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America’s murder capital, Chicago, has a new claim to fame.  RentHop cited a huge jump in rat complaints from Rahm’s residents in naming the Windy City “Rat Capital” of America.  Meanwhile, Chicago crime continues unabated.  While good people enjoyed a mild weekend, the bad guys plied their trade.  In the end, the body count came in at 8 dead and 48 wounded.

At 9:30 Saturday evening, four suspects rolled up to the Nancy Jefferson Park at 3115 W. Fulton in the Garfield Park neighborhood.  Their sedan matching the description of a vehicle carjacked nearby just hours earlier.  In that incident, the Caucasion female driver begged and pleaded with a pair of suspects to let her keep her toddler in a car seat in the back.

Initially, in the din of bass-enhanced music blasting, nobody noticed the car pull up.  When the suspects emerged, they opened fire on a group of gang members and their coterie at the park.  Minutes later, law enforcement found scores of empty shell casings and a whole lot of blood.

America's New Rat Capital Chicago Sees 48 Shot, 8 Dead Over Weekend

The Chicago Tribune had parts of the story of the park incident and other violent crime.

…The shooting into a group gathered around a park bench in the East Garfield Park neighborhood left at least one man dead and six wounded Saturday night, according to Chicago police. They were among at least 20 people shot in Chicago from Saturday to Sunday, four fatally, including five attacks in which two or more people were shot.

Six of the men were taken to Stroger Hospital following the shooting shortly after 9:35 p.m. Saturday, and one was pronounced dead at the hospital, police said. The seventh man showed up at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dozens gathered at Stroger, spilling out of the waiting room and standing in the parking lot.

Many had driven from the crime scene in the 3100 block of West Fulton Street, which surrounded Nancy Jefferson Park and stretched far down the block from Walnut Street — where police initially reported the shooting had taken place — north on Albany Avenue and west on Fulton Street, the northern border of the park.

At the same time, the Tribune left out significant pieces of the story and barely mentioned the real story.  One short sentence in a paragraph buried in the story told the true nature of the conflict.

Two street gangs, the Black Souls and the Gangster Disciples, have a conflict in the area.

Once more, we see that “gun violence” really means gang violence.  After all, guns don’t shoot themselves.

Meanwhile, Second City Cop filled in some details not found in the mainstream media’s reporting:

Fun Fact #1! Six of the seven shot have SSL (strategic subject list) scores in excess of 300. Anything over 250 means your odds of getting shot are better than 2-to-1.

In other words, all but one of the wounded do not spend their Sunday mornings working as choir boys at their local churches.

Chicago has a violent crime problem.  The entire state of Illinois reported 1157 homicides in 2016, 70% of which (808) happened in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City of Chicago.  While the south side of Chicago sees a great deal of violence, the west side does its part to keep up.  And Chicago crime impacts every neighborhood.

While Americans don’t like the gang violence that infest America’s inner cities, they don’t lose a lot of sleep over it.  Americans know that soft-on-crime prosecutors and judges keep the vicious cycle alive.  Along with social policies promoted by deep blue politicians.

Meanwhile, the Tribune knows that blood sells newspapers.





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    • The rats have guns and shoot the gang members. Chicago has always had a rat problem but most are elected or have patronage jobs

        • funding for rat patrol was greatly curbed by the current administration. it was pretty well under control for quite some time before that. seal all of the exits and stuff the main entrance with dried ice is the current tactic i’ve witnessed.
          the only rat i’ve seen near home was under my neighbors bird feeder (not sure if the mice are worth all the beautiful norwegian blue plumage) and was quickly dispatched with a pellet. surprisingly the progtards next door only asked, “did you get it?”

    • They all eventually end up in church…. front and center, big smiling photo on top of their pine box. Good riddance. They don’t want to draw a distinction between the gang bangers dying and the innocent dying, it makes sense that they can’t tell the difference between a good guy with a gun and badguy with a gun.

    • Like drunk drivers, there are innocent people caught in the cross fire. Gang use guns to commit CRIME. There is NOT enough money in the world to have me live in Chicago or New York City, or San whatever. Bad enough that I live a few miles south of D.C.

  1. Chitcago has everything going for themselves,they have a Commiecrat utopia with strict gun control and mayor Rahm Dead Fish Commie at the helm,what could go wrong.

    • They USED to have strict gun control. Not so much any more after the Seventh Circuit held that their handgun ban law was unconstitutional, followed closely by a case that was just about to invalidate the state-wide concealed carry ban that led to the passage of “shall issue” carry. All they can control is preventing some people from getting “shall issue” ccws and keeping the poor people riding the buses, subways and the El from carrying. Other than that, their laws are pretty much the same as for the rest of the state.

      • “…and keeping the poor people riding the buses, subways and the El from carrying.”

        I hope there are cases challenging that in the judicial pipeline that might make their way to SCOTUS…

      • With Kimesha Foxxxxxx as Cook County SA, most of the gun offenders in Shitcago are given an I Bond, back out to hunt their prey in a day or so. You could have the strongest gun laws in the USA but Kimmy won’t do her job because she’d lose her job.

      • In a city beset with crime, the law abiding people should have access to the tools of self defense. Many years ago, a car jacker tried to hi-jack a car in Georgetown (D.C.) but the car owner was an FBI agent. Dead Hi-Jacker! it was amazing that before this incident Car Jacking was a daily occurance and after there was not a car jacking for many months.

    • None, Try October. McConnell “promised” some action of national reciprocity before the midterms. I suspect the hearing protection bill is dead, or at least dead enough that we won’t be hearing about it any time soon.

      • OK, so the holdup on that is that they weren’t confident they would have the votes in the Senate to pass it?

        From what I gather, after mid-terms, we may well gain seats in the Senate but likely lose some seats in the House.

        if that happens, will they take the bill that the House passed last year and slide it over to the Senate?

        • I suspect you’ll hear that now voters need to help them out again and next time they’ll definitely find a way to bring it to the floor, Charlie Brown.

        • “OK, so the holdup on that is that they weren’t confident they would have the votes in the Senate to pass it?

          It’s the fact that the vast majority of F’n Republicans despise the voters who put them in office just like they despise Trump.

          At best they only oppose the Commiecrats. They NEVER advance the ball for our rights if it might mean a single lost vote from the middle.

          And, oh by the way, Santa Claus does not exist.

        • OWEN: Harvest is when I need you the most. It’s only one season more. This year we’ll make enough on the harvest that I’ll be able to hire more hands, and then you can go to the academy next year. You must understand I need you here, Luke. 
          LUKE: But it’s a whole ‘nother year!
          OWEN: Look, it’s only one more season.
          LUKE: Yeah, that’s what you said when Biggs and Tank left.
          BERU: Where are you going?
          LUKE: Looks like I’m going nowhere. I have to go finish cleaning those droids.

          Another year, same bull $#!+

  2. There are two major gangs in Chicago — the four-legged rats and the two-legged rats.

    The four-legged rats are a bit more hygienic.

    • The bad part is that the four legged variety are almost as big as the two legged ones, and three times as vicious. When I still lived there forty years ago, the CPD would not attack a cornered rat without a shotgun, as .38s just made them angry.

      (OK, so I exaggerate. The rats only weigh in at around 20 pounds. Besides the hood rats, they are a top predator.)

  3. MEH…if them boyz were better shots the toll would be much higher. 7 on a park bench=ducks in a row.

      • The same ratio for police shootings. The same ratio for cops who get shot. The same ratio for combat. The same ratio for robberies gone bad. The same ratio as the Las Vegas shooting. The same ratio for self inflicted gunshot wounds. The same ratio for armed self defense…. It really is very consistent, unless one “closes for the kill” like a close quaters mass shooting or targeted assassination.

  4. When a city is run by wicked people and the majority of the residents either look the other way or don’t care, this is the result you get.

    If your white you can get a gun permit in chiraq. Law abiding blacks need not apply.

    • It’s now shall-issue in Chicago, Chris.

      As I understand it, the only way they can deny a Black a carry permit is if they have a felony conviction or are a similar legally “Prohibited person”.

      If I’m in error on that, someone please clue me in…

      • Its called getting “Darted”. Crook County has the highest objection rate in IL because Sheriff Tom Dart actually has a team of undersheriffs that go through CCL permit applications. Instead of getting approved for a CCL when you are “Darted” have to go through the process of the IL Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board.That can take a year or more and some eventually are allowed to proceed and some are not.

        You don’t need a felony conviction, a picture or two on Facebook being in gang colors and flashing gang signs means an objection. The rats are getting smarter, one way to not get hassled by CPD is to have a CCL. Some of the younger rats are not in gang task force data base (another disqualifier) because they can run fast when the CPD rolls up on them.

        There have been a few questionable SD shootings by CCL holders. The CPD knows this and does their best to make a case. Say you are a gangbanger who got a CCL and claim you went to Target to shop. Then your side of the story is that some guy jumped in your car, you shot and killed him and left his body in the parking lot. Then you took off and 20 minutes later the CPD had to crash into you to stop you. You claim that you took off because you panicked BUT it was really a dope deal gone bad and you had to toss evidence. The guy who jumped into your car to “carjack” you had a loaded revolver but never managed to get off a shot.

        Then the evidence comes out. During questioning you claimed that you shopped at Target and were on your way back to your car. The problem is the parking lot cameras have you parking and waiting. The cameras in Target show you never went in.
        You’re busted, it WAS a dope deal gone wrong.

        I’m all for people who are law abiding citizens who have never been in trouble with the law to have the right to carry. I am vehemently opposed to criminals walking around LEGALLY with concealed handguns. Crook County or the CPD files an objection because you are on social media w/o a FOID card showing off your gun and flashing gang signs while sitting on a car hood.

        It isn’t just “blacks”, any gangbanger who doesn’t have a serious rap sheet gets a FOID and then applies for a CCL. If you are in Crook County or Chicago chances are when you apply for your CCL they will check you out and if they find something gang related file an objection. These are the people who clog up the IL Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board and then moan the most about it. These people NEVER submit fingerprints and you tell who they are in a CCL class. It’s pretty obvious, they can text for the entire 16 hours and not listen to one word about what is being taught. They usually cannot put 30 rounds in a B27 target. It takes 2 or 3 attempts to qualify.

        The rats are learning and it doesn’t matter what color they are. If you are law abiding then usually you wont have a problem getting a permit. As for the SA not doing her job, there simply isn’t enough room in Cook County Jail to hold anyone but the most violent repeat offenders. There isn’t enough room in the Illinois Department of Corrections to lock up the people who should be locked up. She’s no peach but the worst your going to get on a attempted murder charge is two years and you will be out in 11 months. Seven years for 2nd degree manslaughter and paroled after 3.

        There are too many rats for the cages and no simple answers.

  5. They don’t call it “ChiCongo” for nothing.

    • Seems like an endless supply though don’t it. The mayor should open some shooting ranges and furnish ammo so they can improve their aim. By doing so , haybe they will exterminate them selves sooner.

  6. America’s New Rat Capital Chicago Sees 48 Shot, 8 Dead Over Weekend
    Oh, I thought they were talking about the 4 legged variety.
    Oh well, evolution in action.

  7. Eh, no one cares.

    Unless one of those stats was shot by a white cop, in which case we’ll see some rioting, even if the decedent was armed and slinging dope on those same street corners at the time.

  8. “…begged and pleaded with a pair of suspects to let her keep her toddler in a car seat in the back.”
    begged and pleaded with a pair of shitballs to let her remove her toddler from a car seat in the back.

  9. Josey Wales once said “the hell with them the rats have to eat too”……i know…i know…buzzards….

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