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Never let it be said that Gabby Giffords and hubby Mark Kelly will let an opportunity to Hoover up some more cash pass them by. As you’ve no doubt heard, James Brady died yesterday. Graciously offering to deliver your message of condolence to their fellow gun control travelers at the Brady Campaign, Americans for Responsible Solutions didn’t forget to include a large red CONTRIBUTE button in their email blast. Does begging for bucks in pursuit of civilian disarmament get any more nakedly opportunistic or crass? No, not it does not. ARC’s email after the jump . . .

D –

Jim Brady was White House Press Secretary for Ronald Reagan when he was shot in the head during the assassination attempt on the President. Brady survived, though he was left paralyzed.

We were so saddened to hear that Jim Brady died yesterday. He was a humble, compassionate, and brave man who never, ever stopped asking how he could keep serving others. He turned his tragedy into inspiration by starting the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, helping lead the charge for sensible gun laws in our country.

Jim became an inspiration to countless victims of gun violence everywhere, including us. His story rings close to home. During the assassination attempt on Gabby, one of her staff members was killed by a gunman, and two other members of her staff were shot and seriously injured.

Over the last few years, Jim Brady has frequently been in our thoughts. His life exemplified what it means to be a public servant. And his continued service in the name of preventing gun violence laid much of the foundation for what we hope to accomplish with Americans for Responsible Solutions.

He will be missed.

Please sign our letter expressing condolences to the entire Brady family.
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We’ll deliver the messages to the Brady family and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence later this week.

Thank you,

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

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[h/t Dirk Diggler]

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  1. Gravedancing’s become a habit with these people. Interesting to see them dance on the grave of one of their own.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Brady. Your last c. 30 years would have been tough to endure. Sad to see someone politicize your passing.

    • Grave dancing indeed!

      Brady’s not even buried yet and these people are trotting out a convenient phony baloney sympathy letter just to further their fundraising efforts.

      “How crass” is an understatement.

  2. Given the headline, the only way that photo could be better is if Gabbie Giffords was wearing a fur coat to accentuate the bling on her neck.

  3. It’s ironic that the space cadet has the misshapen dome and crooked smile while Mrs. Giffords looks perfectly normal AFTER catching one in the temple…

    Side Note: UGH!! at the charcoal coat and steel grey tie on a white shirt. Live a little, rocket-man…

    • Yeah, that one person really has a strange unfocused gaze and a weird non-emotional smile. The person also has a strange misshapen skull as well. The person looks rather spaced out. No, I am not talking about Gabby.

  4. i dont mean to be rude. i kinda get why shes making a slightly weird face, but why is he?

      • Well, Mark is really Major Tom and he has been in his space capsule too long so he is now a space oddity.

    • After being shot, she probably does not have full control of facial muscles. Think of it as a ballistic stroke, in essence. I certainly hope she recovers full cognitive abilities one day. According to my personal rubric that’s more important than getting the smile just right again.

      • It’s hard not to feel sympathy for Gabby. I get the impression that she gets used as a prop. Can’t understand how someone would do that to their spouse.

        • It’s quite easy if you view yourself as the center of the universe and everyone else as inferior beings/sources of money.

      • yeah, i have no tolerance whatever for her idiotic little anti liberty crusade, but im still sorry she got shot in the face.

        • At this point, I don’t think it’s any more Gabby’s crusade than it’s the crusade of the young kids who might accompany their mothers to an MDA rally.

          I could be wrong of course, but I think the space cadet is pulling all the strings these days.

          Both as a matter of what’s really happening with Gabby, and for the purposes of PR for our side, I think we are better off and more correct to direct our anger towards Mark Kelly.

  5. Shameless opportunists… I’d write an email telling them how little I think of them, but I’m sure they’d just send a “Thank you for supporting civilian disarmament” form letter & stick out their hands for more money.

    • AND you would be added as a new “supporter” of whatever it is they’re selling.

      Well, whatever he’s selling, anyway. I don’t think Gabby is able to discern much. Pity.

  6. I have a picture on the home computer of Gabby holding an AR-15 with a big grin on her face. Happier days?

    • I have a picture in my mind of Gabby holding a whole bunch of that sweet, sweet Joyce Foundation cash with a big grin on her face. Happy days.

      • I have a picture of her holding a club with which she’s beating that douche bag she’s married to. In the crotch. Pure joy!

  7. That particular picture reminds me of a TV Show from the 80’s called V where lizards from space were trying to take over the world by being nice to us to our faces while behind our backs they were trying to kill us all.

    Just me? Or do you guys see it too?

  8. better question is what shows up on these groups respective 990’s with the feds. How much cash are they milking? Sarah Brady was getting something like $150k a yr for 1 hour of “work” per week.

  9. It’s a little sickening. I remember when everything wasn’t an opportunity for Progressives to beg for money. Wasn’t it the Obama campaign asking people to give money rather than registering for their weddings? We were being asked to give to Obamacare. Wait? If Obamacare is so great and cheap, why do we need to give money for it? Not to mention turning the holidays into Prog talking points. It really has become a religion to these people.

  10. Those two clowns brought in about $12 million last year. Good to know that Kelly didn’t waste the money on hair gel.

    • That’s in addition to HIS PENSION and HER PENSION – neither of which is trivial (I’m estimating $250-300k combined). And non-taxable.

      Greed incarnate.

  11. I have seen more realistic smiles on a ventriloquist’s dummy…….uh Mark, where are your hands?

      • The strings are the only thing holding her up. Its disgusting, they are gonna parade her around like Brady for the next 40 years. That’s no way to live.

    • What makes me smile is that I’ll bet he would have approved of them doing it hoping the other side would have railed against it. I could see him pre-recording an awesome rebuttal just for the chance to stick it to them. “Not EVEN these Cold, dead hands you bastards!”

  12. They are a super PAC. For the 2014 elections, they took in just under 18 million and have spent about a bit less than 8 million. Can’t seem to find out what they pay each other, maybe one of you super pac experts can help. . . . maybe they don’t have to report it.

    They are running a real business, just like most people who set up foundations, especially sports stars, it’s a good way to hide the money and get more. . . very little accountability.

  13. The NRA does kinda beg for donations every chance it gets, so I’m not gonna put too much weight on this.

  14. Watching the news last night and seeing a few segments on the Brady’s, most of which consisted of Mrs Brady yapping about gun control while her husband sat next to her, I wondered who they would roll out as the next vegtable tray for gun control….. Then I remembered Giffords.

    Looks like I wasn’t wrong. Never let a death or tragedy go to waste should be listed on their business card.

  15. it’s too funny….this guy’s wife was seriously hurt…and despite him being a gun owner, he jumps on the bandwagon of gun control… I’m ENTIRELY convinced his SOLE reason for this was $$$. He doesn’t care about safety….he doesn’t care about your kids…. How many millions is he making parading his wife around? How about leading a quiet life taking care of her at home instead of using her as a mascot for his crusade for the almighty dollar?

  16. Sarah could sell the scoped .30 rifle she bought for her son years ago if they need the bucks.
    Never let it be said that the left will not let an opportunity to take your money go to waste. Use this you fools, use it!!

  17. both ms. Gifford’s and Mr. Brady’s tragic shooting illustrate a very important issue for us law abiding proponents of our right to own guns…how can we work towards preventing insane people from obtaining a gun, which might be used to hurt innocent people?

    Mr. Kelly, you are an American hero willing to travel many times to that great “void” of space in service to your country, and make the USAF proud.

  18. Your right…sorry, USN…not USAF…my mistake, apology. Space “truck driver”? I wish I had the brains and guts to qualify as such…SEAL, Astronaut, Green Berets, Delta….all are hero in my opinion, and all due my respect.

    • “…SEAL, Astronaut, Green Berets, Delta….all are hero in my opinion, and all due my respect.”

      Astronauts are just glorified pilots.

  19. Take a look….the perfect portrait of the new victim-celebrity, nouveau riche. And aren’t they absolutely precious? Flying here and there fighting for truth, social justice and the collectivist way.

    “We earned our money the old-fashioned way…we begged for it.” Non-profit begging by the riche and famous….gives begging a bad name.

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