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Phil from OKC sends us his “Off Duty Pocket Dump” ensemble, via the fine folks at Everyday Carry.

So what does this 26-year-old U.S. Air Force Aircraft Mechanic carry in his pockets?  A lot of stuff, including a harmonica!

The OrbitKey keeps keys organized and supposedly from scratching other stuff in your pockets.  Add in a Zippo lighter, Zebra Pen and Helotex G2 tactical flashlight and he’s filling up those pockets with normal stuff.

Easily the most unusual item:  A Hohner Blues Band Harmonica (Key of G).  I bet you didn’t know you can easily spend $50 on a harmonica!  I’ll let you follow the link to see how.

He carries the awesome SIG P365 is a Tulster Sig P365 Holster IWB Profile Holster.  Yes, Amazon won’t sell those icky guns but they’ll be happy to sell you a Tulster holster.  $64.97 plus tax and shipping.

I have to say that Casio F91W-1 watch is the least pretentious watch I’ve ever seen here.

Oh, don’t miss the Kershaw Cryo II folder.





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  1. Pretty cool. Neat to see. And a pedestrian watch.

    I have never had good luck toting a mouth harp without a hard case.

    Always end up bending the side plates. I keep two in my truck.

      • Your right. That basically what folks who play on stage carry use.

        The folks who play lots of different keys of music wear a bandolier.

        Tacticool harmonica rifts……

        • The harmonica – The instrument that both sucks and blows as needed… 😉

      • Don’t be fooled- that harmonica is a weapon. I know- I’ve been an AFM member and professional musician for 45+ years. The only thing more dangerous than a harmonica is a banjo. Then, of course there are “the pipes”, but they don’t count as a musical instrument.

        Know the difference between a professional harmonica player and a box of Hamburger Helper?

        The Hamburger Helper can actually feed a family of 4…

        • The only instrument that needs to be registered is an accordion and there is 90 day cooling off period.

        • And that pretty damned funny.

          Of course I’m not a professional. I only play for beer.

  2. A tactical folder and a pocket knife my grandpa would have carried. Gotta love that. Only real experience I have with Sig is vintage P220. Still, the only DA/SA I can honestly say I ever liked.

  3. Good stuff. Tho not all of it goes in pockets, and for that matter the belt offers places to hold stuff and maximize pocket space.

    I’d say he’s a magazine short. I’d add a belt holster for the larger knife, and of course the missing spare magazine.

  4. Nice carry! Personally, I carry the Hohner Special 20; a good compromise between the cheap imports and pricey high-quality instruments. That said, I’ve given away quite a few Hohner Blues Band harps; they’re an affordable way for an aspiring player to get started.

  5. Is this our first Sig 365?
    That is a real innovation, a pocket pistol that holds 12 rounds.
    I expect we will be seeing a lot more of these


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