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Peter Rodger, father of spree killer Elliot Rodger (courtesy ABC News)

TTAG reader LM writes:

So this page popped up on Google News today: Santa Barbara Shooter’s Father’s Open Letter: ‘We Have to Stop This’. The thing that totally pisses me off is ABC News’ opening paragraph, where they claim Elliot Rodger shot six people to death. He did not, as you know. He stabbed three people to death, shot three to death, and ran over one person that is still alive, IIRC. Plus the headline – why do they have to call him a “shooter?” Why not a “stabber” or a “spree killer?” Well, we know the answer to that . . .

ABC is clearly anti-gun, as they have demonstrated repeatedly. Now, they are putting bald-faced lies out there under the guise of “news.” I have emailed ABC & told them that as a result of their lies I will no longer watch their network, nor visit any of their web presences. Not that it will do any good, but I just have to try.

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  1. He could have had a flintlock pistol, at home, unloaded, broken, and been on the other side of the country hitting people with bricks.

    The gun would have killed them.

    • They could’ve died in a flooded nursing home in LA due to Katrina because Mayor Ray Nagen pulled the evac assisting National Guardsman so he could get an escort to get to his house to pull plastic-wrapped cash out of his freezer.

      They will back-date, and change the C.O.D.

      Kinda like SUVs.

      “Continuing very briefly with the idea of compulsory support mentioned above, and by
      quick example, that the possession and implementation of the use of arms by individuals in U.S.
      Societies, is the lone insurance in defending every other “right.” Consider that, “We the People” of the United States, support the use of the press, by the press. However, we do not (cannot long)
      support the use of ‘the press’ by the press for the press [20]..
      Too often the incarnations of ‘press’ (media) are required to generate media to retain the
      attention of an audience. To this end they, often, fail to recognize their foundation of silence as
      the mid-point rather than the base of their action. Polluted is the thought that reporting both sides of an argument always constitutes
      fairness, when one side would clearly never, otherwise, see the light of day; (because of its’
      previous rejection by societal agreement).
      Dangerous too, is the notion that the press needs to expose every idea not already in the
      mainstream as a channel for societal enlightenment. That is, the ‘press’ often forgets that they do
      not have to say anything.” TERMS, J.M.Thomas R., 2012, pg. 46-47

  2. Don’t complain to ABC, complain to their sponsors. Tell the sponsors that you’re tired of ABC using obvious untruths/lies to push an agenda, and you won’t buy products from companies that financially support that kind of behavior. Hit them in the pocketbook, where it will be noticed.

    • That sounds like a good idea. Got any suggestions as to how a layman can go about doing that?

      • Well yeah, watch the commercials. Who is being advertised. If it’s Chevrolet, (barf) send GM a letter and tell them your complaints and that you will no longer watch ABC and will turn off ANY GM advertisement on any channel.
        It would have to be a concerted effort though. One or two letters won’t do squat.

      • 1) DVR ABC news (it doesn’t count as a “viewer”)
        2) Write down the companies you see advertising during the broadcast
        3) Go to their websites
        4) Find the “contact” page
        5) Send them an email that focuses on emotional impact of the anti-gun postion, as facts don’t seem to matter to ABC news and will not convince anyone who is anti-gun.

        • While sending a note to the advertisers is the best possible action to take, DVR recordings do count towards viewership, though to a lesser degree. There is the Live and Live+3 and also a Live+7 rating. the “+” refers to the number of days after the live airing.

          Obviously for a newscast, those rather lose their value. However there is also a Live+SD (for “same day”) which means you DVR’d it and watched on the same day. That one WILL matter.

    • Don’t think so. The Federal government has thrown [and will continue to throw] huge wads of cash at the mass media and Hollywood throughout the years, sometimes the media’s good, i.e., steel/paper/lard drives and bond sales during WWII, sometimes you get the above c_ _ p and can’t do anything about it except not watch t.v./internet posted by these groups, or support ~ better media a/k/a (as flawed as perfection can be within an imperfect system) FOX News (I believe most would think that, at least at some level, this should happen so that it is somewhat guaranteed to continue to exist and be there for communications in possible times of emergency).

  3. We should do our homework and compile a list of the advertisers on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and publish it here for all TTAG’ers to email them about their dislike ………

    • If TTAG would do that, I think it would be a worthwhile endeavor. If you give me the e-mail addresses, I’d consider that valuable service, and I’d be grateful. I’d send e-mails.

  4. ABC? Really? You actually ever look at anything of theirs? Hmmm, why is that? Lost cause number three million.

    I look at it this way… Consider the number of gun owners (all sorts). Then look at the number of those who carry… all sorts, and increasing. Look at the solid advances being made reaching people with the truth and those people becoming gun owners or supporters, one way or another. Solid research, solid statistics even appearing now and then.

    Then look at the number (or lack of) attending the various “gun control” functions, looking at their web pages, etc. No exact numbers available, but it’s pretty clear.

    The gun grabbers want us to be afraid, outraged, ready to fight… they don’t have anything but lies and hyperbole, and they know it. They are operating on the premise that they can get somewhere by manipulating emotions… And that isn’t working out so well for them anymore even with the fearful masses.

    So, why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated that way? Nuts to them. The best way to get rid of a troll is to ignore him. Absolutely boycott ABC, and all the rest of the enabling media. I just wouldn’t bother to tell them about it myself. First, they don’t care. Second, they are on their way to bankruptcy already. A pox on all their houses.

    • Thank you, MamaLiberty; sometimes I get a little disheartened seeing the publicity the antis enjoy. Comments like your’s helps to keep my perspective.

      • My pleasure. I’m not going to give the bastards (media or gun grabbers) one iota of recognition or a moment of my time unless they earn it. So far, they’ve earned nothing but my contempt.

        • And Marvel and Lucasfilm. Two companies that have never promoted violent content or profited off of the sexy mystique of firearms.

    • I just wouldn’t bother to tell them about it myself. First, they don’t care.

      To quote Dr. Strangelove:
      “What good is a doomsday device if nobody knows you have it?”

  5. Use this example to show low information folks that ABC is an unethical new organization not concerned with being accurate or telling the truth. Trust in media is at lows, but it needs to be lower still since most media outlets work this way regardless of whether the call themselves NBC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, or Huffington Post. They are giving use the ammo to destroy their credibility, we need to pound it relentlessly outside our echo chamber.

  6. From the Dick Metcalf article (below):

    “‘People are looking to media now to be a cheerleader for their point of view,’ Brownstein said. ‘There’s less interest in dialogue over competing points of view than there is for affirmation of [the reader’s] own point of view.”

    And for some reason, the leftist media (see ABC, above) never seems to acknowledge that this is what they do – all the time, every time.

    Funny how “compromise” always means WE give up our principles and beliefs, never the left.

    Which is why you may place me in the “intransigent” camp. I have a suggestion for a compromise on “reasonable” gun laws: Eliminate ALL of them except the Declaration of Independence and the 2nd Amendment, then we can start discussing a law that the anti-gun extremists can PROVE will actually reduce crime. But they get to go first, this time – let them “compromise” their position.

  7. I find the entire ‘we have to stop this’, essentially meaning gun ownership, coming from the man who lived with and indulged the maniac for decades to not be very convincing. More than an impassioned demand for gun control it seems to be prima faciae of just how the maniac got as far off the proverbial reservation as he did.

  8. On a personal level, I don’t watch mainstream media. It’s clear all the networks are manipulating the public. We can trust that virtually everything you see is manipulated, just like anything the US Government says, especially from the Obama administration, is a lie.

    • I find that about the only place I can find unbiased TV news about the US and our follies is from European and Asian news sources. Just not Al Jezeera.

  9. This gets everyone all excited? All the NBC networks( CNN. MSNBC, Headline) are much worse. At least ABC has a nice violent gun filled Agents of Shield show. ALL the lamestream media tilts left. I’m on Google right now-don’t get me started…

  10. ABC is clearly anti-truth, as they have demonstrated repeatedly.


    What do you expect from Democrats?

  11. When deciding to boycott ABC, remember that they are a subsidiary of Disney. As are Hulu, ESPN, ABC Family, and A&E.

  12. Shot, stabbed, run over, pushed off a tall building, “what difference does it make now?” That is the question we need to throw back at them. Also why not report the real news? For instance the 32 shot and killed and 248 shot and wounded in Chicago in the month of June. Chicago is virtually a gun free zone is it not? They have taken away the ability of everyone there to defend themselves with a firearm. It works so well there that they should be reporting on how effectively an unarmed society prevents gun deaths. Let’s have some real reporting on how well it works ABC. Unless your afraid to send reporters out on the street there.
    Stats taken from the website. The work is completed for them already. Just report it.

  13. watch less television. After about a week of no TV, you get your brain back and things aren’t as frustrating.

  14. Alternative media. Doesn’t mean its necessarily any more true, but at least they don’t talk down to you or blame your inanimate objects for the decline of society.
    Even the Alex Jones types are at least entertaining. Just gotta know when to watch something else. Hint: whenever he stops a tirade with “The point is this:” you can change videos.

  15. I agree- you will feel better if you take action- its a small thing to send a letter of complaint to a corporation, and some do reportedly pay attention- Jeff Bezos at Amazon supposedly read them all. Now that he owns WAPO, I doubt he has the time to respond to every single post in an article, from some anonymous poster that the PC crowd of progtard groupthinkers there would call a “gun- nut”, but who knows- he might have someone paid to read them, and if the study revealed on Fakebook analyzing how to steer group psychology is an indicator, there are many more tools available to analyze readership meta data.

    I’d be very surprised if smart people with a profit motive were not already actively monitoring TTAG, as one of the key up and comers in the 2A movement, and how to make money, or at least, how to minimize impacts, if they are being paid by the anti-gunners. Remind me how Bloomberg made his money on wall street- providing data and analysis as an alternative to the dinosaur QUOTRON…. hmmmm?

    I think many in the media understand the progtard spin is hurting subscription sales, ad revenue, and eyeballs on websites. The smart ones who are contenct creators build value in their personal brand, like the tech writers at NYT who left, for big offers, and I am sure their are more, like Radley Balko who writes for HuffPo but also the book on up-armoring cops, mentioned here many times.

    Most of flyover America gets that the StateRunMedia is really just the propaganda organ of the Dems. They vote with their wallets when it gets disgusting enough, and I think you see that in various boycotts of Disney, and others, like the vast outpouring of support for the Duck Dynasty guys.

    If you really care enough, you can do the same, in an organized fashion and its not hard to start. A blog or email group or Facebook entry is free. Keep at it and eventually it gets noticed, you can synergize or partner up, or whatever, and you can be happy you did something in the Great Culture War, when your grandkids ask you, what did you do Grandpa? Grassroots works, as the Tea Party movement proves, and the Progressive2.0 movement before it.

    I dont care about ABC, nor do I watch them. There are enough alternative methods to get real news and opinion, on the innertubz and radio, and now cable, that are working and popular, vs the not surviving left wing versions- anyone remember Air America? Buy anything advertised on RT, or Al-jazzhera TV? Can you say Netflix? DirectTV? When was the last time you watched anything good on the big three? How’s MSNBC doing, btw? Fired Pierced Organ, even fired that closet islamofascist who word-raped Gov Palin, and Chrissy Tingles knows he is over, judging by his desperate walk-backs and criticisms of Obama to attempt to recover his shredded credibility. The rest are the Walking Dead, and I hope they are in denial, too, just makes the end crash come harder when it does.

    Best thing to do is just go to the places you like, buy from the sponsors there, like click the links via TTAG, and the free market takes care of it, while the progtards live in denial and cant figure out why no one is paying attention to them any more- that just makes them more shrill, desperate, and their tyrannical urge comes to surface, which scares off the middle reasonable folk, and the kool kids too.

    I buy most of my stuff from Amazon, and most of it via Instapundit, because I like the way he thinks, and since Professor Reynolds has been in the game, and been in it for the longest, I know he is making a big impact. Look at PJ Media, and Breitbart, and others- its a booming business. I dont know enough about how the revenue model works online, but if there were other ways to help, I would do so, in loyalty to what TTAG is doing too.

    You can always hit the Paypal tip jar if you are too lazy to do anything else.
    Money talks and you know what walks….

  16. Voted –it’s at 65% yes out of 6,336 votes

    For dad, I think he feels bad & guilty about what his spoiled kid did and is deflecting any criticism away from him onto the 2A, which is his line of work is easy to do. Yes, I know he called the cops on his kid towards the end, but there are years of neglect, disappointment and some major issues that didn’t get full parental attention.

  17. I can’t take anything he says seriously.

    Must be the Star Trek Next Generation / Babylon 5 hairdo.

    Grown men shouldn’t be getting perms. Unless you work construction. Then it’s okay.

    • Whoa! there, cowboy… While I agree with you on the perm, don’t go lumping Bab5 in with ST:TNG. One is one of the most important and ground breaking SciFi shows ever made. The other was a reboot of a great late ’60’s show that replaced the awesome Spock with an annoying kid and an android.

      Of course, I’ll own up to a bit of bias on my part… after all, I am one of the hosts for The Babylon Project Podcast (you can find it at, if you really want to). I will admit, though, you’re right… He does kind of remind you of Peter Jurasik. Though in Peter’s case, the curls are real.

      In this Peter’s case, though, the anti-gun message was injected by ABC – no surprise there. His message was one of sadness and entirely focused on the issue of mental illness and not guns. And I do have some sympathy for him — they did try to do something in advance. The system failed them and other innocents died as a result.

      I don’t know if he’s a pro or anti regarding 2A, but he at least had the decency to leave guns out of it.

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