Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa
Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, appears before Boulder District Court Judge Thomas Mulvahill at the Boulder County Justice Center in Boulder, Colo. on Thursday, March 25, 2021. Three days after he was led away in handcuffs from a Boulder supermarket where 10 people were fatally shot, Alissa appeared in court for the first time and his defense lawyer asked for a mental health assessment "to address his mental illness." (Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via AP, Pool)
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Remember all of the almost immediate cries of shock and horror that followed news of the shooting in a Boulder, Colorado supermarket on Monday? It wasn’t because of the bloodshed. It was because the city’s illegal “assault weapons” ban law had been struck down only days before Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa walked into a Boulder King Soopers store and murdered 10 people.

If only that entirely reasonable piece of common sense gun control had still been in place, this never would have happened!

That was the claim made by the willfully ignorant Subaru-driving, double-mask wearing Twitterati who couldn’t wait to point the finger of blame at the Second Amendment, the NRA, white supremacy, the patriarchy…take your pick.

TTAG readers, on the other hand, understood that no matter what laws were on the books, nothing would have stopped Alissa from killing people if that’s what he was determined to do.

Now, investigators have let it be known that Alissa, who was previously known to the FBI, bought the firearm he used legally, after passing the requisite background check, at a gun store not far from his home in nearby Arvada, Colorado.

In other words, even if Boulder’s state preemption law-defying “assault weapons” ban had still been on the books Monday, Alissa would have been easily able to buy the gun just as he had and bring it into Boulder in order to commit murder. Literally nothing about the city’s law would have stopped the killer from driving the AR pistol into the city in order to kill innocent people that day.

On a related note, the city of Boulder still has a law on the books outlawing murder, yet Alissa ignored that one, too.

Here’s the Associated Press’s report . . .

The suspect in the Colorado supermarket shootings bought a firearm at a local gun store after passing a background check, and he also had a second weapon with him that he didn’t use in the attack that killed 10 people this week, authorities and the gun store owner said Friday.

Investigators are working to determine the motive for the shooting, but they don’t know yet why the suspect chose the store in Boulder or what led him to carry out the rampage, Police Chief Maris Herold said at a news conference.

“Like the rest of the community, we too want to know why — why that King Soopers, why Boulder, why Monday,” Herold said. “Unfortunately, at this time, we still don’t have those answers.”

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty said the quick response by officers kept others inside the store out of danger, but he declined to say how many people were there.

Investigators have an idea of how many shots were fired in the gunbattle between officers and the suspect, but aren’t revealing it yet, Dougherty said. The officer who was the first on scene was killed.

“Their actions saved other civilians from being killed,” Dougherty said about the officers. “They charged into the store and immediately faced a very significant amount of gunfire from the shooter, who at first they were unable to locate.”

More charges will be filed against the suspect, 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, in the coming weeks in connection with the shots fired at officers, Dougherty said.

John Mark Eagleton, owner of Eagles Nest Armory in the Denver suburb of Arvada, said in a statement that his store was cooperating with authorities as they investigate. The suspect passed a background check conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation before purchasing a gun, Eagleton said.

Authorities previously said Alissa purchased a AR-15-style gun on on March 16, six days before using it in the shooting. The other weapon the attacker had was a 9 mm handgun.

“We are absolutely shocked by what happened and our hearts are broken for the victims and families that are left behind. Ensuring every sale that occurs at our shop is lawful, has always been and will always remain the highest priority for our business,” Eagleton said in the statement.

Alissa was convicted in 2018 of misdemeanor assault after he knocked a fellow high school student to the floor, climbed on top of him and punched him in the head several times, according to police documents. He was sentenced to probation and community service.

Colorado has a universal background check law covering almost all gun sales, but misdemeanor convictions generally do not prevent people from purchasing weapons. If Alissa had been convicted of a felony, his gun purchase would have been prohibited under federal law.

An arrest affidavit said Alissa bought a Ruger AR-556 pistol, which resembles an AR-15 rifle with a slightly shorter stock.

Alissa, who lived in Arvada, was born in Syria in 1999, came to the U.S. as a toddler and later became a U.S. citizen, according to two law enforcement officials. He would need to be a citizen to buy a gun. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Dougherty, the district attorney, said Friday that the FBI and other agencies were looking into the background of Alissa and the victims and didn’t yet have information to share.

The AR-15-style gun was recovered inside the supermarket and is believed to have been used in the attack, said a law enforcement official briefed on the shooting who was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Alissa made his first court appearance Thursday, where his public defender asked for the mental health evaluation but provided no details about Alissa’s mental health. He is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder over shots fired at a police officer who was not hurt.

Alissa entered court in a wheelchair, presumably because of a gunshot wound to the leg he got in the gunbattle with police. He was last seen handcuffed and being led out of the supermarket by police Monday. He had removed all clothing except his shorts before being taken into custody, and his leg was bloody.

A rifle, a green tactical vest and a handgun were recovered inside the store, according to the arrest affidavit.

Alissa was treated at a hospital before police transferred him to jail. He has since been moved to a jail outside Boulder County due to safety concerns stemming from threats made against him, county sheriff’s spokeswoman Carrie Haverfield said in a statement Friday.

Alissa is jailed without bail and has not entered a plea, which will come later. His next court hearing will not be scheduled for two to three months to allow his attorneys to evaluate his mental state and evidence collected by investigators.

Officer Eric Talley’s funeral has been scheduled for Tuesday in the city of Lafayette. Talley, 51, who joined the Police Department in 2010, had seven children.

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  1. Excuse me, what do Subaru’s have to do with anything? I had one back in 1978, my older brother had one in 1973, and I have a 2016 model now. Neither of us are anti-gun, or anti-2nd. Quite the opposite actually. And I know many folks that drive those incredibly awesome vehicles that are of similar mind set. You’re just as faulty as the media . . . sad . . .

    • @Dan Subaru’s are called Lezbarues for good reason….large percentage of Liberal puss-hat wearing Lez prefer them for some reason, mostly in the North West. Its just a car.

      • Settle down Francis, Subaru’s are one of the preferred methods of transportation for the typical liberal douchebag. It’s right up there with the Prius. As someone who personally enjoys performance vehicles, Subaru makes some legit cars. However, it doesn’t change the fact yuppies hippies and liberals like them.

      • A Subaru wagon was my preferred method for hauling myself and my guns to and from the range.

        • Same here. Your “liberals” would have a fit if they saw what was in my car most weekends.

        • As of a couple days ago, same here.

          What a stupid article. Not only do they assume this is a win for gun owners, like the fact that he legally obtained it helps us… But they throw good quality vehicles under the bus too?

          I mean… All those Karen’s and their 4 door jeeps were right out in the open, and they picked subaru? Lol.

        • Ha, another gun toting Life NRA member Subaru owner here . Last pole I saw 27% were conservatives, 25% independents, 46% Democrats .

          Great cars even better camouflage apparently.

      • Actually Subaru has two very distinct buyers.

        Rex drivers (WRX, STi, LGT and BRZ) are very much the polar opposites of the granola munching, latte drinking, kale eating, safe space hiding, triple mask wearing, virtue signaling, anti-freedom leftist fascist.

        Any car-guy knows that.

        • Some pos Gun Control twit calls firearm owners supremacists, etc. That’s all while that pos totes around a sick agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide. Typical dirty diaper marxist democRat twit…blaming innocent people for what he/she/it is guilty of.

      • Haven’t heard them called that anywhere, till you said, and hadn’t heard about the Lesbians liking them till I moved to the Pac NW; so it must be a regional thing. I do know a couple women as such, that do drive Subaru’s, and they also pack heat. So, still no dice on anti-2nd owners being a bunch of Subaru owners.

    • Especially interesting choosing to denigrate people because of vehicle choice or personal protective equipment choice when in a previous article we are told we must bring non traditional gun buyers into the fold.

    • I almost purchased an Outback back in the days when Paul Hogan was trying to get you to buy one.

    • I think of Subaru owners the same way I think of Volkswagen owners, SUCKS TO BE YOU.
      Have fun paying for a head-gasket jobs and fairly poor fuel economy.

      • Head gasket issue was fixed years ago and I get 33 mpg Highway , but gas is such a small expense , I don’t really even think about it .

        I’ve never leased or made payments either ,cars are cheap .

        • “*Laughs in WRX and STI*”

          Preach it.

          My nephew has WRXs (2, a late 1990s and a 2019), and let me drive his the last time he was down.

          Clawing through a corner with turbo in full song was one helluva rush. The suspension on his was mildly set up, and it behaved a lot like the suspension I put on my ’89 Civic Si – Eibach stiffer springs and Tokiko 5-way adjustable shocks. A delightfully ‘tight’ feeling, and cornered nice and flat.

          One fun car to dive into corners with… 😉

      • I don’t know about the car needing a head gasket, but is seems some people need them. Poor fuel economy? Better than many other similar vehicles that are less capable, and less comfortable.

        • Very common issue with them. A head gasket job runs $1,000 and more. The affected models are the Subaru Forester from 1999-2010, Impreza from 1999 to 2011, Outback from 2000-2011, Legacy from 2000-2009, and Baja from 2003-2005.

        • Head gasket for $1000? Sounds like a deal! My 2002 Toyota Tacoma, I was told, “needed” a valve cover gasket replaced, although it never left spots of oil on my sparkly concrete driveway or registered less than “full” between changes, sounded like BS to me so I got another shop to check the truck and they came up with the same problem, so I had it replaced. Both shops even came up with the same price for the job, *$600*!! For a valve cover gasket! I remember 40 years ago buying a valve cover gasket for less than $5 and installing it with a screwdriver in 10 minutes. A head gasket is at least a real job! You know, torque wrenches and everything!

    • I don’t think the make of car you own/drive necessarily defines you. I don’t have the luxury to pick among a broad selection of manufacturers and models as I have been on a tight budget for quite some time now. I just look for value hen I need t purchase a car, depending on what I can find, whether it’s a Ford, Subaru, Nissan or Chevy doesn’t make a huge difference. I’ve seen Jeep Wranglers and pick up trucks with leftist bumper stickers, including anti 2A propaganda.

    • I drive a Subaru outback and I take it way out into the Corbett wildlife management area to go target shooting. Carries a ton of targets and ammo, and gets me back even through water and mud.
      Colorado has permit less open carry and shall issue concealed carry.
      So in any other city in Colorado a large proportion of the population would’ve had a gun with them and would have shot back at him.
      Boulder is a very leftist city as shown by its’ attempt to pass a ban on AR15 rifles.
      The shooter could count on no one in the Boulder store being armed.

    • Depends on their visa and what country they’re from, Brazilian on student visa is a prohibited person, as best I can tell (as with most federal gun laws, ATF website does make it easy to find answers for those who are trying to comply with the law).

      • Permanent resident aliens can possess firearms and hold concealed carry permits. A non-citizen can if he obtains a hunting license. By itself, a student visa isn’t sufficient.

  2. What about Colorado’s “red flag” law? If the family was so concerned about his mental health, why didn’t they file a protection order? I’ll tell you why. The shooter is not mentally ill. He hated Americans and wanted to kill them. That’s the motive. He was even being watched by the Federal Bumblers and Idiots, yet, nothing.

    You’d think some of TPTB wanted this to happen.

    • Because that would stigmatize their son and bring shame to the family. It could also cause problems with future employment and housing.

      • And aren’t Leftist scum the ones harping loudly on how the mentally-ill are no more dangerous than anyone else?

        That argument was used to close the psychiatric institutions where we warehoused such people in the past.

        Re-opening them would be a dangerous mistake. Leftists will weaponize them and use them against us…

        • Damn, LarryinTX,

          I find myself agreeing with you on a lot of topics across various news stories.

          Were you, like me, also a U.S. Marine?

          Also a Texan, David

  3. Danny. Lighten up. He made a generalization from his experiences based on libs loving to drive Sub and wear two masks. You miss the greater point because you can’t see the joke and realize he is not talking about you….or maybe he is.

        • “We can post memes???”

          We apparently can no longer post YouTube links. The post simply disappears.

          Why is that, Dan Z?

      • Dan, now Miner thinks he is in the Mob. Making Threats

        Miner49er March 27, 2021 At 15:19
        Kake Miner, I understand why you are threatened by the exact text of these facts, they show that the Trump family made hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it from foreign governments, during their time in the White House. During the Trump administration, our government was for sale to the highest bidder. Just take Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, during her time she was rewarded with hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from her so-called ‘business interests, all while she supposedly held a full-time cabinet position working for the American people.

        And a word of caution about your personal situation, while I don’t have access to the code for this forum and can’t possibly ascertain your identity, I might point to a recent news article that should give you pause.

    • That canard bugs me too, because that’s (almost) all I’ve driven for the past 20 years. And lumping me in with the idiot Leftists is pretty darn close to fighting words in my book.

      Successfully driving an old 2 wheel drive version in a blizzard where the only other things on the road were huge 4WD trucks and snowmobiles is a big part of why I’m such a fan of them. And the newer 4WD drive models I’ve driven since then are even better. Of course, I prefer stick shift which most Leftists can’t handle. 😉

      Don’t rule out great cars just because they’re so good that even idiots like the Left can see how good they are.

      • I’ve driven (rented) Subarus in the past. They’re great cars. No question. They just have a reputation for being popular with a certain demographic that isn’t firearm friendly.

      • No one seems to be mentioning it, so I will. The main reason subarus have a “lefty” perception is that they were marketed to gays and lesbians before other auto manufacturers. They were also advertised heavily in LGB print and media. Look it up if you care, I’m not gay and I’m not going to “research” gay on the internet.

        The second reason is they are big sellers in the northeast and northwest where it snows. It just happens that these are both liberal infested areas.

        Subarus are not exclusively made for liberals, much as the second amendment is not just written for rednecks and hillbillies.

        • ” The main reason subarus have a “lefty” perception is that they were marketed to gays and lesbians before other auto manufacturers. They were also advertised heavily in LGB print and media. Look it up if you care, I’m not gay and I’m not going to “research” gay on the internet.”


          You seem to have researched it *somewhere* to speak with such authority…

          Just say’in… 🙂

        • It’s 2021, some men decide to become women, and vice versa. So I don’t know why you are so hesitant to admit you’re gay, what matters is that you like the Second Amendment we won’t judge you for the rest.

        • +1 for “it s mostly the marketing “..

          I used to work for an auto manufacturer & one of our marketing people put on a presentation about our customers- a significant portion of the buyers of one particular model were lesbians. The number was big, but not anything near a “majority” of buyers that was over-represented by lesbians.. something around 20% or so.. I haven’t seen Subaru’s actual numbers, but I’d bet something similar went on.

          The marketing was aimed at income/educational/lifestyle metrics,(“this car would be good for high income singles that value fitness and outdoor recreation “) but happened to also snag certain sexual predilections, mostly by accident.. at least with the manufacturer I worked for.

        • Sheeeze!!! And, I thought this forum was about guns and gun rights in the U.S.; not subarus, whatever the Hell that is.

      • Driving a 2-wheel-drive version *anywhere* makes you special, since the first 2-wheel-drive Subie *ever* is the BRZ. When I first met one in 1972 it had zero power, but it had 4 wheel drive.

        • You are very much in error, Sir. I worked for Subaru in the 1970s, and while every Subaru except the 360 was front-wheel drive, very few were 4WD. Subaru’s real introductory model to this country, in 1969, was the FF-1, an FWD sedan, a ‘real’ car in comparison to its little brother, the 360, which trickled in starting in 1968. The first 4WD wagons were introduced to the US in 1974 as 1975 models, although they were sold in Japan since 1972, and a few crept in as Grey Market imports. Interspersed with the rarer but coveted 4WDs were FWD 2-and-4-door sedans and an FWD version of the station wagon. The 4WD wagons came in such exciting colors as green, or beige, or white. Or green. Or beige.
          And now you know.

        • It was an ‘85 Legacy wagon. I’m not sure when it changed, but 4WD was definitely not a feature of every single Subaru built for quite some time.

  4. No matter what shooter mc shootie gets as punishment, Officer Eric Talley’s family now have a life sentence.

    ALSO, since the law would not have prevented him from getting the gun(s), that will prove to the anti’s that ALL guns must go.

  5. Just speculation but this particular King’s Super advertised it’s selection of Kosher food.

    Why did he drive 30 miles to this particular KS when he had one blocks away?

    • My guess is because Boulder is a liberal bastion and unlikely to have armed citizens to oppose him. The King Soopers is near the exit from Highway 36. Trying it in Colorado Springs will get you perforated.

  6. I posted before, I’ll post again. He was a jihadi executing infidels. He was promised 72 virgins in paradise. Any more stupid questions?

    • In complete agreement…I got censored on fakebook for stating this obvious FACT😕 Poor downtrodden moose-lamb. Like those pos Boston marathon bombers.

    • You can post it all you want, but without evidence, it’s about as persuasive as jumping to a conclusion of white supremacy.

      • Ya think? Then why is no evidence needed before the Faux President goes on TV to demand all Americans be disarmed in accordance with Common Sense?

  7. It seems the Liberals and the Left will excuss a mass murder as long as the shooter is the correct color. And I still say the shooter is a white man. A muslim white man. Not a christian white man and not a hebrew white man either.

    • “It seems the Liberals and the Left will excuss a mass murder as long as the shooter is the correct color.”

      Nailed it, and proven when cities burned recently…

  8. Here comes the ; he’s got a mental problem defense.
    You can say that about anyone doing such a thing.
    Just back him up against a wall & give him a taste of his own medicine. Better yet, let his victim’s relatives take care of his punishment, otherwise the state will be picking up the tab to keep him alive in prison for the next 15 or 20 yrs.
    then they’ll let him out of prison because every one that remembers what he did will be gone or won’t care, & that’s what the government bleeding hearts call Rehabilitation.

    • The Leftist idiots of Colorado abolished the death penalty so that means even if he dies in prison at 80YO he’ll only have served a lousy 6 years per life.

      When your county tries to move ever Leftward you end up with the stupidity of Norway where they have a maximum sentence of 21 years so the dude that killed 77 people at a youth day camp will serve 3 months per murder. Oh how very progressive.

    • I doubt they drive a Tesla Model S Plaid+. 1,020 hp, 0-60 in 2 seconds, 200 mph, 520 mile range, $140k price.

      • While those numbers are impressive (1,100 hp for the Plaid BTW) they come with many negatives.

        One is a Tesla often can not do a single lap without overheating and severely limiting power. (Also they are huge porkers, weight is an enemy)

        And Two, Tesla’s are Big Brothers wet dream.

        They belong to the owner as much as an I-Phone does.

        • And if you buy one second hand, you will find the extra features disabled because the license was only for the original owner.

        • “(Also they are huge porkers, weight is an enemy)”

          Not while cornering hard. Weight ups the adhesion of the tires…

  9. Lot of pro 2A folks I know drive Subaru’s, so FO with that crap, stay in your lane and report news keep your mealy-mouthed disgusting opinions to yourself.

  10. The Subaru is the new VW. Sensible people that do not require much out of a car are drawn to these. They are great in snow climate, they can have 4wd without being gas guzzling monsters. Nothing wrong with them at all.
    As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with people that don’t own firearms or want them around them, as long as they don’t work to take my rights away. There are many people that know their limitations and do not want the temptations of instant retribution at hand.

    I salute these people, they should not have firearms around them and they choose not to do so.

    • Any hard or sharp object can be used just as easily for instant retribution and are more readily at hand.

  11. POS jihadi joe is testing the waters for his other cell’s to see how it pans out. Best thing terrorists can hope for is disarming us, more soft targets. Stupid FBI, if he was “on their radar” he should have been flagged in NICS. Funny how they know all about these sicko’s but never intervene to prevent tragedies. He could have easily used a car, was it a four door black car with dual exhaust, ban it.

    • Not the FBI’s game, that would be Congress you’re thinking of, and they are liable to make you proud before long, even coming for *your* guns!

  12. So……that means more gun laws would work better or worse?? Can we assume these miraculous “red flag” laws werent used?

  13. Last time I checked, Federal Form 4473, question 21i should have disqualified him from a firearm purchase.
    He pled guilty and was convicted of asssult.
    Enforce the laws on the books before making new ones!

      • Like any of it makes a difference. Ones ability to purchase any firearm is only precluded by how bad you want it and how much you want to spend. An AK or Ar can be easily had off the street if you know who to get with. Handguns are even easier.. Hell even fully automatic can be found for the right price. Given the desire and a wad of cash I can go to Chiraq and get pretty much anything. Fortunately I don’t have the need or desire. Street guns pass back and forth in cities like Chiraq, St Louis and Denver as easily as a $20 hooker. How a Criminal gets a gun is irrelevant, because if they want one bad enough they’ll find a way. and then there’s this.
        Mass shootings dominate the gun debate but are less than 1% of firearm deaths | WSET

  14. First off: this is my go to website when I want unadulterated facts. Thank you Dan for everything you do.

    Also, keep stomping Scoobies, we all know even the WRX can get smoked by a Honda Civic.

    • > …even the WRX can get smoked by a Honda Civic.

      Straight-line only, make it a road course and AWD *shines*… 😉

  15. “I can’t believe they sensor us for our opinions on X. They’re always trying to cancel what we say.”

    “OmG mUh SuBaRu! Im so offended!”

      • I drive a Honda Fit so it’s not like I’m a car snob. I can’t believe how many people actually seem to have hurt feelings. It’s a bad look. I’d even drive a Subaru.

    • I’d much rather drive my Outback in the snow ( I live next to a Great Lake ,so it snows in feet ) then my Z71 Off road 4×4 pick up , but then I’m secure in my manhood .

  16. What a naïve and stupid article.

    Dan, you think this helps gun owners? They don’t care where or how he got it. He got it. That’s what matters to them. Until that ability is taken away from citizens, they will fight. I can overlook the Subaru comments, even though it was stupid and distasteful (the goal is to not be like the ones you criticize there, genius), but I can’t overlook the fact that you think using a legally obtained firearm helps anyone elses cause except the leftists. It’s more reason for them to push the narrative.

    What point were you even trying to make with this article? We already know both sides jump to conclusions in the media, and on social media. So we already knew it didn’t matter what weapon was used. What do you think there next move will be? It’s already been discussed at the presidential level. Executive action. At this point, nothing help. TTAG gets worse with every article you write. People like you won’t do what is necessary, you just report a bunch of attention grabbers to the naïve who think their court wins, their votes, or their strongly worded letters will change anything. You might as well be in marketing.

    • The point of the article is that gun grabbers are claiming that the murderer was able to buy the gun because an anti-gun law was overturned. But his purchase would not have been affected by that law because he bought it outside it’s jurisdiction. Thus, the gun grabbers are lying (as usual).

    • TTAG publishes articles written by people such as yourself. Walking into someone’s living room, putting your feet on the table and then trashing the cuisine is incredibly rude in the opinion of most. Don’t like the food? Get in the kitchen and cook! (or go home) You didn’t pay to be here.

  17. I guess those white victims learned about their supremacy huh. A leftist type rabid radical muzzie kills white people… you’d think hiden and all his demonrat cronies would be praising this murderer (some probably are behind closed doors).

  18. Hardly shocking, I kinda assumed it would be Arvada even before I heard that on the radio early this morning.

    Just makes sense. He lived there and Arvada has a bunch of pretty good gun stores.


  20. Subarus are okay, I guess, even though I would never drive one.
    They are similar to VWs in this respect: both cars seem to be favorites of the LBTGQWXYZKLMNOP groups of mentally and sexually deficient deviants.

    As far as the mooslem killer, we ALL know why these white people were killed. It is simply part of the continuing holy war started by a pedophile and sodomite sometime in 800 AD….As they like to say in those parts: aloha snackbar…..

    And why does everyone seem to be obsessing about form 4473? It is totally illegal under the “…shall not be infringed” clause of the Bill of Rights, and is therefore banned by the US Constitution.

    • Are you talking about the religion of this sex abuser?

      “A Vatican investigation into ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has found that a series of bishops, cardinals and popes downplayed or dismissed reports that he slept with seminarians, and determined that Pope Francis merely continued his predecessors’ naive handling of the predator until a former altar boy alleged abuse.“

  21. In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself
    by passing laws about the means employed.”
    A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.

  22. One question I had was about the magazines he used. CO has a 15 round maximum round count for magazines. There are limits to that but probably none applicable. Haven’t seen any 15 round AR magazines around, so expect that the shooter could probably legally owned those stubby 10 round magazines you see around.

    I ran into this buying a G17. After enactment of the 15 round magazine law, medium and large chains continued to carry the rest of the Glock product line, but no longer carried the 17 round 9mm G17. I bought it from a small gun store that sold the gun to me with the three 17 round magazines disassembled.

  23. He was mentally disturbed.
    He had a plan to kill.
    He bought his gunm legally.
    He carried out his plan.
    So what’s that tell us?
    The disarmament crew hears this.
    He bought a gunm legally, gunm laws dont work, the only solution is to make all gunms illegal. That’s the way they think, they do not care about the times a gunm was used to stop a violent act, they only care about the times a gunm was used For a violent act.
    The disarmament crew have such a twisted sense of reality that if they were accosted by a gunm toting assailant and I prevented it with a gunm, they would scream for gunm control because the assailant had a gunm.
    How can these people have these gunms?
    Well theres a Constitutional Bill of Rights that declares they can be armed.
    Well we’ve got to do something about that, the Constitution needs changed.

    That’s how it is.

    • The Constitution has been available for change for hundreds of years, they could never manage it. SO much easier to simply ignore it.

  24. Aha haha. So funny watching people getting bent out of shape over a Subaru dig. In the last big snowstorm I passed an AWD Subaru stuck in the drifts. Ground clearance matters boys and it don’t matter what it is, everything can get stuck if you don’t use your brain. And yes Dan’s characterization is spot on. Go drive around Boulder to see that truth.

  25. Does Brian Tyler Cohen really drive a Subaru?
    As a mechanical engineer I have to say that Subarus are excellent vehicles; especially after Toyota started to help them out with engineering. Great cars. But yeah, we need to bring Subaru owners into the 2A fold also. I mean, they already have outdoor capable AWD’s.
    Very safe cars also.
    I figure geography and demographics have a lot to do with the stereotyping. More liberals in northern areas with lots of seasonal snow. Subarus are the most capable affordable all around AWD vehicle. So, there’s your answer. It’s not liberals drive Subarus because they are libs. It’s a relationship between political demographic and snowy geography.
    I think the comments here make it clear however. Practical outdoors folks with guns find Subarus qualities appealing also. I’ve had Subarus for the last ten years. Best cars I’ve ever owned, with the best service also. STI is a great car, though getting a little too expensive these days for the power output. Cars should make at least 100HP for every $10K. 400HP please Subaru.

    And… I’m a firearms engineer, NRA instructor, and carry everywhere I can. Never voted for a Democrat.

  26. Besides logical fallacies regarding Subarus, I also Unfortunately often see TTAG writers make logical fallacies regarding gun control and cause/effect in mass shootings.
    Statement Paraphrased: No current legislation would have prevented the mass shooting.
    Commiecrat Answer: Then we need more gun control and confiscate all weapons of war.

    Better Comment: The definition of criminal is that of a person who commits crimes. Meaning: No Law will every stop criminals. Laws only restrict the law abiding. No matter what restrictions are put in place, evil people will find a way to kill others. Look at the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France or other terrorist bombings. Bad guys find a way.
    Conclusion: We need a greater stratification of good guys who are capable and armed to defend when bad guys attack. The laws and super market policies in question actually reduced the likelihood or prevented someone with the ability to stop the attack from being present where the attack occurred. The responsibility for the deaths first lays at the gunman’s feet, and second at the feet of those responsible for restrictive policies.

    People don’t like to see the military or guns for the most part. Why? Because it awakens them from their fantasy that the world is a safe place and they can feel safe in it.

    The world isn’t safe. We need to be armed personally just like the nation is armed.

    The good thing about knowing Jesus Christ is that you know where you are going if it’s your time.

    People whiteout God are terrified about dying, and also in denial we live in an unsafe world. Because Feelings ya know.

  27. The psychology of primates is peculiarly captivating. Paradoxical concurrency is simultaneously conceded… and unrecognized . What a fascinating dichotomy we epitomize.

    A firearm is a tool- it is an inanimate object that has no will, no motive, is incapable of autonomous action, has no intrinsic capability of being “good” or “bad”… it, in fact, cannot be ascribed any semblance of personification at all because it is nothing more than a mechanical implement materially incapable of self determination.

    Just like a Subaru.

    Oh how engrossed we primates are in our assumptions, our indictments, and our pitiable need for validation.

  28. why not a rifle he bought a pistol maybe thats all the gun shop had maybe he thought he would be in the shop or he just diont know guns or the pistol was cheeper

  29. How the hell did me get his hands on not just one gun, but a gun and an AR15 style rifle? I can’t get components to reload or factory ammo let alone another pistol or rifle!

  30. I thought this was gun website, not a car website. And even if there were no rifles at all of any type anywhere in the US, this guy could have caused as much damage with a single shot shotgun, or a good sword. He could have used a car. Oh, I get the connection now.

  31. “This never would have happened”
    Yes if Trump was still President. This never would have happend. Because this guy was afriad of President Trump. That is why he waited until AFTER Trump left office. Our enemies feared President Trump. Both outside and inside this country.

    No terrorists is afraid of the Biden administration. I fully expect more attacks to come. The never Trump Republicans and Libertarians are fools. Blinded by their own irrational minds.

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