72% of Americans Expect Political Violence: Take Steps to Protect Yourself From Riots and Violent Protests Now

Political violence isn’t supposed to happen in America. U.S. history is characterized by peaceful changes of power no matter the election results. However, in the age of President Donald Trump, things have changed. A new poll commissioned by the UK’s Independent shows some shocking results: almost three-quarters of Americans worry about political violence on election […]

Guns.com Wants to Buy Your Used Guns!

Do you have guns you don’t shoot any more, guns that are just taking up space in your safe? Would you like to sell a gun or two to finance the purchase of a new one you’ve had your eye on? Looking to sell a collection of firearms? No problem, you can easily submit your collection to Guns.com […]

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo: How Great Would That Be?

By Larry Keane Three-term Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plate is full. He’s on tour promoting his celebratory coronavirus “success” book, ignoring pandemic help offered by lawful firearm businesses, bucking responsibility and blaming New York City’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio for the violence and crime in the state’s largest city and shuttering firearm businesses, which employ 5,500 New Yorkers. […]

CMC Triggers Announces Their New KRAGOS Slides for GLOCK 17 & 19 Gen3 Pistols

From CMC Triggers: CMC Triggers’ new KRAGOS Glock compatible slide symbolizes victory and strength, much like that of the Greek God in which the name was inspired. The KRAGOS Slide solidifies CMC’s reputation for producing premium aftermarket Glock® parts and accessories. The aggressively sleek design and enhanced aesthetics of the KRAGOS improve accuracy and performance […]

Gear Review: STNGR Axiom Red Dot Sight

STNGR is a company I wish more gun owners knew about, and hopefully, this article brings them a little attention. STNGR started primarily as a handguard company producing some very good AR-15 rail systems. They sell direct to consumers and have an awesome setup for attaching your rail system. We aren’t talking rails today, though, […]

The New SOUSA Optics R.A.I.D. Pistol Red Dot Sight

SOUSA Optics, which is now part of the Texas-based CMC Triggers family, recently came out with a new pistol red dot, the R.A.I.D. It’s always good to see an RDS hit the market and even better when they look like they’ll bring some solid competition to the industry. The R.A.I.D. is affordably priced ($179 MSRP), […]