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Wow.  Ja’Neil carries a lot of stuff with him.  He’s almost a portable tool box on his person!

Welcome to his “EDC for a Working Man” submission to Everyday Carry.

He carries not one, but two full-on multi-tools.  Along with a pair of Swiss Army knives, including a monster Wenger (later acquired by Victornix).  And five blades, including a pair of fixed blade knives.

I note with amusement he carries a well-worn Energizer tactical flashlight.  Never knew there was such a beast.

Apparently all this stuff works for Ja’Neil, or he carries a murse around to put it all in that’s not in the pic.

He does have good taste in carry guns though with the SIG P365 (along with a spare magazine).

Frankly though, he carries more in his pockets than I carry in my car.





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  1. Nice Santa bandanna. Looks like hardball in the mags. The one thing missing is the bag to carry all that stuff. If he had two guns then it would be an EDC for two. One is none, two is one. I like the way he thinks.

  2. These are entertaining, some laughable like this one. The Links don’t open the correct EDC submission, so we don’t know if the “owner” or narrator screwed up the pistol ID. If its the owner, its just another sign this crap is pulled from the shelves of pawn shops and they can’t keep the story straight.

  3. Jaysus, Mary & Joseph! You’d need the super sized Craftsman Tool fag bag to carry that lot on your person. While some EDC’s are a little light, or overly personal wealth gratification, this load is over the top. Hope he’s a strong swimmer, because this load will keep you underwater as good as a weighted dive belt. I like knives but this kit is a Knife Fetishist’ delight. That many knives, I wonder if he’s got all ten digits😂.

  4. This guy must wear some heavy duty suspenders! I occasionally carry 3 knives (a cheap folder, a nicer one hand opener, and a swiss army knife), but this is a little out of control. I kinda get the two plier-multitools, one with easy access pliers and one with easy access blades/files, but he has so many other easy access blades it makes the leatherman (wave?) unnecessary.

    Maybe this is all just part of his rotation?

  5. I pity the guy if he ever has to go into a courthouse, or anywhere else that has a metal detector.
    It would be like in the movie The Matrix, when Neo steps through the metal detector and the cop gasps into his radio, “Backup!”
    I counted eight knives (plus a few unidentified objects that might contain knives), as well as his handgun and three mags, which here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey (PRNJ) would be nine counts of illegal possession of a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon for illegal purposes (because here in the PRNJ, the state says there’s no legal purpose to possess guns or knives outside the home), and if any of those bullets are hollowpoints, then an additional felony for each bullet.

    At least this keeps our pockets light in the PRNJ. My only EDC is the flashlight on my keychain.

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