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Shot timers are a great tool. They allow you to measure and test the speed of your draw, your transitions, reloads, movements and anything else during your dry-fire practice, training, or at a match. A shot timer is one of the few practical ways of instantly adding some pressure to your training session, specifically the pressure to speed it the heck up!

Timer devices themselves been around for a long time, and for the most part, they all have the same feature set and the same price range. The new RangeTech shot timer is looking to change that, offering more features at a better price.

“If you’re not testing on the clock, you’re not testing… the timer brings a mental stress to it that isn’t there otherwise.” – InRangeTV



The RangeTech shot timer starts at only $74.99 and integrates with your cell phone or tablet to offer unprecedented functionality. On top of all of the features you expect from a shot timer, you also gain things like integrated scoring, record keeping, auto-restart, and more. Check out a full feature list, and even compare RangeTech to other shot timers on their website.


Intelligent and thoughtful design ensures that RangeTech is easy and practical for everyone. Match ROs and instructors can make use of the remote controls for safer and easier practice. “Billboard Mode” and the option to have your shot times audibly announced make the RangeTech app a great option for the individual user as well.

Specifications (From the RangeTech website)

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with estimated 8 hours run time
  • Connects via Bluetooth to free iOS (iPhone)or Android device mobile app 
  • Optional preparatory commands – “Shooter Ready, Standby” and other options before the timer starts 
  • Auto restart
  • Choose from various start beep sounds or mute the sound to use LED light
  • Countdown timer for start delay and par time
  • No limit on number of shots in total or per string
  • Auto-scoring based on USPSA, IDPA, Multigun, Steel Challenge, and other pre-programmed scoring schemes
  • Take pictures of your targets and attach them to the string of data for later review
  • Lifetime limited warranty 
  • 100% Made in the USA

You can learn more about RangeTech and order one for yourself at

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  1. The $30 version is only available for Android devices.
    If you have an iPhone, you’ll have to shell out $65.


    • WHOAwhoawhoa there. You’re telling me. That Apple products and their associated accessories… cost more than equivalent android products and their associated accessories??

    • Apple has to charge more because they have to put nets up at the top of the manufacturing facilities in China to keep their employees (slaves?) from jumping off and killing themselves to escape the luxurious working conditions.

      My motto is anything but apple.

    • Wow, this RangeTech shot timer seems like a game-changer for training! The combination of features, remote control options, and the affordable price point is impressive. Integrating with mobile devices for added functionality is a smart move. Can’t wait to enhance my practice sessions with this timer. 💥🎯🔥

        • I can tell you from the back end of enterprise scale mobile device management, that IOS is much more pleasant to provision and manage. The android ecosystem is a hot mess that takes significantly more work to get sorted and has us constantly sampling devices from carriers to see which ones lie. Which is most of them other than Samsung with Knox.

          Even at $65 is not a bad price and you avoid display issues which are a problem on most timers in hot or freezing weather.

  2. I’ll look forward to some objective reviews on this. Until then, I am skeptical.

    I have not been impressed with the cell phone based shot timers that I have tried. There were problems with the timer picking up echoes or not recording every shot during rapid fire. And I think the problem stems from the hardware, not the software. The microphones on cell phones are just too sensitive to deal with the decibels involved.

    I picked up a Pocket Pro II from Competition Electronics and have had no complaints.

      • Thanks, John.

        Looking closer, I see that the product includes hardware that communicates with a cell phone, via plug-in jack or bluetooth.

        While it’s good to have options, I generally like to keep things simple.

        Looking forward to a thorough review here on TTAG.

    • I disagree. If you are training for defensive shooting then some measurement of speed should be part of the equation. I don’t discount the value of a good trainer, but improvement is still possible without one.

      Also, shot timers can be used for friendly competition at the range. They add another element of enjoyment to shooting with your buddies. In my case, many dollars have been won and lost over a few hundredths of a second.

  3. Shot timers and 1/120 second splits is for competition. Real world maybe a one second difference might be an advantage. I’d think like in a cowboy gunfight 1 sec vs. two secs, you’d both wind up shot

  4. The site seems pretty light on details about the whole setup, which is sad since it’s something I’d be interested in. I use Practiscore for the matches I organize, and would love a bluetooth or line-in unit to capture time and allow for easy “pasting” into practiscore. A competent programmer should be able top program an android app that spawns a notification that shows the current shot time, and constantly copies that time into the clipboard in Android. That way I’d never have to leave practiscore.

    I’m sure the app it uses is acceptable as a timer, and may even be fine as a scoring application. I, and many others, don’t care. Practiscore handles the easy tracking and dissemination of results to a quality website with the ability for multiple users to easily review results, handle multiple squads, etc. So I don’t care how easy it is to score with the RangeTech app, if it doesn’t integrate neatly with Practiscore, I’ll just stick to my CED timer.

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