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Bear Creek Arsenal has created another cool infographic (Hunt With The Perfect Cartridge infographic HERE), this time detailing some of the more notable firearm regulations passed in the United States from the 1791 Second Amendment to the 2018 bump stock ban.

Click HERE to view or download the infographic below in full-size PDF flavor:


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  1. Condensed version of Rights lost!
    Now with the worst admin. in U.S. history in office…..Better hold on to your Kool-Aid!

  2. I am actually surprised that our own elected officials will not fight for our rights. I am more surprised that those patiots who have been diagnosed with terminial cancer or other terminal afflictions have not taken this matter in thier own hands! What would they do to you? nothing, you will be gone before you ever stand trial! Surprised there is not a call to arms for these people. Just my opinion. Would make politicians take note.

  3. This misses out on a lot. It just mentions Miller without mentioning the abomination is, literally, a show trial.

    • Yeah, it’s OK overall but not great. Heller in particular is a lot more important than just DC.

  4. Missed just one important bill from 1927 that I would add to this infographic. The 1927 Mailing of Firearms Act law passed by Congress that banned mail order sales of handguns.

    Here is 2 more just to be familiar with. The Crime Control Act of 1990 bans the manufacturing and importing semi-automatic assault weapons into the United States. Also included was the establishment of “Gun-free school zones”, carrying specific penalties for violations.

    And here is a good one for the current situation we are in the Senate. In 1999, by a 51-50 vote, with the tie-breaker vote cast by Vice President Al Gore, the U.S. Senate passes a bill requiring trigger locks on all newly manufactured handguns and extending waiting period and background check requirements to sales of firearms at gun shows. Where is the gun show loop hole the commiecrats are always talking about?

  5. The bump stock ban didn’t “clarify” anything. It illegally expanded the definition by bureaucratic fiat.

  6. What this infographic completely omits is the racist and economic intents of Most gun control laws prior to NFA and some even after that.

    a cursory scan of the timeline in this pdf shows the intent to disarm blacks and other people of color throughout the 19th Century. It also shows that many of these laws were aimed at poor whites, recent immigrants, and other undesirables. Into the 20th C, NY’s Sullivan Act is an example in practice regardless of the intent and this hostility persists today there.

    Another example more recently was CA’s Mumford Act in the 60s, which prohibited open carry and targeted the then nascent Black Panthers. The NRA (pre-Cincinnati), Reagan, and Heston supported this.

    The history of gun control legislation is much more convoluted than this graphic admits. The lessons of the distinctly racist and elitist laws show that we need to expand our outreach well beyond the current and predominantly white supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

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  9. Various laws have tried to limit the number of people who can obtain firearms. Federal laws such as the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act require background checks on buyers of firearms. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices and semiautomatics that look like assault weapons. Another major law was the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, which provides concealed carry rights to law enforcement officers.

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