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TTAG has chronicled the rise of the citizen’s militia movement along America’s southern border. On one hand, the idea of using armed civilians to defend against a vast, well-funded criminal conspiracy seems the very definition of right wing lunacy. On the other hand, the feds’ unwillingness to commit sufficient resources to protect the border is also insane. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of a federal government? There’s a reason that the National Guard soldier above looks so lonely. Amelia Foxwell’s dispatch at the conservative blog makes it clear that the odds are stacked against both the taxpayer-funded forces and the non-pro native (nativist?) defenders . . .

The Bureau of Land Management Rangers and U.S. Border Patrol are quite often found to be roaming the desert in marked vehicles alone or, at best, with one other agent. They are outmanned, outgunned and constantly under the surveillance of mountaintop observers that report their every move to the drug runners and coyotes. This situation has not changed in many years and is one of the primary reasons the cartels have been able to grow so powerful and so violent.

Foxwell pulls no punches. Nor should she. It’s sobering stuff—except to the Washington policy makers who still seem drunk to all demands.

Okay, here is the cold, hard truth. The collective efforts of county law enforcement, BLM Rangers, U.S. Border Patrol and concerned citizen-soldiers (read, “Militia”) are currently as effective in stopping this criminal invasion of our country as attempting to bail out the ocean with a Dixie cup. The reports from mainstream media are almost criminal themselves because of their lack of intensity . . .

Make no mistake about it dear reader, your country has been, and continues to be, invaded by a vast army of violent criminals intent on ruling through brutality and intimidation. This is not because they are Mexican, or Guatemalan, or Colombian. It is because they are criminals with a criminal mindset. Citizens and police officers just south of the border now live under the constant threat of sudden and violent murder.

The cartels do not compromise, they do not negotiate and they do not quit. The violence amongst cartels for ultimate control rages with no concern for collateral damage. Any concession or compassion is viewed as weakness and spurs further brutal attacks. These wars are funded by the sale of human slaves and illegal drugs inside the United States.

After applying these facts to brief and simple logic, you won’t (or can’t) come to the conclusion that it will probably just stop on its own someday. Of course it won’t. And just like every other criminal atrocity throughout history, ignoring it will only ensure that it gets worse.

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  1. I live up north and don't have to deal with that sh!t yet, thank God! When are the so called "leaders" in DC gonna get serious about securing our border? My newly elected senator and congressman directly told me this is going to be one of their priorities…we'll see.

  2. LR308, I live "up north " myself, in the People's Kommonwealth of Massachusetts, and I deal with it every day. There is now a movement afoot to allow non-citizens to vote. Don't laugh. It's already the law in two towns.

    I'd rather be on the border and know that my enemies are the drug cartels than be here where the enemies are the people who were elected to protect me.

  3. I truly feel bad for you Ralph, I'm not laughing, but I'm a FAR cry from MA. I live in ND and I can guarantee there is no movement to allow non-citizens to vote here(ok, maybe in liberal Fargo) and our LEO's can still profile drug dealers here & bust their a$$. I know a lot of our enemies are elected officials but if you can stand cold weather, move up here to Bismarck and enjoy the freedoms the founders guaranteed us!


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