9/11 and the Importance of Being Armed

Sept. 11 twin towers world trade center attack

9/11/2001 Smoke rises from the burning twin towers of the World Trade Center after hijacked planes crashed into the towers, in New York City. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Eighteen years ago today I was riding my motorcycle to work, a little late, but almost there. My boss, Governor Rick Perry, called me along the way, and I had to pull over to get the phone out, take off my helmet, and answer him.

He asked me if I still had family in New York (I didn’t) and if I had seen the news (I hadn’t). He told me to get to the office as fast as I could.

I arrived to everyone standing in one room staring at the TV. I walked in almost exactly as the second plane hit the South Tower.

A short time later we learned of the plane hitting the Pentagon. One of the people I occasionally worked with, an incredibly intelligent woman, Barbara Olson, died on that flight.

9/11/01 New York City. World Trade Center Terrorist Bombing Credit: 1199785Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX

Over the course of that day, the nature of those attacks became evident, and over the next days I would hear so many people talk about what “we” were going to do.

Friends, co-workers, everyone, was talking about how “we” were going to get the people who did this. “We” were going to go over there and kick the hell out of them. “We” were going to make them pay. “We” were going to keep our nation, and her people, safe.

I came to realize that everyone I was talking to didn’t think “we” meant the same thing I thought it did. Those people meant “we” in the same sense they talked about “we” on the football field. They knew damn well they weren’t playing in that game, and had no intention of ever doing so.

To me, “we” meant you and me. A short time later I got that it was really just me. So I signed up, as an enlisted man, and became a medic. No one, and I mean not one of the people I worked with — family, friends — no one did the same. Those people actually meant “they” every time they said “we.”

And that’s the crux of the issue before us today in regards to our daily carry of firearms. Around our nation, far too many people attempt to pass on their duty to protect themselves and the others they are responsible for. They depend on us to protect them, all the while saying “we” are safe.

No folks, I am safe. I make myself safe, and I’ll do my best to make you safe, too. But if you aren’t taking responsibility for your own safety, if you walked out of the house today unready, there’s no “we” to it.

For those of you who did, who on this day woke up, tooled up, and went about your life, thank you for standing with me. I am proud of our nation, and proud of us.


[ED: This post was originally published in 2015.]


  1. avatar Kahlil says:

    Because we all need to be armed on airplanes and an open carry would’ve foiled someone from crashing a plane into a building.

    Yeah, sure.

    Not a good example for 2A or being armed. Wouldn’t have stopped the shoe bomber or the 9/11 attacks.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      It absolutely would have. 4 men can’t take over a plane where 20% of the passengers are carrying guns.

      1. avatar Marcus says:

        I dont think they could have with just one! Cleared citizens should be allowed weapons on planes like a national concealed carry licence to carry everywhere especially plains and a hell of a lot faster than TSA precheck.

        1. avatar S.Crock says:

          A national concealed carry license is a voluntary national registration of gun owners. National Constitutional carry is the way to go. I also don’t like the idea of “cleared citizens” getting special treatment. That sounds ominously similar to Chinas social credit system where people can be denied air travel for low social credit.

        2. avatar SoCalJack says:

          I like this idea. There should be certain qualifications for certain areas. Carry in a park, no quals needed. Carry in an airplane, close quaters qual, threat assesment training and a minor background check. Who wants someone with a history of being a dip shit shooting up his fellow air-carriers in a threat situation. We want to increase the chances of nutralizing threat successfully.

        3. avatar Rusty - Molon Labe - Chains says:

          S. Crock, no one said anything about a national permit; concealed carry reciprocity already exists as legislation and Trump made a campaign promise to sign it. The only problem is that the cowardly Republicans wouldn’t put it through the House and the Senate when they held both houses.

        4. avatar S.Crock says:

          @SoCalJack, if being from CA has taught us anything it should be never trust the government with that amount of power. You trust the government with setting no qual requirements for park carry but reasonable quals for airplane carry? That is a well lubricated slippery slope to every state looking like LA County as far as no one being able to meet the requirements to get a carry permit of any kind.

      2. avatar Dude says:

        But then the terrorists would have guns as well unless we only allow permit carry which is fine by me. It would still be possible for a homegrown terrorist without a criminal record.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          Then they would still be outnumbered and outgunned.

        2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          You cannot stop determined people from obtaining weaponry and attempting to do harm. Talking about “gun control” as though it would somehow keep that from happening is simply naive twaddle. The 2nd Amendment is about giving armed citizens a fighting chance versus having no chance at all.

          Our founders confronted that kind of vulnerability in a very real way which is why the 2nd Amendment exists. Concealed demographics are increasingly on our side so that, sooner rather than later, a spree killer is going to find himself confronted by armed citizenry who are fully prepared to defend themselves. It’s just a matter of time before this happens. Spree killers are not particularly courageous folks and when they begin to think that “gun-free” zone might not really be gun-free the incidence of mass-killings done to attract attention will change.

        3. avatar Chris Mallory says:

          Most of the “homegrown” terrorists have still been children of immigrants. All immigration has been bad for the posterity of the Founding Fathers.

        4. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          Except of course for my Scots-Irish immigrant ancestors who defeated the British at the Battle Of Kings Mountain?

      3. avatar Kahlil says:

        Close quarters tens of thousands of feet in the air, makes sense for “cleared” citizens to pack heat in planes. Air Marshals or LEO is one thing but clearing people to carry on planes is a different beast altogether.

        1. avatar LifeSavor says:

          Just asked about that a few posts down.

        2. avatar pwrserge says:

          That’s not an argument. You don’t have to be “cleared” to provide a credible deterrent.

        3. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          Sorry, everyone, but there’s no way an airplane traveling at 600 mph at an elevation of 35,000 feet (where it’s often -40 F degrees) is a good place for high-velocity projectiles to be pierced the fuselage. We don’t want a negligent discharge threatening the lives of 200 innocent people. Even Air Marshalls carry special ammo, if I recall correctly, for minimum damage.

          Constitutional carry for everyone on the ground, but in the air it’s an entirely different story. Up there, a Less-Than-Lethal solution is more appropriate, like a beanbag shotgun.

        4. avatar Baldwin says:

          It’s the right to “…keep and bear arms…” In other words, not just guns.

        5. avatar Geoff "Hurry-up and *die*, Ruthie" PR says:

          “Sorry, everyone, but there’s no way an airplane traveling at 600 mph at an elevation of 35,000 feet (where it’s often -40 F degrees) is a good place for high-velocity projectiles to be pierced the fuselage.”

          Punching 1/3 inch diameter holes in the fuselage of an airliner at altitude, even a full magazine’s worth, won’t depressurize the airplane.

          I’ve heard estimates it would take at least a 4 or 5-inch diameter hole before the engine’s compressor ‘bleed’ air could no longer ‘keep up’ keeping the cabin pressurized. And there’s the ‘golden bb’ factor as well. Holes in the top and sides of the fuselage have a very low chance of hitting something critical.

          It isn’t ideal to punch holes, but the airplane isn’t going to fall from the sky just because a few dozen holes open up in it…

        6. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          I Haz a Question,

          The television series Mythbusters dedicated one episode to explosive decompression on an airplane. Their experiment demonstrated that bullet holes are totally and completely unimportant in terms of pressurization/oxygen in the fuselage.

          The only risk is if a bullet hits a bystander or a critical avionics component. And if we are facing terrorists who plan to fly the plane into a target, I’ll gladly take my chances with a stray bullet hitting a bystander (even if I am that bystander) or damaging a critical avionics component. After all, refusing to engage the terrorist is certain death for everyone on the aircraft and untold numbers of people on the ground. Engaging the terrorist is much less risk for everyone on board and on the ground.

        7. avatar Gordon in MO says:

          That is called frangible ammunition. It breaks into small particles when it encounters a hard object.

          Anyone can buy it.

      4. avatar MtnDewey says:

        yeah someone misses blows a hole through a window, shoots the pilot, whatever, have marshalls on the planes and let them do their jobs.

      5. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

        pwrserge, while I am all in favor of everyone carrying guns everywhere all the time, It isn’t necessary to prevent another 911. The circumstances themselves serve to do that and invalidate all of the excessive security theater we have now. I have said that since we first learned what happened.

        All of my life we received the same instruction regarding hijacking from the media, the talking heads, the experts, the military and law enforcement. That instruction was to not resist hijackers. Up until 911, with few exceptions, if you were on a plane that was hijacked you would either be released, forced to travel with the hijackers somewhere, or held as a hostage. The hijackers would have a goal, such as trading hostages for the freeing of political prisoners, or being flown to a non extradition country, or something similar. If you went along and didn’t make trouble you would eventually be released. Or killed by a “hostage rescue team”.

        That changed on 911. 4 guys with box cutters can take a plane from people who think they just have to wait this out. But if those people think there is a real possibility that the hijackers are going to fly them into a building they are going to shove those box cutters up the hijackers asses, guns or no guns.

        1. avatar drunkEODguys says:

          This right here. 9/11 changed the game, as up to that point terry terrorist was looking for hostages to make a political statement or demands and fatalities were rare and minimal. 9/11 started body count terrorism and that makes people act differently.

    2. avatar Mike V says:

      Speaking generally I think.

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        Yeah, I thought that the point of the article was pretty clear, especially since I specifically laid it out with:

        “And that’s the crux of the issue before us today in regards to our daily carry of firearms. Around our nation, far too many people attempt to pass on their duty to protect themselves and the others they are responsible for.”

        1. avatar Old Air Force says:

          I am my own first responder. LEOs are there to assist if they get there in time or investigate and hopefully arrest the perp. 9-11-2001 was a wake up call to all the sheepdogs out there. Our whole mindset shifted and we have not let up. That same enemy is still wanting to hurt us and only the diligent ones still realize this and take their own safety seriously. Will I try and stop a bad guy from hurting a good guy or gal, I believe so. Will I protect me and mine, very definitely. That terrible day 18 years ago brought a lot of us together in a common cause and desire. Those who have forgotten already, I intend to remind you.

        2. avatar neiowa says:

          The demtards were with the program for about a week.

    3. avatar GS650G says:

      If Mohammad Atta was shot to death he would have not been able to pilot a plan into a building.

      But go ahead and make whatever point you think is relevant.

    4. avatar jwtaylor says:

      That’s what you came away with? That wasn’t the point of the post at all.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        JTW, I get your point, but some won’t even if you melted it and poured it in their head.

    5. Read it again. That isn’t at all what JWT is talking about here.

    6. avatar Thixotropic says:

      9/11 was a FALSE FLAG perpetrated on the American People to steal our rights of privacy and free speech and due process where these are concerned.

      The Socialist Govt simply can’t have armed citizens protecting each other and our common right…

      We will not be electing our way out of this one, boys and girls. Arm yourselves and get some training. Buy plenty of ammunition.

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        A false flag operation?

        So George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were involved? Who do you think was actually responsible for the attack? The term false flag usually indicates blue on blue violence, is that with you’re claiming?

      2. avatar Hank says:

        If “Bush did 9/11” like you idiotic truthers claim, then every single terrorist involved would’ve been from Iraq, not Saudi Arabia. And Saddam would’ve funded and organized the attack, not Bin Laden. Afghanistan has little natural resources and little strategic importance. No Illuminati forces would ever dream of Afghanistan as a nation to conquer. This is the single biggest and most glaring flaw of any truther theory and I have yet to have any of you idiots answer this question. If the goal was to conquer and exploit Iraq, Then why did 9/11 have literally nothing attached to it via Iraq? And if the goal was oil, then why did The US never take that oil? Go back and do some research. There never was a war for oil. If there was we would’ve gotten some, but all of Iraq’s oil went to China and Europe.

      3. avatar George Washington says:

        Yes….I agree… It does seem that way….

  2. avatar LifeSavor says:

    Armed citizens on airplanes…WOW…never really thought about…always check my firearm luggage. Would be nice to wear it, instead.

    Does anyone know if the tech exists to clearly distinguish firearms from other explosives (since bullets are technically explosive)? I am hesitant to allow explosives onto an airplane.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Not actually explosives, completely different chemical makeups. Also, pretty obvious when you see the little brass things.

    2. avatar Baldwin says:

      @Lifesavior…How do you feel about explosive fuel and oxygen?

      1. avatar Geoff "Hurry-up and *die*, Ruthie" PR says:

        Ask the US military about that – Sparks in fuel tanks have brought down aircraft…

      2. avatar LifeSavor says:

        Baldwin, I like oxygen, not much taste, but appealing in so many other ways.

        Explosive fuels? They use that stuff in airplanes?

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Generally, JP4 isn’t extremely volatile so explosive danger is not as great as with some other fuel such as gasoline.

          The real danger is the multiple oxygen generators, used in case of catastrophic depressurization to provide oxygen to the passengers. There have been aircraft brought down because of malfunctioning O2 generators, they can be explosive and can be a high temperature fire hazard, especially if struck with a high-velocity projectile.

  3. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    As a private company airlines will deny passengers the privilege to carry a gun on their property. However the aircraft crew should be armed.

    Before all the security checks passengers and crew carried guns onto airplanes regularly. And a pilot did shoot a person trying to hijack the plane back in the 1950s. But today in 2019 the standards on personal and public conduct have changed. Many folks don’t have self control or common sense when it comes to gun handling and gun storage.

    1. avatar Geoff "Hurry-up and *die*, Ruthie" PR says:

      “However the aircraft crew should be armed.”

      As long as they keep it holstered when not in use :

      “The pilot of a US Airways plane may have mishandled a firearm that went off in flight, piercing a hole in the cockpit wall, a federal air marshal said Tuesday.”

      (Link has pic of the bullet hole in the fuselage)


      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        As I said in 2019 many people have lost common sense. In the middle 1960s and before thousands of guns traveled with their owners personally carrying them on their body. And there were no problems back then. In today’s world the problem is a pilot seems to think he needs to “feel up his gun” once and awhile.

  4. avatar LifeSavor says:

    Should carrying on an airplane require a special license? After all, the use of a firearm in a pressurized cabin rocketing along at 500 MPH at 6 miles of altitude may warrant special training. Just thinking this through…not advocating…learning.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      a hole on the plane created by a bullet will not depressurize it. there is a gate at the rear which automatically opens and closes to maintain pressure. It’s actually several inches across. You would get a lot of noise and a whistle but no dramatic blowout with people being sucked into space. Even if you pop out a few windows the system compensates for it.

      For proof check out the mythbusters episode where they actually tested it.

      on the other hand if you drop a guy with a bomb in his shoe we save a lot of money convicting and imprisoning him

      1. avatar pwrserge says:


        The idea that somebody who can use a gun on a crowded street also can’t effectively use it on a plane is absurd. Worst case scenario, the plane has to come in for an emergency landing due to gradual cabin pressure loss. The idea that a bullet would do any major damage to the avionics is laughable.

      2. avatar Miner49er says:

        The real danger is the multiple oxygen generators, used in case of catastrophic depressurization to provide oxygen to the passengers. There have been aircraft brought down because of malfunctioning O2 generators, they can be explosive and can be a high temperature fire hazard, especially if struck with a high-velocity projectile.

  5. avatar strych9 says:

    Ignoring the whole guns on planes argument…

    Mindset. People who carry where legally allowed have a different mindset. That mindset is the polar opposite of “I’ll wait for the cavalry to come and save me”.

    Mindset is what killed those people that morning. The mindset of “Let them hijack the plane. Let them take it somewhere. Let them make their demands. Then they’ll let us go or SWAT/HRT/.mil will kill or arrest them”.

    Just waiting for for someone else to do something. That’s what the hijackers played on.

    Box cutters or no, if the entire crowd had a “Fuck that, you’re not taking over this plane” attitude those assholes wouldn’t have made it to the cockpit alive.

    That, if reading for context is still a thing, is the jist of this article.

    1. avatar Kahlil says:

      Yes. This.
      Context understood but also didn’t need to link firearms to 9/11, muddies the waters.

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        No, there is a direct, crystal clear and obvious connection.

    2. avatar jwtaylor says:

      That was the obvious point of the entire post, and the mindset of America, especially America travelling, post and pre 911 was the tie-in.

      1. avatar SoCalJack says:

        Understood on the mindset of Americans, great point. 9/11 was indeed teaching point for us to fight back and leverage whatever is needed, I.e. 4-post the BG, use whatever weapon available like a pen, take the lead and inspire others to follow. Taken from a youtuber LLOD, “YOU are the last line of defense”

    3. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      “Box cutters or no, if the entire crowd had a “Fuck that, you’re not taking over this plane” attitude those assholes wouldn’t have made it to the cockpit alive.”

      The problem is that now instead of the “let them take us somewhere and make their demands” mindset, we just have a bunch who would huddle under the seat in the fetal position hoping they had internet connection so they can tweet about waiting to die… nothing really changed.

    4. avatar Geoff "Hurry-up and *die*, Ruthie" PR says:

      “Box cutters or no, if the entire crowd had a “Fuck that, you’re not taking over this plane” attitude those assholes wouldn’t have made it to the cockpit alive.”

      9-11 was a one-trick pony. Never again in America will a hijacker be able to take an aircraft in flight without the passengers dog-piling on the hijackers…

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        It stopped working the same day. The passengers on Flight 93 heard about what happened and took on the hijackers, preventing them from striking their target. Unless, of course, a field in Pennsylvania was the final target.

      2. avatar joeSmith says:

        Depends on who is on the plane. Full of moms demanding action and their associates, the plane is going down in flames. Regular freedom loving Americans, those terrorists have no chance.

      3. avatar strych9 says:

        Hell of a trick, that. Kill 3000 people at a stroke, send the world’s only superpower into two wars, one of which is still ongoing, forever change geo-politics the world over.

        And yet the larger lesson still escapes many. The mindset JWT is alluding to here leads to a realization that most people either have not had or are unwilling to have. That they must gaze into the abyss.

        9/11 is sometimes said to be a ‘paradigm shift’. That’s not true at all IMHO. A wake up call, perhaps, but shift, not really in anything other than maybe the subtlety of tactics. It goes to the root of something that Jordan Peterson talks about. Namely that if you cannot think like a bad guy you will lose to the bad guy every time because his mind goes to those dark places where you cannot or will not go and he will therefore catch you unaware.

        But the truth is, the dirty, nasty truth of it is this. Your mind can go there. Everyone’s mind can go there and those who say otherwise are liars lying either to you or to themselves. There’s nothing superhuman about bad guys. They’re part of our species. A species capable of both nearly unimaginable cruelty and violence or almost indescribable compassion, sacrifice and kindness.

        People like to think about the latter while ignoring their innate capability in regards to the former. But to truly have any ‘safety’ you must go to that “dark place”. Otherwise you’ll be caught off guard every time.

        I also note that when discussing this kind of thing publicly it helps not to ascribe any sort of moral judgement to this kind of thing because when you do then words like ‘evil’ crop up and that just makes it harder to deal with because “good” people don’t think in ‘evil’ ways and just the use of that kind of word promotes a kind of mental stumbling block which isn’t helpful. Terrorism is something like a person being eaten by a lion. It’s not neither evil’nor is it good. It’s not middling in a moral sense either. It just is.

        For example, years back my friend and I were walking through a mall in Denver with another friend of ours. Two levels with cutouts in the second floor where you can see down to the first floor. On the first floor there’s a play-area for kids that’s circumscribed by the shape of the cut-out in the floor above.

        It was a couple days after Thanksgiving and the mall was packed with shoppers, many had their kids in this play-area. Walking on the upper floor I remarked to my long-time friend that a couple of grenades or improvised grenades would be a good start to a pretty damn spectacular fireworks show on the national news. He nodded and kinda grunted in agreement. My other friend recoiled in abject horror at this idea. Demanding to know how TAF I could think, let alone SAY something like this.

        The second friend didn’t talk to either of the other two of us for a few weeks. Somewhat convinced that we were both fucked in the head and a hair’s breadth away from being ISIS ourselves. To this day he’s still a bit wary of us, thinking we might have a screw half a turn loose or something. Part of that is because he realized something about himself that day. Something he didn’t much like. He admits that now, which is progress I guess but he’s still very uncomfortable with it.

        A side note: Consider that little anecdote in regards to some of the antis.

        1. avatar James Campbell says:

          Hahaha, been there.
          I’ve actually gotten a few sideways looks from real estate agent while home shopping with the CEO.
          Discussing home layouts in regard to choke points, corners to “slice the pie” of rooms off of, high ground balconys that overlook open first floor layouts.
          Some home designs put the homeowner at an advantage more then others.

  6. avatar TEJAS762 says:

    As the United States declines – like Rome or Britain before us, it’s even more important that we stay a well armed society. One day, and maybe in the not too far off future, the US and many state and local governments will be insolvent. When that happens, the military, federal, state, and local law enforcement will be severely hampered. That’s when the hoards will be at the gates of “Fortress America” and the citizens will have to be the national defense.
    God Bless America, and God Bless the 2A.

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      The hordes came decades ago. Tens of millions of them are here, tens of millions more have paperwork calling them Americans.

  7. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Staying tooled up a great, but you cannot take weapons everywhere. I alway carry a flashlight when flying or going into secured areas to be used as an impressive weapon, if need be. And have never had an issue with security or TSA.

    Also, as I’ve mentioned on here many, many times, being in shape physically and training martial arts couldn’t hurt either. Obviously, these options being age and injury dependent.

  8. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    For those of you who did, who on this day woke up, tooled up, and went about your life, thank you for standing with me.

    I was not a self-protector at that time. I have since come around and I have been an effective self-protector for several years now. Better late than never I guess.

  9. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

    quote——————-. I am proud of our nation, and proud of us.——————-quote

    There is nothing to be proud of. The reality of 9/11 was that the young men that attacked us did so because we had attacked and killed their people first so Pres. Busch could wage a war for control of the oil supply from the Middle East and therefore also keeping his oil profits high. Of course its the innocent people on “both sides” of the war that get killed, not the evil Busch who was responsible for 9/11. When you become an Imperialist Country things are not the same as they were in 1899 when the U.S. got away with invading Cuba, China and the Philippine Islands for wars of profitable rape, pillage and conquest. as the smaller nations today being invaded by the most Imperialist Country in the history of the world choose today to fight back with modern technology.

    So on this anniversary of 9/11 direct your wrath and hate not at the young men who were fighting back in defense of their own country from the other side of the world but direct your hate and wrath at the real enemy i.e. the evil Republican Busch who was responsible for it all and the Capitalvanians who supported him both Republican and Democrat. This was one time I was not on Hillary Clinton’s side as she too supported the war in the Middle East. Busch and Clinton saw only the dollar signs of oil and blind greed in their eyes, not the consequences of opening a Pandora’s box of violence that will now last for decades to come. But again is not that what war has always been about, the lust for absolute power and the plunder for wealth. The U.S. greed monger Businessmen thought they would cash in on the economic rape of Vietnam when the French left in disgrace and we all know now how well that idea worked out. We got our asses kicked out of that country too proving that “yes there is a God”.

    If you really respect the memory of all the innocent Americans who were killed on 9/11 then get up off your dead ass and make sure it does not happen again. Vote for any candidate in 2020 that is against more U.S. Imperialism with its incessant wars of rape, pillage and conquest. When the Nazi’s lost WWII one of them said “If only we would have studied the Imperialism and ruthlessness of the U.S. more closely we would have won the war”. How true.

    And even a low I.Q. person would have realized that if weapons were allowed on planes the terrorists would have found a way to have had them too. But when did the Far Right ever have any common sense.

    1. avatar Baldwin says:

      @Vlad…The terrorists DID have weapons on the plane…The other passengers did not. The never ceasing quest to disarm good guys does NOT disarm the bad guys! Stop letting your feelz override your common sense.
      And, while YOU may not take pride in “Merica”, rest assured there are millions that DO!

    2. avatar jwm says:

      This post seals it. You are not a paid shill.

      You are mentally ill. Very ill.

    3. avatar tdiinva says:

      The seals the de VLAD is definately a Russian troll.

      1. avatar James Campbell says:

        vlad might want to read the Koran to see where the US stands with the terrorists before stating who has “started” problems.

    4. avatar James Campbell says:

      Holy Crap are you ever retarded vlad.
      The US started it?
      Ever hear of the Barbary Wars???
      Why are Marines called “Leathernecks”?
      Why is the “Shores of Tripoli” in their song?
      Ever hear of John “Black Jack” Pershing?
      The Muslim Moro tribesmen of the Philippines?
      Learn history before you place blame idiot!

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        Well, the fact is we sent the Marines in to protect the slave trade from the pirates. So I don’t think that really a very honorable use of America’s Armed Forces, protecting commerce in enslaved people is not moral or honorable.

        And you need to study the Moro conflict a little closer, American troops were thousands of miles from their homeland, conducting conquest of the people who actually live there. You might want to see what Mark twain, the great American writer, thought of the Moro wars.

        I suspect you might be amazed at the number of times American troops have invaded the Middle East, pro tip: the first time was not in the 1990s.

        1. avatar James Campbell says:

          You are clear our of your mind, the Muslims had TOTAL CONTROL of the slave trade. Learn history from somewhere OTHER then some far left history teacher in a public school.
          US ships were being pirated, the men were killed, the women and children were take, TO BE SLAVES!

        2. avatar Miner49er says:

          So James, you’re saying that the ships that brought the slaves to America were owned, Captained and crewed by Muslims?

          Are you saying that the slaves on the ship were the property of Muslims?

          What was the religion of the individuals who owned the slaves and sold them at the slave auction sites in the United States?

          What was the religion of the individuals who profited from the stolen labor of the slaves and what was the religion of the individuals who beat, raped and murdered the African slaves here in the United States of America?

          And regarding the Moro insurrection, just when and where had the Moro people of the Philippines attacked the United States?

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          James, below is Mark twain’s commentary on the Moro massacre, you may have somehow missed this during American history class so here it is in its entirity for you. I think his very last line is relevant today, Mark and Colin Kaepernick were both Americans protesting their government in the proud tradition of patriotism, don’t you?

          “In 1906 during the Philippine-American War the First Battle of Bud Dajo (also known as the Moro Massacre) occurred on the Philippine island of Jolo during which over 600 unarmed Muslim villagers (including many women and children) were massacred by the American forces.

          The following essay was Mark Twain’s devastating response to that event.

          This incident burst upon the world last Friday in an official cablegram from the commander of our forces in the Philippines to our Government at Washington. The substance of it was as follows: A tribe of Moros, dark-skinned savages, had fortified themselves in the bowl of an extinct crater not many miles from Jolo; and as they were hostiles, and bitter against us because we have been trying for eight years to take their liberties away from them, their presence in that position was a menace. Our commander, Gen. Leonard Wood, ordered a reconnaissance. It was found that the Moros numbered six hundred, counting women and children; that their crater bowl was in the summit of a peak or mountain twenty-two hundred feet above sea level, and very difficult of access for Christian troops and artillery. Then General Wood ordered a surprise, and went along himself to see the order carried out. Our troops climbed the heights by devious and difficult trails, and even took some artillery with them. The kind of artillery is not specified, but in one place it was hoisted up a sharp acclivity by tackle a distance of some three hundred feet. Arrived at the rim of the crater, the battle began. Our soldiers numbered five hundred and forty. They were assisted by auxiliaries consisting of a detachment of native constabulary in our pay — their numbers not given — and by a naval detachment, whose numbers are not stated. But apparently the contending parties were about equal as to number — six hundred men on our side, on the edge of the bowl; six hundred men, women and children in the bottom of the bowl. Depth of the bowl, 50 feet.

          Gen. Wood’s order was, “Kill or capture the six hundred.”

          The battle began-it is officially called by that name-our forces firing down into the crater with their artillery and their deadly small arms of precision; the savages furiously returning the fire, probably with brickbats-though this is merely a surmise of mine, as the weapons used by the savages are not nominated in the cablegram. Heretofore the Moros have used knives and clubs mainly; also ineffectual trade-muskets when they had any.

          The official report stated that the battle was fought with prodigious energy on both sides during a day and a half, and that it ended with a complete victory for the American arms. The completeness of the victory for the American arms. The completeness of the victory is established by this fact: that of the six hundred Moros not one was left alive. The brilliancy of the victory is established by this other fact, to wit: that of our six hundred heroes only fifteen lost their lives.

          General Wood was present and looking on. His order had been. “Kill or capture those savages.” Apparently our little army considered that the “or” left them authorized to kill or capture according to taste, and that their taste had remained what it has been for eight years, in our army out there – the taste of Christian butchers.

          The official report quite properly extolled and magnified the “heroism” and “gallantry” of our troops; lamented the loss of the fifteen who perished, and elaborated the wounds of thirty-two of our men who suffered injury, and even minutely and faithfully described the nature of the wounds, in the interest of future historians of the United States. It mentioned that a private had one of his elbows scraped by a missile, and the private’s name was mentioned. Another private had the end of his nose scraped by a missile. His name was also mentioned – by cable, at one dollar and fifty cents a word.

          Next day’s news confirmed the previous day’s report and named our fifteen killed and thirty-two wounded again, and once more described the wounds and gilded them with the right adjectives.

          Let us now consider two or three details of our military history. In one of the great battles of the Civil War ten per cent. Of the forces engaged on the two sides were killed and wounded. At Waterloo, where four hundred thousand men were present on the two sides, fifty thousand fell, killed and wounded, in five hours, leaving three hundred and fifty thousand sound and all right for further adventures. Eight years ago, when the pathetic comedy called the Cuban War was played, we summoned two hundred and fifty thousand men. We fought a number of showy battles, and when the war was over we had lost two hundred and sixty-eight men out of our two hundred and fifty thousand, in killed and wounded in the field, and just fourteen times as many by the gallantry of the army doctors in the hospitals and camps. We did not exterminate the Spaniards — far from it. In each engagement we left an average of two per cent. of the enemy killed or crippled on the field.

          Contrast these things with the great statistics which have arrived from that Moro crater! There, with six hundred engaged on each side, we lost fifteen men killed outright, and we had thirty-two wounded-counting that nose and that elbow. The enemy numbered six hundred — including women and children — and we abolished them utterly, leaving not even a baby alive to cry for its dead mother. This is incomparably the greatest victory that was ever achieved by the Christian soldiers of the United States.

          Now then, how has it been received? The splendid news appeared with splendid display-heads in every newspaper in this city of four million and thirteen thousand inhabitants, on Friday morning. But there was not a single reference to it in the editorial columns of any one of those newspapers. The news appeared again in all the evening papers of Friday, and again those papers were editorially silent upon our vast achievement. Next day’s additional statistics and particulars appeared in all the morning papers, and still without a line of editorial rejoicing or a mention of the matter in any way. These additions appeared in the evening papers of that same day (Saturday) and again without a word of comment. In the columns devoted to correspondence, in the morning and evening papers of Friday and Saturday, nobody said a word about the “battle.” Ordinarily those columns are teeming with the passions of the citizen; he lets no incident go by, whether it be large or small, without pouring out his praise or blame, his joy or his indignation about the matter in the correspondence column. But, as I have said, during those two days he was as silent as the editors themselves. So far as I can find out, there was only one person among our eighty millions who allowed himself the privilege of a public remark on this great occasion — that was the President of the United States. All day Friday he was as studiously silent as the rest. But on Saturday he recognized that his duty required him to say something, and he took his pen and performed that duty. If I know President Roosevelt — and I am sure I do — this utterance cost him more pain and shame than any other that ever issued from his pen or his mouth. I am far from blaming him. If I had been in his place my official duty would have compelled me to say what he said. It was a convention, an old tradition, and he had to be loyal to it. There was no help for it. This is what he said:

          Washington, March 10. Wood, Manila:- I congratulate you and the officers and men of your command upon the brilliant feat of arms wherein you and they so well upheld the honor of the American flag. (Signed) Theodore Roosevelt.

          His whole utterance is merely a convention. Not a word of what he said came out of his heart. He knew perfectly well that to pen six hundred helpless and weaponless savages in a hole like rats in a trap and massacre them in detail during a stretch of a day and a half, from a safe position on the heights above, was no brilliant feat of arms – and would not have been a brilliant feat of arms even if Christian America, represented by its salaried soldiers, had shot them down with Bibles and the Golden Rule instead of bullets. He knew perfectly well that our uniformed assassins had not upheld the honor of the American flag, but had done as they have been doing continuously for eight years in the Philippines – that is to say, they had dishonored it.

          The next day, Sunday, — which was yesterday — the cable brought us additional news – still more splendid news — still more honor for the flag. The first display-head shouts this information at us in the stentorian capitals: “WOMEN SLAIN MORO SLAUGHTER.”

          “Slaughter” is a good word. Certainly there is not a better one in the Unabridged Dictionary for this occasion

          The next display line says:

          “With Children They Mixed in Mob in Crater, and All Died Together.”

          They were mere naked savages, and yet there is a sort of pathos about it when that word children falls under your eye, for it always brings before us our perfectest symbol of innocence and helplessness; and by help of its deathless eloquence color, creed and nationality vanish away and we see only that they are children — merely children. And if they are frightened and crying and in trouble, our pity goes out to them by natural impulse. We see a picture. We see the small forms. We see the terrified faces. We see the tears. We see the small hands clinging in supplication to the mother; but we do not see those children that we are speaking about. We see in their places the little creatures whom we know and love.

          The next heading blazes with American and Christian glory like to the sun in the zenith:

          “Death List is Now 900.”

          I was never so enthusiastically proud of the flag till now!”

        4. avatar James Campbell says:

          The US owned SOME slave ships, I agree.
          Now, we’re the Muslims controlling almost EVERY aspect of the slave indystry? Also, a big YES!

    5. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      I lerned how to spout this filth when I took some classes at Kent State I was trying to impress the empty headed socialist progressive feminists so they would let me touch them. But I still got arrested every time I treid Every Single Time.

      – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

      1. avatar James Campbell says:

        These posters claiming the US started these issues are total morons or pathological liars, (both?)
        Sweden had issues with the Barbary leaders (Muslims) stealing their ships/goods, killing some sailors, holding others for ransom, women and children became slaves. This was before T Jefferson tried to negotiate a solution for safe passage, but the Barbary leaders were only interested in payoff for ships passing “their” coast. Mess with the bull, get the horns. Just like the “warning” video the terrorists released yesterday. Start shit, get crushed, then cry the US “started it” because the US won’t bow down like allah said they should. Keep it up a-holes.

    6. avatar George Washington says:


    7. avatar Someone says:

      Only sick fuck will call mass murder of thousands of civilians a fight for one’s country. And only idiotic leftist will find a way to shift the blame for that heinous act on his political opponents.

      You disgust me, Drac.

  10. avatar tdiinva says:

    9-11 may have been one of events that spurred me to carry but it would have made no difference. Next year’s sniper incident sealed the deal. I wasn’t on a motorcycle when the attacks occured. I was in the New Foresman Conference in the mezzanine level off the 8th corridor of the Pentagon. I also shared an office the next year with Linda Franklin. You can look her up.

  11. avatar MouseGun says:

    While I get where you’re coming from, seems like a bit of a stretch to try to link it with 9/11.
    Reminds me of the Big Lebowski; “What does any of this have to do with Vietnam, Walther?”

  12. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    If somebody had paid attention when informed that foreign guys were taking flying lessons that did not involve taking off or landing. Maybe there should have been a rule that foreign guys couldn’t just wander into the country and take flying lessons unless officially from an airline and of course the military personnel trained by the military. Too many armed people on a plane could possibly result in a real decompression situation.

  13. avatar Ridgy says:

    Thank you John.

    A thought on safety:
    Safety is a state of mind, not a state of being. That said, we must be active in limiting our exposure to hazards. We can only prepare to limit our exposure to identified, known or hypothetical, hazards and, as time and resources are limited, we must determine for ourselves which hazards merit mitigation. I believe you’re time spent on medical and martial knowledge is time very well spent and those skills should serve you well in many foreseeable hazardous situations.

    Nothing however will totally protect one from a drunk or distracted driver plowing into one’s vehicle or body, an earthquake triggering a landslide or destroying a bridge while you’re driving across it, a landslide generated tsunami, or a caldera or volcano eruption. That’s just life, enjoy it while you can and endeavor to be a survivor.

    1. avatar George Washington says:

      It’s a state of being too…..wtf planet do you people live on anyway….. Just PATHETIC

  14. avatar former water walker says:

    Eh…reliving or whatif’s are an exercise in futility. Especially coming from someone(whether joking or being a total a””hole)who labels ANYONE “the poors”. My takeaway. Oh and my brother worked in insurance and had a helluva time getting home. My eldest son was in the middle east engaged in a mindless war. Now he’s at DoD and speaks Arabic. And supposedly finds evil moose-lims. People stepped up in Pennsylvania. They died. You will NEVER get a bunch of ordinary citizen’s carrying on planes.

    1. avatar George Washington says:

      Go back to Pluto…. Space Ace

  15. avatar Ogre says:

    I get why “tooling up” and living our lives in the face of potential threats is so important, whether the threats be criminals, a feral government, or terrorists. I tool up when I can, but I also work on a federal installation and the rules preclude “tooling up” there for anybody but authorized police/MPs, and so it is at federal installations across the country. The gun control is strong with the leaders of these places (although some people may disregard it), and another Fort Hood is possible.

    The anniversary of 9/11 brings back memories. On that day I was working for the Navy/NCIS (and still do)as a terrorism analyst at the Washington Navy Yard, and when the televised coverage of the twin towers came on, we were all clustered around the single TV, shocked and taking it in at the watch desk. Nobody saw that one coming. When the plane crashed into the Pentagon, lots of our folks (special agents et al.) were scrambling to head over there to assist. When my day was over (early evening) and I was driving home on I-395, there was still a pall of smoke hanging over the road, and when I drove through I recognized the smell of incinerated humans, just like I had when “crispy critters” were medevaced from napalmed villages during my time in Vietnam. My oldest daughter was then working in Manhattan and saw the collapse of the towers from the rooftop of her office building, about 20 blocks away. She said she thought she heard the sound of screams when the buildings came down. Then she had to walk home across the bridge to Brooklyn, since the busses and subways were shut down. One female friend of mine was a roadie with Fleetwood Mac and they were supposed to go to the twin towers that day, but for some reason had to cancel. Lucky lady! As for me, I continued my work as a terrorism analyst in an effort to keep Navy/USMC assets safe around the world, as threats were flowing in continuously (still are). I was already retired military, but there was no general recall of retirees to active duty – because of the rush of many to enlist for service, there were sufficient troops to fill all the slots and there was no need to recall old-timers.

    Having survived infantry combat (Vietnam) and witnessed the effects of terrorism at first hand, I only hope that we don’t experience those things again, although human nature makes it all but certain that we will. We can only be ready, individually and collectively. And I’m not so sure about collective readiness, given the proclivity of many people in this country (since the American Revolution and earlier) to be sheep and opt out on the grounds that anything that happens is to “them” and “it’s not my affair.” Regardless, long live the United States and destruction to its enemies!

    1. avatar George Washington says:

      Not my fault you work for morons…. And apparently ARE a moron yourself….
      TOOL UP………
      YOU TOOL

    2. avatar Miner49er says:

      Ogre, thanks for your personal perspective, the ground truth is always the most important consideration. It’s good to know we have experienced professionals running the shop, I just hope the policymakers exercise cool-headed judgment and do the right thing.

      Thanks for your service, as a friend of mine wants said about her work in military intelligence: “I’m just trying to keep the 19-year-olds alive.”

  16. avatar Dave G. says:

    How about Tasers???

  17. avatar hank says:


    Hilarious how all the posters on this site preach the official version when less than half the american public believes it.

    1. avatar Dave G. says:

      That is the first I have ever heard about pre-planted explosives. Eighteen years is a long time to wait for a revelation like that!

      1. avatar Dave G. says:

        Nevertheless, airplanes did crash into both towers…

      2. avatar hank says:

        Sorry you’ve had your head up your ass for the last 18 years.

    2. avatar OBOB says:

      if you believe in ‘pre-planted explosives’ on the building that tall and HUGE….I got this bridge for sale for your tin foil hat wearing butt!

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        Well Bob, you do know the first Islamic terrorist attempt on the World Trade Center involved explosives in the subbasement, right?

        Apparently they just didn’t use enough and it was improperly tamped. There are those who think they may have succeeded with that tactic on their second attempt.

    3. avatar Jim Warren says:

      Rosie O’Donnell said fire couldn’t melt steel, too. Conspiracy theory BS.

      1. avatar George Washington says:

        We know…… You’re the expert and anyone with another, more easily believable theory is a whack job…. We got it….
        Now get back to your complacent life and leave us TRUTH SEEKERS ALONE!!!!!

      2. avatar James Campbell says:

        I think I read somwhere (internet) that the tower collapsed due to damaged steel beams used during construction. Seems Rosie O’D was walking her fat ass by the WTC construction site (while searching Manhatten for food) and got tired (totally understandable, being the sweathog hefer she is) and proceeded to sit on a few beams. thereby compromising their structural integrity.
        All Rosie’s fault.

        1. avatar Hank says:

          James “thinks he read” something about something…..somewhere, and uses Rosie as strawman to distract from the fact that many first responders, engineers, architects, all call BS on the official narrative. Trolling 101.

    4. avatar jwm says:

      Is that like 90% of Americans believe in an AWB?

    5. avatar MtnDewey says:

      as a former county firefighter, fire instructor and now working on my BS in Fire Science, I will tell you many firefighters do not believe the hype for those building to come down the way they did, most of us study building construction as well. There are a few theories and hypothesizes out there, they haven’t been proven, or disproven.

  18. avatar Jim Warren says:

    Thing I remember the most was regretting that I was too old to re-up.

  19. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    Supporting the 2A is only one part. The other is closing the national borders and kicking out foreign criminals whether they’re illegal or not.

  20. avatar 2Dogs says:

    This was a good article. I can’t cover every scenario but I can stuff a 938 in my front pocket and that’s what I do.

  21. avatar MtnDewey says:

    well considering all were on a watch list, and other issues that were present during this scenario(LOOSE CHANGE). If these people were profiled, arrested, detained and somehow held or deported this may have been prevented, all these bleeding heart ass-wipes that are so afraid to offend someone are responsible as well. We save our country, the minority of people complaining all the time need to be drowned out by the many of us who want change to our country, all of these lawsuits, whiners, offended people need to be shut down at the polls. The y needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few….We the People are the many, the 1% of the population who are winning this war on our country are pushing their agenda, through lawsuits, media, protests, and we sit here and do nothing, being polite isn’t getting us anywhere, we need class action law suits, sue these people like MDA, antifa, all the liberal groups out there stripping away our freedoms.

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