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A Liberal Jew Struggles With a New World (and World View) Where Armed Self-Defense is Suddenly the Sensible Option

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…I didn’t enjoy myself. I didn’t say “yes,” when [my friend] Kedem asked me afterward, “Wasn’t that fun?” I didn’t feel powerful or godly or safe, and no matter how dire the situation we Jews may be in, I still can’t picture going through the process of buying a gun.

I thought of the literary term “Chekhov’s Gun”: “One must never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn’t going to go off,” the playwright famously said. He was referring to props, to literary promises not kept, but I think of it literally: Don’t have a gun unless you’re planning to use it.

I do not want to use it. Getting firearm training didn’t make me want a gun, but something has changed within me. Or maybe it’s just the world has changed — my world had changed.

Since October 7, everything seems upside down: I’ve seen so many of my liberal allies fail to stand with me like I stood with their causes (which I’d thought were our causes). I’ve lost friends and lost respect for people like my longtime family doctor, who signed an open letter from Columbia University faculty that contained anti-Israel sentiment but failed to condemn Hamas. I can no longer distinguish between anti-Zionism and antisemitism. I find myself essentially fangirling far right-wingers I once eschewed, such as the nasally fast-talking Ben Shapiro, who opposes abortion but puts anti-Zionists in their place.

I do not know what it means to be a liberal Jew in America anymore. I don’t know what it means to be against gun violence or against people who have guns or just against having playdates at houses with people who own guns — not when those people are all around me, when those are my people. 

— Amy Klein in Taking a Trip to the Firing Range Was Something I’d Never Do Before October 7




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  1. So he doesn’t want to buy a gun, well, don’t buy one. There that was simple, but when something really bad happens and he gets assaulted, robbed, or worse, don’t bitch about not being able to protect yourself.

    I wish I didn’t have to spend the money to have fire extinguishers in my house and shop. But if I have a fire and am able to take action and put it out, well cost won’t be an issue.

    It’s called being a responsible adult, not about ‘Feelings”.

    • Wally1,

      Thank you for pointing us in a direction which makes this topic easy-to-understand.

      People who buy fire extinguishers for their homes are most certainly NOT planning to use them. In fact it is quite the opposite: those people are planning to NEVER use them. Rather, those people acquired the means to reduce the odds of catastrophic loss if a fire occurs.

      Similarly, people acquire firearms “just in case” an attacker strikes them, not because they will seek out violent attackers and engage them in a gun battle.

        • Jeep, wow.
          A veehickle that’s supposed to climb up mountains and blaze trails doesn’t come with a spread tire.
          Cheap Jeep

        • EPA is continuously pushing the automakers to increase fleet fuel economy. One way to accomplish this is to shave weight. Aluminium engines & plastic body parts, 5 gallon bucket sized turbo engines, donut spare wheel, then no spare wheel but maybe a fix-a-flat kit. All so China, India, Al Gore, and John Kerry can buy carbon credits to salve what little bit of conscience they have.

          Like magazine size restrictions, the nanny state in action. We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

      • “Similarly, people acquire firearms “just in case” an attacker strikes them, not because they will seek out violent attackers and engage them in a gun battle.”

        Aaaahhhhh, but you forget the average gun owner is a nutball who could snap at any moment and kill thousands in a blind rage. The only solution is to make guns illegal to own or possess. Then, I do not have to fear going to all the nice places my friends and I like to gather.

        In those places, there is no fear of criminal or gang attack, because they are nice places, for nice people. Keep the criminals and gangers in their place, and all is as it should be.

    • Owning a gun for protection is not only smart, it is essential. Depending on someone else to save you, is typical of a liberal. I have owned guns for almost sixty years. Thank God I have never had to shoot anyone, and I pray that I never have to shoot someone in self defense. America has the Constitution and Bill of Rights, both written by freedom loving people who knew that government was only as strong as the ‘will’ of the people it protects. Our people have become weak, selfish and ignorant. Hence, the politician’s continuing rhetoric about ‘gun control’…

      The government wants to ‘disarm’ the multitude, so that they can be EASILY CONTROLLED. No thanks. It was shocking to see HAMAS so successful in their attack. It was shocking to learn that the common Israeli wasn’t readily armed. Their government was and is complicit in the deaths of thousands. Being a well armed ‘citizen’ beats beats being an unarmed ‘subject’ every day of the week.

      • a gun is a last resort…but when all your protection is stripped away…it gives you one last chance

        • If a gun is your Last Chance, you are doing it wrong. It makes being in the wrong place, wrong time seem legitimate. Problem is, no place is 100% safe, you’re own front yard can be dangerous after dark – when the neighbors let their pit bulls run free at night.

          Or when you stop at an intersection, inside lane, yet someone runs out with a hammer smashes your window and starts pulling you from the car to steal it.

          We all assess how dangerous our lives can be, then we choose accordingly. My metro is now discovering armed robberies of Dollar General stores – we’ve never had that before, but, there are a lot more former residents of metros in small towns now, and it’s not getting better with 150k more illegals walking across the border every month. They live somewhere the bus drops them, and they stay in free housing with money to burn drinking.

          We already have 55 Afghans about a mile and half from my address – working at a furniture factory. There is no cap or restriction, more are coming, and those aren’t families for the most part. Because of that, 40 states have CCW, and many don’t require permits now. Adults have no major problems with it, it’s the sheltered who were never taught or trained in self protection who are now jittery with vulnerability.

          The reality is the more their neighbors do carry, the less violence they will have to live with. It’s a fact – every state that adopts CCW and no permit carry, crime and violence go down. Even making the Bruen decision has lowered crime.

          Its just five major metros that cause America to rise into the ranks of violence – and those are all anti gun liberal strongholds. Funny, that’s supposed to fix the problem, now its exposed as being the problem.

          There is also another view of this author’s fear of firearms – collectively, the truth rarely comes from their lips. They promote and foment much of what we know to be wrong, and more are finally discovering that fact.

          Who’s crying out in pain about their country being attacked, while stacking up dead children by the hundreds every week?

          Over 4,000 kids dead in Gaza so far.

    • Like most Jews, they are waiting for the Christians to come and save them. Like they did in 1945. At the cost of almost 400,000 American soldiers lives.

      Most of them were so hardheaded and stupid and in denial of reality. It seems it wiil take another six million jews to get gassed, before they figure this out.

      I’ve never had sympathy for anyone who refuses to take responsibility for their own safety. And the liberal Jews do not get a free pass.

      They will be voting for people like Sen. “up chuck” Schumer. They are incapable of voting for a right-wing Christian. 2A supporting, Republican, who has sex in the missionary position with the lights turned off.

      And the liberal New York Jews are responsible for flooding the United States with their enemies. And they wonder why there are now violent protests against them in brooklyn new york???

      • “Like most Jews, they are waiting for the Christians to come and save them. Like they did in 1945“

        Well you know, at that point it was the Christians who were murdering the Jews. It was right other Christians came along and corrected the situation.

        • The Nazis were only Christians in your wet dreams. You’re a sick person. I like how you pretend like you’re the only disingenuous person in the world.

        • The atheists with swastikas like you Miner49er hated all religious people. Millions of Christians were gassed by people like you.

        • CTKY

          Don’t forget Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and a host of others that didn’t bother to use gas….

      • US WW2 deaths in the ETO were 141,000.
        Saving the Jews had little to do with our participation until the Concentration Camps were exposed.
        And, it was the Russians who did the heavy lifting. They lost 80,000 killed in the capture of Berlin alone, while Ike sandbagged.

        • Why not sand bag? Why not spend Russian blood instead of American? The Russians were certainly willing to spend their own blood. Let them.

    • It’s almost like this author was ignorant of the simple truth that modern life in the West has happily been able to mostly prevent several common life hazards like starvation and unnatural/violent death for decades now… However the extreme social dysfunction of our Universities have imbued the educated mind with the a facile expectation that this is permanent and those things will never change (for them).

      Life is, and will remain dangerous to human life in varying degrees for the foreseeable future. So, in light of the direction our society is headed… credible personal defense is something that everyone needs to consider for themselves and their families (before they actually need it).

      • “Puts anti-Zionists in their place.” Our “place” is standing at a mass grave for all Zionist demons.

    • Be nice it just had reality come crashing in hard and is trying to figure out that feelings don’t mean a damn thing if you are not a favorite of the current thing.

      • Be nice? Good grief, the time for that past long ago. We have serious problems now, and squishy, milquetoast people like her need the “2×4 of reality” knocked upside their heads. It’s people like her who expect and demand people like us protect them once things hit the fan. She needs to get over her “feelings” and come to grips with reality.

        • Yes be nice, ultimately you are dealing with a child. You can go the sanctimonious I told you so route and send them right back or you can show them easily and honestly their beliefs are built on lies and there are better ways. Now if they go back oh well fuckum but it doesn’t cost much to be nice and often changes the narrative in our favor making the hard truths easier to realize. Or we could try that boogerlube idea and see how quickly foreign nationals get imported to overwhelm us like the Union did with Irish during the last civil war.

        • You and I know damn well that Amy Klein, the author of that drivel stood beside her AntiFa/BLM pals and championed defunding police the same police she now expects to protect her. I say “screw her” and the 90%+ of her faith here in the USA who cast their ballots for Democrats and support the Left’s agenda, she is getting what she deserves. Klein and her ilk spent decades feeding th lion and nee

        • Part of being nice is explaining to her how despite her beliefs she is ultimately on her own and many of the laws in place utterly disincentivize any bystander from getting involved let alone helping her. Now am I going to be thinking “because of dumb shit your ilk pushed” yeah probably very loudly. But for many with similar viewpoints that are not actively involved in propaganda blaming them will serve no purpose past ego. Be the person they look up to when they have a chance to think for themselves.

    • Her eyes are uncovered.

      She had finally realized that those she thought were “fellow travelers” in reality hate and despise her.

      Anti-Semitism has always been a part of l3ftist dogma since M@rx but now has resorted. It just shows how bad things were under the Tsar for Jews to join the Bolsheviks.

  2. It’s a lot easier to do what you have to/want to do when you have to\want to do it if you don’t align yourself with groups and labels. The moment you say “I’m a liberal jew” or “I’m a conservative christian” or “I’m a pan-fluid, rainbow pissing unicorn” you’ve forfeited your individuality and traded reason for ideology.

    And this fucking self-imposed manufactured guilt people have. Like flagellants bleeding for a saving that isn’t coming.

    • We are all – you, the OP and I alike – driven by our feelings. We are not homo economics (rational man). And these feelings can be deeply routed and altogether irrational. We refuse to admit this fact at our peril.

      It is very difficult – nearly impossible – for us as adults to open the cannons of the beliefs that drive our feelings. Yet, it can be done. The ugly way is to experience a countervailing shock that creates cognitive dissonance beyond our capacity to ignore. What this means is captured by the expression: “A Democrat who has been mugged is called a Republican.” Sometimes, such a shock does the trick.

      The other way is very long and hard. Controlled substances and lots of GREAT psychotherapy can work. But the lightbulb has to want to change. And this just doesn’t happen to many.

      • Your feelings not allowing you to imagine the existence of people that, through years of self discipline and a rational mind, are not governed by ‘feelings’, doesn’t change the fact that those people do exist.

        You can project your delusions all you want, the fact that rational people exist is lost on you, apparently.

      • “A Democrat who has been mugged is called a Republican.”

        “A Republican who has been falsely arrested is called a Democrat.”

        And thanks for this hilarity this morning:

        “the cannons of the beliefs”. Boom!

        “But the lightbulb has to want to change“. Self changing lightbulbs, genius!

        “cognitive dissonance“. Yep.

    • Shire-man,

      A very large percentage of our population has an irrepressible need to be an integral member of a group–a “tribe” if you will. That need is perhaps the most motivating factor in their lives. They will suspend huge segments of reality if their “tribe” demands it. It appears that Amy Klein (quoted author in this article) has finally hit her wall of just how far she is willing to go to suspend reality. That is a VERY hard pill for her type to swallow.

      • You are absolutely correct. We feel that our tribe’s norms are correct because all we really know intimately was learned from our fellow tribe-members. If we look at the diversity of religious dogmas and diverse cultural conventions (cuisine, fashion) we see how easily a belief can become a conviction. There may be some rationale for the belief, but it’s far too obscure or of dubious weight. Still, we cling to it.

        As just one example, look at the taboo against cross-dressing. It took until the 1950s in America for it to become acceptable for women to ware trousers. If our culture could maintain this taboo until our lifetime memory (those of us in our 70s), what other nonsense can we continue to embrace because it’s a taboo?

        In the gun-control/gun-rights debate we might not have scientific proof of the correctness of one side vs the other. Yet, it’s pretty clear that one of the two sides is being seriously irrational. But hardly anyone in either camp can recognize the possibility that his feelings on the topic might be irrational.

        Without understanding the influence of “feelings”, neither side is going to persuade the other camp. Whichever side figures this out first will have persuasive influence over the ambivalent which does not happen to have strong feelings either way.

        • Interesting and telling how you choose a clear example of something that’s ubiquitously destructive to society; ‘cross dressing’. Cross dressing is the foundation the trans movement is built on.
          Explain why ‘cross dressing’ now ONLY and ALWAYS applies to men? Bc women have freed themselves from ANY and ALL female gender roles. The foundation of the putrid society killer known as ‘feminism’.

          Men’s roles are strictly enforced, to benefit those free of their social responsibilities, the ‘liberated woman’, using her status as a womb owner without actually using that womb, to exploit men to maximum effect without having to share the bennies with children, aka eekwalitee.

          You should read Escape From Freedom by Erich Fromm, and learn about the majority of society’s craving to submit to authority and group think. It seems apparent that you’re one of them.

    • Shire-man,

      As for Ms. Amy Klein’s “self-imposed manufactured guilt” that is certainly a strange animal. Then again that dynamic is all too commonplace and there are all sorts of expressions of that dynamic. I would argue that the most extreme example are the people who have so little self-value and so much guilt that they willingly act out the “identity” of a “submissive” sex servant. Acting out such an identity means allowing virtually all manner of humiliation and abuse (short of permanent disfigurement) at anyone’s hands (or other body parts).

      Bottom line: there are a lot of people who hold so little value for themselves that they actively accept–and sometimes even encourage–destructive actions.

  3. We all have to find a way to acceptance. Acceptance of the world we live in, not the Utopia we aspire to. God or Gaia created carnivores just as S/He created herbivores. And S/He created warriors as well as peacemakers.

    Nowhere do I see evidence that S/He reserved to Authorities to perform the work of warriors. Whether it was S/He who placed these Authorities over us or whether we choose them ourselves, there is no apparent reason that we can eschew our individual responsibilities to defend ourselves and our communities, large or small. Where in our sacred scriptures does it say we are allowed to shirk our individual responsibility to defend?

    Sometimes it takes a shock like the Holocaust to inspire us to action. Apparently, that shock was not enough. The cry “Never again!” rings hollow. We do little-to-nothing to defend the powerless against genocides elsewhere.

    The attacks near Gaza are a sign we all ignore at our peril, Jew and Gentile alike.

    I am particularly surprised at Israeli policy heretofore. I understand that it is remarkably rare for a Jew to kill another Jew. If that’s true, then why maintain a societal policy to disarm Jews? Almost no Jew will use any weapon to kill another Jew. So where is the “up-side” to gun control? That gun control might save one life?

    What’s the cost of disarming Jews? Well, now we have another striking example. Who will read the message of experience? We are all not listening, save for those Americans who are PotG. I fear S/He will not forgive us for failing to defend ourselves. For refusing to listen to the message of experience.

    Jews in Israel are surrounded by predators. Here in America, we are all surrounded by predators who live in our neighborhoods or within their easy-access hunting grounds. America’s policy is to disarm the sheep and leave the wolves at liberty to arm themselves and prey with impunity. So was the policy of Isreal heretofore.

    • Do non-believers worry about misgendering God?

      It always cracks me up when the people offended by being misgendered themselves go out of their way to intentionally misgender God. (They always do that.)

      • Misgender God? That’s unpossible. Only a creature as narcissistic as humans would presume to delimitate God to their own image.

        And MarkPA- that’s some of the most interesting, well-written contemplation I’ve read on here in a good while…

        • Then there’s the whole God the Father thing. No presumptions are needed. But once again, we have “non-believers” asserting their beliefs.

        • Oh, yeah- the “gendering” done by the single gender that got together and decided on what to write about the “gender” of their God.

          Nope- absolutely no self-important narcissism present in those humans while creating a God in their image…

        • “Nope- absolutely no self-important narcissism present in those humans while creating a God in their image…”

          …which is your belief as a “non-believer.” It’s also funny how uptight “non-believers” get about people who don’t conform to their beliefs.

          In case anyone is confused, only the first sentence of my original reply was directed to Mark. The second paragraph was a somewhat related comment, and not in any way directed toward Mark. I don’t think Mark was trying to offend anyone. He was making a case that required acknowledging God. I doubt many Jewish people follow Gaia, but that doesn’t even matter.

          The gender brigade intentionally calls God a she because they think it’s funny. I think it is funny, but for a different reason. It shows that they don’t believe a word of their silly gender ideology that they’re always preaching about.

        • You are the one labeling me as a “non-believer”- curious as to why you “believe” that.

          I simply recognize that God is not as limited as we humans have deemed necessary due to our own inadequacy.

          God is Great, God is Good- let us not limit “Him” based on our mood…

        • The inspired word of God tells us he is the Father. I’m not knocking you if you don’t believe that. You obviously believe something. I think you’re right actually. How could we comprehend God?

        • 😂 You and Mark should get a room and share your vacuous, sanctimonious glad handing. You’re both complete morons. Your secular humanist, self centered beliefs are transparently based on narcissism and elitism.

          Any group that uses and promotes a term for those not a member of their group are bi6ots. ‘Gentile’, ‘6oyum’ or whatever you need to use to delineate your us vs them demagoguery.
          The TaImud makes the l/lAZls look friendly.

        • “The inspired word of God tells us he is the Father“

          What makes you believe you’ve actually seen “the inspired word of God”?

          So if God is a male, where is his female mate?

          If there’s no mate, it means God is an incel…

          Now I begin to understand that whole ‘jealous god’ vibe.

        • We can always count on you, Miner, to spread your anti-Christian hate. Coexist, right? That was always a lie.

    • Read Deuteronomy 20 -The whole chapter.

      G-d pretty much lays out how the Chosen People are commanded to fight their enemies and under which terms in their promised land.

      • Yes, it is fascinating that a God who sends people to other lands to kill those folks and take their property can be characterized as a ‘loving God’.

        • The most fascinating part of it is that you’re obsessed with 3,000 year old writings that you assert is fiction.

        • “you’re obsessed with 3,000 year old writings that you assert is fiction“

          Whether or not it is fiction is immaterial to the fact that this treasured tale of murder, genocide and land theft is the central story of the Abrahamic faith.

          Didn’t someone once say “By their fruits ye shall know them”…

        • Except that murder is the opposite of the story. It was explicitly stated that murder is wrong. You’re the epitome of a desperate clinger, desperately clinging to lies you tell yourself about what you call a fictional account of tribal warfare from 3,000 years ago, so that you have an excuse to put Christians down in the present day.

          Look at yourself. When I press you about your problem with Christians, you cite a few passages from the Torah, which you don’t even try to understand, and you complain about God being acknowledged in the Pledge of Allegiance. That’s it. You just look for excuses because you’re the very definition of a Christianphobe. You have an unreasonable fear/hatred of Christians. How do those things harm you in any way? Despite your ignorant ramblings, Christians don’t want to murder anyone. As a matter of fact (and as you know deep down in your black heart) it’s Christians who have been out there fighting to save the very lives (innocent, defenseless babies) that you want killed in a blood sacrifice to money or general convenience.

        • “You have an unreasonable fear/hatred of Christians“

          It’s not just the Christians, but any delusional religionist who attempts to impose their religious beliefs upon free peoples.

          But regarding the Christians, there is a good reason to be apprehensive about them. Setting aside their long and bloody history, including the crusades, the inquisitions and all the witch trials, to this very day the Christians do their best to imprison those who do not share their faith.

          Here’s an example of how Christians in America oppress their fellow citizens and claim the justification of their sky daddy in doing so:

          “American Atheists Wins in West Virginia Religious Coercion Lawsuit

          Charleston, WV — American Atheists announced today a resounding victory in its federal lawsuit, in partnership with Mountain State Justice, against the leadership of the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation (WVDCR) in April 2023 on behalf of Andrew Miller, an atheist and Secular Humanist who was forced to engage in religious activities as a condition of parole.“


          You delusional religionists may claim how sweet and loving your God is but the facts show to this very day you use your belief system as a means to oppress innocent people.

        • “It’s not just the Christians, but any delusional religionist who attempts to impose their religious beliefs upon free peoples.”

          Yes, you always say that when you get called out. That’s not quite true. In other words, that’s a lie. You have a special contempt for Christians. You haven’t historically put down Jews (until the Oct 7 attack), despite constantly quoting the Torah because you think it’s a way to put down Christians. You never put down Muslims despite there being a plethora of topics to choose from. You wouldn’t even have to use fictional accounts (according to you) from 3,000 years ago to put down Muslims. All you’d have to do is open your eyes today, and have a look around. Yet you never do that, do you? Stop lying. I don’t care if your opinions are completely different from mine, but I do wish you would try being honest for a change. Try extreme honesty for a week. That means being completely genuine. I guarantee it will feel better.

  4. She should not own a gun. Or any other weapon. She should meekly go into the gas chamber, or enjoin the extermination method of the day. There really is no other cure for professional victims.

    • She seems to be teetering on the cust of an euphony. Let’s not push her back into her habitual way of thought.

      • “She seems to be teetering on the cust of an euphony. Let’s not push her back into her habitual way of thought.”

        Why not? We have no responsibility to help her see where being an adult child is a life long chronicle of failure to launch. All I have for people such as the author, “Rest easy; I would never use a firearm in your defense, indeed I would never attempt to defend you.

    • dacian would be proud to put a .32 into the back of her skull, or load her into the “evacuation” truck for her final destination.

      All according to the great books.

      • “All according to the great books.“

        Yep, some of them Christians can be pretty mean…

        “Set fire to their synagogues or schools,” Martin Luther recommended in On the Jews and Their Lies. Jewish houses should “be razed and destroyed,” and Jewish “prayer books and Talmudic writings, in which such idolatry, lies, cursing, and blasphemy are taught, [should] be taken from them.” In addition, “their rabbis [should] be forbidden to teach on pain of loss of life and limb.”


        • Seems you and Martin Luther have hatred of jews in common, miner. Would you have classed Luther as a freedom fighter or terrorist?

        • Miner, the “great books” I was referring to are the modern bibles for your kind. Das Kapital and Mein Kampf

        • Miner has a two track mind. “Christians bad.” “Republicans bad.” That’s about as deep as it gets.

        • Miner49er…

          Yep, those Atheist can be pretty mean… over 90% of criminal murderers are atheist.

          Why do you hate Jews so much Miner49er? Why did you have to post under other names to express your love of Hamas and terrorism and killing innocent people.

        • “over 90% of criminal murderers are atheist“

          That is quite the claim, although of course you don’t post any evidence to support your assertion because it is just bullshit.

          Just check the prisons, the convict population is overwhelmingly religious, specifically the Abrahamic religions.

          “In 2021, atheists made up only 0.1% of the federal prison population

          Atheists and Humanists are all-but-absent in federal prison, according to new data obtained exclusively by OnlySky
          by HEMANT MEHTA“


          “Why do you hate Jews so much Miner49er?”

          I don’t hate the Jews, but I do believe that those of any nationality, religion or ethnic group who commit war crimes should be held accountable.

          “Why did you have to post under other names“

          I don’t post under other names. And your baseless accusation just shows the bankruptcy of your character.

          “express your love of Hamas and terrorism and killing innocent people“

          I’ve never expressed a love for any terrorist group, I think they all should be held to account for their crimes against humanity.

          It seems to me that you are expressing your appreciation for those who use their heavy artillery and airstrikes in military assaults that are “killing innocent people”.

          Is it OK to kill those innocent people because their religion is slightly different from yours?

        • “Why did you have to post under other names to express your love of Hamas and terrorism and killing innocent people.”

          He didn’t. Miner literally called the Hamas terrorists freedom fighters. He seems to have somewhat changed his tune since then. In Miner’s defense (sort of) he probably originally defaulted to support because that was the latest ‘thing.’ Miner is a follower.

          For the record, I don’t think Cookie Monster is Miner. Their writing styles are different.

  5. liberals having to deconstruct the lies of Marxism that permeates their understanding. let’s hope more and more of them see the light.

    tyrants and demon savages are predators of opportunity. if they think it will cost them their lives and therefore their agenda, it makes them reconsider their plans.

  6. “He was referring to props, to literary promises not kept, but I think of it literally: Don’t have a gun unless you’re planning to use it.”

    Okay, now let me try:

    Don’t keep a fie extinguisher near by unless you plan to have a fire.
    Don’t use your seat belt unless you plan to wreck your car.
    Don’t wear a helmet unless you plan to fall off your bike.
    Don’t bring a parachute unless you plan for your plane to stall.
    Don’t learn first aid unless you plan for someone to get hurt.
    Don’t get vaccinated unless you plan to be exposed to a contagion.
    Don’t buy homeowners insurance unless you plan to have your house destroyed by a tornado.
    Don’t wear a life preserver unless you plan to fall out of the boat.
    Don’t diversify your investments unless you plan for the market to tank.
    Don’t hold onto the railing unless you plan to slip.
    Don’t have a second child unless you plan for the first one to not make it.
    Don’t join AAA unless you plan to have a roadside break down.
    Don’t move near a hospital unless you plan to have a stroke.

    I also enjoy living my life according to literary devices. That’s why I have main character syndrome, it’s why I always bring along red shirts when I go anyplace dangerous, it’s why I often expect for noteworthy minor events in my life to foreshadow larger events later, and why I always try to look for some deeply significant referential meaning in daily mundane details.

    Or maybe literary devices are intended to help us appreciate and create interesting works of — wait for it — and are not actually intended to be taken as real life guidance. Although, I wouldn’t doubt that this author engages in her fair share of gaslighting.

    • “Don’t bring a parachute unless you plan for your plane to stall.”

      Not the best example, the altitude where a stall is lethal is the altitude where your parachute won’t have the time to deploy.

      As proven by the lethal Cirrus crashes when turning base to final…

        • “Airspeed is life. Altitude is life insurance.”


          “Maintain thy airspeed and altitude, lest the ground rise up and *smite* thee.”

          Smart fliers consider the angle of attack indicator their most valuable instrument. Navy pilots are taught to fly AOA…

  7. News Flash: Liberal Jew realizes they have been living in an imagined alternate-reality and is now full of angst over it.

    1. “I didn’t feel powerful or godly or safe” — good, you are not suppose to feel “powerful or godly or safe”. You are suppose to be prepared and confident in your abilities, to make yourself safe when the threat shows up.

    2. “I still can’t picture going through the process of buying a gun.” —- Did you picture yourself going through the process of buying a car to be prepared to go some place when you needed to do so? Did you picture yourself going through the process of buying food to be prepared to feed your self? Did you picture yourself going through the process of avoiding health issues by preparing to keep your self healthy to help avoid any of a thousand different threats to your health? etc… so you did all those things, prepared….then why would you be so conflicted and self-loathing picturing your self going through the process of buying a gun to be prepared for a threat that is for a fact out there and doesn’t care how liberal you are or not and would kill you given the chance?

    “I do not want to use it.” —- good, don’t, get some training stay prepared, and be aware that one day as much as you don’t want to use it against a threat that you may very well need to do so because the threat has no such concerns about using what ever they have against you.

    “I’ve lost friends and lost respect for people like my longtime family doctor, who signed an open letter from Columbia University faculty that contained anti-Israel sentiment but failed to condemn Hamas.” — if you lost friends and your doctor because you realize your ‘liberal’ life wasn’t reality, they were never really YOUR friends to begin with and were friends with your ideology because it made them feel justified in their own crazy and the doc was never really “your doctor” but rather part of the threat.

    “I do not know what it means to be a liberal Jew in America anymore.” —- its time to grow up now and be an adult. This ‘coddled spoon fed assurances’ child-understanding-like-self-directed-defined-world of liberal anti-gun you claimed was your life wasn’t real …. law abiding people who own guns are not out to get you, they are not posing a threat to you, they are not the problem, and they never were. You see the harsh reality now in this aspect of October 7th, that there is a threat that is a problem and its not just against Jews…the threat is all around us every day in the form of crime, and now with the threat against Jews but not only against Jews as the Hamas threat doesn’t stop there as its against anyone else who does not believe as they do.

    • Going to be an interesting year for the NY legislature. Initially was expecting CCIA parts 2-13 but lot more on the debate now.

    • “didn’t feel powerful or godly”

      typical anti-gun rethoric made up BS. This person evidently swallowed the anti-gun BS hook, line and sinker.

  8. Liberals are such babies. They close their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears and say “LALALALALALALA”

  9. Translation: “In a world where the biggest event in history included six million people like me dying helplessly (except a tiny handful who fought back), I never believed in fighting back until somebody posted something about it on, like, SOCIAL MEDIAA!”

    • If I take 1 hour to cook a batch of cookies and the cookie monster has 15 ovens working 24 hours a day every day for 5 years, how long does it take the cookie monster to make 6 million batches of cookies? 

      Trick question, Cookie Monster gets arrested because the cookies run the media and government and they don’t want him questioning the logic of this equation.

      Cookie Monster would also have to explain the soap and lampshade hoaxes.

      • Did cookie monster stand on it’s head and have a butt buddy jam a ping pong ball in, then pour concrete in its anus to try to get a casting of its lower GI tract?
        Just asking for a friend…
        (All the weird shit you find out that people do when EMTs start swapping stories at conferences…)

      • “If I take 1 hour to cook a batch of cookies and the cookie monster has 15 ovens working 24 hours a day every day for 5 years, how long does it take the cookie monster to make 6 million batches of cookies?”

        It’s a trick question – Any self-respecting ‘cookie monster’ would eat the cookies the moment they came out of the oven, still hot, gooey, and delicious. A never-ending tall glass of cold would keep him from burning his mouth. Hence, they could never accumulate to even 1 million cookies, let alone 6 million, you fascist Jew-hating POS… 🙂

        • Should be, “A never-ending tall glass of cold, fresh milk would keep him from burning his mouth.”

    • Oy vey gal! Most of the world wants to kill you for thousands of years. A large % of Jews come from Eastern Europe where pogroms were more or less a national pastime. I don’t blame you for JESUS being crucified. Romans were in charge. I assume the vast number of legal gat owner’s don’t want to kill unless it’s “necessary”. Funny but I never had any particular opinion about Jewish people until I lived & worked in Chicago. Let’s just say it wasn’t positive🙄😧

      • I’m looking forward to the day we can have pogroms against progressives. Everyone just gets together, and we go hunting people who voted Biden, people who voted Hillary, the Obamanites, all the people who hold degrees in underwater basketweaving, etc ad nauseum. We can tar and feather them, put them on the rails to Mexico, and tell them not to come back. Their property can be auctioned off for genuine charities – not for trans rights and all that other useless nonsense. All that money will go for something useful, like maybe MAGA Youth.

        • But much more than needed. Just have them live out the natural course of their choices in their own communities while the rest of the country rebuilds. They can apply for citizenship after admitting they were wrong and explaining how they seek to contribute to society……… actually your way may be less cruel.

        • Safe, We need reservations in the Nevada desert for them. Let them prove their way is better. If their communities thrive they will have proven themselves. If not……

        • You realize that MAGA youth all (correctly, BTW) believe that Jews are behind mass immigration, gun control, feminism, the homosexual agenda, and porn? The alt-right didnt’t just go away because institutions used hard power to censor the ideas.

          I am 34 and no right-winger 2A enthusiast supports aid to Israel. The only demographic in America that supports Israel are boomer Conservatives and liberal youth.

          How do you explain the official holocaust narrative? Everyone just called me names. If 6 million people were killed, where are all the bodies?

          I am a registered Republican. I am a millennial. I carry every day. I attend church almost every Sunday. I oppose the work agenda. I believe in traditional family values. I oppose Hollywood values.

          And I don’t believe the official holocaust narrative.

        • CM
          “And I don’t believe the official holocaust narrative.”
          Then you are a fool to boot.

        • cookie monster. I know someone that believes the earth is flat. Doesn’t mean they’re right.

          Approx. 50 million people died during ww2. Where are all the bodies? Did it not happen?

          You’re a hate filled loser trying to find someone to scapegoat for his own failings. Nothing new there.

          I was fortunate enough to have served when men that had been in ww2 were still on active duty. I’ve talked to more than one who saw the camps.

          Them I believe. Not some whiny millennial from the trailer park.

        • Cookie Monster, you are either the most ignorant or the most stupid person ever to post on this forum, and that is a low bar to exceed.

          Most of the bodies were burned, and the camps usually had onsite crematoria to dispose of the bodies.

        • “.40 cal Booger
          November 27, 2023 At 07:21
          ‘Cookie Monster’ is ‘Miner49’ using another name to post his hatred and crazy and lies.“

          You are a liar.

          I’m not surprised, it’s not your first lie on this list, just one I find particularly offensive.

          Typical practicing religionist, lie when it suits your purpose.

          Nope, Cookie Monster is one of yours.

      • If anyone’s had enough motivation for “Never Again!” . . .

        And JWM, it’s bad enough you Calistanis have colonized our cities, without taking our deserts too.

  10. Don’t have a gun unless you’re planning to use it.

    I do not want to use it.

    The tempests swirling in the heads of “liberals” never cease to amaze me.

    Let’s unpack that a tiny bit. If “using a gun” means having one or more available, then I am absolutely planning to use a gun. If “using a gun” means definitely shooting someone, then I am absolutely NOT planning to use a gun and I don’t want to “use it” either. Nevertheless, in this last definition (“using a gun” means shooting someone) I am RELUCTANTLY WILLING to “use a gun” if a violent attacker leaves me with no other option with a high probability of surviving.

    Needless to say, being willing to use a firearm in righteous self-defense is not quite the same as planning to use a firearm in righteous self-defense. Why? Because planning to do something means setting events in motion to force your expected outcome to happen. I am doing the exact opposite–setting events in motion (exercising situational awareness, staying out of known high-crime areas, and employing deescalation techniques) to avoid the outcome of a violent attacker forcing me to use a firearm in righteous self-defense.

    • ““Don’t have a gun unless you’re planning to use it.

      I do not want to use it.””

      It wouldn’t surprise me to learn she was childless…

  11. But you’re supposed to hate those people who believe in protecting babies and themselves. It’s so confusing!

    It’s almost like intersectionality was a bunch of BS from the very beginning. Left wingers use identity politics for power. They only care about you when you’re helping them keep or obtain power.

    It’s simple: figure out the difference between good and evil. Stop being such a partisan follower.

    • But personal responsibility is hard………. Yeah used to think those morality lesson cartoon from the 70’s and 80’s were over the top nonsense but seeing what replaced them and what it resulted in really brings to mind the “progress isn’t always about moving forward” concept.

  12. Perhaps I’m just an old callous asshole. But, men and women, and yes, even children, have been facing moral issues ever since we conceived of morality. Should I this, should I that, maybe it would be better in the eyes of God if I did something else instead.

    Nothing new today. Some people are more aggressive than others, some people are just prey for the aggressive ones, others of us prefer to keep the aggressive at bay, and to protect they prey when possible.

    Everyone makes their own choices, everyone will answer to their maker for those choices one day. Why pollute the internets with every thought generated by an angsty young person who hasn’t made peace with his decisions? Predator, prey, scavenger, or sheep dog. You really don’t have many other choices. Take one, and live with it.

    • “Since Oct 7 did not open her eyes/ mind,…”

      Read the article, it did change her, that’s why she went to the range in the first place.

      Cut her some slack. Metamorphosis can be difficult and unsettling.

      In the article she described how shocked she was that people she’s known her entire life now want to see her dead…

      • It doesn’t help her at all to be confined to a dreadful environment like NYC. I can’t think of a place more designed to wall off leftists from reality and distort their understanding of the world. It’s nice to see some kind of reality cracking through for this one person, but where did she ever get the idea that it’s reasonable to avoid even visiting (knowing?) people who own guns? Pure bigotry, but cities distort perception until people actually feel virtuous thinking this way.

    • “Since Oct 7 did not open her eyes/ mind, then nothing will…”

      This is what comes of the third (fourth?) generation of children being raised to remain children.

  13. I’m once again amazed that these liberal Jews who celebrate Purim refuse to actually read the book of Esther. They need to read the book of Esther clear to the end. They need to read about King Xerex issuing the proclamation acknowledging that the Jews had the God given right to not only arm themselves but gather into militias to defend themselves. The liberal Jews need to read all the way to the end of the book of Esther in which it is chronicled how many of Israelis enemies were killed. liberal Jews also need to understand that Haman didn’t hang himself. Haman was hanged by Jews who were empowered to hang him because they had armed themselves.

  14. When your political philosophy is to divide people into as many groups as possible, eventually you will find that you yourself are suddenly in the wrong group.

    • It’s totally a coincidence that the only groups they don’t like are the demographics that tend to vote for their political rivals. It’s about love and acceptance, not power!

  15. I went and read the entire original, and came away with several thoughts:
    1. She is surprised that her fellow leftists are happy to murder her for being a Jew.
    2. She mindlessly subscribes to all the anti-gun talking points from those same leftists.
    3. Despite everything she says she is unwilling to commit to dealing with the burdens of gun ownership especially living in the famously hostile to legal gun owners NYC.

    • “I went and read the entire original, and came away with several thoughts:
      1. She is surprised that her fellow leftists are happy to murder her for being a Jew.”

      She’s at the start of a journey… 🙂

  16. I can’t imagine a person serving/supporting a god who advocates the destruction of anyone anywhere who opposes their beliefs. It is difficult to believe that God created us just so we could be destroyed by those who do not like us. Nor do I think God meant for us to simply give up our lives without a fight nor did he give us brains/intelligence to be wasted. What kind of a God teaches the followers to destroy those who do not support certain teachings?

    • “What kind of a God teaches the followers to destroy those who do not support certain teachings?”

      What type human has authority to question the creator of all things? A coffee mug does not question the intent and purpose of the maker of the mug. If there is a God, a Supreme Being, then we are creatures, subjects, not co-equal. If there is no God, Supreme Being, there is nothing to question; life is random, useless, utter chaos, with no purpose. What, then, to question?

    • “I can’t imagine a person serving/supporting a god who advocates the destruction of anyone anywhere who opposes their beliefs“

      That is exactly what Jehovah commands:

      Deuteronomy 13:6 – “If your brother, your mother’s son or your son or daughter, or th e wife you cherish, or your friend who is as your own soul entice you secretly, saying, let us go and serve other gods … you shall surely kill him; your hand shall be first against him to put him to death”

      “What type human has authority to question the creator of all things?“

      First, one would have to demonstrate the existence of this “creator of all things” you presuppose.

  17. This gentlemen is not far removed from those Jews who were the victims of the Nazi’s. They to couldn’t believe things would get that bad. Until it did. Unfortunately they didn’t prepare to defend themselves, because it could never get that bad. Until it did. There are a lot of bad things happening now. Hamas broke the prisoner exchange deal and are refusing to trade prisoners. Will that go full SHTF? 5h1t happening all over liberal/progressive cities. Unknown 2,000,000+ illegal aliens this year alone, spread all over the nation. Many of whom will be or are terrorizing innocent citizens. With their drug dealing, smash mob robbery, carjackings, shootings and killings. For those not prepared, they become the prey and victims. Government attacking the Rights of those innocent citizens to protect and defend themselves or simple not charging criminals with a crime. While defunding law enforcement and tying their hands from doing their job. Of what they can’t believe is happening. Surely it won’t get that bad. I think it has gotten that bad. The problem is, too many people still can’t see it or refuse to see it.

      • The Mexican cartels are 1 of the largest drug trafficking syndicate in the United States and they have their soldiers running the operations, North of the border. In doing so, terrorizing and/or killing innocent citizens. All to support the cartels. Believing all those soldiers came across the border legally, is like believing it can’t get that bad. Even when it’s gotten that bad.

        • Easy problem to solve. Ban the sale and use of Narcan or any other over dose reversing drugs. With the amount of fentanyl flowing into the country. Should easily remove several thousand users every month. No buyers, no business.

      • possum there are unlicensed pharmacists because the drugs they sell are illegal. As soon as we legalize all drugs, they will get licensed and become business leaders in their communities. They will also suddenly realize that murder is wrong. Or maybe they’ll intimidate the local Walgreens to leave their territory?

  18. Imagine being so brainwashed to not have the natural urge and desire to obtain the means to defend your own existence and the existence of your family. I would ask if they had ever rear the Torah, but then I remember most of them are secular jews and probably haven’t really delved into the history of Israel.

    Never again is just a catchy feel good slogan without having the means to back it up with lethal force.

  19. “Ben Shapiro who opposes abortion but puts anti-Zionists in there place.”
    Uh yeah, whatever.
    And LOL you got Blue Gunmed twice.
    Your on more then one List now.
    “Ben Shapiro who opposes abortion but puts anti-Zionists in there place”
    Alice Cooper who wrote a song about dead babies but puts anti-Lionist in their place.
    Bless its pointy little head.

  20. Growing up is the experience of learning that only you can care enough to take care of yourself and your family. You can not count on anyone else to do it for you -no matter how you beg, plead, or bribe others to do it on your behalf.

    When the chips are down you are going to have to FIGHT to protect yourself and yours or you will be just another lamb for the slaughter. The “authorities” don’t give two ships about you when it comes down to it. To them we are all just another creature to be milked on their people farm.

    • Fck off, stop that at the border. Gee whiz.
      Go south and do your fighting New York.
      It was all fine and dandy sanctuaries cities as long as Texas and Arizona takes the brunt.
      Vote for your Democrats some more.

  21. “A Liberal Jew Struggles With a New World (and World View) Where Armed Self-Defense is Now a Sensible Option. ”

    There is no shortage of boxcars, and there is always room for one more Jew; no reservation required. “Never again!” means resist by any means necessary. The “Law” will not make you righteous, and will not protect you from evil. Only you can protect you.

  22. Most Jews are atheists. They only like being called a Jew, because it gives them some type of “marketing advantage” in public life. Most do not practice the Hebrew faith. And many of them believe that you’re a stupid fool. If you practice that faith. Or any religious faith.

    And like nearly all atheists they worship the state instead of worshipping god.

    Aaron Zelman, the founder of Jews for the preservation of farms ownership tried to tell them. He tried to tell them decades ago. And they just laughed him off. I’m very grateful to him.

    When he went on a local libertarian conservative radio station. Back in the early 1990s. And used the research of Clayton E Cramer. And talked about the history of racist gun control in the United States.

  23. @Professor Liam
    “You are either being sarcastic or you are an idiot. Pick one!”

    No. That choice is up to you.


      • “Funny how pissed off they get when you turn Alynski techniques back on them…”

        That’s why RIF, but so many here are pre-loaded with knee jerk comments.

  24. It was a Jewish immigrant from Poland. A lawyer and member of the ACLU board of directors, who co-wrote the most racist gun control law in the 20th century. The Mulford Act.

    And it was a h0m0sexu@l. California state senate President Tom Ammiano. Who publicly endorse the law and refuse to repeal it. When he had the power to do so.

  25. There’s probably never been a better case to support the famous quote,

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled,” usually attributed to Mark Twain.

    The question “the rest of us” have never been able to answer is how and why were Jews ever so completely fooled into being gun-haters after the horrible history of WWII, and the few accounts of the heroes among them who did resist – WITH GUNS!? The antisemitism that drove the holocaust never went away completely, surely on some level they must realize there will always be a threat?

    The saddest thing is that while a few such as this author have been jolted out of their stupor by the terror attack of October 7th, far many more still slumber, quite comfortable living in the deception that fooled them in the first place.

    It’s no wonder the Gospel of John (8:44) describes Satan as: “the father of lies!”

  26. (“Some guys in the army cried themselves to sleep every night because of the sounds of gunshots,” Kedem recalled)

    lol wut. This has to be something he said just to make her feel better, right?

    • security was present on Oct 7….and they thought it was adequate…until it was largely overwhelmed……leaving them defenseless…there’s a hard lesson there….

      • That’s why American citizens need to have MSRs……when the SHTF, government employees quickly fold. Self-Reliance is the only safety net.

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