Says a whole lot about the intelligence level of the deceased in the backseat. Who in their right mind gets anywhere around such a criminal? Odds are very high the deceased was aware of the driver’s background and now he’s gone to the other side.

    • “Says a whole lot about the intelligence level of the deceased in the backseat.”

      I respectfully disagree. It was a bit more nuanced than that, IMO. –

      It looks like to me much more like a cultural issue. He was hanging out with his home-boys, and in that culture, you don’t show fear. And he paid with his life…

    • Your comment reminds me of my juvenile days. Not the most popular guy in school, I tended to respond to people who offered an approving word, whatever. I got into a niche, or rut, where it seemed all my “friends” were quite stupid, doing idiot things that tended to get someone hurt. I reconsidered who I was hanging out with, preferring solitude to ongoing stupidity.

      A number of those “friends” assumed ambient temperature before any of us reached age 25.

      Incidentally, I found better friends along the way.

    • I had thought about that issue myself, but decided perhaps the now-departed to his just reward kid may well have been an accomplice to an intended/planned crime, and/or an understudy oif the “excellent marksman” who fired those rounds
      Either way, his career is now ended. He graduated summa cum laude and is now deployed elsewhere.
      Perhaps he will learn at least one thing in his new location: there IS a God, and the kid ain’t Him. A good second thing might be that that God is a just God. Like the kid ain’t.

  4. Cole is probably out on bail right now, again, still.
    Maybe someday the people of chicongo will wake up, haha doubtful been a dem controlled hole for what 100 years?

  5. With a record like that, he’s now a community activist and should get a full scholarship to Harvard.

  6. Gee is this another upstanding black male who will not be charged and released by the Leftist establishment in Chicago. Black on black crime here folks which is the way it is most of the time. And no folks I am not a racist. I am white and have 5 black and 2 Chinese cousins and a grandson who is South Korean. I just call it the way I see it and report it the same way the FBI stats do. There is more black on black shooting than white on black and that is just a fact. So lets stop making excuses on the basis of color or ethnicity. A crime is a crime and all people should be judged the same way not given a free ride.

  7. More proof of how so called Black Culture has become self destructive. Glorify the criminal and gangst/thug. Call anyone who succeeds in life vile names and accuse them of being some sort of race traitor, etc.
    Most people I know own weapons. Many of them carry concealed with permits to do so. Those who do carry would never pull their weapon or even let someone know they had one unless there were a direct, and obvious threat to life and safety.
    Most more or less civil adults do not react to some look or gesture by trying to shoot someone. Nor do most adults react with violence to some percived slight or offhand remark.
    Of course, most of the adults in the country do not get involved with selling dope, robbing our neighborhood businesses, screwing anything that doesn’t run fast enough, or shoot at people who live on the next street over because they live there, or are in a competeing group. Nor do we run from or fight with the police if stopped for some minor traffic violation, drive around with illicit drugs or illegal weapons on us or in the car, or scatter like roaches every time a cop car drives down the street. Of course, I’m just racist etc. for pointing this out.

    • this: “More proof of how so called Black Culture has become self destructive. Glorify the criminal and gangst/thug. Call anyone who succeeds in life vile names and accuse them of being some sort of race traitor, etc.”

      I remember reading a study from many years back about how lab rats, in their mazes and pens and such, will cruise long just fine… as long as there is space and food enough for all. But when the observers would overcrowd the same systems with too many lab rats, they’d soon begin turning on each other, literally devouring them, until the population reduces to the point where they are not overcrowded.
      The clear inference is that the same thing goes on in human popluatioins, in places like inner city ghettoes, etc.
      Still, that kid CLISE t get into that car whilst it was yet standing still. I am absolutely certain the kid knew the history and character of his killer. Not one tear.

  8. I’m sure in one way or another it was justice served. Nothing to see here carry on as you were.😙

  9. Surprise Surprise Chicago has the largest black population of any city on the US. surpassing Detroit, Atlanta, and Memphis. And we wonder why they had over 800 murders. In NYC over 90% of firearms crimes are committed by blacks and Hispanics. Diversity does not work.

    • What does not work is not supporting the Christians when they say a father is necessary in the home. What does not work is the welfare system created by Liberals and the Left. But also supported by far to many Libertarians.

      The three L’s hate the traditional family of one man and one woman. And they love it when a woman has five kids from 5 different men and never getting married. And her children growing up with no discipline and love from a father.

      At the end of the day Libertarians liberals and the left prefer the rising chaos in the major cities. Instead of having adults being forced through public pressure to stay together, work out their issues, and raise their children responsibly.

  10. Bet you two to one he pulled the trigger.
    If the GOP cannot politically destroy these Soros DAs and AGs, they are worthless party. This is the stuff of dreams

  11. Think of it as evolution in action.

    If President Obama had a bastard son, he would look like Quincy Cole.

    • And he never saw the sign saying… 😉

  12. Quincy looks an awful lot like the dude I saw a few months ago in South Holland when he (apparently in an effort to evade the local po-po) t-boned a couple of cars at the intersection I was at (must have been doing at least 40mph on impact) and took off sprinting as fast as he could in broad circles as he was continuously cut off by patrol cars until he ran into a liquor store, quickly followed by a half dozen of South Holland’s finest. I’d swear that’s the guy. It appears they caught him and the judge sold him some walking papers.

  13. well, don’t feel too bad. Somehow I have the feeling that the ‘victim’ in question probably didn’t spend all his time teaching impoverished kids how to read and serving soup for charity…

  14. Is it possible that the plan was for Cole to order old guy out of the car so James could jump out the back seat and drive the car away?

    Should have kept off the drugs until after the crime.

  15. Chicago’s Quincy Cole: The perfect intellectual person to be in line for getting one of the coveted “Darwinian Awards” by culling the herd and assisting in the reduction of the gene pool!

    • I believe must self remove to be eligible for a Darwin. Still, there should be an award for Cole for conduct improving the gene pool. But James, at 19, likely had multi spawn but various babymamas.

      • I’d give him the Darwin Star, no problem. His decision to hop into the killer’s ride, knowing his recent history, was his own and no one else’s. That decision led directly and proxiumally to his demise. Not one tear for this dirtbag’s timely demise. He’s been cut off the bad tree before he could bear much fruit.

  16. The funny thing is Democrats cannot understand why carjackings are up so much in Chicago.
    The soft on crime actions of the prosecutors and the thug culture of Black people do not even enter into their calculations.
    To us normal people it seems plain as day that letting people out on bail and not locking up violent criminals is a recipe for increased crime.

    When will the good people of Chicago revolt against the soft on crime politicians and prosecutors?

    • if they really WERE “good people” they’d already be up in the grilles of their “leaders” t MAKE them do something. A good man will NEVER stand and do nothing in the face of evil. If he does do nothing when faced wiht evil, he is evil himself.

  17. Libertarians liberals and the left have always demanded bail reform. They got what they wanted. And the rest of society is paying for it in Blood and stolen private property.

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