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If you only get your news from the mainstream media, you’d be forgiven for thinking that America is a barren violent, hellscape of lawlessness and mayhem. A dystopia of red-hatted gun owners assaulting pedestrians on the streets and children practicing duck-and-cover drills due to the daily massacres and errant gunfire that pockmarks the walls of their schoolhouses. We’re living in a scene from The Purge brought to life.

And that’s why we must have restrictions on gun rights in this country.

It’s a message driven home by gun-grabbing politicians…

…civilian disarmament organizations . . .

…and members of the media.

They pound the message daily that what we have here is a “gun violence” crisis. And that given the mounting body count, it’s a moral imperative that we DO SOMETHING. Something like outlawing private gun sales. Limit magazine capacity. Ban semi-automatic rifles.

Even washed-up one-time candidates for high office took the time out of their busy Presidents Day schedules to let their fans know that they still hear America’s desperate cries for more common-sense gun control laws.

There’s only one problem with all of that. The American people don’t agree with them. At all.

In fact, according to a new Gallup Poll of the biggest problems facing the United States, “gun violence” doesn’t even merit a mention.

gallup america's biggest problem gun violence

And that poll was taken in the run-up to the Parkland anniversary when everyone in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex was pumping the message for all they were worth.

But as Gallup’s results make clear, all of the millions of dollars invested in convincing Americans that “gun violence” is a crisis-level problem afflicting us as a society might as well have been flushed down the toilet. All of those checks written by Michael Bloomberg. All of those bill re-writes and press conferences held by Diane Feinstein. All the stage-managed congressional hearings. All the red t-shirts printed up by Shannon Watts for her hoplophobic harridans. It’s all been for naught.

They couldn’t even get two percent of Americans to say that guns are something they worry about.

For some reason, Americans believe we have far bigger problems than crime — let alone “gun violence” — in this country. Maybe that’s because we’re actually experiencing historically low crime rates. At a time when the number of guns in civilian hands and the number of people with concealed carry permits has never been higher, Americans are much more concerned with issues such as the size and inefficiency of government, immigration, and health care than we are about further limiting their own Second Amendment rights.

That can’t be good news if your job is pushing #gunsense restrictions on the number, kind and function of firearms Americans are allowed to buy. It’s almost as if the constant drumbeat in the media calling for an assault weapons ban, age restrictions and capacity limits is really just a bunch of self-interested hucksters repeating each other’s talking points inside a hermetically sealed echo chamber.

But don’t look for them to stop what they’re doing. The gun control industry will use the Gallup results as evidence that they need to re-double their efforts. Instead of spending $50 million, Michael Bloomberg needs to write the next check for $100 million. Shannon will need four body guards at her next rally instead of only two. And we’ll require even more washed-up Hollywood “stars” to berate us about our ignorance until we finally buy in to the civilian disarmament message.

It’s sure to work this time.


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      • The more I hear, the more it is worrying *me*!! Especially since I still have not heard a single person reminding one of these despicable turds what the age-old response to a failed coup is.

    • Yes exactly! Those were my 2 biggest concerns along with immigration. But the NEW POLICE THUGS are my number one. My wife is scared to even drive the car anymore for fear of being stopped and harassed and even being bullied/beaten for no reason. This almost happened to her one morning. State highway patrol pulled her over for no reason, told her if she didn’t allow a search she would be placed In cuffs and arrested. Then 1 hour later after finding nothing and being bullied and talked to like a criminal, the officer was so mad she was honestly scared for her life because he found nothing he was fuming. It’s gotten out of hand. It has to stop somewhere

  1. The American people think the number one problem facing this country is…the people who are trying to take everyone’s guns.

    • ^^ This! ^^

      That’s the top of my list, too! Though it is kind of a catch-all in that they are the ones responsible for creating a multitude of problem areas. I see their attempts at taking guns to be the same general idea as an armed robber attempting to tie up his victims. Removing the ability to resist gives them the ability to do whatever they like. And all too often in history, that “whatever they like” includes a large death toll.

    • Over the past two years I’ve turned full blown conspiracy nut, count me in. The same people attacking the second amendment are the same people pushing out news stories that promote free trade over fair trade, redefine words like globalism as racist, sell socialism over individual liberty and dignity, trying to silence anti-vaxers (no dog in that fight but they’ve got a right to say what they want to say).

    • these gun control fanatics are largely being ignored by normal folk who have more pressing concerns…

  2. Guns are no more a problem then run away freight trains and Googles autonomous driven cars. Well Google itself is actually a very large problem. They control libitard brain waves too.

  3. Build the damn wall! It is one of the few things the government needs to be doing that it isn’t doing. Next, fire a bunch of federal government workers, and shutter entire departments. The feds have more employees than there were people in this country when it was founded!

    • Agree 100%. Another way to downsize the bloated fed. is to restore states rights taken over by the feds. Looking at what the feds authority was in the constitution, one can see that the gov. over reach is massive.

    • To build that wall the U.S. would need steel, Trump said he’d bring the steel industry back to the U.S. China doesn’t want us firing up our foundries

      • Thing is, if you live in CA or NY and you aren’t a leftist there is little point in voting. So the lefties are always going to rack up huge wins there; thank God for the Electoral College!

        • “thank God for the Electoral College!”

          Um, have you been following what’s going on with the electoral college at the state level. The Democrats are systematically dismantling it and working towards a single party country.

    • I’ve said for years that a return to Federalism and the 10th Amendment would solve 90% of this country’s problems. Unfortunately, nobody on the Supreme Court has the balls to nuke over a century’s worth of (atrocious) legal precedent, and even if they did a huge portion of the country, left and right, would fight them on it

    • If you’ve ever worked for the Federal government you’ll recognize why it’s bloated. You see, reparations are already in play just under a different guise. Just sayin’.

  4. My gun has never went out and shot anybody and I sure am not going to take it out to do it unless its needed for protection you know why is because I have feelings and I would have to live with the fact that I took A life for no reason and I do not want that also when I take A gun out I control it even when I am hunting I have to see what I am shooting at not at shaking bushes or a spot behind them So these People need to leave gun control a long except enforce the ones that been on the books for years .

  5. I never put any credence in polls regardless of the outcome. Why…Because among the many reasons polls are inaccurate. The major problem is sample size. Usually around 1000 respondents. Then you have question written to get a desired response. Followed closely by Straight up lying in response to the question. The only polls that matter occur every 2 years. They are called elections. These are the true measure of the nation direction. Everything else is nothing more than pundent fodder.

    • Darkman,

      I never put any credence in polls regardless of the outcome.

      Neither do politicians, apparently, since they keep passing laws to infringe our right to keep and bear arms even though that is an extremely low policy priority according to polls.

  6. The U K did away with guns, now more people are being killed & maimed with knives & machetes & swords, & even cars… if a person wants to do that kind of stuff, they will find a way… leave the guns alone, that’s why we have a 2A….

    • Interestingly enough, the U.K. and Australia have both experienced significant upticks in both murder and violent crime in general since the 90’s (when they passed their own sweeping gun “reforms”), despite that during that time murder and violent crime have been trending down HARD throughout pretty much the entire western world

  7. You have to know that the left is praying for another mass shooting to further their failing agenda. Yesterday, they voted for not getting the police involved when a BG check reveals an illegal immigrant. Speaks volumes. This is the same crowd who pretty much allowed mass shooters to do their horrible deeds by ignoring them.

    • Yep. Reality and truth matter not at all in their pursuit of giving themselves the warm fuzzies — except when it lets them blame suffering and death on someone else. Then they’re all over it.

  8. It seems like “gun violence” is nothing more than a rallying cry for special interest groups to fundraise off of. They couldn’t care less about gun violence and the leadership of these groups are not ignorant. They know it’s not a crisis. But it’s a reliable moneymaker.

    And if the rights of millions of law-abiding citizens get trampled, no matter. The wealthy still have their security, and the people being subjected to the laws that result are “Those” people…those “Other” people that don’t matter in their world-view.

  9. I let most typos pass, but it’s my pure joy to suggest that HRC is not a “one time candidate for high office.” She lost that job twice. Once in ’08 and again, gloriously, in ’16.

  10. I’ve been asked a handful of times this question by pollsters. I always answer gun control. Trouble is there is no nuance. I would answer gun control and somebody like Bloomberg or Watts would also answer gun control. Same question, same answer, entirely different meaning.

  11. The simple truth is that violence, and gun-related violence in particular, are not big problems and the general population knows this. When you leave your house each day, you don’t have to dodge gunfire but you do have to avoid the government screwing up your life – thus these results.

  12. I wouldn’t get too confident about this. First, polls are unreliable — even when they say what we want to hear.

    Second, “gun violence” may not make the list of voters’ top 10 or top 20 most important things, but the constant anti-gun drumbeat has its effect. It’s so ubiquitous that most people aren’t aware of how much anti-gun nonsense they’ve absorbed into their worldview.

    Recent events in Florida, Washington, Vermont, and Nevada show that plenty of people who ought to know better will still vote for totalitarian gun control if it’s wrapped in feel-goods (and it always is).

    • Vermont got hoodwinked as well, a VAST majority of the state did not want the most recent “feel good” laws passed, and yet they went ahead and did it anyway. Just like the rest if the country, 3 or 4 larger areas speak for everyone else somehow…

  13. Venezuela was once the fourth-richest country in the world.

    In 2012, they banned civilian ownership of firearms, with the Chavez government expressing the goal of “disarming all citizens”.

    It only took six years for them to completely collapse into chaos.

    Read the BBC story on when the law was passed, and see if it doesn’t sound AWFULLY familiar…

    • What more evidence than this does anyone need to see that gun control is a disaster. Just look what it did to Venezuela’s economy. The evidence is graphic and overwhelming. They ban private sales of firearms and seven years later the people are eating their pets and zoo animals. You have to be blind not to see the connection.

      • It was totalitarian socialism, not gun control, that destroyed Venezuela. Gun control is a reliable early symptom of the progressive disease, however.

        • “It was totalitarian socialism, not gun control, that destroyed Venezuela. Gun control is a reliable early symptom of the progressive disease, however.”

          Exactly. And, need I say it, OBVIOUSLY. Thanks for understanding what I meant.

          Only a particularly stupid dumbass would think that I was saying that gun confiscation was what caused Venezuela’s collapse. One would have to be epically stupid to think that.

          What I was pointing out is that the road Venezuela was on, and the road America is on, bear similarities. And gun confiscation is absolutely crucial to implementing the socialist “paradise”. And once they accomplished that in Venezuela, it didn’t take decades, it took only six years before the inevitable end of all socialist empires (collapse and ruin) was upon them.

          And now, gun controllers and gun banners are fighting fervently here like they never have before. They’ve started discussing the “socialism” word outright. We have elected socialists. Cynthia Nixon came fully out of the closet and promised “the real thing: socialism!” It is upon us. And the gun banners know that they require a disarmed populace to implement their vision.

          The canary in the coal mine is coughing and choking.

      • Huntmaster,

        Ing’s comment is spot on. Gun control laws are the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” of totalitarian government. They are the distant thunder that you hear 30 minutes before the storm.

        As such, gun control laws do not cause collapse as you saw in Venezuela. Rather, gun control laws come with the government mandates that cause collapse.

        • Exactly. Obviously “gun control” didn’t CAUSE the collapse. But it was an integral part of what was necessary in order for it to become the totalitarian hellhole that precipitated the collapse. It is, exactly as uncommon sense said, “the canary in the coal mine.”

          Leftists are pushing for outright gun control harder now than they ever have in my six decades on this planet. It’s like there’s a rush to get as much gun control as possible as quick as possible.

          It is concerning.

        • That comment was all about the misuse of statistics and anecdotal data by the left in pursuit of the gun grabbers agenda of civilian disarmament. It was satire.

      • ” They ban private sales of firearms and seven years later the people are eating their pets and zoo animals. You have to be blind not to see the connection.”

        You know, it’s douchebag comments like this that contribute to society being so dysfunctional.

        You could have assumed that I was a reasonably intelligent individual and looked at the meaning of what I was saying, as uncommon sense did. Or, you could assume I’m a stupid idiot and proceeded to mock what you misunderstood.

        Thanks for making the world a better place, idiot. Maybe try thinking for five seconds instead of leaping to post dumbass “gotcha” statements.

    • I caught a bit of a program on the msm this morning as I was out and about. The dems trying to bring full on venezuela to the US seems to have got folks attention and its worrying them.

      Let AOC, bernie, kamala and that lot keep talking. The Orange Wonder will get his second term.

      • hard to push socialism when Venezuela is staring you in the face….this was a prosperous country not so long ago…….

  14. The rise of crazy socialists and the hoards of invaders entering our country are my two biggest concerns.

  15. Lol @ Giffords’ quote. Mental illness not a problem but guns are? So your average person without a mental illness is going to go shoot up a school if they have a gun available? Sounds like someone is projecting her thought process that it’s normal to want to shoot people.

    It must be a complete coincidence that the guy that shot her was able to use the insanity defense due to paranoid schizophrenia!

  16. “Since 2013, there has been only one full calendar week — the week of January 5, 2014 — without a mass shooting.”

    I think I’ll just save the admins the trouble here and self-FLAME DELETED my response to that “fact.” 🙂

  17. While it’s nice that the largest number indicates that most people seem to think the government is generally incompetent I would point out a couple things here.

    First, you’ll note that guns don’t come up at all. Less than 2% considered gun rights the major issue. In fact, there isn’t any mention anywhere in this list of “rights” or similar. In other words less than 2% consider any of their rights the major issue. That tells you where we all stand.

    Second, these days it really doesn’t take much to swing an election. A few million people. This country has 235,480,000 eligible voters as of last year. 57% voted. That’s 134,223,600. With numbers like that it only takes 2-3% of 134 million to swing an election which means 1-2% of eligible voters picking a side is the difference between a win and a loss.

    HRC “won” the popular vote by something like 3 million votes between NYC and LA. That’s 2.2% of the 2018 turnout or 1.3% of the overall voting age population. The electoral college worked as it was supposed to but given current demographic trends it’s entirely possible to add a few million votes for the next Democrat POTUS candidate and spread them around so that they do win the actual election.

    So, in reality the fact that they couldn’t find 2% of people in this survey who mention guns or violence doesn’t matter much in and of itself because they don’t really need 2% to think it’s a main issue. 5% who think it’s “a issue” could well be enough. This survey also matters less considering that the Democrat way of winning elections at this point is to cobble together a bunch of special interest groups. If each one brings 0.2% on gun control and 1% on something else that’s not on this list the Democrats still win and we still get gun control.

    This survey isn’t bad news, but it’s nothing to hang your hat on either.

  18. Be careful, this poll goes both ways. It also can mean that people by and far simply don’t care about guns in general, no matter which direction it goes.

    • Yup. Or, “the government/poor leadership” includes respondents who think that a lack of gun control is an indicator of poor leadership.

  19. 60% of gun deaths are suicides…not meeting the definition of “gun violence”
    look at the race and age and sex of the remaining offenders…
    oh wait…THAT would be racist…/s
    what ever happened to personal responsibility? blaming the gun, not the person…same as blaming the fork and spoon and food for obesity…

  20. and the 600,000+ abortions in the USA every year…how is that classified?
    I am pro2A and pro-choice…I am all for population control

    • Yes Leighton. I’m pro choice too. I wish the 2A groups would separate the two issues. One is self defense and the other is medical/philosophical/religious. You could say they’re both ok with killing. Sometimes you gotta pull the plug, sad as it may be.

      • I am pro freedom, which means pro 2A and pro choice. How about we leave other people’s decisions for those other people to make, instead of continuously (for the past 50 years) attempting to force our own (or other people’s!) choices upon them?

        • Except for one “choice” doesn’t allow another person to ever have a “choice.” The right to live trumps any other “choice.”

  21. So…there’s only been one week since Jan 2014 without a mass shooting? Wow, where have I been. I sure missed a lot of action! Too bad she doesn’t care about the murders/stabbings/child abuse in Chicago. Proof that they really don’t care. It’s all political.

  22. The true lack of understanding and facts in the twitter comments is sad. So many people have not even done basic research into the subject. It’s all about “BAN ALL THE THINGS!”

  23. A while back “Che”, a socialist/communist, disarmed the people of Venezuela. Go to Caracas and ask anybody on the street how that worked out for them…

  24. Gun control is a misnomer guns are inanimate objects.
    Gun violence is a misnomer guns are inanimate objects.
    Laws are for people control but they only control people who obey the laws.
    These fools need to have someone read and explained the Constitution to them.
    Pay particular attention to article 1 section 9 clause 3, article IV, article VI and the second amendment when it comes to “gun control”.

  25. Measles doesn’t appear to make the list…but we still have 18 bills in 10 states attacking people rights to refuse vaccines.

      • It may be for people catching the wild forms of these diseases, but its a myth for populated vaccinations. Any vaccine protection is temporary, and no vaccine is 100% effective. But you missed the point of the original post anyway.

  26. 50 times more Americans are murdered in the womb than outside of the womb every year.

    2 times more people die by accidental falls than by murder (outside the womb) every year.

    clearly we need abortion control and ladder confiscation.

  27. If it’s desired to eliminate or at least lessen mass shootings to a fraction of what’s been experienced in recent years there’s a simple solution: eliminate gun-free zones. The gun-free zone is little more than a magnet to mass killers. The actual purpose of the gun-free zone is to create public outrage over these type of mass shootings, not to save lives. Recall that the people who applaud the gun-free zone are the same people who applaud the killing of 65 million persons in the last 50 years as a right.

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