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You may recall that Uncle Sam recently halted sales/transfers of of MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles) to local and state police after the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) decided that their emissions would cause flooding in coastal regions. After the bleating began, a suitable loophole (a.k.a., LEO carve-out) was created. “The Defense Department has resumed transferring excess military vehicles to civilian emergency personnel after reaching an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency,” reports. There’s one catch: the feds will now maintain ownership. So when martial law’s declared, Uncle Sam can confiscate the MRAPs from “dissident” police agencies. Or something like that. [h/t GM]

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  1. Martial law. Ha! That’s funny! Well, at least until it happens. Then no one’s gonna be laughing anymore. Stage 1? Gun control. It’s already here. Civilian disarmament might be on the way…
    Still laughing?

    • Deer hunting would be awesome! Especially, if they ever learned to shoot back.

    • That’s for sure. I guess a good question would be why weren’t these contracted by the pentagon to our military troops in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of the Humvee? The Hummers got a lot of our soldiers killed including my young nephew because they had no reinforcement against IED’s yet these vehicles the police are now getting do. If that hypocrisy and corruption, and I would add criminal act doesn’t tell the real story I don’t know what would.

      • Because DoD’s procurement philosophy is “Listen to Congress and get there first with the most expensive incorrect tool for the job.”

    • Hardly. MRAP are utterly useless POS. Jammed down the throat of the Army/USMC by libtard pols out to prove “while hate the war support the troops. Only a wanna be Rambo would “buy” one of the things.

      As I understand it this EPA/DOD suspension of vehicle transfers was CAUSED by cops and MRAP. That a very very large NE state obtained a large # of the POS thru LESO program, with title, then sold them. LESO benefactors (cops) have very frequently lawlessly abused the program for decades.

      Vol FD, who actually need the trucks etc to actually do REAL thinks are the damaged party. Can no longer obtain equipment as before this went down.

      Apparently Cops or FD when done with the truck must transport it back to the military based from which it originated. Cops obviously will no actually have to do so 20yr from now. Looks like FD will have to put a cash deposit down to ensure funds are available for such future transport. Say $3000 out of a $15000 annual budget. Not possible.

  2. Did anyone notice, they went through a stop sign without stopping, and a red light before it changed.
    I guess working for the city government has it’s perks.

  3. In the article that said that the sales were stopped I commented that it was only a mater of time before there would be a LEO carve-out. I feel like a prophet. (one that predicted what everyone already knew, but still)

  4. What in the hell do the police need with APC’s, tanks and the like? Are they expecting a real war from the citizens of the USA?

      • Local cops gonna use these ugly beasts against us good ole boys when the SHTF? “Good luck with that, Travis. I know where you live. Oh, and that pretty daughter of yours, too.”

        BTW, MRAP is Eskimo for dutch oven used for cooking pork.

      • Exactly, kind of like we used to have missle silos in EU for Russia during the cold war.

        • Not silos, just missiles. Like IRBMs and cruise missiles. The silos are here in the central US (Atlas, Titan and Minuteman ICBMs).

    • Just my opinion, but I don’t think they are expecting a war FROM the citizens, more like preparing for war AGAINST the citizens.

  5. Mine Resistant Ambush Protectant… Hmmm, lets see…

    Q: Do police have a consistent threat of hitting land mines or IEDs?
    A: No.

    Q: Do police have a consistent threat of being ambushed?
    A: No.

    Q: Then, please explain, what in the hell, these departments are buying these for?

    A: Stop asking questions you peon. Safety and Security is the top priority of the government, how dare you question our authority.

      • Exactly, they scream that, however they also probably don’t realize these things are actually quite unsafe to operate, they roll extremely easily and if you roll that thing over into a swamp, river, lake, or any body of water that thing will be the occupants tomb. There is no way to get out of those things when they roll over into the water.

    • Q: If the police are ambushed, doesn’t that it will be a surprise and so they wouldn’t be in the whachamacallit wannabe tank thing?

      A: Shut up every one made it home safely and its for the children! No more questions!

  6. Hope you guys know these are 110% paid by taxpayers.
    Military produces them with tax money. Police buy them for the price of shipping + some change…

  7. At what point does your local police force become a “standing army”?

    Is it when the feds write their paychecks (like every holiday of the year – “to prevent drunk driving”)?

    Is it when they carry fully-automatic weapons (like they do now)?

    Is it when they start puttering around in tanks and Mraps?

    Dressing in fatigues – wearing masks?

    It just seems like we’re sliding joyously down a slippery slope here..

  8. My sheriff here already has his zombiewagon, but I highly doubt that he’d ever be a dissident sheriff. At least not until the Republicans get back in power.

    • Sure is funny how fast the liberals ditch all their global warming concerns when they realizes it effects their plan of creating a police state.

  9. I think it was Chuck Pelto that used to get on here and post in the Memo typewriter format that originally linked to this during a similiar article:

    Field Expedient Abatis 🙂

    Besides, I bet theres a few folks who I imagine if push came to shove, would happily take what they know from riding around in MRAPS and put it to use takin one apart.

      • Everything is anti-cop to Paul and most LEOs. They see us as a nails that need to be hammnered into place.

    • Last I understood the way things work around here, no one is forcing you to read it… or to post a response.

    • It’s not “anti-cop,” it’s:

      * anti-hyper militarization of the police forces
      * anti-absurd waste of taxpayer dollars
      * anti-alienation of non-LEOs
      * anti-Barney Fife complex
      * anti-idiocy

      Police departments need more Andy Griffiths and fewer Barney Fifes.

  10. My County! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. I hope not parked in front of my house….

  11. “… the feds will now maintain ownership. So when martial law’s declared, Uncle Sam can confiscate the MRAPs from ‘dissident’ police agencies.”

    Ugh. I was going to say something about how nice it would be to have all those MRAP’s close at hand in case WE ever need to take them.

  12. So they’ll be leasing the vehicles from the government? How good is their credit?

  13. I think I have it figured out. The police are buying MRAPs, F-16 fighters, submarines, M60 machine guns, etc. Never know when a bank robber will shoot at you with a 9mm or .177 pellet gun. Of course, if the bad guys were holding my wife or daughter as a hostage, I’d probably be glad they had that Abrams M1A2 tank. But wait, with all that armament, shouldn’t the police be able to prevent crimes committed with guns rather than respond after the fact. Makes me feel a bit insecure in my home should a bad guy with a gun decide he/she likes my stuff more than I like my stuff.

  14. My first patrol vehicle there was a humvee with gaping holes in it. Hell the door fell off periodically until we rigged enough duct tape and 550 cord to prevent that. The MRAP we got halfway through was brand new and a nice change. Functional AC… Definitely, if you are getting constant contact it’s a useful tool, however it was obviously designed by an intelligent, well meaning group of people who had no idea actual Infantry operations involve. Also someone installed the fire extinguisher in such a way to prevent a rifle from fitting on the rifle rack… Not that we used them anyway, but still. Also terrible shocks – going over a small bump without bracing yourself is a good way to get tossed out of the turret. Then again, 50000 pounds us difficult to design nice shocks for. Regardless, the vehicle seems a bit useless for the vast majority of things that police do, and went through about 40 gallons a day. Realistically, unless you’re facing seriously heavily armed enemies in mass, it’s just a hindrance. Awesome cushions though. It was my favorite place to sleep.

  15. Thank God, now Dom Raso can move on to making sure that the Bohump County Sheriff’s dept. gets mortars, flame throwers and that microwave emitter that makes “the terrorists” crap their pants just before they explode.

  16. I feel safer already. Where will the militarization or paramilitarization of local law enforcement, state law enforcement, postal inspectors, homeland security, and dog catchers end?

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