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Self-defense isn’t just delivered from the muzzle end of a gun. It comes in many forms.

So, what do you get when you’re a 27-year-old male and you attempt to physically beat down your 84-year-old aunt? If your aunt is Mary Jones of Kershaw County, South Carolina, you get an extra hole put in your body courtesy of a hard thrusted knife blade.

After a relative called 911, deputies arrived at the scene last week to find Kirim Gaskins in need of medical attention. He was transported to the hospital by EMS while deputies began searching for his aunt, identified as Jones, who had reportedly fled into the woods.

“We get there and start giving medical treatment and he tells us his aunt stabbed him and ran out the back door into the woods,” Kershaw County Sheriff Lee Boan told ABC 4 News. “Now we are looking for her, but what he failed to tell is that there was more to the story than just her stabbing him for no reason.”

Deputies soon located the woman nearby with cuts and bruises on her neck. A neighbor, Rowena Jones, observed her condition and described her as “barefoot, bloody, beaten up and stabbed in the arm.”

After interviewing both parties and conducting a second interview with Gaskins, authorities determined that a fight had occurred between the two.

“He is 27 and she is 84. If he put his hands on her and she was defending herself, not only is he going to get the stabbing, he is also going to get some charges,” said Sheriff Boan. But as of time of the News 4 report, no charges had been filed for either party.

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  1. M. Be careful you will invoke the wrath of the resident, self appointed, racist monitor for stating what everyone knows. Even the monitor. That said, if I had a T-shirt for every time a saw a variation of that story I could clothe a third world nation.

        • gadsten…Since you are clearly not up to confronting bigotry somebody has to do a man’s job. And don’t try to hide your shortcomings with a pencildick word like Wrath…barf.

            • Debbie, I worked in shade field tobacco fields as what’s called a child labor oday. Until it was legal for me to take a job at my uncle’s full service gas station just off I-10 during the oil embargo. Sixteen. I handed the leaves I primed and toated to black men who stacked them onto the wagon. I didn’t see those leaves again until they were cured and it was time to take them down from the barn. Same black kids next to me working and at lunch. Same pay. Same ride from home to the fields. Sonny S faram . I’m closer to a plantation than you have ever seen. Oh, BTW, I did work my way up from priming and toting on the plantation to shooting quail.

          • Debbie, the cash crop has changed from tobacco to tomatoes. Long story and a long time ago, so I won’t bore you with it. However, spring tomato season is in full swing. I know people. I can hook you up as a picker tomorrow. If you’re good I may be able to get you transferred to the packing house. . You will enjoy your coworkers.

  2. Geez, I wonder what demographics these characters belong in. I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

      • Travis Posey took a shotgun and a handgun to a Fordyce, AR grocery store and had him a shoot up. Killed 4 and injured 11, including 2 police.

        Some people might be able to guess his demographic. And if you had a T-shirt for every time you hard a variation of this story, you might be able to clothe every gun toting, race baiting red neck in the whole former Confederacy.

          • They sure are being tight lipped about posey the perp. After 3 days a name, age, white and don’t know the motive doesn’t cut it. Perhaps the town should fire up the torches and form a lynch mob and go get him like johnny boy’s democRat Party kkk relatives did to the, “usual suspects.”

  3. I contend that Mary Jones did in fact stab Mr. Gaskins for no apparent reason, fled the seen of the crime, tripped over a tree root and as she was falling aquired the cuts and bruises while also accidentally stabbing herself in the arm.
    Justice must be served.
    Burn the Witch.

  4. Crystal meth user??? Interesting how they don’t mention drug use. Just like they don’t list skin color or sexual orientation.

  5. … did I miss something? this 27 y/o male relative, does the spelling of his name make a difference, beat up and stabbed his 84 Y/O AUNT! case closed… guilty… why all of the irrelevant posts?

  6. 84 year olds, “running out the back door and into the woods”.. Not buying what they are selling… Nice family BTW.

    • “84 year olds, ‘running out the back door and into the woods”’. Not buying what they are selling… ”

      what exactly are you ‘not buying”?

      1. That 84 year olds can run?

      2. That there were ‘woods’?

      3. That there was a ‘back door’?

      Contrary to popular belief, the majority of people who act in self-defense do ‘run away’ (as in get away) from the scene where the self-defense happened. Its a common reaction, I’ve even done it myself (got away from the defense scene, bad guy was still mobile enough to possibly use another weapon they had on them). The ‘stress response’ (AKA ‘fight or flight’ response) can also take over and make you do things you may not even be aware of doing at the time such as, for example, fleeing or body movement. Even though the law wants you to stay right there till police arrive, its not a bad thing that the stress response makes you want to leave the immediate area if you stopped the immediate imminent threat enough to flee.

      • Joe Biden is only 81 and he is a real track star, look at him go. Whoopsies.
        Oh well, how about steeple chase stairs?

  7. Lefty Gun Owners DEMAND To Know If MLK Jr. Was Disarmed… Well, It Just Got Officially Fact Checked.


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