A BUG and a Vape: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Brian Burns, an electrician in Huntsville, Alabama says this is what he carries on a daily basis. There are days he carries more or less but it sounds like he considers this pocket dump to be the essentials. That means he carries a SIG P320, a GLOCK 43, a Benchmade folder, a vape kit, and a flashlight every day (among other things). Oh, and the P320 has a light on it.

Does anyone else carry a BUG (backup gun)? I’m all for BUGs but they definitely are not always doable. If you do have a BUG just how often do you actually carry it? Be honest.


  1. avatar Jeff from somewhere says:

    I do not carry a backup gun, I carry a good one with spare mags. If you use your primary and for whatever reason you need to switch to your backup, it might already be too late.

  2. avatar possum says:

    one gun usually and bug outs when I travel. I use a .25 Beretta in the pocket, tt33behind the right hip and 1911in a right hand cross draw. A folding knife in the right pocket and occasionally a Akbar left hip. Story time( oh fck nooo) On the .25 , an operator of operational operations was way faster then me, I bet him I ” could get a shot off, faster then you” pointing at the 10-1/2 ” barreled 44 Blackhawk on my hip. “I get to say go” ( on the fast draw, one target we both shoot at) he says Okay. …. GoBang, I had the .25 in my pocket cocked and just shot through my pants. ” Ha told you I could ‘get a shot off master’s. “.

    1. avatar possum says:

      Prof reading after I’ve posted, with all these errors, hey I could work for TTGA😂

  3. avatar strych9 says:

    I like that knife. I have one from back when auto-knives were still illegal. Great knife.

    I’d like to know what holsters he rolls with.

    Congrats to him on (hopefully) quitting smoking too…

    1. avatar RidgeRunner says:

      I carry a back-up vape.

      1. avatar Weapon Of War says:

        It’s good to be prepared. I also carry a backup glass, coil wrapping tool and cotton for my ijoy combo II.

        1. avatar kahlil says:

          exactly, you never know when you’re hunkered down, defending yourself, that you might run out of vape. What’s the saying with vape…2 is 1 and 1 is none? I wonder how he holsters that massive piece of nicotine addition?

  4. avatar Michael says:

    I can shoot a NY reload from an internal hammer, J frame through the pocket and jacket (even counting the time it takes to push off the holster/sleeve) much faster and with less telegraphy than I could ever swap out a magazine. It beats the living daylights out of running empty in the middle of a definitive conflict resolution session. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Just kidding, if it happens once, (parachute rigs have a reserve for a reason) chances are against being around for it to happen twice. Pistol ammo, (the gift that keeps on giving), or at least ’til I get to the long firearm my complacent/lazy self should have grabbed from the set to.

  5. avatar Geoff "Mess with the bull, get the horns" PR says:

    You know, I’ve heard there are some big-ass mosquitoes up ’round Huntsville, but that guy is *prepared*…

  6. avatar S.Crock says:

    It might just be me but but the last thing I would be doing at 5am would be taking pictures of my EDC. Interesting key knife though.

  7. avatar JoshinGA says:

    IIRC 99% of gunfights end with 6 shots fired or less, capacity well within one magazine worth of even the compact single stack nines. If I’m in a gunfight where I use more than one magazine (10 rds for me) then I’m pretty fvcked and should have brought something bigger, like an AR or LMG.

    1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the bull, get the horns" PR says:

      I’ve never heard anyone say after a gunfight that they wished they carried less ammunition.

      Mr. Clint from ‘Thunder Ranch’, if memory serves.

      It’s kinda like flying; the only time you have fuel in your tanks is when you are on fire…

      1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

        “…too much…”
        Darn censors musta redacted this part of your comment….

  8. avatar raptor jesus says:

    When I carry a revolver I always carry a BUG – usually a Taurus 85 poly or an NAA 22 LR (sometimes both). Way easier than reloading and gives me the option of left or right hand draw.

  9. avatar kahlil says:

    That vaping device is larger than the magazine for his firearm. Perhaps he should spend more time with the gun than feeding his addiction.

    1. avatar Jeremy D. says:

      Guns can be addicting too….

  10. avatar Ton E says:

    An LCR .357 is my back up. 4 out of 5 times I go out its on me in an ankle rig.

  11. avatar Wedge259 says:

    Nice Benchmade Osborne, an all time classic! I have one myself but have been carrying my CLA more lately.

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