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After racking up wins last month in the Tenth Circuit challenging Colorado “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine bans in four jurisdictions, the National Association for Gun Rights is taking its Bruen-powered show on the road. They filed suits today against similar gun control laws in five more jurisdictions in four federal Circuit Courts.

Here’s NAGR’s press release announcing the suits . . .

Today, The National Association for Gun Rights’ legal arm filed five lawsuits in four different federal appellate circuits to challenge multiple state and local “assault weapons” bans and standard-capacity magazine bans.

The cases were filed in First Circuit (Massachusetts), Second Circuit (Connecticut), Seventh Circuit (Highland Park and Naperville, Illinois), and the Ninth Circuit (Hawaii). Cases in the Tenth Circuit against the state of Colorado had previously been filed.

Local plaintiffs have been found in each state.

“States have been ignoring the Second Amendment and the Heller and McDonald decisions for far too long – and law-abiding gun owners are sick and tired of their unconstitutional antics which disarm millions of Americans,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “In light of the Bruen decision, and the success we’ve had in suing localities in Colorado for their gun grabs, we’re going after every Federal Circuit Court which has upheld egregious firearms bans. They must immediately overturn their ‘assault weapons’ and magazine bans– and our suits argue just that.”

NAGR National Association for Gun Rights Dudley Brown
Dudley Brown

These suits come as an extension of existing litigation by local Colorado affiliate Rocky Mountain Gun Owners against several municipal cases where judges have already granted Temporary Restraining Orders based on the Bruen decision preventing the enforcement of “assault weapons” and magazine ban ordinances.

“Our mission has always been to expand pro-gun precedents and defend gun owners,” said Hannah Hill, Research and Policy Director for the National Foundation for Gun Rights, the legal defense arm of the National Association for Gun Rights. “The brilliant decision from Justice Thomas this summer has provided us with the ammo to free millions of law-abiding Americans who have been unjustly denied their gun rights.”

If successful, the National Association for Gun Rights will push to overturn these unconstitutional gun control laws, and establish a national precedent permanently ending all similar bans on commonly owned firearms and magazines across the country

“We are simply asking for the courts to enforce the Supreme Court’s pro-gun Bruen ruling by re-evaluating and striking down each of these gun control laws under the new national standard which outlaws gun controls that are not consistent with the ‘text, history, tradition of the Second Amendment’ as required in the Bruen decision,” concluded Brown.

The National Association for Gun Rights is the nation’s largest “no compromise” pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members nationwide.

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  1. In military parlance there is no such thing as an ASSAULT WEAPON. any bloody weapon used in an assault bfills the description. It’s only a MARKETING TERM for Idiots who intheir dreams probably dream of repelling invading hordes of COMMIES, LEFTIES, LIBERALS, DEMOCRITICS,The UNDEAD, ORCS or the BRITS judging by HOLLYWOODS insistance that every bloody screen baddy has an ENGLISH accent -even LUCIFER. I cannot see anybody coming to get except the BRITS!

      • sir albert of nuttingham…There are people who should not touch firearms and there are people who should not write about firearms. By your utterly ridiculous bad assumption you fell hard into both categories.

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    • Prince among kings Albert. ASSAULT WEAPON is a deliberately vague term to suggest a military assault rifle capable of full-automatic fire. Gun banners tried “assault rifle” but this has a formal definition that includes being capable of full-automatic and/or burst fire. The gun banners tried “assault gun” but this also has a formal definition of a track armoured vehicle with a hull mounted canon for infantry support and/or tank destroying. So the deliberately vague term ASSAULT WEAPON was created. No formal definition is deliberate. It allows the meaning to change over time.

      Nice to see your eyes are opening.

      • I can’t believe that was the “real Albert”. The grammar and spelling are far too good…

        As with the fake Dacian postings, the constant scamming and trolling around TTAG is getting tiresome. I’d rather those of us who vehemently disagree with the trolls just let them continue to spread their BS in the open, if only to cause the rest of us to look inwardly at our own beliefs and convictions. Fake postings are truly a ploy of the woke and communist Left, and two or more wrongs rarely ever make a right.

    • Man, you are still so sore about that little tiff in 1776. You need to get over it. We have guns. We’re keeping them. We will use them on anyone who tries to take them or limit what we can own or carry. Just like we did with your subject a$$es.

      • Tee reads, “I’m 1776% sure, no one is taking my guns.”
        Also, “This is the government our Founding Fathers warned about.”I wish it would have added the tag line…..”and, for which they penned the Second Amendment.”

    • You hit the nail on the head Albert. I enjoyed your post as it was accurate and to the point and had a lot of humor in it as well.

      • Prince Albert the Ponce hit you on the head?? BAD Prince Albert, don’t hit dacian the demented on the head, he’s already a retard, he can’t afford to lose IQ points he doesn’t have.

        And no, you idiot Leftist/fascist, Prince Albert wasn’t even SLIGHTLY humorous, his “point” was neither accurate nor relevant to the subject of the article, and you are a demented, uneducated, ignorant, lamebrain of a pathetic troll. Perhaps you should hie thyself off along with Prince Albert, and fornicate thyself, too. Probably be a welcome change from your usual daily circle jerk. Or, you could just go expire in an excavation. Either way gets your stupid @$$ out of our hair.

    • Prince Albert (in a can) the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military wanking poofter of a subject,

      That “comment” was even more stupid than your usual rants. No, we don’t fear “the Brits” coming to get us . . . the Brits can’t even find their own arses with both hands, a map, and a flashlight. And thanks for addressing the actual SUBSTANCE of the article, you brainless, gormless, d***less, Fake-Limey tw@t. You deserve every bit of the scorn we heap upon your lying, brainless “comments”. Hie thyself off and fornicate thyself.

    • Naw I got an assault gun. It was leaning against the wall in the closet. I bumped it when moving cloths around and it jumped to the floor and smashed my big toe. There was blood everywhere! That damn Remington sendaro! If it wasn’t an assault then it must have at least been a battery gun.

    • what the Hall? Your base ignorance, most ikley wilful and deliberate, is showing more than just its skirts.
      The firearms industry has NEVER promoted these firearms under the term “assault weapon” because we all KNOW it is a false construct invented by the gun grabbers to instill fear and loathing in the hearts of the ignorant and emotioinal public, such as your own sorry self.

      Keep yer Limey laws and ideas over on the right side the puddle and leave we who live here to deal with these things.

      Go and read the account in Genesis where Cain rose up and murdered his brother Abel. Note well the very complete description of the ‘assault ___________” Cain utilised in this crime.

      If you can’t figure the rest out on your own, you really DO need to go holiday at Baths for a few years. Might lower your blood pressure a tick or two. And may also restore some semblance of relevance to your comments. WE live here, YOU don’t.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      In a way, today its still the Brits. The democrats are acting like the Brits did which led to the Revolutionary War. The Brits of the colonial period abused their power to command subservience to the crown and to keep the colonists servile and to do so tried to disarm the populace in terms of political power, freedoms, property, and then later arms by early 1775 when the British began a de facto policy of disarming the colonists when they realized they had gone too far and the populace would stand no more.

      All the democrats are doing now is eerily similar in a lot of aspects to what the colonial British occupiers did. A ‘monarch’ seeking to curtail rights (we call our ‘monarch’ ‘president Biden), threatening and imposing unreasonable taxation, ‘banning’ of arms (the British had a defacto ban and tried to shut down individual firearms manufacture in many cases and forbid arms shipments to the colonies by 1775), Bidens ‘private army’ ATF escalating matters to potential ‘armed conflict’ against innocent Americans with their thugs showing up without warrant and bullying and threatening (the British escalated matters resulting in, for example, the Boston Massacre in 1770 and searching homes and people as they wished). There are many more parallels. The British through their empire building history have been the worlds greatest mass murderers all in the name of the crown.

  2. …”several municipal cases where judges have already granted Temporary Restraining Orders…”

    I’m not sure I’d call a TRO much of a win. There will be appeals by the govt and it’ll be back to court where the next level might toss it. Even if the next appeal wins, there will be yet other appeals by the State, where, well…

    Even in the case of Bruen, which appears to be an actual “win”, the next step in the original jurisdiction has had to be yet another suit filed by NYSRPA last week to try to force enforcement of the Bruen decision. NYS, NYC and other states and municipalities are not going to acquiesce power, and worse yet, there is absolutely no federal agency at this time that will enforce it.

    This current wave of lawsuit filings is yet another bottom feeder ploy to enrich the legal eagles at the expense of firearms owners. So, we end up with “good results” in places like IA and SD, where things are already well with Constitutional liberty protections; no affect in the deep blue states because there is no forced compliance.

    The only sure answer is to rid the entire nation of the ruling class tyrants at the ballot box. Remove, once and for all, or at least for a generation, those who continually seek to usurp our rights and liberties and force us to live as they decide we should.

    Lawsuits make some feel we are being affective, but in reality, the results only make most of us more poor, financially, and ring hollow in the jurisdictions that really need the restoration of rights. Claiming a win is also a great fundraising/membership ploy as well. NAGR’s claim of 4.5 million members? I’d like to see their membership roles…

    (JEEZE! Sorry to trigger the need for “moderation”. Perhaps I should include a scam to “make money”. Or not “denigrate” bottom feeders.)

    • See comment below about brief length.

      No, the TRO victories in Colorado are not a final product, and yes, there are a lot of steps left.

      However, if you read the judge’s ruling on the TRO filing, you’ll find they tip their hats.

      Your cynicism is born out of 50 years of the institutional gun lobby milking you for donations. Yeah, I get it.

    • Craig,

      That’s kinda the way they have to do it. A permanent injunction requires a showing of “imminent harm” if the law/action is not enjoined. If you apply for an injunction, requesting the TRO is an immediate step as part of the application, because . . . if the harm is imminent, you need one. If you don’t ask for one, is the harm really “imminent”??

      Lawyer games, but GETTING a TRO usually requires that the court agree that the harm is real, imminent, deserving of protection, and that the permanent injunction is more likely than not to be granted. Getting a TRO isn’t a “final” win, but it IS a big win. The case remains pending until the hearing on the permanent injunction. That hasn’t happened yet.

    • “NAGR’s claim of 4.5 million members? I’d like to see their membership roles…”

      If NAGR can validate the membership, we have an interesting development.

      NRA boasts 5+ million members, but isn’t solely focused on fighting gun control. NAGR could, could spread their footprint to include training, and safety, and buy the NRA, should NRA go out of business.

      One thing under all this….NRA is not the leading litigator in the majority of these suits against gun control. Rather than fund NRA, donate to the organization (NRA-affiliated or not) actually filing the law suits. The “overhead” expenses are most likely to be quite a bit less than NRA, or other “big” organization. Thus, if NAGR, GOA, SAF(ect.) are associated with a law suit, donate to the entity actually filing suit. For instance, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYPSA), rather than NRA. Fund the actual attorneys.

      • The NRA jumps on the tail end of the lawsuits and then tries to take credit for the wins!!!

        With Compromiser Wayne in charge NRA will not see a dime from me..I dropped my NRA membership in the 90’s, Wayne “traitor” Lapierre stated that the NRA supported “COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL”!!!!

  3. Oh those dastardly mean looking guns… They still ARE NOT “assault weapons”. Everybody needs to start using the proper terminology here. Calling something an assault weapon just does not make it so. So stop it.

        • Should we trust pretend moderate Manchin not to vote for it? I think his career in WV politics is over. He screwed them good. He’ll leave the senate and make millions as a consultant.

      • It’s a new Congress. The House will need to pass it again, and hopefully the Repubs will be the majority.

        • It is not a New Congress until January!!!

          I expect the Establishment Republicats that lost, will join the Democats to punish their constituents who voted against them!!!

  4. Concerning Bruen, I’ve not heard of any recent legal actions from the NRA so I’m curious as to why they haven’t been filing suits as well. They do have a legal arm as well don’t they?

    • The NRA just filed a 90+ page complaint in Delaware. Yes, that’s a lot of cheddar for the attorneys. Talk about gilding the lily.

      Our (NAGR’s) filings are less than 10 pages. Under Bruen, THEY have the burden of proof that the infringement fits within the historical and traditional context.

      • “Under Bruen, THEY have the burden of proof that the infringement fits within the historical and traditional context.”

        That being the case, what’s holding up other challenges, I wonder?

        The NYSERPA v. ‘Bruen’ decision clearly blows the barn doors wide-assed open for such challenges to be entertained…

        • Getting the writing correct on the first go to avoid mistakes that could allow bad precedent keeping us with nonsense laws longer. One of the challenges here got dropped likely for this reason along with realizing duplicate complaints at higher levels are further along. Or basically it’s a confused mess trying to figure out where to stab first.

        • “Getting the writing correct on the first go to avoid mistakes that could allow bad precedent keeping us with nonsense laws longer.”

          Unfortunately, a good point. I’d rather it be done right… 🙁

        • Some things are going to move faster now that some of the laws are being noticed after the holiday by the larger majority that ignored the issues and is now inconvenienced and/or unable to buy what they want. Hochul sold her version of safety but it doesn’t match reality…… especially when you need a license for a 10/22.

    • Frankly, with their recent issues and “successes”, their inability to get rid of Wayne the Thief, and their tendency to sell out their members, their absence would be no loss. The NRA should return to what it actually used to do pretty well – firearm and firearm safety training and education. They were pretty good at that. They suck out loud as lobbyists OR litigants.

      • May happen anyway as they are forced to adapt to a new status quo still being fought to determine.

      • NRA never abandoned their primary and founding mission of training, marksmanship, competition, and the safety programs which go hand and hand with them. And that’s likely one of the things that sticks in a lot of craws- it continues to press programs that do so and does not throw them all under the bus for legislative and legal funding.

        As I’ve done before, some need to be reminded that their “issues” should then be with NRA ILA, which was formed not in 1871, but in 1975, to attempt to restore things lost over nearly 200 years; through lobbying, retention of friends in office and pressing new candidates to run to replace the bad.

        Truly, had firearms safety programs alone not removed accidents almost entirely from the radar of the American public, we’d have never gotten to the point we are now with concealed, open and outright permitless/“Constitutional” carry. Why does anyone believe a major ploy of the Left is to press for “firearms safety” legislation when intelligent people know that the real crime and violence problems are caused by actual criminals, current and future, being encouraged on by an absent and permissive law enforcement and judicial system in many major urban cesspools?

        Lawsuits will not stop this. Only the total and summary replacement of these social engineers and their advocates, along with a return to the 4000 year old principals of civilization will restore order. So far, no civilization has been able to return from the brink. Quite a challenge.

  5. Highland Park and Naperville.

    To the “leaders” of those cities: HA HA HA.

    Ha ha ha. LMAO.

    Toldja, you were gonna get sued.


    • Yep, but the Kens and Karens their wanted to make a “statement” about their community. Now time to get out their checkbooks and face the music.

      • Sadly and wrongly, “they” who wanted to “make a statement” will be getting out the checkbooks of their constituents who will be forced to first supply then carry the water these corruptocrats are pouring out in large quantities.
        What, we worry? It ain’t OUR biscuits we’re throwing to the lawyer birds!!”

  6. Always hated “high capacity magazine” terminology. Like nooo, that’s what the gun came with and was designed for. It’s standard! 30 round mag is a standardized mag for AR15. Or 17 rounds for Glocks and Berettas. Or 13 rounds for a Hellcat.

  7. “Your cynicism is born out of 50 years of the institutional gun lobby milking you for donations. Yeah, I get it.”

    Damn, if that isn’t 100% accurate.

  8. I always find it amusing that the Left ignores the fact that over 1 million plus people a month file NICS applications for a firearm. Everytime they go on an antigun rampage and promote defunding the police and allow more illegals into the Country, American Citizens buy firearms. So they hire 87,000 IRS agents and arm them with military grade equipment and then another few million people run out and buy firearms. Then they put all these schemes in place to make things they already approved as legal, illegal and threaten to take them away. They don’t even have enough people to do the job who are going to risk being shot trying to do it.

      • They’re on an authoritarian trajectory. So Trump won in ’16 and it looks like they’ll lose the House now. Big deal. Look how they hampered the Trump Admin by using the bureaucracy and the media. They’ll be going all out in 24. I imagine they’ll try to throw Trump in jail.

        What is their priority while in power other than printing money as fast as possible? Bulking up the bureaucracy. I can’t believe doubling the size of the IRS is getting so little press. Literally no one was calling for that. So why did they do it? It’s about to get wild.

    • I think places like Highland Park & Naperville believe they are doing a favor to their feminized residents. They even believed the previous AR ban in HP meant something. Like the dims in Chiraq obviously NOT(murder was sky high in the 1970’s-1990’s). Slap ’em!

  9. I hope these guns Civil Rights attorneys bankrupt these cities and towns. Just like the ACLU has used the threat to bankrupt cities and towns. In order to get their way. Two can play at this game. $$$

  10. “The cases were filed in First Circuit (Massachusetts), Second Circuit (Connecticut), Seventh Circuit (Highland Park and Naperville, Illinois), and the Ninth Circuit (Hawaii). Cases in the Tenth Circuit against the state of Colorado had previously been filed.”

    When are they going to liberate New Jersey?
    We’re dying out here! Literally.

  11. I would have filed in Eastern District of Washington before filing in Hawaii if I wanted to set Ninth Circus precedent.

    Either that, or Southern District of Commiefornia and hope that Roger Benitez would get the case.

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