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A thorough gun review includes some formal accuracy testing. Unfortunately, I skipped that in the NAA Mini-Revolver review entirely. You see, my model Mini doesn’t really have a workable rear sight. Plenty accurate for minute-of-bad-guy out to about 10 yards, but nothing that can be lined up precisely and repeatedly to give any idea of how mechanically accurate the Mini actually is. Thankfully for us, North American Arms came to the rescue. They saw the review, told us that Minis are more accurate than most people would assume, and mailed me their laser sight to do some better testing . . .

I grabbed a bunch of .22 LR, measured out seven yards, and got to it. Five-shot groups for each:

  • Federal Target 40 grn:  3.8″
  • Blazer Bulk 40 grn:  1.4″
  • Aguila Sniper Subsonic (SSS) 60 grn:  2.6″
  • American Eagle 36 grn:  2.6″
  • CCI Stinger 32 grn:  2.56″
  • Winchester 333/555  36 grn:  0.74″
  • American Eagle Suppressor 45 grn:  2.21″
  • CCI Maxi-Mag 36 grn:  1.29″

That yielded an average group size of 2.15″. Not too shabby! I also patterned a couple of CCI Shotshells, which you can see in the video.









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  1. Love the etch a sketch thing, although unless there is a bad guy out of frame to the right I think the person should be smiling.

    • I think this is your opportunity to create an interesting back story for him. I had assumed he was sad about having to shoot a pigeon, but it was escaping with his car keys and he had no choice.

  2. I can easily get 3″ groups or better at 15 yds with my NAA Black Widow…no laser needed. They do have decent sights.

    Love me a NAA revolver though…they are novel as well as decently practical.

    • Yes, many of the NAA Mini models have real sights. Some even have adjustable target sights. Mine isn’t in either of those categories. …they also make much longer barrels, but my 1-1/8″ barrel is the shortest available…

    • The Black Widow is in another league (regarding shootability) over the mini-revolver. The Black Widow has real sights.

      With the mini-revolver, and a lot of practice, I was able to put together a 2″ group just using the sights on the gun. But it wasn’t easy! 🙂

    • I own one its pure novel. I mean it would totally suck getting shot by one but when the rounds bounce a oak board after leaving a half inch hole makes me think about its penetration.

      it it well built, better fit and finish than my SR40

    • Fits some but not all. My jeans with the smaller-than-“normal” 5th pocket wouldn’t fit it, but my jeans with a slighter wider-than-normal 5th pocket had no issue. Naturally, I don’t seem to own any pants with what I’d call a “normal” or standard 5th pocket. No idea why. It’s either small or wider than usual. My guess is that it would be a snug fit but you would just barely be able to jimmy it in there.

  3. Ironically, the target ammo was the least accurate. Huh. Just as nine mentioned above, at first I thought the laser was a mini sight, and thought that it was possibly the neatest firearms-related thing I’d ever seen, then after reading what it was, I downgraded it to one of the Top Ten Neatest Firearms doodads.

  4. Wow, I have to say that’s better than expected. Off-hand, I can get reasonable enough accuracy at about 7-10 yards (max) with my Pug, which has the XS Big Dot sights. Took me some practice to get used to the trigger and the POI. I feel comfortable enough now with it at spitting distance to defend my life, if need be, and couldn’t carry my primary. The ballistics test STB410 did confirmed my thoughts that this is just about the absolute bare minimum to defend yourself in a pinch, up real close… There are times for me when it’s this or nothing. My take is that the Pug is just about the smallest gun available with any practical purpose. Coupled with my Gerber Curve, you have just the barest minimum kit in the absolutely smallest package possible. Thanks for the accuracy review, JS.

    • It uses set screws to adjust for windage and elevation. I did not readjust for each ammo type. I just got it hitting approximately close to a red dot I drew on a test target with one of the bulk ammos and then proceeded with the accuracy testing. If you wanted to sight it in for a specific ammo brand, you could definitely get those groups centering right around the dot consistently.

    • No. It’s adjustable. Looks like we both posted our last responses at the same time…

      But, you can see the windage set screw in this picture and the elevation set screw is on the top. Turning those moves the laser around inside of the housing.

  5. I have three of these little pip squeaks. Love ’em all. My favorite is the “Earl”, which is a bit bigger, and has a 3″ or 4″ barrel. They make a “sheriff’s model that has a 2.5” barrel.
    Don’t knock these things until you have tried them. Up close, with correct bullet placement , they can be deadly, and as I have mentioned before, if the bullet doesn’t get you, The report and muzzle flash will scare the crap out of you!

  6. Certainly is not my thing, I might drop it, then what, maybe hard to find in a hurry.

  7. It is not true that the NAA revolver doesn’t have a workable rear sight.

    This little gun just takes a lot of practice to be good with because the grip is so awkward.

  8. Mine keyholes every other shot. It’been back twice and still sucks so I stuck it in a safe . my heirs can figure what the heck to do with the pos.

  9. Mine keyholes every other shot. It’s been back twice and still does it so I stuck it in a safe . my heirs can figure what the heck to do with the pos.

  10. Great review! Just aquired the 22 mag to go with my 22 LR which I love. 22 mag different firearm because of slightly bigger dimensions. Much more useable overall besides ballisticaly. Won’t fit in 5th pocket but IWB from NAA is perfect. I now carry both! LR goes in pocket as back up for Mag since a fast reload won’t happen. Holster didn’t really work out for me. Just ordered neck holster for LR. (Horizontal carry). Ought to be good combo when light carry is in order for day. Both guns have been flawless in fit & function. Still mostly carry bigger gun but in the real world sometimes you just can’t. No reason to ever be unarmed with a NAA somewhere! Nice in the pocket when just hanging around house or campfire.

  11. I have shot thousands of rounds through mine. I had my brother by one for me when I was 15. I learned to shoot instinctively with it by hanging a can from a tree branch and slowly backing away while maintaining hits. This by just pointing, not trying to use the sights, which are way off anyway. I got pretty far back and replaced the can with a silver dollar. I practiced and practiced and learned how to hold it best and squeeze it off just right in a consistent manner. They are accurate. I took it with me quail hunting and shot a bird 30 feet up in the air. I also practiced shooting items I threw up in the air Bob Mundin style. That’s what these little guns are capable of. That is with the 1 and 5/8 inch barrel. I’ve shot the shorter barrels and noticed a significant loss of accuracy. I also have a laser but did not use it long. You can only see it in dim conditions or very close up. Bottom line when it comes to accuracy, it is there, but it will take a tremendous amount of practice. These are very finely made revolvers. Not expensive either. There is no reason every conceal carry permit holder should not have one in their 5th pocket.

  12. I bought my 22LR about 40 years ago after the company was purchased from Rocky Mountain Arms and the guns were still being manufactured in Westbury, California. I’ve had it in storage for a while. After recently firing 50 rounds I noticed a two inch long deep black “bruise” on my trigger finger. I thought it was a bruise because it was still there a week later. As it happened I had an appointment with a dermatologist and while there discovered that it wasn’t a bruise, but rather a deeply penetrated stain from the old Bakelite grip. After 15 minutes of scrubbing with an abrasive Teflon scrubber the stain finally came off.

    While removing the grip the Bakelite crumbled in my hand. In the process of researching a new grip on the NAA website I came across a factory recall of the cylinder. Newer cylinders have a notch in between the rounds for the hammer to rest in, enabling the gun to be safely carried fully loaded.

    NAA has a lifetime warranty, The courteous gal that answered the phone at NAA understood the issues and said to ship the weapon back to them in Provo, Utah by FedEx or UPS (there are restrictions to using the USPS). I had to pay for shipping both ways, but she said that NAA would provide a new wooden grip, and replace the cylinder, springs, hammer, and even the barrel if needed, at no additional expense. She said that turn around usually takes 3 weeks.

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