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When the Supreme Court ruled the federal government’s Trump-era ban on bump stocks was overreach and struck the restriction down, it removed a shadow from many gun owners who likely still owned the devices, removing otherwise honest, law-abiding citizens from the possibility of being an unintentional felon.

West Virginia defense attorney, Todd La Neve, who specializes in gun law, had this to say on his YouTube channel immediately following the Court’s 6-3 ruling last week on June 14:

“Bump stock ban ruled unconstitutional! This is a huge win for the 2nd Amendment in what was a controversial decision by the ATF to ban bump stocks in 2018. The final rule imposed against otherwise law-abiding Americans who owned a bump stock put them at risk of being classified as felons for possessing a device that just a few months earlier had been supported as a legal firearm accessory by the ATF. The federal court legal challenge to the rule began in 2018 and finally ended today with a definitive 6-3 majority ruling that the ban is unconstitutional and it is stricken once and for all!”

Check out La Neve’s informed take on the ruling and what this ultimately means for American gun owners in his video.


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  1. There are no constitutional restrictions on gun ownership with the exception of actually being in custody for a crime.

    Hopefully Trump will be able to pick some more scotus replacements during his second term.

    • You can’t bring your guns into prison. They must be left outside with someone until you’ve served your time and are released.

      If someone is so dangerous that they can’t be trusted to have access to weapons then they should never be let out in the first place Weapons are available everywhere and can’t be kept away from those who would abuse them. The very thought that they could ever be is fairytale thinking of a child.

      • The very thought is, formally, the categorical error of believing you can classify objects as either weapons or non-weapons. It isn’t the object, rather it’s the conscious intent of the object’s holder. Pencils and pistols are each both dangerous weapons and benign tools depending on what you want to do.

      • Lobotomies ae a better solution to violent behavior.

        Perp, rendered harmless as a lamb, can be sent home to mama, with no cost to taxpayers for incarceration. Procedure is permanent too.

    • I look forward to hearing his answer when asked, if he agrees with the decision and the reasoning behind it.

  2. What about the people that had to destroy or turn in their bump stocks or the Texas manufacture that had to destroy their entire inventory? Is the government going to reimburse them for their loss?

    • If you are gonna be dumb you better be tough. Anyone who turned in a bump stock or destroyed one deserves to have lost it.

      Molon Labe means what it says.

    • No, the government can take your private property without just compensation. As I have been saying on TTAG for years now. You have no property rights.

      Unless you can kill to defend what is yours. Like the government does. When it kills to protect government property.

  3. Wow!!! I found my bumpstock that was lost in that boating accident.

    Resisting a tyrannical government means sometimes you have to use a shelve. And dig a deep hole. But are you willing to do that???

  4. I found mine in the lake where it was lost, reattached it and ran through a celebratory 30 round mag. Then realized i just blew though 13.00 in ammo and really can’t hit sh!t with it. LOL. NOW on the other hand, when do we get RareBreed FRT’s back??

    • Check out Franklin Armory’s binary trigger. They are relatively easy to install and have not been targeted like the Rarebreed. They also are very easy to control and are more effective than a bumpstock. Glad to hear though that you were able to fish yours back out of the lake! LOL.

      I have a couple of the Franklin triggers and they work as advertised. It is also nice to be able to drop them back into single fire mode.

  5. I guess the bump stock maker that turned in his inventory under protest will now get an ATF payday.

  6. It this case about guns and 2A though? It doesn’t seem to be. It’s about separation of powers. Much larger and perhaps even more fundamental issue. And ultimately about rule of law, since if the law doesn’t mean what it says it means there effectively is no law and no rule of law.

  7. As far as concerned, this isn’t really a ruling about bump stocks. It isn’t even a ruling about the 2nd Amendment. This is a ruling about the separation of powers. The Constitution vests the legislative power in Congress – not in three agencies of the executive branch, not in the judiciary, but in Congress. If bureaucrats and judges, when they decide that the law needs to be changed to accommodate a changing situation or a change in policy direction, can simply decide that the meaning has changed and proceed accordingly, then Congress becomes superfluous and neutered. The Constitution becomes subverted. It is the duty of all judges, all federal officials, and anybody who has ever taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, to oppose this theory of legal interpretation.

    • Taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
      LOL , your funning right?

  8. I’ve quit posting here since Dan Z “left,” but let me just say this: this guy’s putative legal analysis is 100% merde.

    Cargill was not a Second Amendment case — it was litigated wholly as a statutory analysis.

  9. It was a Fad that left alone would probably have fadded but now who knows if will be a thing again or not. Nonetheless one must do a mag dump to verify a firearm runs reliably, after that it’s verify how tight it shoots. Following the next outing or two and things go well you put it up and begin a new build. Once the corral is full and you are broke it’s a matter of keeping the herd rotated. The ruling probably benefits the much more desirable binary triggers, etc.

    It all boils down to criminal misuse…

    • What a dumbass, he should have called the cops and been standing their with a bottle in his hand a told the cops he got drunk after he hit the human because the accident was to traumatic to handle sober.
      Pretty neat he drove to a body shop, “Wow this is going to take a little more then a buff out.”

      • Two fellows in my county were caught driving around with a headless torso in the bed of their pickup. Probably forgot they were not in Mexico.

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