Ruger-57 5.7x28mm pistol
Ruger-57 (Jeremy S. for TTAG)
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Sturm, Ruger’s revenue was up 53% in its most recent fiscal quarter and earnings jumped more than 500%. It seems that Americans are well aware of societal factors making everyday life less safe and are extremely eager to ensure they’re well equipped to protect themselves and their families.

Rommel Dionisio, gun industry analyst for Aegis Capital, said in a note to investors that Sturm, Ruger’s strong sales were due to “increased consumer concerns regarding personal safety and self-defense as a result of recent civil unrest, widespread protests, and calls for reduction in funding for various state and municipal police departments.”

He said that Sturm, Ruger, as a leading producer of firearms, was “naturally well positioned to benefit from such overall industry trends.”

Firearms retailers say that new buyers, including women and senior citizens, are buying up guns designed for self-defense, particularly small, compact, semiautomatic pistols, like the LCP line of pistols from Ruger. Ammunition is selling out across the country, leaving shelves bare of bullets.

– Aaron Smith in Gun Sales Strong Ahead Of Election Day, Says Sturm, Ruger

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  1. Reminds me to vote Trump so they have a reason to reinvest for better production and improved options.

  2. If Ruger is pleased with their sales figures now, just wait till they start pumping out Marlin rifles, it’s been a long dry spell.

    • I’m picking up a stainless Charger with a 10-inch threaded barrel. A brace and a form-1 can gives me a .22lr hearing-safe home PDW.

      I’m now trying to decide between a red dot and a laser for a sight.

      Or both? 🙂

  3. Really want one of those new Ruger 57 pistols. Of course nothing in srock around here, and if that corrupt, low IQ, sold his soul to the CCP fool Biden manages to get cheated into office it is unlikely I will ever see one of those in my safe.

    • I will have to admit I did get “election” suckered into buying one of these. I also bought it for under regular gun store price and very much lower than MSRP. I wouldnt have even considered if it wasnt a bargain. My dealer was very hesitant to let me buy more that one box of ammo for it.. basically he is saving his 5.7 ammo for the guns he sells. And forget about finding any anywhere right now on shelves.
      It has a much better feel than an FN as for MSRP price point I was leaning toward the real thing, but after handling both its not even a contest.

        • Yes I do like it. The trigger could be less striker like, but everything else feels great. I need to take it to the range but it is hard to justify getting to really know this round and gun when bullets are hard to come by or if you want to pay the gunbroker ransom to buy some. I bought it to hunt coyotes with. Something easy to handle for close to medium range ie 0-150 yrds. I do believe there are guys that have taken dogs at close to 200.

      • Something to keep in mind. You can get set up to reload it for somewhere in the $250 range.

        A Lee classic cast turret press will allow you to make ammo at the rate of about 100 rounds per hour.

        Spend more for a Dillon and the rate of production gets in the 500 rounds per hour range.

        Though I suspect that most people don’t shoot that much 5.7.

        I realize that many people don’t want the additional hobby of reloading. But for something you don’t shoot a lot It may be a way to get some ammo to shoot in the next year.

        • Come out of your shell because the last month has seen a rise in the availability of weapons in the local shops. Sure they are not the first I would look at or consider but they are being bought up as fast as they hit the shelves, even 22s.

        • On the serious note our local gun stores just received over 400 ARs and several hundred assorted other pattern rifles and shotguns. If there are any left after next month may need to do some Christmas shopping.

    • I was wondering if the Ruger ARX by Polycase was still in production too. Have used it in 38 Special, .380 ACP & 9mm Luger; spectacular performance.

  4. I bought an LCP II early this year. Or maybe it was December ‘19? Anyway, I’d love to add that model 57, a new MKIV, a PCC, maybe even the charger version, and with 4 kids you can bet some 10/22s are on the horizon. Or maybe a dedicated AR22. The LCP II .22 is interesting too. I’m still stirring on a mountain of .22lr from before “the one” was elected.

  5. I applaud Ruger for good business practices. They produce a reliable product that people want. I hope the Marlin production ramps up quickly, I would be interested in a Ruger manufactured Marlin lever rifle. In the passed few years Marlin’s quality has been in the toilet, I believe Ruger will solve these issues.

    • Dang, I haven’t even thought about the lever actions…. my first thought was in regard to the model 60, which, until recently, was a much more common, and better rifle than the 10/22. A 10/22 with a micro groove barrel would be fun too…

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